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  1. Mata Ganga and Baba Buddha Ji

    I listened to a sakhi yesterday where Guru Arjan Dev Ji was married but did not yet have any children. Mata Ganga was asked to go to seek the blessings of Baba Buddha Ji. Thereafter, she was blessed with a child who became Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji. First Question: why did Guru Ji not bless his wife himself? Why did he direct his wife elsewhere? Second Question: I've read about similar situations where someone will seek the blessing of Guru Ji but he directs them elsewhere. Why?
  2. Finishing chaupi sahib off in gutka

    I did something similar years ago. I printed the extra bani on paper, and then cut the paper to the same size as the gutka. That way, I could tuck the extra pages into the gutka and read it as normal. Never had any problems.
  3. Meet the most oldest mother

    I'm sure I read there was more to this story. Wasn't there some issue over money or property, which would be resolved once the couple had a child?
  4. You had knowledge of what happened. If you had done nothing, your actions would have been as bad as your "friend" false accusations. If the police found out you had withheld evidence, it could have gotten you into trouble (since the evidence could have freed an innocent man). At the end of the day, do you really want to be friends with someone who planning to commit a crime? Friends will come and go like the wind. Guru Ji tells us to avoid the company of people whose actions are not good.
  5. Sikhs in Dubai and the UAE

    There is a Gurdwara in Dubai. Nishan Sahib is inside (as I think they can't fly it outside), and there are photos on the wall of the ruler (I cannot recall his name) visiting the Gurdwara. Other than that, it was a nice Gurdwara to visit.
  6. Does grooming still happen to sikh girls?

    It was within the last three months. Have a look at their facebook page too https://m.facebook.com/SikhAwarenessSocietySAS/posts/?ref=page_internal&mt_nav=1
  7. Does grooming still happen to sikh girls?

    It happens and on a scale much larger than I thought. At our local Gurdwara, there was a talk from Bhai Mohan Singh who has been doing seva for those who have been groomed. Check out sikh awareness society website.
  8. Mom not letting me take amrit

    How old are you? If you're under 18, it'll be harder to argue and you might be better off waiting until you're older. If you're over 18, then there's nothing really she can do except throw you out. What you really need to do is find out why she doesn't think you're ready.
  9. marrying an amridtari

    I know of a couple where the husband doesn't eat meat, nor do his family. The girl married with everyone knowing she ate meat (mainly chicken). She wasn't allowed to bring in, cook or eat meat in the house. She was fine with it. When the couple went out to restaurants, she would eat meat. After a few years, she naturally stopped eating meat and does not miss it. Your situation may resolve in the same way. But if you cannot give up meat for your prospective husband, then you should rethink the situation. Speak to your prospective husband. Be completely open and honest. It's better to break off a relationship early. The shame is much less than if you ended up divorced a few years down the line because things didn't work out. The other posters are correct in that you may even derail your husband's spiritual future. Both of you should ideally be similar or compatible for a higher chance of successful marriage. This might be a marriage that works out in such a way that you naturally give up meat and become more spiritual and closer to Sikhi. Or it may become a life fraught with distress and unhappiness.
  10. Questions from an ignorant manmukh vol.2

    I've assisted in theatre as part of my medical training. I found orthopaedic hoods and masks best for covering turban and beard. Sikhi is a way of life. It should be part of your every decision, every action, every fibre of your being. Maintaining your 5Ks is down to you - it's as easy or as hard as you make it. If you know you aren't willing to make the effort to look after your rehat, then don't take amrit. Just like if you don't study and put the effort in for your training, there's no point in becoming a nurse.
  11. Amritvela problems

    The main challenge is getting out of bed. If you can do that, it's a lot easier. Sticking your phone on the other side of the room so you have to get out of bed to turn it off. Someone i knew used to drink a pint of water before bed. When they woke up, they would be bursting for the loo so they had to get out . Once you develop a routine, it becomes a lot easier. It's much harder to initiate change than to maintain it.
  12. Doing Paath But No Simran

  13. Doing Paath But No Simran

    We all live in a worldly environment. To detach ones' self from is a truth that few realise. People have been so caught up in the web of maya - have the biggest house, fastest car, most beautiful spouse, best job, fame, fortune etc - that they lose sight of the goal. Hence, stepping outside of this web seems weird because everyone else is caught up, we think we should remain in the web too. Although this thread is a couple of years old, I was reading a sakhi whereby the different forms of meditation are listed: 1. Listening to gurbani with full concentration is a form of meditation 2. Doing kirtan with love is a form of meditation 3. Doing simran is a form of meditation 4. Doing seva is a form of meditation There were others but I cannot recall.
  14. Is it me or did it come across as Sunny putting his brother down frequently throughout the article?
  15. Chandi di vaar

    Firstly I posted that thread to show the OP that if they had searched for the information, they would have found the link. Secondly, if Mahapuraks have experienced something, then why share it? I am certain true sants and mahapuraks experience many things, much of which they do not share. But of the few things they do share, they do so for a reason. I recently read some sakhis about Baba Isher Singh Rara Sahib. One of things he mentioned is that although merging with Akaal purakh is the ultimate goal in one's life, an even greater level is to help others join Akaak Purakh.