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  1. Nail cutter

    I see. Makes sense now.
  2. Jagsaw is not a Taksali, lol.
  3. Husband Wife relation

    This thread is one of the more subtle wind-ups in the Gupt section. It's good.
  4. Dream? Peshi?

  5. Baba ranjit singh ji dhadrian wale exposed

    It's almost as if these people don't practice what they preach.
  6. Baba ranjit singh ji dhadrian wale exposed

    I can't tell if you're joking or not. Making an observation from a place of objectivity is not a criticism. He has gained weight. That's a fact. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the attempt on his life a while ago.
  7. Soap

    It's funny albeit juvenile stuff, lol. I look forward to what fresh reason these jokers think of in order to post another, "Should I pesh?" topic.
  8. Baba ranjit singh ji dhadrian wale exposed

    He's gained a noticeable amount of weight, too. I wonder if he's suffering from an obviously undiagnosed form of trauma?
  9. In this day and age, if he was smart, he could turn it around and make it work for him. But he'd have to keep his head down and ride out the initial controversy. He'd have to wave goodbye to the mainstream rank and file, though.
  10. He may be onto something, but innocent until guilty I suppose, if not on the earthly plane, which is increasingly one of injustice and deception, then the one where the Big Guy upstairs resides.
  11. Don't ever attempt to silence or suppress the voice inside you that provides you with such insight.
  12. Pimple hair

    First there was jupping Naam whilst on the job, and now there's conducting an ardaas halfway through it! Do Sikhs actually do this?
  13. Arranged marriage advice needed

    Are you being pressured by your parents into getting married to a Punjab based woman?