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  1. Pre-emptive war is never a good idea, maybe these aliens could assist us in some way. But if they were going to be the first to discover aliens, many people throughout time have already claimed such things. Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji went to other planets.
  2. You are in 7th grade, and expecting what from a crush? You just reached puberty most likely, so almost everything your feeling is probably just hormonal. At your age you'll probably have 100s of crushes by the time your done with your education, you just had your first crush later than most people. In the very best case scenario, she might think you're attractive as well, but if you are going to be having relationships, it won't really help any of you, since this age is hormonal changes. If in the future she does become your future wife, that will happen then with Guru Sahib making it happen, but for now, focus on something that makes you happy, (and if you can't control your feelings, try not being to close to her). Do your Bhagti and Amrit Velas, some Seva and grow with Guru Sahib. 😇
  3. The message of Gurmat has completely changed my life, if you were asking me. I don't need someone to confirm what I believe, my only reason for telling people is to hopefully help someone. They can either follow it or not, and it wouldn't change my view, but the entire purpose of this topic is for me to hopefully improve myself, so people will listen. If I knew nothing at all, other than knowing that Sikhi is the only way to Vaheguru, I would be satisfied with simply that much knowledge. If I said I was the best person, I'd be lying, there are probably going to be people who have faked, "goodness",(because the only good is Vaheguru), all their lives and probably think they are perfectly fine with it, my view is it's still better to be a Sikh trying his best to do what they can, despite mostly failing in those goals, than to be a perfect person in normal people's eyes. Someone like me can say Sikhs are the best a million times and it would mean nothing; however, doing something simple to prove Sikhs are the best like helping someone, would give it more value. This will be my last post on this topic I appreciate all the help on the topic.
  4. Just so no one mistakes it, the part you highlighted was not meant like that. Nor have I ever claimed to be perfect. There is no quality about me, I'm not some Brahmgyani or Mahapurukh, there are some who didn't even listen to Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji,or the Bhagats, even if i did simran 24/7 from the beginning of my life till the end of my life, I still wouldn't equal even the shoes these great beings wear.
  5. There are usually a few views people would see based on their ideologies and fanboy loyalty. Conservatives,(except religious conservatives),: "Look at Trump, he is showing that he can actually work with people from all groups", (the same reason they dislike Obama used against them). Liberals, (except SJW'S),: "What is Trump doing, did he lie to the American people?" Now the exceptions are the religious and the SJW'S, which are a bit irrational on either side. Religious Conservatives: "Why is hanging-out, with these devil worshippers, repent or else!" SJW's: "Why is Trump not accepting his white guilt, and not bowing?" So you get a few rational people and everyone else will be irrational.
  6. I appreciate all the assistance, is there anything I can do to improve myself trying to help others, except listening to others?
  7. When people are already lost in "white guilt", (whatever it means to them), is it really beneficial to anyone about being sarcastic about their mental health problems. Even if they sincerely believe in such ideas, they are not bringing in Sikhs, but rather non-Sikhs. Unless someone hates Goras that much, everyone should be more intellegent than to allow their future sons are daughters to be suffering in one way or another because some racial Ghadar decided to invite immigrants to ruin their country, (for anyone wondering there are some rare exceptions to this rule). Though what happens in Europe is no concern to me, but it should stay in Europe, without expanding to the rest of the world. We don't live in a world where we all share the same ideology, nor does everyone share the same values, which is why each nation must protect their own interests without being corrupted by outsiders. (Sikhs are the exception to everything I said, but otherwise everything still stands).
  8. No. I don't know how Kharak Singh would have ruled, since he didn't have enough time, but I am refering to all the assassinations and royal deaths for Ranjit Singh's successors. In 10 years there were 5 kings.
  9. No! From the very beginning I have never believed that "true love", can be given from or to any human. Also I wouldn't be a Ghulami, I'd feel too uncomfortable. Let's just say I've known some people, who can only talk about girls for some reasons or another and they had no real importance in their conversations.
  10. Employment is a factor, but not when comparing a first-time meeting someone. If someone doesn't think they are good enough mentally for someone else it will only lead problems. There are 2 scenarios which I believe someone shouldn't be asking another person out or be a life partner, which most people would support: 1. If they like the other person way too much to think rationally. 2. If they feel they aren't good enough for them. Both of these 2 scenarios will make a Ghulami. I just feel bad whenever somebody is having crushes and they start feeling it's "true love",(it's normal for someone to have these feelings), because the parents never told them to think rationally before making a decision.
  11. Totally agree with this, the issue of Kesh must be discussed whenever someone mentions these issues. In most societies it has been considered a terrible thing for a male to keep long hair, (not talking about the religious figures of various religions). The same issue also effects Kaurs who refuse to dishonor Kesh in the face, as well as the rest of the skin. Usually when most females do mention they like facial hair it's usually merely a trend, which will die out soon. But sometimes on both sides people expect unrealistic perfect standards for their marriage partners on the Gursikh side of things. Also we should not pretend that most people of either gender ever if they are hard-core devotees, don't want an attractive partner as well. So being devout is not good enough.
  12. I know you got your answer, but why exactly are you jealous? Every shabad will do.
  13. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Why is it hard to inspire others to live a Gurmukh lifestyle, when it's meant to be good for people? Also why don't most people learn lovingly, but only want to learn when there is something else involved, (pressure to learn). I hope everyone improves and tries to follow Guru Sahib, but sometimes it just fails. How can I improve myself, so that more people are willing to listen? I feel my heart is in the right place, but nothing happens. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
  14. Ranjit Singh only got strong because of the hard workers who fought to make his dream a reality, what he did was betray the hard workers, for his own self-interests. Also it's not a Sikh country, just another random state, that if he wasn't so selfish could have been a theocracy. Banda Singh Bahadur brought justice to someone who made a Shaheed of my Guru, (Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji), and the Chote Sahibzade, if there is anything I feel bad about that, it's that it wasn't me. Otherwise he was perfectly fine for someone who's not Guru Sahib himself, he made Guru Sahib proud, and you are here insulting him while praising Ranjit Singh? His own child became a Shaheed, while Ranjit Singh's son converted to Pakhandi Baba Jesus.