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  1. Gursikhs will do what Gurbani tells them. This is why Gursikhs reading Gurbani and don't attain manmat from your post or @N30S1NGH. Both of you can make up all the theories in your head and write them on this forum and others, but no Guraikh will pay attention. The Gursikhs face is turned to the Guru and they don't fear worldly punishment by so called democratic governments. Neither of you can stop the Gursikhs. Those who will not do anything and will sink in the deepest ocean will bow their heads to n30singh theories. I'm satisfied with telling Sikhs to read Gurbani and do what Gurbani says on when to use the sword. Gursikhs do not adhere to Gurbani wrapped in western logic.
  2. Encouraging family life

    Sri Guru Nanak dev ji did not encourage family life. Guru Nanak dev ji showed through family life a soul can merge with Vaheguru. People were teaching by being a householder you can't merge with God. This belief was rejected by Sri Guru Nanak dev ji. You are a lucky soul to be able to come to the only Guru who can carry you across to Vaheguru. Forget what you learned from others and only learn from the Guru and the Guru will bless you with his grace.
  3. No one accused you on this thread of saying it is. I was making clear statements of Sant ji katha so people are not misled. I also said the katha of Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh ji doesn't say the vedas will take a person to satguru. You failed to acknowledge this fact. I read the katha and also listened to the katha of Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh ji of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji of Ang 154. ਗਉੜੀ ਮਹਲਾ ੧ ॥ ਜਨਮਿ ਮਰੈ ਤ੍ਰੈ ਗੁਣ ਹਿਤਕਾਰੁ ॥ ਚਾਰੇ ਬੇਦ ਕਥਹਿ ਆਕਾਰੁ ॥ ਤੀਨਿ ਅਵਸਥਾ ਕਹਹਿ ਵਖਿਆਨੁ ॥ ਤੁਰੀਆਵਸਥਾ ਸਤਿਗੁਰ ਤੇ ਹਰਿ ਜਾਨੁ ॥੧॥ Ang 154 In the audio katha Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh ji fully agrees that the 4 vedas only speak of 3 states. Sant ji further says only Satguru can merge/ give mukhti as the Gurbani on Ang 154 says. Yet you say the 4 mahavaks of the vedas can unite the soul with God by grace of shared Satguru. Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh ji in the written katha or audio katha never says the 4 mahavaks unite the soul to God by grace of shared Satguru. How can the vedas unite the soul with God when they speak only of visible form and don't know who Satguru is. When the vedas, according to Gurbani don't know anything about turiya avastha. Then how can anything based on the vedas know the fourth state, turiya avastha?
  4. Vedas only speak of the visible form: ang 154 gauVI mhlw 1 ] gourree mehalaa 1 || Gauree, First Mehla: jnim mrY qRY gux ihqkwru ] janam marai thrai gun hithakaar || One who loves the three qualities is subject to birth and death. cwry byd kQih Awkwru ] chaarae baedh kathhehi aakaar || The four Vedas speak only of the visible forms. qIin AvsQw khih viKAwnu ] theen avasathhaa kehehi vakhiaan || They describe and explain the three states of mind, qurIAwvsQw siqgur qy hir jwnu ]1] thureeaavasathhaa sathigur thae har jaan ||1|| but the fourth state, union with the Lord, is known only through the True Guru. ||1|| The key word in this pauri is qurIAwvsQw . It means to be spiritually sound and have harmony, which leads to liberation. This pauri tells us only Gurbani holds spirituality and absolute truth. Absolute truth cannot be defined without the fourth state. The fourth state is Absolute reality. Gurbani in the pauri says the Vedas does not have this fourth state. The word Absolute reality/truth and spirituality is being dumb down by the less read and versed in Gurbani. To the deaf person the sound of a flute will sound uplifting and “spiritual”. Hardly anyone progresses past the flute. Here is another pauri stating the Vedas do not know the absolute truth: ang 148 pauVI ] pourree || Pauree: kyqy khih vKwx kih kih jwvxw ] kaethae kehehi vakhaan kehi kehi jaavanaa || Some speak and expound, and while speaking and lecturing, they pass away. vyd khih viKAwx AMqu n pwvxw ] vaedh kehehi vakhiaan a(n)th n paavanaa || The Vedas speak and expound on the Lord, but they do not know His limits. Gurbani saying the Vedas do not know God’s limit; they do not know God. Very simply put the Vedas cannot direct a person to what they don’t know of. The foolish argument of no one knows God’s limit by mischievous people does not hold water even for a second. Gurbani says the Guru (Gurbani) are perfect and same as God: ang 1204 cwir ibnwsI Ktih ibnwsI ieik swD bcn inhclwDw ]2] chaar binaasee khattehi binaasee eik saadhh bachan nihachalaadhhaa ||2|| The four Vedas shall pass away, and the six Shaastras shall pass away. Only the Word of the Holy Saint is eternal. ||2|| Listen to this next line carefully on the question of whether God can be found through the Vedas or any other way like Bible, Gita, Koran, etc jip mn rwm nwmu ArDWBw ] jap man raam naam aradhhaa(n)bhaa || O mind, meditate and worship the Lord's Name. aupjMip aupwie n pweIAY kqhU guir pUrY hir pRBu lwBw ]1] rhwau ] oupaja(n)p oupaae n paaeeai kathehoo gur poorai har prabh laabhaa ||1|| rehaao || God is never found, even by making all sorts of new efforts. The Lord God is obtained only through the Perfect Guru. ||1||Pause|| Self explanatory. This really speaks to what a sham some are running by saying the Vedas has some sort of absolute truth in them, which equates to Gurbani. Complete rubbish with no facts to support such deception. Additionally, Gurbani addresses the topic of what his eternal. Again Gurbani says the word of Guru Sahib is eternal and the Vedas are bound by time: ang 237 vnu AsQwnu jo kbhu n trY ] kavan asathhaan jo kabahu n ttarai || What is that place which never perishes? kvnu sbdu ijqu durmiq hrY ]1] rhwau ] kavan sabadh jith dhuramath harai ||1|| rehaao || What is that Word by which the dirt of the mind is removed? ||1||Pause|| ieMdR purI mih srpr mrxw ] ei(n)dhr puree mehi sarapar maranaa || In the Realm of Indra, death is sure and certain. bRhm purI inhclu nhI rhxw ] breham puree nihachal nehee rehanaa || The Realm of Brahma shall not remain permanent. isv purI kw hoiegw kwlw ] siv puree kaa hoeigaa kaalaa || The Realm of Shiva shall also perish. qRY gux mwieAw ibnis ibqwlw ]2] thrai gun maaeiaa binas bithaalaa ||2|| The three dispositions, Maya and the demons shall vanish. ||2|| igir qr Drix ggn Aru qwry ] gir thar dhharan gagan ar thaarae || The mountains, the trees, the earth, the sky and the stars; riv sis pvxu pwvku nIrwry ] rav sas pavan paavak neeraarae || the sun, the moon, the wind, water and fire; idnsu rYix brq Aru Bydw ] dhinas rain barath ar bhaedhaa || day and night, fasting days and their determination; swsq isMimRiq ibnsihgy bydw ]3] saasath si(n)mrith binasehigae baedhaa ||3|| the Shaastras, the Simritees and the Vedas shall pass away. ||3|| qIrQ dyv dyhurw poQI ] theerathh dhaev dhaehuraa pothhee || The sacred shrines of pilgrimage, gods, temples and holy books; mwlw iqlku soc pwk hoqI ] maalaa thilak soch paak hothee || rosaries, ceremonial tilak marks on the forehead, meditative people, the pure, and the performers of burnt offerings; DoqI fMfauiq prswdn Bogw ] dhhothee dda(n)ddouth parasaadhan bhogaa || wearing loin cloths, bowing in reverence and the enjoyment of sacred foods gvnu krYgo sglo logw ]4] gavan karaigo sagalo logaa ||4|| - all these, and all people, shall pass away. ||4|| jwiq vrn qurk Aru ihMdU ] jaath varan thurak ar hi(n)dhoo || Social classes, races, Muslims and Hindus; psu pMKI Aink join ijMdU ] pas pa(n)khee anik jon ji(n)dhoo || beasts, birds and the many varieties of beings and creatures; sgl pwswru dIsY pwswrw ] sagal paasaar dheesai paasaaraa || the entire world and the visible universe ibnis jwiego sgl Awkwrw ]5] binas jaaeigo sagal aakaaraa ||5|| - all forms of existence shall pass away. ||5|| shj isPiq Bgiq qqu igAwnw ] sehaj sifath bhagath thath giaanaa || Through the Praises of the Lord, devotional worship, spiritual wisdom and the essence of reality, sdw Anµdu inhclu scu Qwnw ] sadhaa ana(n)dh nihachal sach thhaanaa || eternal bliss and the imperishable true place are obtained. qhw sMgiq swD gux rsY ] thehaa sa(n)gath saadhh gun rasai || There, in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, the Lord's Glorious Praises are sung with love. AnBau ngru qhw sd vsY ]6] anabho nagar thehaa sadh vasai ||6|| There, in the city of fearlessness, He dwells forever. ||6|| qh Bau Brmw sogu n icMqw ] theh bho bharamaa sog n chi(n)thaa || There is no fear, doubt, suffering or anxiety there; Awvxu jwvxu imrqu n hoqw ] aavan jaavan mirath n hothaa || there is no coming or going, and no death there. qh sdw Anµd Anhq AwKwry ] theh sadhaa ana(n)dh anehath aakhaarae || There is eternal bliss, and the unstruck celestial music there. Bgq vsih kIrqn AwDwry ]7] bhagath vasehi keerathan aadhhaarae ||7|| The devotees dwell there, with the Kirtan of the Lord's Praises as their support. ||7|| pwrbRhm kw AMqu n pwru ] paarabreham kaa a(n)th n paar || There is no end or limitation to the Supreme Lord God. kauxu krY qw kw bIcwru ] koun karai thaa kaa beechaar || Who can embrace His contemplation? khu nwnk ijsu ikrpw krY ] kahu naanak jis kirapaa karai || Says Nanak, when the Lord showers His Mercy, inhcl Qwnu swDsMig qrY ]8]4] nihachal thhaan saadhhasa(n)g tharai ||8||4|| the imperishable home is obtained; in the Saadh Sangat, you shall be saved. ||8||4|| The kirtan of Vaheguru is only your support. How wonderful, how clear the instructions are given to the true seekers of this world. Everywhere else all there is fear, anxiety and death, which includes in the Vedas. Whoever follows the Vedas will face the same ultimate cold, support less, fall to death as it does not have the capacity to lead anyone to the absolute truth. Does the Vedas know the glory and greatness of the Saints: ang 272 swD kI mihmw byd n jwnih ] saadhh kee mehimaa baedh n jaanehi || The glory of the Holy people is not known to the Vedas. jyqw sunih qyqw biKAwnih ] jaethaa sunehi thaethaa bakhiaanehi || They can describe only what they have heard. swD kI aupmw iqhu gux qy dUir ] saadhh kee oupamaa thihu gun thae dhoor || The greatness of the Holy people is beyond the three qualities. Again Gurbani says the Vedas only speak of what will pass away (three qualities, visible form). Let’s keep going here. No stopping now, let Gurbani speak for what the Vedas are. Listen to how Bhagat Kabir ji describes how the simritee and Vedas are actually the poison that holds the people to bondage to the world: ang 329 gauVI kbIr jI ] gourree kabeer jee || Gauree, Kabeer Jee: byd kI puqRI isMimRiq BweI ] baedh kee puthree si(n)mrith bhaaee || The Simritee is the daughter of the Vedas, O Siblings of Destiny. sWkl jyvrI lY hY AweI ]1] saa(n)kal jae//ee lai hai aaee ||1|| She has brought a chain and a rope. ||1|| Awpn ngru Awp qy bwiDAw ] aapan nagar aap thae baadhhiaa || She has imprisoned the people in her own city. moh kY PwiD kwl sru sWiDAw ]1] rhwau ] moh kai faadhh kaal sar saa(n)dhhiaa ||1|| rehaao || She has tightened the noose of emotional attachment and shot the arrow of death. ||1||Pause|| ktI n ktY qUit nh jweI ] kattee n kattai thoott neh jaaee || By cutting, she cannot be cut, and she cannot be broken. sw swpin hoie jg kau KweI ]2] saa saapan hoe jag ko khaaee ||2|| She has become a serpent, and she is eating the world. ||2|| hm dyKq ijin sBu jgu lUitAw ] ham dhaekhath jin sabh jag loottiaa || Before my very eyes, she has plundered the entire world. khu kbIr mY rwm kih CUitAw ]3]30] kahu kabeer mai raam kehi shhoottiaa ||3||30|| Says Kabeer, chanting the Lord's Name, I have escaped her. ||3||30||
  5. The above katha does not say vedas are satguru or take a person to satguru. Gurbani says the vedas don't know the fourth state and Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh ji does wonderful katha on this. Learning to accept Gurbani for some has been a on going struggle because they don't let go of their own beliefs. In the past this poster has presented Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh ji katha in audio form where the audio was cut to give a misrepresentation of Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh ji katha. So be very very careful when reading this poster's post. The person who cut the audio is know on this site by poster @kam1825. I addressed both of them and they did not even want to acknowledge there wrong doing and stuck to their manmat ways.
  6. Gurbani says the vedas are stuck in the 3 gunas and don't know the fourth state, which is only given by Satguru. Reading Jap ji sahib many are praising Akal Purakh but Jap ji sahib says only those who follow Akal Purakh hukam are praising him. Even devil worshippers are praising Akal Purakh. The key word in the line is 'mat' and Bilja Singh is on to something here. I wouldn't translate 'mat' as religion. But something more closer to understanding, which would perfectly represent how the vedas and Koran and bible understanding of the fourth state is false/wrong. These three religious books think they know the fourth state but they actually don't as Gurbani says. The Shabads that come before this Shabad in question are addressing Muslims and Hindus and their religious practices and their prayers. Bhagat Kabeer ji is criticising them and rejecting their beliefs.
  7. Budha Dal & Banda Bairagi - The Facts

    You made Sant Jarnail Singh ji as an authority figure because it pushed your agenda. Where Sant Jarnail Singh ji speaks against your agenda, you ignore and slander the person who brings up Sant ji statements. Your miserable attempt to push your agenda falls flat on its head and you make up excuses. You changed the topic by attempting to make Sant Jarnail Singh ji an authority figure when it helps your agenda. This is what I addressed.
  8. Budha Dal & Banda Bairagi - The Facts

    Sant Jarnail Singh ji says kirpan da Amrit to women is manmat and it is manmat. So I guess you know better than sant ji when you promote kirpan da Amrit on this site.
  9. So Jagmeet gets married ....

    You can learn the definition of nindo and not mistranslate Gurbani or provide mistranslations. You didn't even pay an ounce of attention to Gurbani, the Guru. There is no way you can teach anyone.
  10. So Jagmeet gets married ....

    i know your white skin provides you many privileges in the world but here you just showed how the white skin shows how ignorant you really are. I thought 3ho were ignorant and arrogant. You top them man. Providing sgpc definition. Might as well let women into punj pyare ooo wait they already done it. Jagmeet Singh is a patit and so is his wife.
  11. So Jagmeet gets married ....

    Woah. Gurbani interpretation is twisted in a split second. And you are the one questioning my rehat. Too funny. I guess now the liberal extremists have changed the meaning of nindo to criticise.
  12. So Jagmeet gets married ....

    Learn the definition of patit. She and now jagmeet Singh are patit.
  13. So Jagmeet gets married ....

    Why would anyone want to marry a patit woman in the first place. According to Gurbani she is an ugly woman. Only insecure men want these type of woman in and are scared around these women. He loved a patit woman. When the insecure boys can't find anything to say, the other person is jealous. Jealous of what, he married a patit woman who dances around revealing her body and has no sense of Gurbani. She sings filthy Punjabi music for fun. Only a fool would marry such a woman. Smart men who don't care about religion will mess around with these type of girls and give them the boot once they are bored. Learn the definition of nindiya (slander). Also he's a patit now.
  14. So Jagmeet gets married ....

    Marrying a patit is not a special day. The special day he should have paid attention to was when he took Amrit from the Punj pyare and told her 5 years ago, take Amrit or I'm gone. He lied to the public by pretending to be worried about the environment by driving a bicycle. He got engaged to a patit woman and throw everything good out of the window. Anyone who has the ability to use social media has seen she is not an amritdhari. Also answer my questions. If she was concerned about covering her head even not in the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji, then how come during the proposal she has her hair open and uncovered?
  15. Justin Trudeau visit to India

    Many times when a prime minister of Canada or UK or President of US goes to a country where a genocide was committed the prime minister or president visits some of the victims in the area where it happened. Has any prime minister of Canada gone to meet the victims of 1984 in Delhi?
  16. So Jagmeet gets married ....

    im place the paragraph below so you may understand what point was being made: I remember when jagmeet Singh was cycling to work and people were praising him for keeping things simple and not destroying the environment by driving a car. I guess that was an act as well. Flying out to a different country when he could have had his wedding in his province is not being simple and not good for the environment. Who said I went off a few pic to determine she did not take Amrit? Making assumptions really shows how desperate you want to push your point. She has not covered her head in the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji during her Anand karaj. The picture speaks for itself. If she was concerned about covering her head even not in the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji, then how come during the proposal she has her hair open and uncovered? Again your desperate attempt to cover the room covered in black soot has failed. I very clearly say, it is not clear if they conducted the Anand karaj on the beach and Sri Akal Takht sahib should look into it. Don't worry so much. Pointing out jagmeet Singh mistakes will not hinder the Khalsa Panth from obtaining Khalsa Raj. If anything, it will create strong singhs who don't fall victim to outer beauty and give up their Guru's teachings.
  17. So Jagmeet gets married ....

    You really need some help. What were you saying about amritdhari lower the standard of amritdharis.
  18. So Jagmeet gets married ....

    Jagmeet Singh lowered the status by marrying a non amritdhari girl. Its not about someone being amritdhari. It is about an amritdhari marrying a non amritdhari girl and its about jagmeet Singh. Well most likely not Singh anymore as he literally made his bed and became a patit. Following the teaching of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji of amritdhari marrying an amritdhari is not stupid at all. Its a mark of obedience to the Guru. Who is attacking him. Stop getting all emotional. Find a chair, sit down and take some deep breaths. Maybe even take a chill pill and understand the crux of the discussion here.
  19. So Jagmeet gets married ....

    The guy who does not even know what Gurmat is trying to mock me. Ignorance is surely bliss here.
  20. So Jagmeet gets married ....

    Letting the youth know NOT to follow in jagmeet foot steps for choice of a marriage partner is time well spent. After all it is the teaching of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji.
  21. So Jagmeet gets married ....

    I remember when jagmeet Singh was cycling to work and people were praising him for keeping things simple and not destroying the environment by driving a car. I guess that was an act as well. Flying out to a different country when he could have had his wedding in his province is not being simple and not good for the environment. And for all those claiming maybe before the wedding his not amritdhari confused Punjabi wife would take Amrit were living in dream world. When people get power, they abuse that power to fulfill their wants. They don't care about the big picture, the Khalsa Panth teachings. An amritdhari man should have enough guts in him to tell his future wife to follow the Guru or this worldly relationship will end. His wife decision to be fashionable over properly covering her head before Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji is very arrogant. It shows the level of respect she has for Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. People in power are the most arrogant people. I wonder what Sri Akal Takht sahib will say if they look into where this wedding was conducted. It has been recognized by Sri Akal Takht sahib to not have an Anand Karaj on the beach. From the picture it looks as the Anand karaj was done on the beach. People in power think they are above the law of Gurmat. Such behavior shown is basically a big middle finger to the Nirmal Panth started by Sri Guru Nanak dev ji. Disregard for Gurmat shows no respect for the shaheeds of 1984 because they lived and died to uphold Gurmat. But what do I know. I'm not in a position of power, just shut up and let the arrogant people run a muck of very thing good and pure.
  22. Would A Transgender Amritdhari Sikh Be A Singh or Kaur?

    Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji didn't discriminate between satguru as their is only one same satguru for every yug. He told us to praise, worship, meditate on the one and only satguru. He wrote about the 24 incarnations of Vishnu and he corrected what happened actually to the 24 incarnations. If Krishna and Vishnu were satguru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji would have said it in his writing about them. Instead he wrote to say I don't praise them or think of them, I hold Mahakaal ( which translates into Vaheguru in this context as he is the destroyer of all) praise only in my mind.
  23. Would A Transgender Amritdhari Sikh Be A Singh or Kaur?

    Bhai Gurdas ji is not wrong. Your interpretation of Bhai Gurdas Ji Vaar is wrong. In the Taksal Sampooran Rehras Sahib, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji says the following: Chopei Mai ‘N’ ganays(i) pritham manaaoo(n)| kisan bisan kabhoo(n) neh dhiaaoo(n) I do not praise or hail Ganesh before I start any task. (In old times, often Ganesh would be hailed before starting any task). Nor do I let the thought of Vishnu or any incarnations of Vishnu (i.e. Krishna) enter my mind. (Meaning Guru Gobind Singh Ji never regarded Vishnu or any avatars as the supreme Lord; Akaal purakh, as he states next.) Kaan sunay pahichaan ‘N’ thin so| liv laagee more pag in so I know of their existence, but I do not ever worship them. May my prayers and thoughts always be in the immaculate, holy feet of the Lord (the one and only). In the above Bani of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji we can see how Guru Sahib is saying, he does not even have a thought (does not praise) of Vishnu and his incarnations enter his mind. If Vishnu and Krishna were Satguru, then why doesn't Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji even think of them when praising Vaheguru? Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji says, I know of there existence but I do not worship them and I am attached to the Lord's feet. Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji praises and thinks and worships the nine Gurus before him as we see in Bachittar Natak as stated in our Khalsa Panth daily ardas; from Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji to Sri Guru Teg Bahadur ji.
  24. Would A Transgender Amritdhari Sikh Be A Singh or Kaur?

    Bachittar Natak tells us for all the yugs there is only one Satguru. Vishnu and his incarnations were never satguru and they came in previous yugs(ages).
  25. Would A Transgender Amritdhari Sikh Be A Singh or Kaur?

    Bachittar Natak has said who is Satguru and we say their names everyday in the Khalsa Panth ardas(Sri Guru Nanak dev ji to Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji). Only satguru can grant mukhti and they have been disclosed to the world by Vaheguru. Also anyone following satguru teachings would run to take amrit. The Gursikhs love the satguru's hukam. Anyone in the past who has received mukhti as received it by Satguru. Gurbani clearly says this. To the people learning. Start reading from Raag Nat Naaraayan and keep reading. A lot is revealed on this topic by satguru. I am currently reading Raag Maaroo and if more is revealed by satguru I will provide direct quotes.