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  1. Being weak helps no one,
  2. Thanks for telling me that.
  3. Didn't see any gay flag on the website, (just checked recently) For anyone else who tries to do their own research before coming to conclusions, it's here: they do Pakhand by adding a translation of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji's, "Manas Ki Jaat Sabhe Ek Hai Paichanbo"
  4. SJW behavior doesn't help Gurmat, neither does being a Regressive, could you imagine Guru Sahib acting in such a manner?
  5. There's only one way to Vaheguru, and that is Gur-prassad, in the era of Kalyug, the form of Vaheguru came himself as Satguru.
  6. Don't know if it has something to do with my search history, but when i searched it up, I got pictures of Akal Takht, and the other 4 Sikh Takhts.
  7. No idea who this guy is, or what his organization hindu takht does, despite reading the article.
  8. These problems are internal not external, the deeper problem is Sin-Paap, these external things only exemplify internal problems. Bad parenting is the result of this, not television, because humanity isn't good like the world believes, but rather evil, (which is why Vaheguru even had to come at all in 1469 in a Pargat form). Even if someone had lived on an Island all their life without any potential for brainwashing, they would still be fallen human beings because of their own internal problems.
  9. Well if you compared our people to how some Hispanics react to the fact that Spaniards conquered their lands it's very different. Not a single one has ever been exceptionally proud of what they did, while our lot somehow views the Anglos like they were some Devti trying to create a heaven. Also none of the Native Americans are proud of what the Anglos did to them. (Just something to think about).
  10. You seem to just realize that Christians aren't our friends, or that they have the best interest for us in their hearts? Nobody more than Daas has been telling everyone how much of a Pakhandi Baba Jesus was on this site. They also built their Pakhandi Cross-Clock on our Harmandir Sahib when they ruled the subcontinent.
  11. The cause of moral decline is not having a strong role model. For us our role models are our Gurus, Mahapurukhs, Shaheeds, and more great Sikhs, when we stop idealizing and try to follow their message we can progress. The reason for the decline in Western society is because they have moved away from their great men that inspired them, (to a much lesser extent that our Gurus), being Jesus, as well as the ideals that originally encompassed that. Muhammad was not a role model at all, but he was successful in brainwashing a whole bunch of middle-eastern folk into thinking he was a role model so they try to follow him.
  12. Just for the record, this was not a rhetorical question, but something to get an actual answer for.
  13. Side question, if someone were to have Dasam Granth at home should they keep it on a palki or bookshelf? (Before Gurugaddi of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, he was given a bed of even a higher quality than the bed Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Arjun Dev Ji slept on, despite being the Guru at the time).
  14. It's impossible to play as Punjab in this game without the use of mods, and spreading the Sikh religion is impossible, (so if someone was going to want a Khalsa Raj on the planet, it would be impossible). Also the Martha Empire wouldn't best represent us since we aren't Hindu. If someone really wanted to play as a Sikh nation in a video game, Daas would recommend Civ 5 where you can actually let Sikhs spread.
  15. Wasn't talking about Granths, What I said was we should try keeping both of those things seperate, and not make them dirty, (in general). For the record, anything with knowledge should be respected to some extent, (at least that's how I was raised).