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  1. Masands burnt alive by the order of the 10th Guru.
  2. Chandu shah torture and killing at the hands of the sikhs commanded by the sixth guru
  3. Both, naam is the breath of life, without naam a person is dead. Exercise is only for the body. An obese person can attain sachkhand by doing naam simran but a person exercising cant go to sachkhand. The Gurus have taught us to stay physically fit, however the shakti of Gurbani has given a blind person sight. Gurbani shakti can't be underestimated. Reading Sri Dasam Granth Sahib ji (Jaap Sahib, Chandi di Vaar) gives the weak person the strength to take on an elephant. Main goal of life is to do naam simran everything else comes secondary. Yoga mat is for only the body and still has many aspects to that have nothing to do with the body. Learning how to breath properly also comes from Gurbani. Naam simran is very vast, there is no limit to what Naam Simran can do. For those who doubt here is a small example. Those who have dived into Naam simran have controlled their breathing and mind. The Naam cools the mind, brings it in a blissful content state and as a result the breathing becomes deeper and more fulfilling for the body. The mind is the control center of a human and this is where Naam simran operates to fix and regulate. Yoga does not have this ability and it does not matter the type of yoga a person is practicing. Many weightlifters find weight lifting relaxing. However the relaxing result only stays for a split second. And its the same for yoga. The person has not been pulled out of lust, anger, greed, ego, attachment which are messing with the command center of the body in the first place; the brain. In a split second they dive into lust or anger after a relaxing second. Naam simran attacks the cancer from the root and destroys it to pieces. Ask a runner what it takes to run 10 miles. They will say you need a sound mind because most of running is all the mind telling you to stop, give up, body aches, etc. If a person is focused on Naam simran their mind is sound, their breathing is deep and they can go for runs for practice and get to the 10 miles or longer.
  4. You are a total piece of <banned word filter activated>. Your time is coming again when Sikhs will burn you cowards alive before skinning you alive and feeding this non halal meat to rest of your brothers begging not to be burnt alive.
  5. Protecting a troll! What evidence did you have for saying Bhagat Farid ji is a Muslim? Nothing!! No evidence exist he is a Muslim. Then like a woman, you tell the other member asking you to present proof, don't talk to me. Man up and say I got nothing.
  6. Don't feed the troll. Ask poster jonny101 of this troll if you don't believe me. He's got an agenda and that is to further slander Sri Dasam Granth Sahib ji. When he first came here, many tried educating him but he made up his mind before he came to this site. He's on a mission to spread his hatred.
  7. Admin this troll is back. He has started slandering Sri Dasam Granth Sahib ji.
  8. You are in your own league. Let me guess you were the special student throughout your life. You still have this title here.
  9. If such is the case. Then in Gurbani, when Alluh is used to praise God. Guru sahib is praising Alluh of the Koran.
  10. The troll has nothing. Not going to waste anymore words on a troll.
  11. Troll, you have no gyan. I showed that in a few words. Douche and nindak is someone who claims something without proof. That makes you douche and nindak. Again answer my question troll, when did you become a troll?
  12. Dimwitt, his shabads in Gurbani would say so the Gurus shabads would have said so. Either never did. Answer the question troll, when did you become a troll?
  13. Troll, you have no proof of this. No Shabad in Gurbani claims any Bhagat was Muslim. You are a liar and cheat. Answer the question. When did you become a trol
  14. When did you become troll? Why are you running away from this question. Can't answer a simple question and he wants to speak on Bhagat Farid ji.
  15. When did you become a troll?
  16. The troll is getting upset. I thought effective politicians are able to hold up their composure a lot better than this. Just tells us the length this troll will go to lie and cheat. He can't even run an effective smear campaign. Indian government must have paid you in empty pop cans and still the homeless wouldn't hire you to collect for them.
  17. Obviously your masters the Indian government should be hanged for murdering over 200 people. Making over 200 murders a political smear campaign is nothing to gloat on. Then again, you are a troll.
  18. Done by your masters the Indian government.
  19. You can't understand accurate statements. You even make ISIS suicide bombers look righteous. You have no knowledge or never will you have knowledge on Sikhi or religion or philosophy. You are a troll most likely on welfare, sucking up public funds because you can't function in the real world. Even a homeless person won't hire you to collect pop cans.
  20. Anyone who was murdered by the state of India, whether Sikh or mistaken as Sikh is considered a murder at the hand of the state of India. It becomes a genocide because of the amount and targeting a single group. You are a troll.
  21. Let's put this guys IQ to the test of his logic. According to this poster Charan pahul did not happen because people would be put off by drinking Amrit from the feet of the Guru as its not hygienic. Lets apply the same reasoning to Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji giving Amrit to Punj pyare. Once the Amrit is prepared people come up one at a time and are given Amrit by the punj pyare hands. If all of Amrit has not been consumed by the new Sikhs. Then the Amrit is passed around until all of it is consumed. This involves every Sikh to put their lips to the bhatte and take a sip from the same bhatte and pass it on to the next Sikh. According to science sharing drinks/saliva is NOT hygienic. By sharing drinks a person can get strep throat, hep B, mumps, common cold, herpes, mono, etc. Through saliva transfer of these viruses and germs can be passed on to the person sharing the drink with you. In an Amrit sanskar sometimes there are 100s of people taking Amrit at once. According to Mr. IQ this is also not hygienic. Poster Mahakaal is no longer the champions of stupidity. Poster genie, poster Mahakaal gladly presents you with the Stupidity title belt. 200 years from now poster genie's great grandchildren would apply his logic and say Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji didn't give Amrit through Punj Pyare to people because it's not hygienic. It wasn't literal, it was meant as a metaphor. This poster must have been enrolled into Trump University.
  22. For the Hindu community being a sexual predator is the norm. Sticking a metal rod in a woman's <banned word filter activated> forcefully as she tries to stop the sexual assault is your Monday night get together with cousins and uncles.
  23. @BhForce when you are old enough to understand the above quoted post. Come back here and explain what Vaisakhi is and what a depiction of Vaisakhi will look like. If you are capable of doing this task then I will tell you what objectivity means.
  24. I said THESE PUNJABIS, which means the ones who made the poster. What grade are you in?
  25. This has nothing to do with who acts in what way. This poster is about representing Vaisakhi day in an accurate way, objectivity. Read the poster title in the biggest lettering; HAPPY VAISAKHI. this demonstrates the intent of the poster. Yet the picture does not represent Vaisakhi at all. The people who don't know anything about Vaisakhi will not get an accurate picture about Vaisakhi from the pictures depiction. These punjabis are destroying the image of Sikhs.