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  1. What was Sri Chand highly regarded for by Sri Guru Arjan Dev ji? And provide proof for your statements.
  2. Can you bring a reference to what sang means in Gurmat terms. Literal meaning of sang is company, yet in english you mistranslate to say love. If you were trying to adapt the union of one owns woman with thee man to the other side of the coin of never going to another woman's bed even in dreams. This would mean to translate sang as lust in english because going to another woman's bed in dreams is all about lust and the later is being prescribed by the Guru according to your beliefs. But obvoiusly we have Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib jis bani to shine more light on this teaching. Satguru says not to lust and attach yourself to family, including wife. So it can't be lust and it also can't be love because love is attachment when speaking about wife. Gurbani read as lavan as man and wife get married says nothing about loving your wife as you have so carelessly put it. Worldly love is not approved in Gurbani. Instead the lavan describe the journey the soul takes on the path to the Guru. First lav says to let go of the vedas the praise to brahma. Gurbani says the vedas are stuck in the 3 gunas and dont know the fourth state. The 3 gunas are maya and this includes lust love and attachment. Contemplating over the lavan a person can easily understand the meaning of "sang" in the wisdom sri guru tegh bahadur sahib ji passed on to sri guru gobind singh ji at a young age.
  3. Present Gurbani which says husband and wife sexual relations is a spiritual experience.
  4. I came across this video and wanted to drawn attention to it. Not because I am amazed at how well this guy from Sikh voice tells the story of Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji from Bhai Gurdas ji Vaars, but how he misguides sangat. As I watched this video, I pulled up the vaar he was explaining of Bhai Gurdas ji. The Sikh voice speaker explains the reason why he is making this video and it is because a person posed a question to him. The question was asked, Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji speaks very loud and clear against the worship of a stone, so why would the Gurus write like this, Bhagat Dhanna jatt ji gained darshan of Vaheguru through a stone? This is the context of the speaker throughout the video. In the video he says, Bhagat Dhanna jatt ji was learned and knew stone worship will not lead to having darshan of Vaheguru. No where in the vaar does it say Bhagat Dhanna jatt ji knew not to do stone worship. No where in Gurbani does it say Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji knew not to do stone worship. This speaker in the video is pulling this out of thin air and its called manmat. When a person is interpreting Gurbani or Bhai Gurdas ji vaars we can pull references from each other. Also we can pull from credible history accounts. But the Sikh voice speaker is not using any reference to say Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji knew not to worship stones when speaking to the Brahman. Such ways of interpreting anything will lead to a wrong interpretation and a biased interpretation based on personal beliefs. The speaker is in panic because in his mind he is unable to find a reasonable excuse to why Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji would worship a stone. When he is unable to find a reasonable excuse, the Sikh voice speaker denies the true story and makes up his own story, even though Bhai Gurdas ji writes very clearly and direct of who is doing what and saying what. While he is interpreting bhai Gurdas ji Vaar on Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji, he purposely misinterprets lines. Let's look at the lines from the vaar which Sikh voice speaker misinterprets. https://www.sikhitothemax.org/search?q=dhanna&type=3&source=B First one: DMnw krdw jodVI mY iB dyh iek jy quDu BwvY[ After Sikh voice speaker says the following line, he ask the listener, how would Vaheguru allow a stone worshippers Bani into Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji? This guy is asking this question because in this sakhi he believes Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji is learned in how to meet Vaheguru. Which is not the case. As said above this is his manmat and no where in Gurbani or Bhai Gurdas ji Vaar or any credible history account does it say Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji was learned to not worship a stone idol and knew the way to Vaheguru. Sikh voice is upset with the fact Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji worshipped a stone (as you will see later on in the sakhi Bhai Gurdas ji explains) and can't come to terms with it. Think about this dangerous beliefs of denying history in the writing of Bhai Gurdas ji Vaar. Tomorrow they will tell us there is no where bhai Lehna ji worshipped devi because he's our second Guru and the Guru knows not to worship devi. So back to the above line. This line is being misinterpreted as: Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji is asking from the Brahman, tell it (the stone) to give me a teaching of Vaheguru. Sikh voice is speaking in Punjabi and no where in Bhai Gurdas ji vaar of the above line is Bhagat Dhanna ji mention any word that refers to Vaheguru or telling the Brahman to ask a question to the stone. Sikh voice speaker is adding it in there to change the meaning of the line. It's Sikh voice imagination running wild. The correct interpretation of the line is: Dhanna makes a humble request: give me one, if you agree. (the last word in the line can't be given one word in English. Now, can anyone tell me where did Bhai Gurdas ji use any word in the line to refer to Vaheguru? Next the Sikh voice speaker says look at how Bhai Gurdas ji refers to the stone as only a stone and this is proof that Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji did not worship a stone. Bhai Gurdas ji refers to it as a stone because he knows the complete story of Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji and even says in the later lines Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji worships a stone. Plus Bhai Gurdas ji knows of Gurbani which speaks on how and why Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji met Vaheguru in this sakhi. This is just beginning, keep reading next he goes to even greater lengths to promote his manmat of wild stories. Next line says: pQru iek lpyit kir dy DMnY no gYl CufwvY[ The stone is wrapped and given to Dhanna (Bhai Gurdas didn't write Dhanna, but it's obvious from the previous line Bhagat Dhanna ji is making a request for one and in the second part of the line Bhai Gurdas ji writes Dhanna). Second half of the line continues to say, Dhanna was sent on his way after getting the stone (Bhai Gurdas ji uses the words gYl CufwvY[. From the previous line, Bhagat Dhanna ji is showing already a sign of the Brahman getting frustrated with Bhagat ji. In this line Bhai Gurdas ji clearly shows the brahman is fed up with Bhagat ji and just to get bhagat ji out of his hair, the Brahman quickly wrapped a stone and sent Bhagat ji on his way. The Sikh voice speaker goes into his vicious cycle and tries to cook up a story for these two words. He says, only those try to get rid of a person who are doing something wrong and get caught. Sikh voice thinking is stuck in a tunnel because he can't get the one thing I addressed at the beginning of this post out of his head; Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji never worshipped a stone because he already knew stone worship is wrong. In fact Bhagat ji didn't know stone worship is wrong and actually did it, as the next line of the vaar says. Twkur no nHwvwilkY Cwih rotI lY Bogu cVHwvY[ Dhanna bathed Thakur (stone) and offered it buttermilk and roti (bread). Sikh voice stuck in his vicious cycle doesn't agree with the above. Sikh voice with his imagination cooks up a story of how the brahman is showing Dhanna ji how to do service of the stone after Dhanna ji ask him. Sikh voice says Bhagat Dhanna ji is being clever here and trying to show the Brahman he is wrong. Again using his imagination from the previous lines and he keeps packing on the lies, Sikh voice adds Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji wants the brahman to show him, the brahman Thakur can speak. Sikh voice should be writing stories for children books with his wild imagination. Bhai Gurdas ji vaar are the key to Gurbani and their is a connection. But Sikh voice disregards this completely and makes up a story. Gurbani on ang 1192 says the following: https://www.sikhitothemax.org/shabad?id=4232&q=dhanna&type=3&source=all DMnY syivAw bwl buiD ] Dhanna did selfless service (seva) of Vaheguru with the understanding of a child. How can Sikh voice speaker say Dhanna knew not to worship a stone when Gurbani is saying Dhanna ji served Vaheguru with the understanding of a child? Sikh voice interpretation is void of Gurbani teachings on Bhagat Dhanna jatt ji. A child does as he is told and fully believes it from the person who is telling him. This was the mindset of Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji when he went to the brahman for learning how to worship Thakur (Vaheguru) and the Brahman misled him. Next line of the Vaar: hiQ joiV imnqW krY pYrIN pY pY bhuq mnwvY[ With folded hands and falling at the feet of the stone, Dhanna ji tried to persuade the stone of his service. Sikh voice with this line continues with his imagination and says the brahman, who wanted to get rid of Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji is begging before the stone, so Thakur will come and present himself to Dhanna ji. Next Sikh voice adds the Brahman couldn't get Thakur to come forward because the brahman made a mistake in his seva. None of this is said by Bhai Gurdas ji. It's all Sikh voice speakers manmat The reality is, the Brahman is not stupid. The Brahman knows stones don't eat or speak. The Brahman put's on a show to rest of the people so the villagers would bring Thakur (villagers think it's Thakur) food and then the Brahman would eat it behind closed doors. This is a system the Brahman have been using for a long time, yet this is not the case in this vaar. Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji is doing all these things for the stone as Bhai Gurdas ji clearly lays out in this vaar. Next line of the vaar hauN BI muhu n juTwlsW qU ruTw mY ikhu n suKwvY[ Dhanna said, “I will also not eat because how can I be happy if you are annoyed.” Here Dhanna ji get's upset with the stone and gives the stone, who he believes is Thakur (Vaheguru) an ultimatum. Yet Sikh voice speaker without any reason says the stone got upset with the brahman and the brahman is telling Dhanna ji, the stone has got upset with me, so maybe you can get the stone to eat and speak. No where does Bhai Gurdas ji write the Brhman asked Dhanna ji to get the stone to speak and eat. Sikh voice has a really wild imagination. Writing children fiction books would be a perfect job for him. Also the next line is saying Vaheguru came and ate the roti and buttermilk. gosweI prqiK hoie rotI Kwie Cwih muih lwvY[ Akal Purakh came and ate the roti and drank the buttermilk with his mouth. Bolw Bwau goibMdu imlwvY ]13] Through naivety he(Dhanna) was joined to Akal Purakh. Here Bhai Gurdas ji uses a very similar word Gurbani used on ang 1192 to say Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji realized Vaheguru and through which method. Gurbani uses "understanding of a child" and Bhai Gurdas ji uses a word best translated into English as "naïve" at the beginning of the last line of the vaar. Through naivety Dhanna was joined to Akal Purakh. Yet Sikh voice speaker makes up his own interpretation that does not fit into what Gurbani saying and doesn't even say Bhagat ji met Vaheguru as the Vaar clearly says. This is a direct story about Bhagat Dhanna ji and Sikh voice makes it about how hes unable to accept the truth Bhai Gurdas ji is stating here and goes on missionary witch hunt to twist Gurbani and purposely hide Gurbani that does not go along with his belief system. Sikh voice is a dangers person to new people coming to Sikhi through Punjabi. He has no real knowledge on Gurmat. Today I put a direct challenge to Sikh voice to come forward on this site and explain ang 1192 line I quoted and how it applies to Bhai Gurdas ji Vaar on Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji.
  5. By this low thinking, then roti, keer is a brahman dish. The dastar is hindu and muslim. The beard is Muslim and jesus's. The kirpan is hindu, muslim, christain, roman, Viking etc. The long hair belongs to Hindu kings and jesus. So one question, what are you? Are you a Hindu or muslim or christain or roman or follower of the Vikings? Or are you a mix breed who claims to be all at the same time like MSG? Bring forward a Shabad that tells you to focus on breathing to focus on Naam. Who have you been hanging out with lately? Surely not gursikhs. Yoga is wrong for trying to get Naam because yoga can't get you naam. Gurbani is the goal, boat, help, support, and focus of a Sikh. Yoga for stretching the body, learning out to breath deeper, and become more flexible is all good. Yoga for trying to reach Akal Purakh or trying to use it as an aid is all wrong. Gurbani is the aid and end goal. Seriously, who have you been sitting with or watching that you have been brainwashed. Having no knowledge of yoga and having knowledge of Gurbani with Guru's grace leads to mukti. Having no knowledge of Gurbani and having knowledge of yoga leads a person to the pit of hell. Listen to Bhagat Kabir ji shabads on maya and he calls yoga maya. Yoga is stuck in the three gunas; Sattva, Tamas, and Rajas. Yoga does not have the fourth and only state that matters. The Guru's name is your only support. How do you not understand this very easy concept? Gurbani repeats this countless times. Over and over the Guru says repeat his name only and don't look else where. Fall in love with him only and don't look else where. Nothing else will help you in the end, cling to his name and you will be saved. He is your only support and don't be a traveler. The merchandise is only in the Guru's house and no where else, come here and receive the teachings and support. Focus your attention on his name only and you will win this world and the next. I am paraphrasing, but where do you see any duality or doubt in these lines. So why do you have doubt and duality in you?
  6. When the Guru gives instruction not to practice yoga for reaching Vaheguru and no mudra ever. What leg does your comment have to stand on? Sukhmani Sahib says stand up and sitting meditate on Naam. So please tell me when Sant Jarnail Singh ji was in the fields doing 101 Japji Sahibs, what yoga did he perform? Let's go further in history, when Satguru Tegh Bahadur Sahib ji meditated on Vaheguru, what yoga did he perform? Yog abhyasee can hold a different meaning for everyone and this is why it's important to explain what a person means. In the context of Sikhi, it means to meditate on Vaheguru as the Guru's prescribed as Mata ji did. She would not be practicing yoga for trying to gain union with Akal Purakh. Her husband, Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib ji, the ninth Guru of the Sikhs, who gave his head taught yog abhyasee of Akal Purakh and not of mudras. You have been misinformed or you misunderstood the person teachings. If you heard it from someone like Hari Singh Randhawa, then expect it to be false knowledge because he has been bought by various cults, who are looking to cash in on twisting any Sikh practice to divert people toward themselves.
  7. When she tells everyone to sing along to the Gurbani shabad from Sukhmani Sahib ji, she takes up a yoga pose. Many are not familiar with it and will make nothing of it because they don't know better. She sits by placing her hands on her knees and then touches her thumb with her index finger. This is one of the poses yogi bhajan taught his followers to hold as part of his yoga teachings and its a mudra. Gurbani does not approve of mudra poses. I was doing seva at a Akhand Paath and there was a lot of Singh there. Time came to do Rehras Sahib. about 15 Singhs sat together and one singh took the same pose as she has in this video while singing the shabad from Sukhmani Sahib. I looked at him and saw it and shook my head in disbelief. However I was not the only one to notice his manmat behaviour. One of the senior singhs saw it and you can just see his facial expression go from happy to a very assertive look. He immediately looked at the other singh holding the pose, who was similar in age and this singh was ready to listen to Rehras Sahib from the senior Singh. But the senior singh was not going to let him promote his manmat in this group. In Punjabi the senior singh, goes what are you doing, our Gurus never told us to sit in this way, wherever you learned to sit like that....leave it there and never bring it here. We are Sikhs....there was a lot more said, but I couldn't remember all of it because I was laughing my but off and was told my a senior to stop it while he was laughing with me. It was the most comical moment and most teachable moment in that group of Singhs. This senior Singh did not hesitate to speak up for what is right. And this senior singh was not some random guy. He was respected and devoted his life to teaching Gurbani to all ages. The singh he gave a harsh lesson to, learned from it and never got upset or didn't show he was upset. He respected the senior singh and followed his Guru given instructions. Some might say this was such a small thing. But only those understand how big of a change this after contemplating over Gurbani for hours and hours. I have not seen the whole video. When I watch the rest, If I see anything else that shows she got her teaching from 3ho, I will point it out here.
  8. Sam Harris believes it is okay to strike with nuclear bombs and killing innocent people, if a state, like the usa believes they will be hit with a nuclear bomb first. He also makes clear in the same video, it is okay to strike ISIS with a nuclear bomb and collateral damage of innocent people will be terrible, but a necessary evil. In no way are these reasonable beliefs. Bill Maher cannot be taken seriously. He is a mouth piece for his personal beliefs and makes outrageous statements to obtain attention. Bill Maher was asked were you served with papers to be sued by Trump. Bill Maher in the past said he was being sued by Trump. Why did he dodge the direct question and switch the topic with looking on his face as he was caught off guard. Sam Harris is more genuine, but his ideas bunch all religions together and he has a special place in his heart for Christianity and Judaism; more for the former. Also he tries to find an escape hole for these two religions for the horrible acts they commit acting on their religious beliefs. But wants to blame all the horrible acts Muslims committed on Islam beliefs. The guy in the video considers it okay for white guys to date Sikh women for purely fooling around with them. He clearly says this in the video. Look at the bigger picture. Who introduced young naïve Punjabi women to liberal extremist views of dating, not valuing religion, not holding moral values, etc in their adolescence. It was the white people who destroyed Punjabi women minds with their constant attack on Punjabi values in schools. Constantly making fun of Punjabi values. They still are at it. Punjabi parents don't want their daughters dating and drinking alcohol. Who put bad ideas in Punjabi women heads at the adolescent age to question your own Punjabi culture? But accept our loose immoral ways because if you don't we will treat you differently and that means not being able to find decent employment. A Sikh girl went for a bank job dressed modestly in western clothes and covered her head. They told her she was not professional enough. Next day they hire a Punjabi girl who submits to their scantly clad dress code and submits to their no moral value culture and has a hard time speaking the English language. If every Punjabi women, who is in the west was sent to a psychologist and they were able to unravel why they accepted dating and drinking alcohol, the majority would reveal white western culture was the contributing factor. White culture and white people as a whole are not our friends. Very few selected white people see beyond the color and see the value in our culture, but they are such a small minority, none or half a percent of punjabi women would come across these types when they are fighting to be accepted as who they are in their own culture at a young age.
  9. Celibacy ALONE in sikhi is not approved in sikhi. Celibacy for a person who is not married is approved in sikhi. And there is no such thing as celibacy in sikhi once a person is married. Any amount of people complaining does not speak for what sikhi teaches. That bibi should understand she is in the wrong and her husband is taking her on the correct path. Sikhi marriage is about uplifting the partner and not about focusing on emtions and bringing the other partner down to lower animal instincts. A stable marriage is one who does not let emotions run their lives and applies sikhi as therr driving force.
  10. Keep your nastik views to yourself. You don't know the power of paath/ardas. Who says paath is good? Paath is not some average solution that is not necessary. Gurbani says ardas/paath is my only strength.
  11. Do you have any elders in your family, group of friends, relatives who you can speak too? if you can't find someone in your circle, then contact Sikh helpline or some other trusted agency.
  12. Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji was not a spiritual leader. He is the only leader of this universe in every aspect. Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji is Vaheguru himself and the Guru. The power that made Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji who he is and why he did things in a certain way was because he was the divine and he had divine reasons. Karl Marx did not believe in a higher being. He said religion was only there to give false hope to the oppressed. Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji said religion is the only thing that matters. Religion, Sikhi, is your breath of life and without it, you are dead. Such harsh words from Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji for the atheist and harsh words from Karl Marx for the religionist, puts them at odds. The base of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji's teachings is Vaheguru, to believe, worship, love, devote, sacrifice yourself for Vaheguru. Karl Marx denies the existence of Vaheguru. Does not the reason behind why both did what they did matter? Any person who studies philosophy and religion know the reason behind the act is the most important component and the act is a product of the reason. Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji spoke against the caste system because people were being denied equal right to religion and resulted in not merging with Vaheguru. Bhagat Namdev ji was thrown out of a mandir. Lower caste and women could not enter religious institutions. Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji taught Sikhi so every human being knowns he can merge into Vaheguru by following the Guru's teachings. The product was getting rid of the caste system. Now look at the other side. Karl Marx saw people suffering and wanted them to be treated fairly. Go back to the original point, living is only worth while if Sikhi is your breath of life. If Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji was about bringing equal rights and discard the old social systems as Karl Marx. Then he, Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji, might as well created a perfect universe from the beginning, where no one suffers and there is an abundance of wealth for everyone to have and use. The powers of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji are limitless and can change this world in a split second. Any person who tries to view Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji from a human being perspective has not read Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji's writing. They have superficially gone through Gurbani and have been biased against Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji. If all humans are equal, how would a person like this ignorant child explain, Satguru Nanak is the greatest, who has saved me? How can there be a greatest, when all humans are equal? His simple logic is lacking any depth of Gurbani or understanding of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji's teachings. Ignorance breeds ignorance, wealth has never been a problem in Sikhi. The attachment to wealth is described by the Gurus as the problem. Wealth in Punjabi is not called maya. Maya is the things that take a person away from Vaheguru, which means this instragrams users ignorant thoughts are maya because they take him away from Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji true teachings. He better spend all his ignorant thoughts on his atheist teachers because that is the only way, he will see the true wealth of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji's teachings. Wealth necessarily does not take away a person from Vaheguru. Next remark by him is the ultimate half retard moment of his life. Capitalist system does not create mayadharis and neither is mayadhari the same as capitalist system. If it did, Bhagat Ravidas ji would have been lost in his sales of dead animal skin and his Bani would not be in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. The Gurus used the capitalist system. They owned land, their own houses and other material goods. Again it's the reason why a person own these things through any system. Through the capitalist system, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji acquired a lot of wealth to fight battles. A lot of Sikhs donated, but where did you think these Sikhs obtained the goods given to Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji? The goods didn't fall out of the sky or magically appear after saying Karl Marx the atheist three times. The Sikhs worked hard and acquired the wealth. He goes on further on the topic of honest living and again he takes the wrong approach by not exploring the reason why Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji said to make an honest living and share what you have with others.
  13. Let's take your class difference for a test run. The Punjabis who came in the 50s, 60s, 70, and 80s have children who were raised here in the west. Their lives are primary based on western culture. Their parents have become wealthy. They were raised with Punjabi culture at home, but that was pushed aside because an average child and youth spend 80% of their time around western institutions and around western people. From their teachers, classmates, coworkers, and bosses their interaction is with western people. These youth were educated in the west and now these educated people are giving their body away for one drinks at the bar, club, house party. They are very much part of the drug culture, yet around their parents they behave as bibaa putts. The western education they value and you value as the be all and end all, has not provided them with the mental ability to not take drugs, alcohol and then lay with a random guy after ditching their boyfriend at the bar. The Sikh way of living is unique and eastern values have some similar values when it comes to marriage and how guys and girls should behave. Yet in a different thread you said sexual intercourse has some spiritual experience. This is your brainwashed western thinking.
  14. You will not find any answers to your questions here.what you will find is "normal" advice. Your mind is going to be filled with a lot of dirt from this forum. You kept your hair again. Now work on the internal issues by Gurbani. No advice here will help you. They will judge you and set you on the wrong way and the result will be more depression. A lot of the "normal" people dont deal with depression as often as others and in your case. They are blinded by worldy attachments that will drag them into hell. When they do deal with episodes of depression, they cover it up by taking a worldly ways out. The worldly garbage keeps them "stable" and they live a so called balanced life of secular and religious ways. They can't help you understand what you need to do is lift yourself out of a hole you are in. Currently you feel good but it may not last long till you are facing depression again and its very hard to focus on Gurbani. You're in a vicious cycle of ups and downs at this time and life is hell. There is only one way out of it. Through Gurbani, read listen contemplate and stay in sangat who have a desire to be with Gurbani, actually live the teachings. In this way you won't be bothered by bad thoughts. Sleep with Gurbani playing as well. This will clean your subconscious of filth. Gurbani will strengthen your mind and worldly garbage will not flood your mind with trash. You need true inner strength of faith, love, compassion, contentment, and self worth. These blessings from the Guru will make your mind tough. No one here can give you these things. Listen to the teachings of sri guru granth sahib ji.
  15. The literal meaning of the shabd was explained to you and the man in the literal meaning is the Guru as the lines before defined Guru Sahib as the one who satisfies. And the person is the woman, which would be you in the literal meaning. Do you not know how to read Gurbani? You and rest of the lot want to leave the parents because you want to leave the parents. Majority of the time is because the wife wants to have alone time all over the house with the husband. Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji did not leave because he wanted to leave the parents. Guru Sahib went on udasis to teach and created new Sikh places to teach out of. Completely different and they can't even be compared in anyway.
  16. Traditional values are modern values by Sikhi standards, which make a person modern. The values (people) you are calling modern are actually backward because they have no respect for parents. How independent was your decision to lower Gurbani to your animal instincts in the other thread and then to mistranslate Gurbani? For a fact you were influenced by your so called modern values to disrespect Gurbani. It takes balls to stand up for Gurbani and for the parents who raised you. Any brainless child can leave their parents behind and society is full of such people. Short sighted thinking and two seconds of satisfactions has got you in the mess of mistranslating Gurbani to support your lustful act.
  17. You have brought forward no new or alternative view at all. Parents who migrated to the west see what the girls of Punjabi families are up to in the west. They know of their fake han ji han ji attitude. So they say, hell with these promiscuous women, better to search in india. Tell me this, why does a Sikh woman wear a dastar on her head when she is going to wear a skirt? Was it a cover one and reveal the other sale or something? Selfish brats is what Punjabi women grown up in the west are. They don't care for anything other than their selfish animal instincts. Then you have the girls going around saying everyone is my brother and meeting these brothers with big hugs. Rainsabai kirtan sessions have at least 2 to 3 of these type hanging around....they be checking out the merchandise with the fat pockets. Few weeks later she is breaking up with one of her brothers to date another one and its the talk of the rainsabai kirtan. Then there are the ones saying every boy is just a friend. It's similar as the brother scenario, but this time their is more friends in an interval. I have to ask again, what the hell is the point of wearing a dastar or covering your head in a different manner and the Sikh woman breast are almost hanging out? I am waiting for the selfish attitude......how does it go again....its my body I can do what I want with it. Just the other day a soft spoken Punjabi girl from the west was saying how she would marrying a guy only if the guy's parents will not be living with them. This the affirmative action taking woman every man wants, kick those no good parents out for raising you and giving you a roof and paying for your education. And keep the brat in the house. I'd rather put a gun to my head and take the easy way out. Have you ever read Kalki Avatar, if not, I really recommend you do and pay close attention to when Guru Sahib says the roles have changed, which means the world has a backward mentality. Or as a western women disregard Guru Sahib's reality and stick to your view........how does that go again....... Western girls can never cover their tracks on social dating sites. There double shifting parents are always on the new and latest dating sites spying. They be making those dating apps for their young daughters to lose their self respect on. Get real, one click and in a hour I will find at least 5 Punjabi women looking to hook up on social media. And give it couple more hours and there will be a dastar wearing one as well. Western Punjabi women have changed their values. They find it acceptable to date, have boyfriends, have a fling with no strings attached. They want to be experienced in this aspect of life before they find the right guy to choke to death with their messy past. Then lastly, there are a few punjabi women born in the west and they don't act or behave like western women. This is because they don't hold to western values and value eastern values. They rather have the guys parents living with them. They don't mind taking care of the children, doing house choirs and being a part of the family unit. They don't have the selfish behaviour as the western punjabi women. They don't see the benefit of hugging random guys and calling them brothers, only to date them later. They value the Gurus advice or have a moral compass telling them it is wrong. Their demeanor is very different from western women. These are the western punjabi girls a guy should be looking to marry. Everyone else should be on a 10 feet radius and stick a pole out so she can't get near you status.
  18. Sant ji used the word bibi to answer whether women can do certain seva. In that video sant ji says bibi can't do punj pyare seva but let us know if they are being stopped from doing any other seva as they are allowed. Present the video you are refering too.
  19. Aaawwww you guys are so cutie. You have sympathy for the white woman even though she harassed and assaulted a punjabi woman. Not one of you mention how the pu jabi woman was assaulted. Yet in the past you guys attacked and/or stood by while neo called singhs khaliban all because the Singhs were standing up against Gurbani beadbi. Disgraceful people.
  20. I clearly wrote why i stated what you quoted of my post after a member mistook what i wrote. And you still ignore what i wrote and go on a rant. You have been around feminist too long. Your testosterone has been over taken by estrogen. You are the very definition of a social justice warrior. Harsharan wanted to created a popularity contest and again hes on a mental break. Don't go down his road. He gained nothing from it and neither will you.
  21. Your animated outrage is comical. Relax and read it again. Punjabi sikhs were being targeted on this site and called terrorist for favoring singhs who punished people for committing beadbi. As i said in my first post this is the perspective i wrote my post. And now i am calling for suggestions from the original people who called singhs terrorist, names for the white sikhs. Obviously neo won't ever make a name for the white sikhs because he is biased and hates his own brown Skin.
  22. This video shows a true picture of white sikhs. Many punjabis have a romanticized view of how pure white sikhs are; they don't harm anyone. But this clearly shows how aggressive (the white sikh pushes and hits the punjabi lady) they are and now its time for us to invent a name for them as their romanticized punjabi brothers did to Singhs who stood up against Gurbani beadbi. Any suggestions??
  23. Do you remember the last time you tried this game and how it ended with you screaming and throwing a fit. Save yourself the embarrassment and stop using Gurbani as a tool to indulge in your heterosexual lustful act. Since you started, I have to deliver you the message, otherwise some may take your seriously and believe what you said. Poster singhbj singh wants to mistranslate Gurbani for his lustful acts, but lets see what role poster singhbj singh will be playing in this act, which singhbj is begging for. Throughout Gurbani, Vaheguru is the man and the person trying to reach him is the bride. Vaheguru ravishes the bride, this concept comes many times in Gurbani. By ravish, it means to take over the mind and instill Gurmat values in the person. Yet poster singhbj singh wants to take the Gurbani line in a different direction. I directly asked him, how he suppresses his heterosexual tendencies and he responds by quoting the above Gurbani line. He wants to say Gurbani is being literal between him and a woman. Poster singhbj singh wants to interpret as he is the ravisher in this case. This can't be further from the truth because the Shabad starts by saying the Guru gave the satisfication to the women(soul). In this shabad, if we were to take singhbj singh mistranslation, The Guru is the man and the woman is him, poster singhbj singh. So how heterosexual do you feel right now there, Mr. singhbj singh??? Is your face getting flush with blood. Feeling a little awkward maybe bent out of shape!!! I will stop here because I don't want to get too graphic. And don't try to back track, I asked you a direct question, What will help you suppress your heterosexual tendencies? This explicitly asked how do you get rid of lust. And you shamlessly provided the above Gurbani line out of context. You may have thought distorting Gurbani was a fun way to have a laugh, but when you leave this earth, the Singhs will make sure to teach you a lesson of who is the man and woman.
  24. Why don't you answer poster Preet's question. Just in case you skipped over her question here it is: Was the bold supposed to be a question from the Sikh? Since the period confused me.
  25. Management won't do anything and neither will the government. If i lived in india and someone would not stop harassing me after repeatedly telling them to stop. The dhoti wearing people will face consequence they could not imagine. Get the local sardar college students together and put the pressure to them. Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji was being harassed by a bahman. He was calling satguru names. Satguru at first ignored him, then told him to stop. But the bahman was an idi*t. Lastly satguru grabbed his sword and told him i will show you who is the son of a bahman. If you can't stand up for yourself, then pay someone to do it.