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  1. Sant Maskeen Singh ji in the audio is speaking about those who have already had an Anand Karaj and after being married for some time either the wife or husband wants to take Amrit. Neither of them were amritdhari before marriage. Also Jugraj Singh is speaking about married couples where either the husband or wife wants to take Amrit after they are married and the other doesn't. Sant Maskeen Singh ji and Bhai Jugraj Singh comment on the punj Pyare is incomplete. Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji asked for heads and the sangat had no clue what was about to happen. They did not know Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji is going to change how Amrit is given to Sikhs from the Guru. Punj Pyare each went up to give their head and they only knew what Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji asked of them. Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji didn't ask the Sikhs to bring their wifes. This brings me to my next point. Charan puhal was given to Sikhs before Amrit was given to Sikhs by the punj Pyare. Before bhai Daya Singh bhai dharam Singh bhai himmat Singh bhai mokham Singh and bhai Sahib Singh became the punj Pyare they were devoted Sikhs of the Guru. Meaning they would have taken charan pahul along with their wifes. And after the Punj Pyare gave their heads, their wives would have taken Amrit as well. Sant Maskeen Singh ji is also talking about a time when the men and the women had no say in who they would marry. They didn't even meet to see each others face before the wedding. They didnt even hear each others voice. Elders would meet and set up their children to be married. The soon to be wife had no say in who she would marry. Today Sikhs are searching for a person where they are flirting, going on dates, constantly staying in contact and get to know the person they will marry. They date around trying to find a partner who fits their view of a good match for them. They know each other well and are not waiting for the wedding day to see their spouse's face. Jagmeet Singh knew his spouse was not amritdhari. He knew she cuts her hair, dances to and sings promiscuous music and dresses as no true kaur would even think about doing. Yet he still choose to continue a relationship with her and got engaged to her and soon to be married to her. Jagmeet Singh is an amritdhari and she is not. Also jagmeet singh holds no relationship with her other than being boyfriend and girlfriend. This is a relationship drenched in maya (lust and physical and emotional attachment). Yet Jagmeet Singh holds a true relationship with the Guru. This true relationship was created when he took Amrit from the Guru and promised to follow the Guru's teachings. Now put Sant Maskeen Singh ji katha in context. Lets say Sant Maskeen Singh ji was still here and we presented Jagmeet Singh marriage choice to him. Listen to what Sant Maskeen Singh ji has to say about bad sangat. Would Sant Maskeen Singh ji approve of Jagmeet Singh choice? Sant Maskeen Singh ji would never agree with Jagmeet singh choice to marry a girl who is not amritdhari. I don't need to repeat her bad character habits again to make my point any more clear. Listen to what the current Taksal Jathedar Sant Baba Jarnail Singh ji says about taking Amrit for married couples. He says if the man has taken khande batte da Amrit and if he is married, then his wife will also take the same Amrit. Also the women are given the same Khalsa Fateh as the men have. There is no different Fateh for women. Sant ji in the same video goes further and speaks on those who have created maryada as women are given kirpan da Amrit. Sant ji says these are man made maryada and they are manmat. Next sant ji provides the below last line from bhai Gurdas Singh ji, a Singh from Guru Gobind Singh ji time. ਗੁਰੁ ਸਿਮਰ ਮਨਾਈ ਕਾਲਕਾ ਖੰਡੇ ਕੀ ਵੇਲਾ। The Guru remembering kalka ( the one and only God who brings death to all, the great mother of all; God. Kalka is used here to describe what shakti of Akal Purakh Guru Sahib is calling upon.) with the double edged sword gave Amrit. ਪੀਵਹੁ ਪਾਹੁਲ ਖੰਡੇਧਾਰ ਹੋਇ ਜਨਮ ਸੁਹੇਲਾ Drink the Amrit prepared with the double edged sword and your birth will become fruitful. The above is from a Nihang and Hazuri Singh, bhai Gurdas Singh ji. This Singh who did selfless service of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji says to ALL, no mention of difference between any gender, to take the Amrit prepared by the double edged sword. Sant Jarnail Singh ji says you will never find anywhere written, drink the Amrit prepared by the kirpan. But you will find, Drink the Amrit prepared with the double edged sword and your birth will become fruitful. Sant Jarnail Singh ji explains how he asked one of the Singh's who practiced kirpan da Amrit, why they do it this way. The Singh says because kirpan is feminine linguistics and woman is feminine linguistics so they get kirpan da Amrit to women. Sant Jarnail Singh ji replies this is wrong and if you want to get into masculine linguistics and feminine linguistics then we would need to change batte, Amrit, khande, and Fateh as well. Which means the Khalsa Fateh would be changed for women to say Vaheguru ji ki khalsi Vaheguru ji ki fatehi because they want to use feminine linguistics. Such a Fateh does not exist. Sangat needs to be aware of such manmat.
  2. Should I have to take amrit again

    Where in sgpc rehat maryada does it say, it is minimum rehat?
  3. Gurbani says this is moorti puja and its wrong no matter where it is done. These people are completely blind to the teachings of Gurbani.
  4. Why minimize jagmeet Singh impact on the Khalsa Panth image? He visibly can be seen wearing a kirpan and turban. He identifies as a Sikh and a amritdhari. Non Sikhs and Sikh youth most likely see him as a role model and/or representative when he has stepped away from the Guru's true image of the Guru's teaching and actions. He has helped Sikhs in the past. All credit goes not to him for it. As you know and I know, praise always goes to Guru sahib. His first attempt to enter politics was around 2011. He has gradually walked further from representing the image he sports everyday. Jagmeet Singh stepping away from the Guru's teachings must be highlighted so gullible Sikh youth do not fall to the same vices he has by being engaged to a girl doesn't want to take Amrit from the Punj Pyare. Her social media accounts are open to the public and she shows no sign of taking Amrit from the punj Pyare ever crossing her mind. She is more interested in singing promiscuous bhangra music and dancing to it.
  5. Insulting Sant Baba Thakur Singh ji, a true bhagat of Vaheguru will only land you in a whole lot of trouble as Sukhmani Sahib explains. The very Devi and devta you praise and worship beg for the darshan of such a Vaheguru bhagat. The one vedant call Mahakaal is a bhagat's slave.
  6. Husband Wife relation

    Tell us how the manmat website materials can be linked to Sikhi?
  7. Lol.......sant Baba Thakur Singh ji didn't make up a story. There is a video on YouTube of Sant Baba Thakur Singh ji stating the truth. Sant Jarnail Singh ji was not some normal sikh. Sikhs who believe in Baba ji bachan are giving proper respect and if some people being fools want to misinterpret it. Then how is that on the Sikhs? Sant ji always had utmost respect for Baba ji. Shaheeds status goes to those who are shaheeds and Sant ji is not. If you want to travel down this road. Then bachittar Natak is being misinterpret and now we should hide Sri Dasam Granth Sahib because Dasam Bani is not being given the earned status. That's it, stop all katha of Sri Dasam Granth Sahib ji. No more akhand paath. No kirtan. Shorten up the nitnem because by doing nitnem we are feeding those who will not give the earned respect for Dasam Bani.
  8. Husband Wife relation

    Tell us on which ang Guru Sahib says the above links statement is classified as spiritual and results in liberation?
  9. The Correct Nishan Sahib!

    Budha Dal, Santa Singh and balbir Singh and their associates are very corrupt. During 1980s Santa Singh was making deals with indira Gandhi because he wanted to collect land and political power. Santa Singh stood by while Sri Akal Takht sahib was attacked all because he had deals with indira Gandhi. Many Gurdwaras and acres of land were taken by force by budha Dal because the india government backed budha Dal. All these fan clubs of budha Dal are being taken for a ride. They see a blue bana and a farla and the fan boys are going baba ji baba ji your are the best because I can't see past your fake ways.
  10. Husband Wife relation

    The above translator does not do an accurate translation of the line in question. nij nari ke sath neh tum nit bodhaio Love thy legal wife ever and ever so much that The wrong context is being given here by saying it's in Sri Charitorpakhyan, so it's obviously talking about the physical aspect of the husband and wife relationship. Sri Charitorpakhyan actually starts off by explaining to a young adult male not to indulge in kaam, which has got him in trouble by having a sexual relationship with his father's young wife. Sri Charitorpakhyan is full of advise of how not to indulge in kaam from the beginnning to the end. Also the above translator doesn't take into account that this is Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib ji talking to the next Guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji. The Guru who is above worldly play (husband and wife physical relationships) will not tell the future Guru to increase the worldly play in his life. Also the Guru lives by the advise given to a Sikh of the Guru. If we look at the life of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib ji, he spent 26 years meditating on Akal Purakh Sahib in a cellar type room. How can such a great Guru give such lowly advise, as to increase the worldly play between husband and wife. Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib ji was soaked in the love of Akal Purakh. His mind body and soul were completely colored in the love of Akal Purakh. There was no thought of any other love in his mind. Also the translator leaves out to translate one of the words. He leaves out "sath" which means companionship. nij nari ke sath neh tum nit bodhaio With your woman (wife) always increase companionship and love. Also look at Raag Soohee (Suhi) in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. Those who know the meaning of Soohee know where I am about to take this conversation in the next words and are probably laughing at how bad of contextualization the quoted posters has given. Soohee literally means deeply colored love of a newly wedded bride toward the husband. This is the literal meaning. But when we read Raag Soohee, Guru Sahib has translated this worldly play (love of a bride toward the husband) into the love a Sikh must have to meet his beloved husband Lord. If we were to contextualize Raag Soohee in the above quoted posters way, we would be in big trouble. A good rule always to keep in mind when reading Gurbani is to remember Guru Sahib is always telling us to increase our love for Akal Purakh and to follow his command more closely in every breath.
  11. Hindu devte coming into my dad??

    It may be durga since Durga the devi in Chandi di vaar is described by Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji as egotistical and your father is showing those signs as he wants to take control of the family by hook or crook. The other posters like kira, mrdoaba, and luckysingh99 have a problem with you suspecting it may be their beloved durga. If you had asked if it was a demon or ghost they would have all replied in your favor and showered you with pleasant replies. You have every right to question if it is durga as your dad claims its durga. Your dad claiming Durga is behind your brother's being successful is false. Akal Purakh makes all the moves in his play. He sets up the actors and makes them act in the way he chooses to make them act. Durga is an actor in the play of akal Purakh. In Chandi di vaar, Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji makes it clear, indra was given his kingdom back because Akal Purakh made the demons lose. Durga the devi was a tool in the battle. Durga has no power that originates from her and the sword has no power that originates from it. Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji uses Durga as a reference to describe destruction and explain what actually happened when indra lost his kingdom and Chandi came to Indra's support. If Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji had an audience of doctors, Guru Sahib would use some science element that destroys "evil" to explain the powers of Akal Purakh. And wouldn't tell the group of doctors to praise or worship the element. This doesn't mean Durga never existed. many missionary people try to force on others saying she was mythical. Kira, luckysingh99, and mrdoaba are opposite of missionaries; they praise Durga the devi and some of them worship her in one way or another. Both groups understanding is deeply rooted in the 3 gunas. Gurbani raises the intellect to the fourth state of Naam. The power of destruction originates from Akal Purakh and is given by him and praise goes to him for providing the power. This message translates into praise and remember Akal Purakh and Akal Purakh comes to deal with the issue by giving you the understanding and right actions to handle the issue. Only way to praise akal Purakh is through Gurbani. You should start reading Sukhmani Sahib and Guru Sahib will bless you with his kirpa. Understanding and obeying is the key to reading Gurbani. It doesn't matter what or if anything is in your father. He could be dealing with mental issues or have a mental disorder. Maybe get him help from a doctor. You go closer to the Guru and Guru Sahib will bless you. Also your mother needs to only accept Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. Believing in others like radh soami will only give her more pain. Don't pay attention to other posters trying to intimidate you. They are actually trying to flex when they got nothing to show. Luckysingh99 was the first to show his shallow ways. He comes here once in awhile to spread his worldly ways. then kira apologized to me because he realized how wrong he was. But now he's got the pack mentality and this high won't last long. mrdoaba nitpicks when he's unable to provide any sound statements for his claims and has a very hard time understanding Gurbani because he holds loyalty to a sect, most likely to the kamalroop Singh UK guy who was recently videotaped kissing a girl while intoxicated. Mrdoaba was using dubious ways to cover for kamalroop Singh uk, who by the way is married.
  12. You have a biased view. I don't dislike the guy or like him. I listened to what he had to say and I can tell according to gurmat, his views are wrong.
  13. dont follow this guys advice on lust. Telling others they can have sex many times and not be lustful. This is completely wrong. This advice is not coming from Gurbani but is his own beliefs. Also doing paath in a quiet room is very good. A person is able to concentrate on the paath being read and absorb themselves in the paath. Also many Gursikhs have a place where they like doing paath. This place sometimes is outside of the house and away from family life. Perfectly fine to do. Some go near a body of water. Some go to a park. Some go to the Gurdwara. No family member will go with you at the end. They don't feel like doing paath, then don't let them be the block from you doing paath. They like wasting time watching dirty shows and movies and listening to dirty music. We Sikhs like going to a quiet place to praise Akal Purakh.
  14. Effects of Dasam Granth Bani

    You said the following: You said after reading Chandi Vaar you felt like fighting for righteousness and a person can't go to sleep after reading Chandi di Vaar after sunset. Dasam Bani root is Mool Mantar and Bir Ras comes from santokh. So how would Bir Ras not let a person sleep if Chandi di Vaar is read after sunset and comes from santokh? Lets make it even more clear. When Sri Guru Hargobind sahib ji and his Sikhs were fighting wars. There was no Dasam Bani, so where did Sikhs get Bir Ras from? Were they devoid of Bir Ras, if so, did they lose every war? Bir Ras starts with Ik Onkar and is based on no fear and no hatred, which translates into santokh. All these misconceptions created of Sri Dasam Granth Sahib ji have no sound statements to stand on.
  15. Celebrating the birth of Jesus

    In another topic you said the following about the children of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, who wanted to have more Shastar on them in a Gurdwara: so you don't want children of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji to practice keeping shastar as directed by Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji. But you will go against gurmat to make your children happy and not feel left out. Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji made it clear not to celebrate Holi and to celebrate Holla Maholla. Don't throw color on each other. Practice Shastar vidiya. Also how do you celebrate Christmas when the Khalsa panth is remembering the shaheeds and focused on Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji gurpurab. Talk about not knowing your Sikh history.