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  1. http://sabh13.com/174-naudha-bhagti-ishwar-amolak-lal/
  2. We all live in a worldly environment. To detach ones' self from is a truth that few realise. People have been so caught up in the web of maya - have the biggest house, fastest car, most beautiful spouse, best job, fame, fortune etc - that they lose sight of the goal. Hence, stepping outside of this web seems weird because everyone else is caught up, we think we should remain in the web too. Although this thread is a couple of years old, I was reading a sakhi whereby the different forms of meditation are listed: 1. Listening to gurbani with full concentration is a form of meditation 2. Doing kirtan with love is a form of meditation 3. Doing simran is a form of meditation 4. Doing seva is a form of meditation There were others but I cannot recall.
  3. Is it me or did it come across as Sunny putting his brother down frequently throughout the article?
  4. Firstly I posted that thread to show the OP that if they had searched for the information, they would have found the link. Secondly, if Mahapuraks have experienced something, then why share it? I am certain true sants and mahapuraks experience many things, much of which they do not share. But of the few things they do share, they do so for a reason. I recently read some sakhis about Baba Isher Singh Rara Sahib. One of things he mentioned is that although merging with Akaal purakh is the ultimate goal in one's life, an even greater level is to help others join Akaak Purakh.
  5. A simple search uncovered this.
  6. I used to have lucid dreams when I was much younger. On two occasions that I was "aware" that I was lucid dreaming, I did Japji Sahib paath and then returned to normal sleep. In every lucid dream I had, I was unable to control how long it lasted.
  7. dowry

    The stupidest thing is that only the sperm determined the gender of the child. The woman has no influence over this. This kind of behaviour is despicable. The perpetrators should be suitably punished.
  8. You don't have the punjabi heritage or language. These will make it a little harder but not impossible. When I was at university, I met a caucasian Sikh who was previously Christian. He never really bothered with religion but I think he too felt spiritual. He openly wore a dastaar (turban) and kept his beard whilst learning about Sikhi. He knew more about Sikhi than I did, despite my being born into a Sikh family and knowing what I had learnt over the years.
  9. This what I do at airports. They ask my to rub my hands over my turban and then they swab my hands.
  10. Prashaad is blessed and should not be wasted. If, whilst serving, it drops on the floor, it should be picked up and eaten. It should not be wasted. You know for next time to maybe double wrap the prashad, or give it to the sangat and let them put it in the bag themselves.
  11. The Guru is your King. Your Emporer. How should the house of an Emporer be decorated?
  12. If you haven't already, try some work experience. Get an idea of what the job entails. If you have friends or family in either profession, pick their brains. Ask what they love or hate about the job. If they had the opportunity, would they do it all over again? Or would they choose a different line of work?
  13. There are two elements to look at here: the girl herself, and her background, family etc. She might be a true gurmukh. She might already know nitnem. But you've already judged her because of her background. If you feel she is suitable, then spend some time to chat further and get to know her. Ask her all the questions about stuff that you'd want to know before marriage. I met some girls who saw a gurdwara as a place to go for weddings and functions but would never go just to visit Guru Ji. Her background is a different matter. What are the rest of the family like? How much does she get on with them? Would you get on with them?
  14. Ignore the critics. It's a great film for Sikhs and especially the modern youth. I wish this had come out when I was a kid. The animation quality isn't great but doesn't impede the storytelling which is more important. The only thing I didn't like were the English subtitles. They really needed to checked properly. Sometimes it's a misspelling (eg deul instead of duel) but other times they omit words so the sentences don't make sense.
  15. Like the previous film, it is in punjabi with english subtitles.