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  1. If it seems I'm acting fake, it's totally unintentional. (Just to be completely honest, I'm trying not to seem like a faker, maybe it's just the way forums work, I don't really know).
  2. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Can anyone tell me how to stop being distracted during Amrit Vela; (sometimes I get sleepy, or other times I think about what I'll do during the day when the sun is up, or other nonsense while doing Gurmantar Jaap). Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
  3. +1 Not that big of an issue; I can understand why some people would assume me being fake, especially since some people don't really know what it means.
  4. Angels exist; they just aren't available for us,, Devtis have an obsession showing themselves as leaders; and egomaniacs, especially Indra: who ran away from his kingdom and cried to Durga to get his kingdom back, Devti are NOT angels. There was once a time when Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Arjun Dev Ji was being Shaheed and Mian Mir asked if he could intervene, during that time Guru Sahib had told him no, and he mentioned that he had already told someone else no, Mian Mir was confused as he had no idea who was asking that; and then Guru Sahib showed him angels who had asked if they could finish the Raj of Jahangir and bring Chandu to justice. They exist to serve the light of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji; and hate showing themselves to those with no bhagti,
  5. Gur-Prassad is the answer. To say that anyone else has the power of control to free you from these things is a lie. Also even if you win the people battle; (or your aromantic/asexual), you will have to stop being attracted to other stuff as well to actually win, (the battle is much more complicated than stop pretending that you don't like someone). This gives a better explanation.
  6. Ok. Don't have children, but I am sure that nobody would want their child to leave the path of Guru Sahib, (is there any other way to Vaheguru, then through Guru Sahib?)
  7. To be completely honest I don't know what side they are on. What I do know is this; at the 10th light of Guru Sahib; they stop ant then they start a new column which begins with "Guru" Balak Singh, they have a different ideology on that idea alone. http://www.<banned site filter activated>/gurus/GuruPg2.htm On an actual Namdhari, (which actually doesn't hide behind the word "Sikh") website Daas read this at the description of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji which basically summed up why they aren't Sikh: "Guru Nanak Dev Ji initiated the maryada of 'The Deghdhari Guru' by passing the Gurgaddi to Guru Angad Dev Ji." They have so much they could actually offer, but are really busy with this false ideology to promote themselves. (They don't even have one "Guru" anymore and are currently led by 3 "Gurus")
  8. The Gur-Gaddi ceremony included a Tilak, the other things was a coconut and 5 passe. Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji himself never sat on an official/physical Gaddi, (throne); however one was made for the Gur-Gaddi of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji.
  9. I think it's a bit of both, there certainly is some hate from the Regressive Left against whites just for them being white, even among white Regressive people. Also with a rise of political correctness, the politicians certainly want castrate their opinion, because of some "white guilt", which is emotionally causing whites to not be able to stand-up to righteousness. Sometimes it's just full on discrimination from Anti-Whites: 90% of those discriminating against whites are other whites, not minorities. But ultimately some of their concerns are completely unimportant, or just being a victimised fetish. The folks at Stormfront and other White Nationalists believe that race-mixing is their biggest concern, when in fact most people only ever date or marry them for 2 reasons, assimilation and money. They almost own the world's media; have almost all the power politically and Shastarly, and if a white person dies it'll both get more news converage and grievances than if a minority dies; (with the exception of cross-racial violence). In Rawanda millions of black people died and it got no political action, in North Korea a one white man is captured, and it gets news coverage like crazy. Tell me now who's getting oppressed?
  10. My definition of convert is one who accepts a new truth to what they were born with. Here's the thing these people didn't convert for love or faith in their heart to be fanboys and fangirls of Jesus Christ, but rather because someone put a Shastar to their head. In fact if someone were to convert to Christianity today the Cult will provide them with at least 3 things: 1. Maya, (material goods) 2. Immigration into the West 3. Community, (we should also provide this, but for some reason our people don't love one another). If someone is not strong in their faith it's easy to assume that they'll convert. Also personally Daas was a soul-searcher during a relatively long period of time, busy trying to find the truth from various religions not just the popular ones: (Daas no longer soul-searches, as I've found the truth). Finally, I don't regret the era of as wasting my time, but rather a push to make my Sikhi stronger today, and value it much more.
  11. -Maybe? Depends on your definition of "convert", but 2 things to note. 1. Daas was not blessed with a strong foundation of Gurmat, and Gurbani, but still blessed to have even known of a "holy man", called "Guru Nanak", (not a strong foundation early on). 2. Daas has a strong rebel personality, and doesn't do ANYTHING without a 100% conviction, (though I'm working on that and trying to be more realistic).
  12. What I mentioned was if anyone could inspire from the current Taksal. Sant Baba Thakur Singh Khalsa was not a mega power in Prachar; however, he's a Mahapurukh, and he's been almost universally accepted as the head of the Taksal, (except by some people who still thought Sant Jarnail Singh Bhinderwale was still alive). Banda Singh Bahadur didn't bring enough people to justice, these Libtards are completely ungrateful. Banda Singh Bahadur is in Sach Khand by now, and these fools still be arguing over what he did was right. If he did one thing wrong, it's that when he was a Hindu Rajput boy he shot a deer that was pregnant, but otherwise he was a great leader, and everything he did for post-Sikhi was good. Not saying that Banda Singh Bahadur was perfect, but what mistakes? Bringing justice to Gangu and the executioner of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur, is not a mistake nor will it ever be!
  13. The Misls were too busy fighting among themselves, (they were not having theocratic wars, but rather of land and power), so how'd they have the time to personally give benefits to people, and Ranjit Singh's kingdom was some secular nonsense. If the British didn't come the Sikh Empire was still going to collapse soon after Ranjit Singh, especially among 2 groups within the kingdom. The first being the Orthodox Sikhs, which plans were already being made for this. The second being the Non-Sikhs living in the Sikh Empire, many of whom would want an even less religious state then what was before. The kingdom was so secular that their Dastars would probably be taken off in the easiest way possible, (Daas is saying this in the most respectful way to Keskis as possible). If you asked even modern strict Gursikhs; they'd probably not like Ranjit Singh's kingdom either for their ideal Raj. The kingdom was going to collapse, either by the strict religious Sikhs, or the Non-Sikhs abusing their power.
  14. That site is owned by Naamdharis not Sikhs. From their "Guru",(he was a Sikh of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib and never called himself Guru) Ram Singh post: " It is a historical fact that in 1858, Satguru Ram Singh Ji was the initiator of the Amrit Ceremony to be performed for the women-folk, thus giving them equal rights and standing without any discrimination. " These false stories were made by his "successor", who was the true Ghadhar and his name was "Guru" Hari Singh. You can't really complain since their not Sikh, they even mention the Sant Nirankari movement, (the one led by Buta Singh and Gurbachana, not the Dayal Singh version), as like they are some type of Mahapurukhs, or even divine themselves. http://www.<banned site filter activated>/movements/Nirankaris/Sant Nirankari.htm