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  1. I don't agree with her views. But should anyone be treated in the manner chatanga and dollysingh101 treat her on Sikhawareness.com? And now it's being carried on here. Those two fully abuse this forum to spread the hate they have repressed inside of them. It's a daily thing for them on this forum. People don't even spend this much time at their job as these two do slandering others on this forum.
  2. There is Maryada for reading from Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji, pothi, gutka. This maryada must be kept for proper respect of Gurbani. Why not cap? When was the last time a person washed it? NEVER because washing a cap ruins it majority of the time. So many people don't wash their caps. if they do it's after weeks of wearing it. Same cap is used for many other activities and is constantly touched, dropped, full of sweat, etc. It's similar for serving langar in the Gurdwara or anywhere else where the Guru's langar is being provided to the sangat. As a person is fulfilling a duty given to them by the Guru. There is a requirement to follow about dress because this is not your place. It is the place of the Guru. Bowing the head is not enough. Bow with the mind and cover the head with the provided head covers when doing langar di seva.
  3. That site wants attention. Whether it is good or bad they will take whatever publicity they get. Don't feed the wild dog. No one can tame those people. Natural death is the only way these wild dogs will leave the Khalsa Panth alone. One or two have met their fate, the few remaining will be on the same course in couple of years. Don't report, write, inform anyone of their activities. Their existence will become so small that they don't matter.
  4. So when you attacked feminist over their with your slander it is being not feeble minded or lazy, but countering nangs with evidence is being feeble minded or lazy? You are the definition of an internet warrior.
  5. Yes, when I challenge others post, it is seen as I am slandering them by a few. Questioning their core beliefs and I can see how others will start swearing at me for it. I can remember, I challenged your beliefs as well. That didn't go well either. You closed up, got mad and left. This is a discussion forum. Every belief and/or opinion will be challenged. Many here get personal and start playing the victim as they slander the other person. That's right your the Christian lady; always presenting Christian beliefs and trying to claim they are Sikhi teachings as well. Now I can see why you wrote this hateful post toward me. I think you should put a little "c" by your username so I can remember what you are about on this forum.
  6. Poster Harsharan declares himself to be a Sant Sipahe and Sants do not get angry. They are like the lotus flower. Even Gursikhs avoid anger, so I wonder what you are saying with your comment on Harsharan. Finally, some honesty coming from your post; poster Harsharan should stop using the word f*d*. I see your point. Reading your post on this topic makes it clear a girl from your house would be liberal minded. Intermingling, experimenting with the bad side of life would be considered.........they are teens, that's what teens do. The double standard would be there as well. Other people's daughters would be judged with Sikhi teachings and not the rishta you were questioning me about. This girl would be allowed to misbehave as long as the father doesn't know and especially done behind closed doors in a different state and/or country. The slogan.........what is done in vegas stays in vegas will be the family cheer. I remember one such family, their daughter was shown in the community to be noble and not promiscuous. She would change clothing in the background while her brother video chatted with friends in the same room. Even sit in her underwear watching tv in front of the parents, but in public she was the good girl; the role model every girl should be following. She wasn't amritdhari, but the family was seen in the public as girsikh. So thank you for your honesty. I can see how your rishta with me would end with ruining her life. I would be saying don't be promiscuous and she would be like you are old, backward...this is the 21 century....paaath is part of the later centuries, I just need to be a good person.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised...lol. when I viewed Sikh awareness the members were always swearing at each other. Dalsingh, Chatanga, lucksingh99, even there admin would get involved to swear at members who presented a different view. But when it came to tackling the nang and their views. These internet warriors were hiding in the dirt. It will be a blessing if it actually closed down for good. However I believe it has closed down to protect certain people, especially neo. He's been known to harm the khalsa panth from the inside.
  8. Never apologized because I did nothing wrong. Yet are you going to acknowledge the swearing coming out of poster harsharan and let him know to stop? A Sikh doesn't pick sides, a Sikh stands by truth. Let's see how long it will take you to acknowledge his wrong doing. I am guessing you will never do it and it shows your dedication to Sikhi. Do you have a girl in your house that needs a rishta? Is this why you are asking when I will get married.
  9. Charitarpakhyan tells a person what happens when a person follows the animal instinct of lust. The power of the sword is not Chandi or primal force of maya. Clearly in Chandi di Vaar, Satguru says it's Akal Purakh and not Chandi or bhagauti. Devis are characters in the play and they lose and the sword (Akal Purakh) wins; conquers the demons and Chandi, other devis as well. The Sword represent the power of destruction of the egotistical, lustful, hateful, attached, greedy players. The definition of truth in Sikhi is Akal Purakh, Now let's replace The TRUTH in your sentence with Akal Purakh: Akal Purakh comes into action with the Primal force of maya.....this is the feminine chandi..., the devi...., maya herself....,the power of the sword...bhagauti... Akal Purakh is in always into action and is not dependant on maya or does not need maya to present himself because the one seeing is maya. Even in the void, he is in action and inaction. Even if the word "the truth" is not replaced with Akal Purakh it goes against Sikhi. The Truth does not come into action with the primal force of maya. The truth is and always will be. Mool Mantar is very clear on this topic. What you are presenting is the teaching of 3HO devi worship, which is also performed by sanatan followers who refer to themselves as Sikhs.
  10. There is something sinister going on behind the scene by the people who created and viciously promoted the word khaliban for Sikhs, regardless of that forum closing down or not.
  11. This Sant sipahe poster harsharan has been busy meditating over the past week. Take a sneak peek at his most recent mantras.
  12. You have a jaded point of view on the topic and are only trying to protect your original stand here. If you were honest about telling people to stop insulting others. You would have posted against poster harsharan a long time ago. I called you a western master slave because you went with what you wanted to accuse me of saying, rather than going with what I said. I clearly laid out what type of girls in Punjab are bad and to avoid. Instead of going with what I said, you accuse me of what I have not said. So this makes you an illogical assumptive, generalizing, antagonizing weirdo that likes to blame people for what they have not stated and start a fight.
  13. If you mean a person who purposely poked at youngsters to lash out and then claim to be the victim, he surely was a visionary to purposely created problems in the Khalsa Panth. But don't worry, hes just started. He has big plan for the youth to come. People thought Ujjal dosanjh was bad for making up false stories about Sikh terrorist, you have seen nothing yet. coining the word khaliban was only the beginning of his drama. He has a vendetta with the Khalsa Panth.
  14. by in-depth you mean, Neo allowed you to go off on your insult rants and when others would fire back, your saviour neo would come out of the blue and make sure the other person was punished for swearing at you.