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    Dr. Kartar Singh was a medical practioner by profession. He left for heavenly abode in 980. He had great interest in Gurbani and not only studied it but followed the teachings of Gurbani in his life. And preached the same throughout his life. He always placed Gurbani above any individual and used to say that whenever anybody expresses his views about spiritualiy, we should ask him to give some Gurbani quotation in its support. If he fails, just reject the views howsoever great that person may be. The reason is that nobody can not be above Gurbani as Gurbani is the word of GOD which descended into the heart of the GURUs. Thats why, you will notice that in his book"Fundamentals of Sikhism" he has quoted the Gurbani from all the Gurus in support of the different topics chosen by him. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh Correction: He left for heavenly abode in 1980