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  1. This is true to an extent; however, someone who's carnivorous and doesn't bother to build muscle will be fat, and those who eat only vegetables or even vegans will not build muscle as fast, (but it's more effective than not working out and eating meat). That out of the way we should do whatever we can to preserve Jhatka wherever Sikhs are, or else this Anti-meat groups will be causing our own political collapse, when you compare it to Halal.
  2. Vengeance is something happened to you, so you are going to do something in return to get back at them. But when the time comes for punishment, you run like a coward. Revenge is a form of Krodh Justice is when something is happening to you, and instead of you getting something from them to get your satisfaction, you will use the least amount of punishment to achieve that justice. But when the time comes, you accept your punishment and not try running away because you believe it was right. Justice is a form of Dharam/Himmat. Examples include: Revenge: Someone kills your son, you kill their son and them, maybe entire massacres, and you try running away when someone wants to give you a punishment. Justice: Someone kills your son, you bring justice by only killing that individual who killed yourself. And when someone gives you a form of punishment you accept it and will be ready for the consequences. You can only stand-up for justice if you feel like you can accept the consequences, otherwise it's badla.
  3. I actually agree with Nanak Naam on this one. You can only really retaliate if you have an opportunity to retaliate, (example is right in front of you), if you don't have that opportunity it's not wise to be going in looking for a fight, but when it comes to you, you must defend what is right. But the whole everything has a reason idea will be our downfall, this is an idea not included in any major religion, but rather people wanting to believe there is a reason.
  4. Some more tips: Know what makes you want to masturbate or what the conditions are for you to watch porn: usually this is boredom or loneliness, or some stress going on and no way to relieve it, (these are usually what they are for others it may be different) When you relapse, don't feel guilty, just get back-up and pretend like it never happened; do you paht and maybe listen to some kirtan, (DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE ALLOW YOURSELF TO IGNORE WHAT GURU SAHIB HAS SAID!) Know who produces pornography, these are usually some Non-Sikhs known as Jews who would love to see the world be their Ghulami. Understand why they produce porn, and that is to weaken Non-Jews from the power. Another group is the illumaniti, and their goal is to unite humanity under Paap, (they have other mediums as well). Remember what makes you happy outside of porn and masturbation. Once everyone was a kid, and before we even heard of masturbation or porn, we had other routes to deal with boredom and stress, try to deal with stress with other routes and accept that boredom will be a part of life and just another experience you should realize. (What I will say next will be a little unlike my normal posts), don't try to see yourself beneath anything, (except Guru Sahib that is), until you have mentally been strong enough, (so forget all that humility except if your doing Seva or helping someone, just until the effects go away). If someone could actually masturbate that much, I wouldn't be saying don't masturbate, I'd be telling them to go to the doctor and let them understand why that guy produces so much sperm. Also I'd expect you have some mental problem if you end-up like this guy: http://superofficialnews.com/argentinian-man-masturbates-83-times-24-hour-period-new-world-record/ " 'Growing up he would never leave his room,' Lopez’s mom Evita told reporters. 'He would just stay in his room and masturbate. We knew one day all that practice would pay off for him. Hugo has made all his friends and family so proud.' " I know comparing myself to this extremely low standard is not me, but I don't think I could ever just masturbate. 😒 (Whenever I want to make myself look good, I will just comment about how there is someone worser than me, forgetting what identity they have).
  5. Lions don't castrate themselves, I know this was meant to be funny, but it is better for a lion to masturbate a million times daily, than to accept such Ghulami made by sheep and dogs. (If anyone doesn't get the lion reference it's because Singhs are lions).
  6. I may post more tomorrow. Kaam master? 😢, I am nowhere near winning, as long as I'm not Jeevan Mukt, that is. I'll be glad if this fight ends in this lifetime, my only goal is to assist people,(and myself through my own research and experience), not take them for some victory.
  7. Life probably was happier for you, but the problem is you are taking this guy as a result of Amrit, when they are both seperate things. Life is very precious, and if you were to end it, how would it affect your loved ones? Amrit is not a chance to free yourselves fron your problems what it is, is that Guru Sahib will hold your hand with your problems. Have you tried talking to a counselor or a close friend or family member to discuss your problems? I don't like the whole, "You only live once", but this is the only chance you have to have all your memories and everyone dear to you. Don't give-up life on something because one person did something.
  8. This sakhi doesn't really add-up if you ask me. Many great Gursikh writers did mention this exact incident, Bhai Vir Singh, Bhai Satbir Singh, and Mehima Prakash, (original). Why this story doesn't add-up is because when Amar Das, (Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Amar Das Ji), went to Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji he would've been in extreme depression, due to having no Guru and he was desperate to find one, when you are trying to find the truth, meat is the least of your worries. So even if meat was served, there would've been no reason for Guru Sahib to have accommodated a person, (Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Amar Das Ji is beyond human, but for mortal explanations I had to use that word). Once when a Muslim came to Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Hargobind Ji the established rule was no one was allowed to wear a face covering, so she had to take it off.
  9. Vaheguru, honesty is very strong.
  10. I read exactly what she said, and she said "now", she lives in Rehat and doesn't commit Bhujer Kurehits. If she didn't say that word, I would have less doubts on what she wrote. Also the message I'm trying to get across isn't going for Pesh, rather to stop feeling suicidal. A Sikh life is not one that comes easily, it comes through lots of high karma, (even legendary karma is not equal to the blessing of knowing Guru Sahib), and Gur-prassad. Death should be something we are always prepared for, and ready to die is something we should do, but ending your life like she claims here is not healthy nor respected.
  11. This is why we need to save the world, no more of these lies that are liars are repeating so much that Non-Sikhs can go to Sach Khand. When even great Pracharks are making these lies, who's going to take us seriously? Punjab won't be taken seriously until Sikhs stsrt removing Ghulami thoughts on not exposing Pakhandi Babas on a mass scale. The world is currently being saved from Abrahamic influences because of New-Age Atheist movements, and we are here many of us trying to defend the false religions from being exposed. The religions of Christianity and Islam and Judaism are all false, and once we pump that-up we can free so much of society.
  12. If Sikhs are going to have a country in this day and age, they need more than just numbers, we need to think global. An example is Jews, they have a smaller population than us and own almost the entire West, (though they have some advantages that we don't have or could imagine of having in terms of brainwashing, I won't mention this brainwashing thing because we all know who he is and that he's a Pakhandi Baba, if I mention his name we get the "all religions are equal", group coming to defend him). Also these forced conversions, why would they be Shaheed for Sikhi if they didn't really believe it?
  13. I'm not going to start by saying all that SJW weak stuff that people usually say, like, "Oh, don't worry it's not your fault, it's his fault, nothing wrong with you,", (Someone will probably say that to you, and let me say it's plain useless). But what I will say is despite your short-comings, Vaheguru won't judge you, if you feel you were wronged, that's up to Vaheguru to decide. But yes, if you did any of the 4 Kurehits you'd have to pesh. And you seem like the only reason you didn't say no was because you were shy and that's not an excuse. These 4 are in no particular order and intentionally: 1. Kesh-Di-Beadbi 2. Eating NON-Jhatka meat, (no one make the useless argument right now) 3. Intoxicants 4. Carnal Sexual relations outside marriage, (and no one argue what this means either). Understand that the Punj Pyare can forgive you, and that Guru Sahib can take your hand back, there's no need to give your life for something like this, dedicate your life for Seva is a better alternative, you'll help so many people. Feeling suicidal is not a I'm not feeling super elated chardi-kala, it's a much more extreme emotion, it's a I'm going to finish my life right now, unless some miracle happens, type of emotion. Suicidal to depression to like comparing a human to a monkey, they both are primates, the both have brains, they both have 2 legs and 2 arms, but ONE is the command of the other, (humans own monkeys, and monkeys don't own humans).
  14. No, don't worry about that, but if your nose itchy there are some solutions for that, I don't have any recommendations for how you can control that, (hopefully someone does), but no need for Pesh.