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  1. These "Sikhs" consider themselves Indian, and that's who they are protecting. These people have their own interests into it, and that is a love for their country. Sikhs have to fight for Khalistan willingly, not simply asking Hindus to see what Sikhs do.
  2. Reasonable people don't lust over any one. Just because someone is straight doesn't mean they don't have secret fetishes either. In the same homosexuality has been a fetish as well. Many Roman kings and queens before the rise of the Christian faith were openly into this fetish, as well as others.
  3. What SGPC was Akali Phula Singh part of or Baba Buddha?
  4. Read everything I said, instead of picking and choosing what to comment on. And how would someone know they had lust for men?
  5. There are only 5 Pyare, and there will only ever be 5, everybody doing Punj Pyare Seva should represent those 5: Bhai Daya Singh, Bhai Dharam Singh, Bhai Himmat Singh, Bhai Mokham Singh, and Bhai Sahib Singh. Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji made one Khalsa Panth, and the Gurus before him worked to build unity, not seperation.
  6. Are you being serious? Homosexuals do dislike the opposite sex for sexual reasons, but there isn't any reason for it other than they've have fetish for the same-sex. Also most likely they could still like the opposite sex as good decent humans, and it's probably not a hate towards them. I do think Honosexuality though is related to pornography, since nobody would know if they were gay unless they used porn.
  7. Punj Pyare never had Jathas,
  8. So who's the better role model Duleep Singh or Jugraj Singh Toofan?
  9. Jugraj Singh Toofan is a better role model than Duleep Singh. He was such a soul that even Hindus would say that during an era when Hindus started building distrust towards Sikhs. Duleep Singh is just a guy who happened to be born in a royal family, but gave-up his kingdom with his own words saying he'd rather be a British subject rather than being the king of Punjab.
  10. So what do you call the Khalistani Shaheeds?
  11. Didn't the Babbar Khalsa actually fight injustice
  12. The answer depends on how you view Keski, as well as your interpretation lf this hukam: 35. Dastaar binaa nahee rehnaa - Never be without the turban, wear it always. That said, may be I probably don't have the best understanding, but I don't wear one at showering or sleeping.
  13. I'm assuming that you seem knowledgeable about the Sikh faith; however, it is important that regardless of all that knowledge you acquire from books, there is also some practical Bhagti knowledge as well. Try doing some Paht, some simran, (even though many Sikhs suggest Naam is only given through Satguru in form of Punj Pyare, it's still important for Non-Amritdharis to do simran), read up on not only the outside references but sometimes Gurbani itself.
  14. What was the point of this question? Just because we want something doesn't mean that's how it goes. I really want to know why this was approved by Admin? (You).
  15. I don't know which Thakur Singh they are talking about that's from Taksal, but do you have any examples?