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  1. The bases of rehat didn't start in Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib ji time. Bases of rehat is from Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji and its, Ik Onkar praise, hukam, Naam, and simran. This guy says anyone can do paath. Then how come he doesn't understand Tvad Parsad Swaiyve? Swaiyve say bases of shastar vidyia is paath. If Mona can do paath without Amrit how come they are not taking following the Gurus hukam to keep hair uncut? This guy speaks of nihangs. Nihangs say rehit is grown and paath is done by doing praise of Akal Purakh. This guy must be talking to nidar the giddar who drinks alcohol and this niddars foundation. First 5 Gurus didn't even pick up a sword to fight anyone. According to this poster this means the gurus never followed the active lifestyle rehit. Neither did anyone of the Gurmukhs of the first 5 Gurus period. Therefore these first 5 gurus only did paath which even the hindus and Muslims were doing. See how ridiculous these extremist liberals thinking has gone. They want people to stop reading Gurbani. This makes people more vulnerable and can easily be swayed by these type of people.
  2. For one second moni ji giddar da putt can't stop insulting amritdharis. This is deep rooted hate. What happened moni ji, did a amritdhari take your girl away. This guy is weak at heart. How do I know? Because guys who have strength never boost about being tough like this guy. They don't boost like this internet warrior because they know their strength and rather use words to resolve issues. They know they can smash a guys head in 10 seconds flat but rather not because they don't waste their time on internet warriors, like moni. I have seen people like moni being smashed because they thought a cheap shot will work. Its the reality these giddars face because of their doing. This guys is a uncle, I mean a late 40 year old uncle and he's coming on sikh forums to call Sikh amritdhari youth weak and afraid. Why does he do this? Because he's weak at heart and can't follow Gurus hukam. Its been some 20 years and he still can't keep hair uncut but he's got the strength to come on sikh forums to knock down amritdharis. There is not a bigger coward on sikh forum sites than this guy. He has one goal, he's already sunk into the deep pit of hell and knows it and now he's on a mission to drag others down with him. Read this moni's post and they are majority about putting down Gurmat. Whether regarding Gurbani, history, rehat maryada, you name it all about turning people against Gurmat. Christians talk about the devil, this guy is slave of the devil. He has no respect for anyone or anything and especially not Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji.
  3. Its a video of kids doing seva and this yogi tree can't even help himself, and has to put down Amrit. This is the same poster who was forcing others on here to follow yoga and not Naam simran. He's a fraud.
  4. People that want to discuss honesty will not be treated as I am treating the troll, singh1989, dolly101 (better known as moni), Harsharan, and preet. These posters have nothing but contempt in their heart toward the khalsa Panth. They will support anything that will conflate and distort sikhi teachings. Mods or admin will never do anything to these posters. Harsharan got a member to a suicidal point in her life and he's still here posting after his post were reported. How come these guys can post all day everyday? They have no social life and don't do any paath. So let the drama continue.
  5. Can't even come up with a come back. What are you going to do ponytail boy...go put your legs behind your head....that's all you guys are good for
  6. Go play with your yoga mat......look mommy see what I can do
  7. thank you for proving my point. Keep digging a deeper hole.
  8. Twisting the meaning of sehajdhari will be doing more harm than good individually and collectively.
  9. Look at this disgusting poster. She argues on this forum to say Hindus are Sikhs but now tells us those who cut hair are not Sikhs. Even besharam people don't want to be seen with you.
  10. Troll, you need to stop living off welfare checks and get a job.
  11. It will increase no doubt there. Today there is a problem with grooming gangs in Punjab. Punjabi girls are being groomed by punjabi men.
  12. I got nothing to prove to you others. I know what I know.
  13. Hysterical women don't make this much fuss. This ignorant person took one fact, Sikhs received weapons from Pakistan sources, to a full blown conspiracy theory. Adding his feminist touch to his conspiracy theory, says....don't talk to me at the end. He has no evidence and has not read Sikh history to see how many times the Sikh Gurus were betrayed by Muslims after Guru sahib enlisted them in the Khalsa Army. But what evidence does this guy have there was a deal between Pakistan source and Sant Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa, who is the chief and commander of the dharm Yudh Morcha. What was the deal, who are your sources? After the attack Sant ji entrusted Jathedars like Baba Gurbachan Singh ji Manochahal to carry on the Khalistan movement. This poster conspiracy theory goes the length to label the the very name khalistan as been created by Muslims. This guy is a true nut job. Next he will say Khalsa is a term forced on Sikhs by the Muslims. Sikhs set up training camps in pakistan. Just watch this hysterical feminist twist this fact to support his monthly ups and downs. When pathans joined Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji army. They probably thought they can break the Sikhs from within. So was Guru sahib naive to allow pathans in his army, who later joined the enemy? If this boy understood political and economics, he would not make hysterical comments. I could just hear him screaming like a woman on her monthly down as he wrote his post. Last point, Sikh women would have been raped at a mass scale if Sikhs did not receive the weapons. Look at the genocide in Delhi and surrounding villages and towns after killing of indra Gandhi. Those Sikhs were unarmed and they were massacred. Yet in Punjab many police officers and black cats and thugs were killed because they attempted to take the izzat of Sikh families. However, you can't save all when such a big force is against you. The same is true when our Gurus fought battles. Civilians were killed raped and burned and tortured. But this never stopped Guru sahib from fighting battles. The Sikhs who think this is wrong are weak hearted. These are the Sikhs who turned on the Shaheeds of 1984. To save their own neck they rather die as cowards. Satguru bless the weak to do more paath thereby increasing their mental strength and fight for Gurmat.
  14. This coward is trying to split Sikhs. Must be dolly101 moni brother in law. You coward, can't even read Gurbani and want to speak about Sikhi topics just so you can divide Sikhs. Every Sikh is learning from the Guru. People without Sikh saroop will accept their wrong, Sikhs with lust problems will accept their mistakes and Sikhs with anger issues will accept their mistakes and so on. Sikhs will keep progressing and cowards like you will receive the proper punishment for your behavior.
  15. When a Muslim gets arrested we are to believe everything the Indian/Punjab police says by calling him a terrorist. Yet the same is not true for a Sikh who the police label as a terrorist as well. Are certain Muslims highly likely to commit terrorism? Yes. As Sikhs do we blindly follow the Punjab police as sheep's? No. Didn't Muslims provide weapons to the Shaheeds of 1984 and in and around this time to fight the Indian government who were systematically killing Sikhs? If they didn't provide those weapons, how many more Sikh sisters would have been raped? As all Hindus are not bad neither are all Muslims.
  16. Gurbani speaks on the dastar. Why are you scared to ask Guru Sahib? Guru Sahib does not bite. Since you have many questions like this. It shows you are lazy to read Gurbani and/or you could careless what Guru sahib says and need some entertainment in life and come on forums to get this entertainment. The wisdom from Gurbani is limitless. Yet you choose to ask these questions to limited beings on forums who you don't know and very well could be just lazy as you. A Sikh will learn from his Guru and present the teachings. Today you don't even need to read every Ang of Gurbani. You can type in key words into Gurbani search engines and find majority of the Gurbani written on dastar. Instead of doing this you act like a whiney little school girl.....why can't I ask questions to manmukhs.......I want manmukh answers and no answer from the Guru.....leave me alone....waaaah waaah......
  17. Moni....giddar uncle ji picking on keshdhari again. You don't even have the strength to keep hair uncut...moni ji da giddar uncle.....lol
  18. You always have these questions. But when will you start teaching your mind from Gurbani and then present what you learned here? The Mona will say don't need dastar and others will say you need it. What did this question accomplish other than rift more Sikhs apart because they couldn't realize Gurmat. Stop wasting your time and others.
  19. The Muslims think they are winning. The blind who stand up for them also think they are winning. In reality, they are losing because they are endorsing wrongfully translated Gurbani. These two groups ego only grows and they lose in the true game of life. In the temporal world we as Sikhs can only do as much Vaheguru blesses us with. When Vaheguru does not give us the strength to take on manmat. Don't get sad or angry. Take it as his hukam and keep going on Guru's path as to what he has given you.
  20. maybe someone can take sant Singh khalsa and Manmohan Singh translations and fix where it needs to be fixed
  21. You have presented what looks to be three different Saroops. Which Saroops are these?
  22. This guy speaks without asking Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. Gurbani clearly says go to Guru or his Gurmukh ( Punj pyare) for what is allowed and what is outside of Gurmat. They decide not like this fool says; the corrupted inner conscience.
  23. Can someone provide a link to the sgpc translations. This will help sangat have easy access to translations that are better. 3ho have been spreading sant Singh khalsa translations like wild fire and many punjabis latched on blindly. Sant Singh khalsa has made many errors and at times it seems the error was done on purpose. I have heard yogi bhajan had a hand in his translations as well and this will explain the deception in the translations by endorsing Kundalini yoga.
  24. When no one pays attention to a little child. How does a little child gain the attention of someone who he considers to be superior. He does something outrages, like throw something. This is how this gurpreet character is behaving. He's a child who no one cares about. Let the child act out for attention. Don't pay any attention to him and he will go away.
  25. In the past shiv sena have been really good at plotting against Sikhs and Sikhs get beaten or killed. Lets not come to quick conclusion that don't allow us to see the full picture. Keep it at what happened.