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  1. +1 What ever happened to the Gur-prassad only days? But an equal should only marry another equal which is something I totally agree with. Just get some Amritdhari Sangat of the same gender to help you with your bhagti, no need to drag someone else down.
  2. What this has to do with her treatment I don't know, (people despite being Sikh still having this thinking on keeping women as 2nd class citizens), also Ram is a disgrace to his descendants, (the legendary Sodhis and Bedis), for kicking Sita out of the home because a few people in his kingdom suggested she was bad; and Ram also killed a Dalit for doing Bhagti. Draupadi was just forced to be shared by that <banned word filter activated> piece of Arjun and was equally abused by her mother-in-law, and all of her "husbands", and how they sold her to their cousins to rape; and all this happened near Punjab; which would later be known by the ones who freed women from Abdali. Ram and Arjun both would be terrible sh*thole excuses for husbands: if I heard my any female relative of mine would be going into their abusive houses; I'd not only cut the Rishta, but warn other people, maybe give Ram a few ways to learn not to mess with Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh's kids.
  3. What about Bhai Gurdas Vaars and Bhai Nand Lal Ghazals? Or even Dhadis?
  4. Arguing with her is pointless; she keeps repeating the same lies over and over again; and that is Guru Sahib didn't create Damdami Taksal; if she's denying history that basic which is common sense; does anyone really have time to argue with her? Next she's going to deny Baba Deep Singh Ji, (first Jathedar of Damdami Taksal as well as Taruna Dal), fought with his hand on his head and that he fought headless, (because feminism and hate to Taksal and Nihangs). Our Kaurs were so amazing that even the Hindu and Muslim Khatri and Brahmin women were jealous of their freedom.
  5. Appearance matters; I'm sorry for not being politically, (or religiously), correct but when you are trying to find someone and know absolutely nothing about them other than what they tell you and what they look like, then it matters a lot. (Only extreme feminists would say appearance doesn't matter.) What I was saying was if he's obsessive about one thing, it won't be really productive.
  6. I'm going to recommend you stop with the sexist articles; you are already starting to look like a troll, Ahalya was completely guilty for being a fool. Indra isn't even that smart of a Pakhandi, he had to ask for a woman for help; while she was showering; Indra is a pervert by any standard.
  7. If he joined the conversation; then I may hold some sympathy for him, but what he's doing is posting articles and not doing anything about it. He's making us do all the talking, without at least bringing himself in, (to be honest it seems like a bot, is producing his information),
  8. Yeah, but as a condition for marriage if everything else was excellent; that's an overperfection. Though he's got to be happy, instead of starting a marriage on a bad foot.
  9. Massands were proven to be Anti-Gurmat, for this very reason? Only Guru Sahib can give Amrit; this is proven in Gurbani 24/7 when imperfect humans start putting their feet in water, and calling it Amrit then we have problems. Guru Sahib is allowed to give Amrit because he is God's form. Nihangs also don't believe in female Punj Pyare; the only groups that do believe in it are man-made Jathas and not Jathas made by Vaheguru; Taksali and Nihangs; (note, not all Nihangs were formed by Guru Sahib). +1, nobody should be changing the topic, but O.P. really got to stop msking threads like this; he has not even bothered to post anything in this topic he knew would lead into a fight. (I'd give him 9000 troll points for this).
  10. +1, personally I wish Gurmat was restored at this site.
  11. Even Kira is telling you straight-up, but how much Gurbani you follow I don't know, but if I posted Anti-Caste Gurbani; you'd still argue, "No, Gurbani doesn't talk about ending caste, but rather castes being equal". We know your intention; just look at the username you picked for yourself.
  12. Since Kara is a Kakkar; it's rules are different, even though no Maryada exists other than it being one of the Kakkars; you should keep it clean. (Especially if it's Sarbloh.) It's impractical to avoid needable things if you wear a Kara; just do what you have to do and clean it after-words; your going to have to lenient for special cases.
  13. Let me tell you; you are lucky not to be a Subcontinental from your family; and people loosening what they want for diversity. Also don't talk about Rishtas like it's buying some new pair of jeans; there is so much involved than just the husband's opinion; this only helps that you probably didn't have an arranged marriage like most people do. Also women shouldn't be Punj Pyare if that's what they mean by equality, a Sikh woman can already do everything a man can except that; there is no ithias of this during Guru Sahib first preparing Amrit with the Khanda, also women never prepared Charan Pahul either even though Guru Sahib gave it equally to men and women. If a woman doesn't know she can't be Punj Pyare; then by what standard could we call her religious? Go ask an Taksali Kaur and she won't complain once on Punj Pyare for women. If there is any other reason to fight for so-called gender quality in Sikhi; then I would let them do what they want, but the moment they say Sikhi should adjust for that; then I'm going to have to say 👎!
  14. No maryada at all; since the Khanda you see now-at-days is not the even the original one. If you are talking about Khanda the Shastar which is used to make Amrit; then yes you should clean that.