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  1. Learning how to fight is a beautiful art; as well as learning about the legend of Sikhi; however, how is either related to preventing such a marriage where she both wants her parents happiness and her own happiness and when they conflict how will she find the middle ground from Yudh and Sikhi? Most parents now at days seem against the idea of Amrit Chackna for some reason.
  2. So why'd the Spaniards and Arabs mix more than the Anglos? Unless you seriously believe that they both mixed equally?
  3. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anglo-Indian these numbers are pathetic. There are more Spainard, Arab breed mixing than this. You are more likely to see Amritdhari Khalsas than you will see these Anglo-Indians. Ghenghis Khan and Alexander the Great have more descandents than this pathetic number, some Punjabis actually have Greek blood, never met a Punjabi with Anglo blood though. (But have met some with different mixed ancestors). Also even today the Anglos that go around other countries finding women to marry, they marry prostitutes.
  4. Anglos didn't race-mix like crazy, those were the Spaniards, they, (Anglos), had a racial supremacy system in their little heads. Anglo women though seem to be sleeping with just about anyone, when our Sikh Mahapurukhs were in Europe these Anglos and the Belgian women were just ready to try to destroy our Sikhi from their Kaam. (They proved our people were the superior ones)
  5. Well their women sleep around with just about any k-u-t-t-a, especially their liberal women. Anglos do have some inferiority complex on their appearance which is why some of them have crazy racial fetishes.
  6. Weapons can get damaged or they could be turning blunt over time, which is why Shastars have sharpeners for themselves. If you went to Nankana Sahib, you'd barely see any of the stuff that the Guru actually used, (kitchen, farming materials, and his famous Shastar stick that nobody can see), Sikhs have a history of over-modernization for some reason, (compare that to Christians who still cherish stuff related to their pre-Jesus prophets).
  7. Also they are very adamant that Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is not Vaheguru's Sargun form, yet they worship Hindu Gods like they are some messiah or something. Something every true and real Sikh Jatha puts as a foundation stone; they completely ignore, (note the other 2 groups to also disbelieve in this are Missionaries and the Lost-Sikhs).
  8. Let's take this out of India and compare it to another nation's king: King John of England; who was known for not really caring about the people, the language he spoke would be similar to Dutch, (his predecessor was known for not actually staying in his kingdom.) Also since he really was seperate from the people some Robin Hoods stood-up trying to fight the system: (some of these Robin Hoods became Shaheeds). Also if there is no Sikh religion which is the only true religion; why would any royalty speak the language associated with commoners?
  9. Porus was a high caste; he also wouldn't be talking directly to his subjects, but rather had subordinates talking to the subjects for him; this led to him losing to Alexander the Great, cause he totally depended on a few Khatris instead of depending on his entire country. Compare this to the pre-Islamic Afghans who depended on each and every citizen to fight; and you can tell what the problem was in the structure, Alexander had to leave during the battle in Afghanistan because of them attempting to use everyone, (v.s only using an elite section of the population that even though they may have been better fighters could not be used productively).
  10. No, he would have spoken Sanskrit since he was an elite, the commoners would probably speak a language only vaguely similar to Punjabi as it wasn't very evolved at the time. Elites didn't speak Punjabi until the Sikh faith came and gave Punjabi a legacy: Sanskrit ruled the entire system especially among Brahmins, Khatris, Vaishas, and Shudras, (untouchables would be speaking a completely Adivasi language).
  11. Just the procedure to get a tattoo requires to do something against Gurmat, (Kesh Di Beadbi), you can't have a tattoo without removing Kesh. If you wouldn't cut the Kesh on your head don't expect that any other part of your body has less valuable Kesh.
  12. You didn't need to write an entire essay, if you were explaining our beliefs to a non-Sikh maybe on the eco-side. (Almost everything you said is common knowledge).
  13. Where is it allowed? Even the Khalistani Shaheeds that had to marry more than once because unmarried women couldn't fight for the movement were hesitant about what they were doing, but this Ranjit Singh just marries people like it's him buying a near pair of jeans. Nowhere!