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  1. Sikh caught

    Other faiths don't have to deal in intense level of Ghadari like we have, nor do they have a problem with Non-disciples faking loyalty, both of these problems effect our people. O.P. could've said anything like "Indian guy caught", "Hindu-dressed like Sikh caught", "Muslim-dressed like Sikh caught", "Atheist-dressed like Sikh caught", but look at what Mr.RSS O.P. posted.

    I'm personally a huge fan of cartoons, and believe spreading messages of Guru Sahib are very important; however, I'm not very keen on depicting Guru Sahib in any form other than Gur-Shabad, unless it's somewhat realistic.
  3. Sikh caught

    Don't post stuff like this, unless you are some Anti-Sikh. I respect your religion, (Hinduism), but respect our faith, (Sikhi), at least once.
  4. Jagmeet Singh is new leader of the NDP Canada

    I'm not Canadian, and I'd personally love for Sikhs to have Khalistan, but where's the proof that Jagmeet Singh supports or supported Khalistan?
  5. Chaare Sahibzaade Past Lives???

    The problem with this claim is Mahesh is the same as Shivji. Also according to Hindu mythology Shivji is the only Trimurti who's still alive, (from little I know).
  6. Chaare Sahibzaade Past Lives???

    Do you have it available? If people are making these claims, I'd like to know what their reasoning is.
  7. Evil spirits

    Calm your childish behavoir down. You can't even read anything @Kira actually said.
  8. Help Save Jaydan Singh

  9. Sikh Sangat Logo

    Always good to trademark a logo, helps the person who designed the logo as well as the consumer, (which I assume is you, unless someone else owns the site?).
  10. Sikh Sangat Logo

    Never notice the design before, (no offense to whoever designed it). I do think you should make an account, so you can post freely.
  11. Evil spirits

    Do you even know how childish you sound, rather than admit that you don't know Punjabi,(like a reasonable adult), you, in a topic you asked about aliens , mention you don't know Gujarati. @Kira, doesn't need me helping him, but I just had to bring-up the fact that you have absolutely no maturity.
  12. Evil spirits

    Everyone had or had fears of something, rather than giving this advice you should focus on providing logical and intellectual advice that not only helps yourself, but also others. Are you some manchild acting this immature?
  13. Diwali

    It's called Bandi Chor Diwas in the Sikh faith, and if you are referring to the incident a few years ago, then they'd have every right not to celebrate it. Good for you.
  14. Chaare Sahibzaade Past Lives???

    I've never heard of this before, so I'm going to have to say no. And according to the Trimurti belief Shiva has the names of Mahesh as well.