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  1. Ardaas without action is not the solution. Praying for the best outcome whilst doing nothing proactive is madness.
  2. On what facts are you basing that optimism?
  3. Hindu attempts at undermining and attacking Sikhs has graduated to subtlety. It's no longer communal or sectarian physical attacks involving barbarism, but it's quieter, more soothing methods of aggression. It's so subtle that most of our own can't see it happening. It's all a precursor to, in their minds, welcoming us back into the Hindu fold. What I'm still undecided on is whether the problems we're facing as a faith group are being externally manipulated, or if our religious leadership is simply mentally retarded, and facilitating our downfall. It might be a combination of the two.
  4. Is the logic behind prescribing extra paaths for pesh supposed to eliminate the burden of the transgression? It does make sense if that's the case, otherwise the suggestion is that reciting additional Gurbani is a punishment, which I don't think is quite the right message that should be sent out.
  5. dream

    I'm also a child-killing, devil-worshipping, anti-Semitic Nazi. There's a sea of difference between resident Punjabi conservatism and Western / Diaspora conservatism. The kind of conservative views that Punjabi traditionalists in our community hold would be deemed to be racist, etc., if whites held the same opinions. Think about what you post. Don't expect me to write a ream of text with various quantifiers. Read between the lines. Don't be so literal.
  6. dream

    I'll make this clear: don't reply to me from now on. I don't wish to engage in your gutter discussions.
  7. dream

    Huge cultural, emotional, and general mental disparities that aren't conducive to a healthy and successful long-term relationship. Both camps have their plus points and downsides; this isn't an attack on contemporary resident Indians. It's not as black and white as suggesting they're constantly in the wrong and we're blameless.
  8. dream

    Dreams are just your unconscious thoughts manifesting in certain ways through symbolism and such things. It's not terribly important. If you're aware of the issues that are causing you problems during your waking hours, you can set about devising solutions to those problems. Did you cut your kes believing it would make you more desirable and attractive to your wife?
  9. dream

    Lmao, like I said, petty and vindictive. Come at me, bro, I'm in the mood for a laugh or two. You got called out on your degeneracy, and you're now holding a grudge. That's a typically feminine trait. I'm not surprised.
  10. Not interested. What can a hetero fascist such as me ever hope to illuminate for you? You obviously have it all figured out. Good luck.
  11. Spare me your nonsense. It's clear why you're in the mess that you are. You're a hateful, vindictive, devious guy. Keep your negativity to yourself. You clearly have all the answers to your problems, so why not display some mettle and integrity and do something about it.
  12. Your emotional instability has reared its head again. My criticism of your desire to adopt was focused on your volatile behaviour, not your sexuality. You've embarked on a typically unhinged rant in an attempt to justify your jumbled cognitive processes. Give the politics a rest. India is not the world, thankfully. Don't extrapolate the restrictions of Indian society, and assume it's the same everywhere else. Don't over-dramatise your situation. Even the third world hellhole that is Indian society isn't carting off homosexuals to gulags, so you acting as if you're existing under a dystopian authoritarian regime is hilariously overblown. You being unable to fulfil your desires is on you. Nobody is preventing you from doing so. To hide behind some so-called honourable human rights facade is weak. I reiterate, you are being incredibly self centered in your desire to adopt a child. You need to grow up and stop being selfish.
  13. You are all at sea. A child needs stability and a certain sense of emotional strength from a parent. You can't provide that. Yes, I am saying you're incapable of raising a child. The death of a parent is an act of God in most cases; it's beyond anyone's control. The remaining parent makes the best of an unfortunate situation, because life must go on. You adapt, move forward, and try to adjust to the unexpected loss. What you're doing is deliberately introducing a child to a situation and an environment that he or she doesn't need to be exposed to, mostly because you can't bear to see out your days alone. How incredibly selfish of you. Utter nonsense.
  14. Don't adopt a child. Why you're even thinking of such a thing is beyond me. What will you be able to offer a child when your own existence is less than whole? It's an incredibly selfish thought. A child is not a crutch or an accessory. Do you hope to make it dependent on you in much the same way you are dependent on your mother, so that you won't end up alone? That's messed up.
  15. dream

    Lions and tigers in a dream represent our state of mind and desires. It all depends on what type of situation you see them. Are they attacking you? Are they attacking others? Are they just chilling? Same with snakes. Generally, dreaming of these particular animals means there is a certain sense of emotional upheaval at play in your life. Only you know whether that's the case.