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  1. Why do some Pakhandi Babas use Sikh Gurbani to brainwash the innocent? Recently on Youtube I looked-up: "bahut janam bichde the madho", and saw so many Pakhandi Babas on the list of recommended, ranging from Radha Swami, Ravidassia, and some random Pakhandi Babas there and there. If they want to use Sikh bani they should at least promote the idea of Gurmat to bring people to Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib, not themselves.
  2. Vaheguru has even not agreed with the Ardas of even the bhagats at times. Also being good doesn't give you mukti, it's Gur-prassad; being righteous is a form of keeping Guru Sahib's respect high, not yours: that is the true sign of victory.
  3. Ardas is important; however, there may be a good reason Guru Sahib isn't giving you that thing you want. Guru Sahib does the best for us, but also says, Tera Kiya Meetha Lagge", (forgive for any mistake, I don't have a Gurmukhi keyboard), even when he was sitting on a pot of fire on the hottest day.
  4. Each scenario is a case-by-case scenario. In some cases you could have known the other person since you were a little kid and know being asked for marriage with them, (just to make one thing clear, the friend zone is some Pakhand, it doesn't exist), in other cases you just talk to them during that finding a Rishta process before the wedding. As for sex, don't really know what people do, but if they feel ready for it then they'll do it. Since I'm unmarried I really shouldn't be answering this, but love marriage without the whole dating process is not that different from an arranged marriage where the couple actually talks before the marriage, (similar to the childhood friend scenario, which is rare, but not rare enough to be surprised about).
  5. If you think it's an issue that's up to you to decide, and also for the wife-to-be to decide, if you guys are cool with it, then go ahead, but if you aren't sure whether you want to go along with it, then I would recommend not doing it. By today's standard Guru Sahib's marriage ages would be considered way too out of time. Also 2 of the Gurus were married before being Sikh, so they would have married younger for that reason.
  6. If you feel guilty about it you could ask her how she feels about it. Marriages in modern day are just getting more and more where age matter less. If you are from the diaspora you might want to be careful if she's a green-card seeker especially when the girl is from India. That's the only thing to look out for.
  7. I surely hope nobody will be arguing on the actual length of the mool mantar. (Don't start the argument!)
  8. You make a point, but I'm talking about getting to know the person's qualities, (there are some people I've met who I would never expect to be so kind, but knowing them made me realize otherwise, and other times there are some people who look like they might be of some help, but never provide any).
  9. Not sure if you understand how Subcontinental people find spouses, or even generic Amritdharis finding spouses, but most people usually marry with someone their family has contact with, or they have direct/indirect contact with the person they want a Rishta with. Usually Amritdharis if their parents aren't Amritdharis marry within their social crew, instead of going all the way to Kashmir to find someone, and even if they do go into the Subcontinent, they will find someone from where their family is from, (Punjab, Delhi, anywhere else).
  10. Honestly I can't understand since my parents are more open than this, (even more open than I am at some points), but I couldn't just fall-in-love with some random person either if we weren't compatible.
  11. I feel sorry for you. Only noticed this recently, but do you want your spouse, (or future spouse), to be some slave for you? Gurbani does say to view spouse as Vaheguru, it doesn't say to treat them as Ghulami.
  12. I know this is an unfair standard for Kesh, but most people who keep facial hair but still don't keep body hair just looks like Pakhand, (an example of this is Harnaam Kaur, who clearly waxes but keeps hair on the face). So I do give higher respect to people who respect all Kesh instead of picking and choosing which Kesh is important and which is not. (I haven't mentioned any negativity towards Rom Kesh.) Also just cause a girl doesn't have a full-out beard doesn't mean she's waxing or threading, some people naturally grow less Kesh. (Most men can grow more Kesh than me on the body and face than I can, and other men couldn't grow long Kesh even if they tried). But yes, if you keep a certain hair, but remove hair elsewhere, you will be shown to me as a Pakhandi if you are trying to make Guru Sahib proud, you wouldn't. But if a woman or man removed Kesh before Chacking Amrit or desiring to be a Sikh, I wouldn't hold that against them, I myself was a Mona once: so I shouldn't hold some impossible standard, that I myself was imperfect from.
  13. Honestly you are the only member on this site living in La La Land.
  14. Do you have any logical reaaon to hate them? I'm pretty vocal on the fact that Sikhi is the only true religion, and Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji as the only way to Vaheguru. Despite that, I still occasionally say that there could be good Christians. Just focus on either benefiting society or being silent, humanity needs recovery not judgement: (either you go out of your way to do Prachar or stay silent on the issue, cause hate isn't really productive).
  15. Why do they have a Ravidas depiction? He didn't do idol worship at all! Even Ravidassias don't believe Ravidas did idol worship.
  16. Wonder when @harsharan000 will come back? He was a good member to this forum especially for this topic.
  17. This view still holds the same for me now. (SSD and Jacfsing2 are the same person,) I wanted to bump this thread in case anyone wanted to still respond, the Kesh is not the be all of being a Sikh, and even when I was a Mona, I wasn't some crazy bad guy, but still trying to find the truth. Sometimes I feel like the old people in our Panth seem to be too judgemental to those who made mistakes. Another reason for bumping this thread to see if anyone wanted to add something to it. (Also some folks seem to believe they inspired me, when really it was Gur-Prassad, not their judgemental attitudes which brought me to Gurmat again).
  18. Gurdwaras should encourage it, do we expect them to do this? No. Gurdwaras need to be doing that which helps anyone in the form of Seva.
  19. Note to Mods: Don't be supporting changes to Gurmat, for the love you may have Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji giving Amrit in the form of Khand-Di-Pahul ban that user who is attempting to change such a thing.
  20. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Can anyone explain logically why caste still exists in our Panth? Especially among those who tell everyone caste doesn't exist to the outside, but when it comes for actually putting it into practice they forget everything about the right side. There are Hindus today who value their personal caste less than some Sikhs which is just depressing if you asked anyone. Also how can we logically combat this idea in some old-aged Pakhandis minds. Especially among Pakhandidharis, (those who took Amrit yet still keep Non-Sikh practices), which makes people question the need for Amrit. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
  21. Can you stop reposting different threads for the same thing, (are you trying to desperately get likes on this forum?)
  22. Every human grows Kesh on the body/skin, to some people even that much is not good enough. Also I don't want to say anything negative about any Jatha, but most of the time I naturally associate Keski with that particular Jatha. Some people just don't grow much hair on the face, it usually depends on the testostrome an individual has over the traditional estrogen. Some people don't remove Kesh at all and can still not have lot's of Kesh on the face, what's wrong with those Kaurs? (It's obvious who waxes and threads if you didn't know that.) Also it takes more than wearing or not wearing a Keski for a Rishta if you were wondering that.
  23. So you don't believe people should be allowed to convert? Also where was it mentioned that they were white?
  24. I wish I could say that Jatha doesn't matter for somebody like like me, but that's a bit too idealist; even for the rest of Panth I truly wish that could be the case, in this era of extreme intolerance among little issues which causes people to take out 3 ft. dull Kirpans and fighting each other over them. I know there would be marital problems for some guy like me if I were to hypothetically marry such a person associated with the Jatha I'm talking about, (forgive me for being realist), we'd fight everyday over a tiny issue like Jhatka,(which I have a history on this website for being the only one that is neutral to my views, but to everyone else I'm the most bias to the view on the pro-Jhatka side), so inter-jatha; or if I don't agree with your Jatha, marriage is really not for me, and the most I'll ever address you is as a sister. And let's not even get started on serious topics, which could cause chaos for me. (Though those Non-associated with that Jhatha would be fine.) Vaheguru forgive me for not being some hippy all-love Sikh, for just mentioning actual facts of the case.
  25. Keski on women is associated with a particular Jatha, (not going to mention it), and this Jatha has some things the other Gursikhs family doesn't agree with: (Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji's Last Ang for example). Or it they are Sunday Sikhs or generic Amritdharis they probably are expecting someone to be like their spouse to be like their female relatives, (cutting Kesh on the Skin and face), sometimes among Keshdharis men they can't stand women having any kesh on anything but the head, and sadly it's coming from even Amritdharis. It's one thing to not exactly like someone with excessive Kesh on the face; however, every human on the planet grows Kesh on the Rom, (skin), but not everyone grows Kesh on face. There is no excuse for denying a woman with skin Kesh, since the only way she couldn't have skin Kesh was waxing or laser.