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  1. He was trying to exploit Gurbani as well. I believe he is an imposter acting to be a Sikh, so Sikhs get a bad name. He took a Mcleod translations and Mcleod is known for misrepresenting Sikhs written history.
  2. There was a stipulation added to when a person becomes the image of the Guru. Not by taking amrit alone does a man or woman become the image of the Guru. The foot note made the stipulation crystal clear. Learn how to read English. In a previous post I asked you why can't Sikhs male or female with cut off limb's be in Punj Pyare. You said these people can't sit in the bir asan position among other reasons. If as you say, being image of the living Guru is the only requirement, then can't a person with a limb cut off be the living image of the Guru? Your reasoning is faulty and you can't admit when you don't understand the topic of Punj Pyare. That's always on your mind, the male sex organ. Go to a doctor and get yourself checked out Women in the Khalsa Panth during the Guru's time took leadership roles. You say this fact yourself and now you are going against this very fact? honesty is considered highest in Sikhi.
  3. You didn't provide your own arth of the two words. You went on the internet and looked for arths. Doing arth of a line of Gurbani means making sense of various words used to come to one message. Anyone can take a dictionary of any language and look up the definition of one or two words or even find the meaning for each word, but still are unable to find the meaning of the sentence. As you found out the two words you looked up have several meanings. So which one does a person use and which meaning doesn't apply here. This is where you can't do the arth. You are full of hot air, where I have already done the arth in my own words in English. You are still confused about the meaning of two words. Just to shut the women hater up. In a previous post you praised Sant baba Gurbachan Singh ji Khalsa as such: I went and found his recording on the arth of ਮਨੁਖਾ and he says this word is referring to women in the Gurbani pankti on ang 797. Sant ji gives a full explanation and then adds men and women have the right to taking Amrit from the Punj Pyare. Do you know what the word besharam means? As you are looking it up, be standing in front of a mirror. Sant ji recording is on gurmatveechar.com in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji katha. Go to recording of ang 796 + 797. Approximately 36 minutes in Sant ji does the interpretation starting from the beginning of the Shabad.
  4. I asked you to do the arth of the whole line. You refuse to do it because you do not have the knowledge or skill to do the arth of the whole line. Which makes your understanding good as harkiran who doesn't even know how to speak punjabi. When I said both of you are cut from the same cloth, I meant it and its being proven.
  5. the four yugs, which or who was saying male of human kind plus males of other species could obtain Naam and now the Guru has resolved the dispute to say male of human kind has access to Naam? Let me guess you are going to say monkeys in the 4 yugs were claiming they can get Naam, but not anymore.....only the true homosapien, mahakaal96 can get Naam
  6. First you are unable to read Punjabi and now you can't understand simple English. For the betterment of the sangat I will go into detail where you are again making mistakes. Before I go into the foot note. I checked two different websites with DamDami taksal Rehat Maryada and they had no foot notes in the Rehat. If anything these are foot notes added by the translator. As we all know translations can and have been wrong in the past. Secondly, we have the current Jathedar of DamDami Taksal, Sant Jarnail Singh ji clearly saying women are not to be in Punj Pyare. Sant ji would not go against DamDami Taksal Rehat Maryada. Again for the betterment of the sangat, let's go elbow deep into this. Let's compare what harkiran says to what the foot note says. Harkiran says: a women who is amritdhari can be in the Punj Pyare because she is the image of the Guru. Now let's look at the foot note. The foot note in question has two steps in it. The first part is referring to: "One enters the Khalsa fold by taking Amrit" This part is referring to everyone can take amrit; man and woman. Here the person who is taking amrit has to accept Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji as the Guru and follow the rehat laid out by the Guru. So now they have taken amrit and they are in the Khalsa fold. Perfect nothing in this part about women being allowed in Punj Pyare or only soul matters or anything harkiran has asserted to in the past. The second part: "becomes a true Khalsa when he/she becomes the living image of the Guru by becoming knowledgeable and spiritually gifted. The second part is saying a person who has taken Amrit is not automatically the living image of the Guru. Although this is how harkiran wants people to see it. Harkiran wants people to misinterpret this foot note as once a woman takes amrit she automatically becomes the living image of the Guru. This can't be further from the truth There is a stipulation added to when a person becomes the living image of the Guru and true Khalsa. Here is the stipulation: "by becoming knowledgeable and spiritually gifted." What is this referring too? The translator really as made this stupid proof. The translator is referring to people who have become one with gurmat; have/are brahmgyan, they are the living image of the Guru. This is speaking to atma and Vaheguru becoming one. Now let's apply this to a woman. A woman takes amrit and follows Gurmat and attains brahmgyan. Therefore she becomes one with Akal Purakh as the end result. Let's go back to the where this foot note originated from: ਚਹੁ ਜੁਗਾ ਕਾ ਹੁਣਿ ਨਿਬੇੜਾ ਨਰ ਮਨੁਖਾ ਨੋ ਏਕੁ ਨਿਧਾਨਾ ॥ The four ages dispute (this word ਨਿਬੇੜਾ is referring to how each religion in the four ages argued and claimed they are the true path to Akal Purakh or whatever state they claim to be) has now been settled, man and human kind have been given one treasure (Naam). (ਨਿਧਾਨਾ means treasure, but it's not speaking about treasure as gold and diamonds, but the true treasure of Naam). If I have not lost you, the foot note is saying anyone can become one with Akal Purakh. So what does the foot note and the Gurbani line that the foot note is based on have to do with saying women can be in punj pyare? Absolutely NOTHING!!!!! Yaaayyyyy mission accomplished......put on your party hats, let out the balloons animals. But hold up, if a woman can become one with Akal Purakh what is stopping her from becoming part of the Punj Pyare, as she is the living image of the Guru? Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji called for a head, all five times a man stood up and gave his head only, who belonged to different caste as well. After these men were given Amrit, the Guru abolished their caste and caste names. But did he abolish their gender or keep it intact. Let's see what names they were given. Daya SINGH, Himmat SINGH, Dharam SINGH, Mokham SINGH, Sahib SINGH. What does the Singh, signify? They are males. Before they took Amrit they were with caste and man. After taking Amrit they had no caste and still retrained their male gender. Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji went from Sri Guru Gobind Rai to Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji. Even the Guru kept his male gender name. Yaaayyyyy mission accomplished part 2, bring out the party hats again and balloon animals....everyone gets a balloon animal.......make sure harkiran gets a female balloon animal though.
  7. If you believe it only says man twice, then do the arth of the whole line and we can see how much you know.
  8. Since she has marriage on the mind. Maybe she is not young at all. Many punjabi youth go in the wrong direction because their parents did not get them married in their early 20s. Many girls end up dating very young these days. They ruin their lives by dating because they get introduced to alcohol and drugs. In this girls case, she should tell her parents to get her married or tell the parents she is looking for a rishta and would like to have some input.
  9. Dhadrianwale and panthpreet sinh set up the Sikh protestors when the police opened fire on the Sikh protesters. Dhadrianwale and panthpreet hopped in police vehicles and were taken to safety by the police. These two lead the Sikh protesters to be slaughtered. Dhadrianwale is a sheep.
  10. The reference they make to Gurbani is about every person is able to obtain Naam. In the previous ages certain people, which include people of different caste and gender were not allowed to touch or go into religious place or even read religious texts. The Gurbani provided in Damdami Taksal rehat is saying now people of every background can go into religious places and read the words of Vaheguru, which is Gurbani. Additionally, this line is from Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji, written before Punj Pyare were created. This means people of all backgrounds even before the Punj Pyare were created were able to obtain Naam from the Guru. Therefore, saying, a person does not need to be part of the Punj Pyare to receive Naam. So there is no discrimination against anyone regardless who they are from obtaining Naam. You are illiterate when it comes to reading Gurbani. When I say you have verbal diarrhea. It means you are writing from your limited intellect and not going by what Gurbani is saying. No where in the Gurbani the DamDami Taksal rehat maryada provides, does it say, now the people have the right to take on the role as the Guru. It clearly says you have full access to the Naam NOW!!!! Punj Pyare take on the role as the Guru and therefore this Gurbani line does not speak on who can be part of the Punj Pyare. ਚਹੁ ਜੁਗਾ ਕਾ ਹੁਣਿ ਨਿਬੇੜਾ ਨਰ ਮਨੁਖਾ ਨੋ ਏਕੁ ਨਿਧਾਨਾ ॥ "To resolve the dispute of the four ages men and women Have been given the one treasure of Naam." SGGSJ Ang 797 Take your time reading this and ask your husband to fully read into it before you respond to this post. Ask him to check what the Gurbani line is saying. Check with other people who are learned in Gurbani and check with Bhai Sahib Singh teeka. It won't harm you to check. I can't stop you from having verbal diarrhea, but it's a request to stop and think.
  11. I was not posting the picture, until a member decided to say I had a dirty mind to think anoop caur would do such a thing. I asked her to apology. She stuck to her original insult. Look at the timeline. Couple of hours pasted before I posted the picture of anoop caur tying her dastar with her top off. I posted that picture to say, I was not lying about what anoop caur is doing on social media sites. Plain and simple. If I was being malicious, in my first post I would have posted the pic. Whether anoop caur likes that picture being posted anywhere should have been her first concern when taking the picture. I say let that picture go throughout the Sikh sangat and the wider world, so she gets a taste of her own medicine. She wants to disgrace Sikhi with her "art". Well, it's karma now playing its role. I don't go out of my way posting that picture, but since she wants it hidden. Well, that's not going to happen. Discussions are civil till someone tells another you have a dirty mind. Plus me and her have resolved the issue of the name calling. You didn't need to get involved. However poster dolly was on a tirade, yet you never came out to correct his behaviour. Can you explain why? We are all brothers and sisters, you are not higher and neither am I higher than you. When asked for an explanation, it's best to give one as a brother or sister and not think you are higher than me and you don't need to provide one. Look above, I provided an explanation.
  12. She is outright misrepresenting sikhs. You are telling everyone to not present her wrong doings because it favors you as a homosexual who wants to indulge in your homosexual behavior. What is wrong will be said as wrong no matter who does it. She is openly not admitting her wrong doing. At least the guy drinking will admit he is wrong. She does not admit she is wrong. Can you not understand the root of the problem being this?
  13. Again stupidity to the highest level. Keep going the verbal diarrhea is working out for you and "it".
  14. Stupidity to another level.
  15. "It" can't read punjabi, "it" can only blow air. Mahakaal is the same but opposite end. In a previous thread he claimed Buddha dal and hazur sahib gave kirpan Amrit to women and by doing so they are following Chaupa singh rehatname. When it was pointed out bhai chaupa singh rehatname do not mention giving women kirpan Amrit, he turned into a morph version of harkiran, the "it". By his own stupidity he took his own argument and gave the sangat here how flawed it is. Since chaupa singh does not say to do kirpan Amrit to women and Buddha dal and hazur sahib does, then these two groups are not following the so called first rehat of bhai chaupa singh. When pointed out bhai jeevan singh has written down the account of what happened on 1699, he ran away with his tail between his legs. An honest man wanting to get the full picture would look up bhai jeevan singh's account. But he hates women and only wants to use them as his toys. On the other side we have the "it" I say "it" because "it" refuses to accept their are genders in Sikhi. "It" goes by the name harkiran and "it" can't read punjabi yet claims to know what is gurmat. "It" will not answer the question of, if gender or physical characteristics such as deformity does not matter, then why cant men with cut limbs be part of punj pyare? "It" also refuses to explain sgpc rehat maryada not allowing transgender in punj pyare therefore they have not held up to the "feminist standard of "equality". Mahakaal and harkiran are the viruses in khalsa panth cut from the same cloth. They are uneducated and have verbal diarrhea.