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  1. This poster will say anything to divide the Sikh community on anything. Always ready to swear and insult any side to get an reaction and cause fights on this forum and others. He's a moni for life and I wish this guy dies a horrible death when he goes. The amount of fighting he has caused should come back to haunt him on his death bed.
  2. You are the most backward person in the punjabi community. Moni ji, wants to talk the talk but can't walk the walk. Moni cuts his hair and has been on sikh forums for 20 odd years. Moni distorts Sikh history to bad mouth gursikh. Moni is a coward. Too big of a coward to keep hair uncut. Hides in the crowd of sheep.
  3. How convenient for you to trust the police now. Does the police have some hidden audio recorder in the attackers mouth or put in his brain. Police are repeating what gunda fake jathedar of Buddha dal balbir Singh is telling them. Balbir Singh is a stooge of the government. He's the one who got the real jathedar of Buddha dal jailed, baba surjit Singh ji. You have no proof. The truth will come out. Stop blowing hot air.
  4. Why are you very desperate to spread fake jathedar balbir Singh side ?
  5. Out of respect of both families kids and parents. Its best to take the video off of here. Who knows why this happened. Cops will obviously take dirty balbir Singh side and tell media as balbir Singh the fake jathedar of Buddha dal says.
  6. You provide nothing new to the discussion for adding women to punj pyare. All these arguments have been proven wrong. Read the previous threads. Equality has nothing to do with this discussion. Singhs with missing limbs can't be part of punj pyare regardless if they are Brahmgiani or Gurmukh. You or anyone else is not the special chosen one to go against Gurmat of ONLY Singhs in Punj pyare without missing limbs. Japji sahib says sing Gurbani while listening and then accept his hukam. You see past the body but Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji who gave Amrit enforced gender differences by giving men amritdharis the last name Singh and women amritdharis the last name Kaur. You must be holier. Sant Baba Isher Singh ji was asked why can't we eat meat, when meat and vegetarian food are both made of the 5 elements. Sant ji responded by asking the man if he has a sister, wife and mother? He said yes to all. Sant ji says they are made of the same 5 elements each, so why do you have different relationships with each of them? If its about jeevan marry your sister, call your daughter mother and your mother will be your daughter. This is not an attack on you but a general question that brings to light the fallacy that exist in your argument. Again, do some soul searching with Gurbani and your mind will have some peace of mind.
  7. Same old argument that has been proven to be wrong. I asked for an new argument based on Gurmat. Again, take your time and ask your seniors to help you with it. The Khalsa Panth is not a popularity contest. Yet this how so many of you view it. Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji never followed the world. Today the Sunday Sikhs are trying to change sikhi as the world changes. This is how desperate these guys are to fit in. Always feeling second class. Never confident in their skin. Always trying to show the western world how they are trying to be like them. They get a tan and these type are trying to cover it up. Gurbani makes a perso Grounded in Gurmat. Never scared to be a Sikh. Never acting a fool to fit in. Never bending over backwards to please the western world. Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji took the world out of darkness. Darkness took the form of higher and lower class when he came in human form. Today the world is in darkness but not because of the caste system. Today darkness has taken the form of liberal extremist. They have no clue what is Gurmat and they have completely erased the line between right and wrong. Gurbani is only their in English translations for them to beat their own chest. There is some sun out but these liberal extremist will due away with it. Full darkness will fall again but this time because of the liberal extremist. Again Vaheguru will send his fauj to eliminate the liberal extremist. It was ego when the caste system was created and its still ego destroying the world because of these liberal extremist. Let the cycle continue. Regarding your link. The Guru says teach, explain, and show the way to Gurmat. However don't become so nice that the Gurmat bankrupt people start oppressing you. When this happens there is only one way to defend the saints.
  8. Guru Gobind Singh ji has said kes are kakkar. Punj kakkar are written in Sri Dasam Granth Sahib ji. If someone never gets Kesh they can never be patit by removing kes. They can take amrit, why can't they take amrit? Just as you, akj people try to rationalize the illogical and anti Gurmat new find practice of adding women to punj pyare, this was done in the past by akj. Gurmat clearly says kes are kakkar. Some akj people think its alright for homosexuals to have an anand karaj. It never ends with jatha. They have new demands every season.
  9. Necessary attire maybe, but keski is not a kakkar.
  10. It says the attacker was a rival Nihang who was a sevedar at the gurdwara. The gurdwara is run by Baba Balbir Singh from patiala.
  11. When a person practices and follows manmat as you do by quoting manmat on this forum. Then you try to gather support from others who are being attacked like the nihangs for performing aarti with a thaal and lights. Your defence for them was simple minded and can be applied to any manmat practice to say it is correct. Hence you are running scared even before being questioned on your manmat beliefs. You can continue as a Sikh and follow Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji on this site or be ready to be addressed as a person who uses falsehood to deceive people here. Many like you have been on this site and some still are. They endorse manmat and they get treated like dirt as they should be. The choice is yours. The others all cry and whine when Gurmat is applied to their post. After they can't defend themselves. They result to insults and swearing. Good luck and let your teaches of manmat die.
  12. None of you gyanis are going to do interpretation of the shabad from sohila Sahib? Why ignore Gurbani. An agyani like me is telling you guys to show me where I am making a mistake and you guys ignore the opportunity to present the beautiful fragrance. Hollow shells make the most noise.
  13. You feel fulfilled....lol. You accomplished a lot today. Came out of the closest and told us how your parents met.
  14. NAng has nothing to add other than his own life story. I knew from the beginning you were a bang. First you said I was a homosexual but your story came out how you only want men to be amritdharis and not women for your sexual needs. Now you write this elaborate story. You don't know who I am or my family is. Yet in detail you have this elaborate story. This can only mean one thing. The story is about someone close to you. Someone really close to you. You like playing mind games before you tell your life story with other men. Soorry mate, I'm not into your bang slap fest. Open up to someone 3else.
  15. One kid died in their academy in India and the parents were lied too. The parents didn't even know what happened to their kid. They could not perform an autopsy because organs were missing. Sexual abuse cases have been laid against them. Yogi bhajans secretary accused him of sexual assault.