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  1. It's easier if you get a job before you land in the country, or if you can show the Canadian government that you can make jobs for local Canadians. (Though easier than even these options is marrying a Canadian citizen, but I wouldn't recommend this). Actually to immigrate anywhere, you should show you can benefit them in some way or another.
  2. If you ask me, it's a declaration of war for someone to be pulling a Dastar, I wouldn't ever even tell Non-Sikhs to take off their religious objects; however, an Amritdhari telling another Amritdhari not to wear Dastar is what I'd consider an impossible situation. If you agree with the husband's actions, (which you said previously you don't), then I'd understand where you are coming from. You seem to have some idealised worldview where every old person is some Mahapurukh, reality-check that's not the case at all, you may be blessed to have a Mahapurukh family, or you may not, the key is each individual case is different, if I heard that any of my female relatives were being insulted openly by some of their in-laws, I'd recommend the same. I haven't insulted any line of any shabad or your interpretation of the Shabad; however, you have to read the entire Shabad to grasp the full-meaning. But even what you are referring to is qualities of ancestors, not the ancestors themselves. Never claimed that. . They were Sikh sakhis, Modern Hinduism was only made when the Indo-Aryans and the Dravidians conquered the Adivasi population. Sikhi has existed since beginning of time. For the sake of keeping the topic at hand relevant, and since I respect you enough not to argue on something like this, I won't discuss more on whether the Sakhis are Hindu or Sikh. Ajamal was a Sikh, and the purpose of the Sakhi is to tell future Sikhs not to be going to prostitutes like Ganika. Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji even prevented from whom if I remember correctly Bhai Joga Singh from going to prostitutes. (If this wrong, you have every right to correct me). Never did and Hopefully with his grace, never will.
  3. . If you noticed that I did mention that if it's impossible for her to live with the mother-in-law it is better for them to live separately that's the controversial part. Now average situations are exactly what you listed, and I highlighted. This is where we agree, we both acknowledge that the parents and grandparents have a different relationship with the child. However, I'd also like to ask you; if the ancestors were Dera wales or Non-Sikhs, what benefit Gurmat-wise can they provide? If we really want to go far enough, most Sikhs are descendents from Hindus, but we aren't Hindus, it's because of attachment to our pre-Sikh cultures that caste and other negative things effect our Kaum today. Ancestors are good and all; however, we must be practical. Each situation is completely different; however, if it's leading to the husband abusing her and pulling her dastar, I'd go the other direction. If the relationship is leading to abuse like this and the husband calling her insulting nanes, I'd go many steps further.
  4. @BhForce, why would you need 6 different posts-back-to-back? The easier solution is to just write 2-3 that say basically the same idea?
  5. That may be true; however, from what I hear Germany is one of those places where there seems to be a growing new diaspora of Sikhs, also one of the top places Sikhs live in Europe after the U.K.
  6. You are free to be happy for your people's, (Hindu/Indian) independence; however, in what way has Indian independence benefited Sikhs? It hasn't at all, our Punjab was split by some drunken Brit, millions displaced, families split, many killed, and Sikhs to this day had Eastern Punjab split into 3. If this is a happy celebration to you than be proud of yourself that you belong to the system; however, if you are sensible, then ask yourself who gave more for this independence and was damaged ths most for their sacrifices for independence? If Bhagat Singh and Udham Singh were alive today, they wouldn't see Brits as enemies, but rather the treatment of Sikhs terribly as enemies.
  7. Can't Punjab build it's economy again once it's independent, even when America gained independence from Great Britain it was mostly agricultural, and now it's been devolped. Russia before it's civil war was very behind technology-wise, and in modern day it's one of only a few nuclear-armed nations. The entire world was once undeveloped, but when nations and people started building for themselves, they grew.
  8. I believe a key matter is to get both your husband and you to try limiting krodh before talking about situations like these, emotions will only fly everything logical either of you will say. Now I'm probably going to say something controversial for most Subcontinental ideals and I think that the child should spend more time with the parents than extended family members. Let the grandmother play and do stuff with her grandkid; however, people should realize that the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is very different from parents and children, and the parents should have direct influence before any other human for a child growing-up, (only one above parents should be Guru Sahib/Vaheguru himself). You should also spend time with your daughter, and if that can't work out, then it is best for you to leave a the joint family. I won't say anything rude about what happened, but your husband pulling your dastar and telling you not to wear it was an extreme step. You need to take control and tell them that at times you need mother-daughter time just like any normal parent. I don't know much about German rules, that's something you'll have to look-up.
  9. Judgement day is not a thing as a Sikh concept, we are judged every second of every day. But for the sake of entertaining the idea of judgement day, let's say it's a real thing, what happens to all the beings that died before Judgement day, or those beings that weren't buried for whatever reason, what exactly would happen to their souls? In Gurmat as well as Dharmic faiths, there is a concept of reincarnation, so we don't have to wait in a purgatory state till that day, and it explains all of creation not just human life in this world. Now the more practical answer over Judgement day, is the Atheistic answer which believes that after you die you are gone forever, but Gurmat only supports the idea of Karmic debt being paid continually, (or until you start doing paht).
  10. What's Dharam Yudh for you? It only means righteous war, and as far as I see it the Khalistani Shaheeds were fighting for a righteous cause. Dharam Yudh has always existed from Sat Yug. What is better to let many innocent people die, or to stand-up for what is right?
  11. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Found this article, and I do think it relates to some things going on among Sikhs today. As much as 70% of Thailand Sikhs have Non-Sikh names there. http://m.timesofindia.com/city/chandigarh/sikhs-adopt-thai-names-to-gel-with-local-populace-in-thailand/articleshow/59994438.cms
  12. What does this comment have to do with O.P's question?
  13. Usually Sikh names are unisex, (I say usually instead of always because some names are more popular for one gender over another). Personally, you yourself should be confident at finding a name for your child, but there are better choices that sound more religious. If the akhar was "Aera", (can't use Gurmukhi keyboard, but it's the second letter), then some choices are Anand, Ajit, Amrit, Anoop, and Amar, (as well as multiple syllable combinations), though try to avoid names related to Guru Sahib.
  14. I appreciate that; however, my main focus isn't on writing Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Saroops, but rather individual Gurbani lines.
  15. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Is there a Maryada for Handwriting Gurbani?
  16. Christianity and Islam actively send missionaries, Sikhs don't do that, and when they do preach, we have some liberal extremists among us, telling us not to do Prachar. Also if you compare the Raj of Ranjit Singh and the Sikh Empire to the devout Christian and Islamic empires, the former didn't care about saving people's souls, while the Christian and Muslim kingdoms didn't allow other faiths to expand.
  17. I define a Sikh name as one that comes from the Naam Karan ceremony. These people seemingly take their names from Thai saints and from Thai books. Also Guru Sahib from time to time would personally give people their names at times. Bhai Lehna became was changed into (Dhan Dhan Sri Guru) Angad Dev Ji, Bhai Jetha into (Dhan Dhan Sri Guru) Ram Das Ji. Naming of those who didn't become Guru Sahib was also done, Madho Das became Gurbaksh Singh, (known historically as Banda Singh Bahadur), Baba Buddha was given his name, as well as many others.
  18. https://m.facebook.com/notes/sunny-hundal/jagraj-singh-1979-2017-a-sikh-pioneer/1545328208870590/?__tn__=H-R You have to read into it,
  19. You shouldn't be gambling whether it's UFC or anything else.
  20. Naamdharis from what I know, don't believe in Khalsa Raj.
  21. If you were genuinely here to learn, you'd at the very least give-up on building ego in every single conversation you have, your posts show that. Liberalism doesn't fit-in with Sikhi at all, nor does conservatism, the problem is you have a western idea on how Sikhi should run, rather than a Gurmat view on how it's run.
  22. Whatever keeps you happy. If you don't think @Kira behavoir was a bit kinder than most people on this site, then you are slightly a bit delusional, many people have already felt that you are a lost cause, yet @Kira, still tries helping you out, (I don't know why he bothers, but the only one who's benefiting from this is you). I'm not his fan, but I respect his views, and him trying to deal with you in the most polite way possible. I probably disagree with lots of what he says, but the difference between him and you, is that he doesn't come from a position of building Haumai, but rather learning. The fact that you can't comprehend basic kindness is probably only negative from you, not only as a Sikh, but as a human being. I don't have any problem with any user on this forum who genuinely wants to learn. You are not one of those people. Nobody views you as a threat. Yes, but you should be willing to learn, when 99% of your posts have been liberal propaganda. Not teaching or learning from others. Get insight from Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji first, and then Mahapurukhs, and then more educated users than me, and if I am at the very bottom of that list, just respect that.
  23. You could claim that; however, the actual evidence proves otherwise. http://sikhsangat.com/index.php?/profile/46880-kuks/ http://sikhsangat.com/index.php?/profile/45987-sukhvirk76/ As well as this @Sukhvirk1976 account. As @Kira has politely told you to learn what Guru Sahib actually taught instead of learning from second-hand or third-hand sources.
  24. You have at least 3 different accounts, and one of them was obviously on quality control. When you stick to the rules established by this site, then we can have a reasonable debate. Until then, you are just a guy rambling about nothing.