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  1. #freejagginow

    Its a critical point every Sikh need to understand. Many times non Sikhs are arrested in a foreign country and soon after the national news stations are airing the report on television. This time a citizen of the UK is arrested and then tortured but still nothing. Where does this leave us as Sikhs? Are we not human in the eyes of the other people?
  2. What would India be if the British never came?

    This poster is always arguing against punj pyare leading anything in Sikhi or otherwise. The current set up of worldly people is not working in any country no matter their level of education, including SGPC (which includes their Jathedar's). You can teach these worldly people all the ethics and morals they want but it all comes down to these people cheating, lying and defrauding the voters. He has more faith in worldly people than punj pyare. The punj pyare have a long history of laying their lives for Gurmat because their teachings are engraved in them. They cannot be separated. Yet this poster argues against the very people who have morals and ethics. Some have grown accustomed to slavery that they think its the warm blanket keeping them from the cold. Since he has 1000% doubt in the punj pyare, taking Amrit is a far inconceivable concept for him. But Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji had 1000% trust in the punj pyare as he showed us.
  3. #freejagginow

    Do you know if they aired Jaggi arrest and torture on television?
  4. Is Sikhism really hijacked by Jattism ?

    When a person wants to call Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji as their Guru. They break all ties with a human leader and go bow at Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji feet. Ambedkar and his followers wanted to become Sikh but Ambedkar was rejected so HIS 5 million followers and he joined another religion. There is an inherent problem with this poor decision. These 5 million people already have a leader, so how can they join Sikhi? They clearly showed Ambedkar is their leader and they will do whatever he says and not Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. If they had told the fake leader, Ambedkar regardless of your decision, we will join Sikhi. Then they would have been Sikhs by heart and welcomed with open arms. Ambedkar displayed all signs of a cult leader. The cult mentality is what Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji warns us of and tells us to follow the Guru only. If these people had truly had the desire to join Sikhi. They would have done so by making this very decision without and cult leader directing them. Many so called low caste people have joined Sikhi. They broke ties with cult leaders. This was a stunt by Ambedkar to show how much power he has and Krishna tried to show the same in his time. But Krishna failed and so did Ambedkar. Glory always belongs to Vaheguru; when will these foolish people learn.
  5. #freejagginow

    This may have been answered. Has any major news station or national news station of the U.K. provided news and/or updates what is happening to their citizen at the hands of the Indian government?
  6. Firearms were not unlicensed. An unlicensed man held the rifle and therefore the cops issued a warning to the man who owns the rifle. If a person has a unlicensed firearm there would have been a much harsher punishment and there would have been an arrest most likely. Firearms were registered. Read for yourself: Quote: A 28-year-old Taylors Hill man will receive a formal warning for allowing an unlicensed individual to hold his registered firearms. End quote.
  7. The low self esteem Sikhs were always looking at the pure white skin of these 3ho's and saying look how good of Sikhs they are. Ask these low self esteem sikhs how clean are these dirty people? Since the 1970s they have dissolved sikhi into hinduism. Less than 30 years.
  8. Either he is using Sikhs as ponds in his chess match or 3ho. Since he goes to honor a genocidal government, he is using Sikhs as ponds in his chess match. His true loyalty is with 3ho. The reason behind this can be numerous but most likely linked with gaining political power for increasing the bank account. Their are more sell outs in the era of kalyug than true followers of Sikhi.
  9. Of course Gurbani says to be fanatical. Gurbani says become fanatical as a drug addict is for his drug. Only thing on the drug addicts mind is getting high. In the same manner Gurbani says the only desire a Sikh should have is for Shabad Guru. The drug addict doesn't even want to try the weak drugs. His mind only gets high off of his fix. In the same manner a Sikh doesnt bother with the drug of bhangra, which is not letting him feel the high of Gurbani. Sikhs are addicts of Gurbani. Any successful person in the world became an addict of their trade. Whether the trade me right or wrong. In most cases they compromised all morals and ethics to become multi millionaire or billionaire. In a similar manner Gurmukhs abandoned worldly desires like Bhangra and attached their thought to Gurbani.
  10. Chinese wife Sikh husband

    Only great thing about the story is another Sikh will get a green card and bring his parents out of India. I can see the headlines in a few years.....Indian Sikh only married Chinese woman to get a green card. Nothing religious about their wedding. They are two lustful people wanting to fulfill their animal desires......always thinking the grass is greener on the other side. Most western punjabis play the field and try all the different flavours. But this clever lad is going to get a green card out of it. Whoever said the western born punjabis were smarter than the Desi punjabis need a reality slap.
  11. In the video its visible there is only a handful of people there to honor a genocidal government. The Singh should file harassment and assault cases against these people. They had no right touching this guy. He was peacefully protesting, using his freedom of speech to protest. Vaheguru bless this guy with more kirpa.
  12. There is nothing holy about 3ho. They are an oppressive cult who has aligned with a government who committed genocide.
  13. Bro, your black and her dad don't want you in the punjabi gene pool family. Plus your living in a bollywood movie wake up. If you truly are in sikhi. Forget her and follow sikhi.
  14. Love someone

    Its my way of shaking the core of a person and to get them to thinking outside the box. The newer generation need a good shake once in a while.
  15. Love someone

    Finally some realistic and sensible advice on this forum. There is so much garbage on this forum now. People with their bollywood thinking has made society very m*ronic. These are the people who sell out Sikhi in a heart beat. Our ancestors would rather die than give up anyone of the Gurus teachings when the non Sikh demanded it. We have way too many cowards pretending to be Sikhs. Give these so called Sikh girls the opportunity to date and they will leave every teaching behind for two seconds of pleasure. Give these guys one girl and they also do away with everything. Biggest cowards in the world.