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  1. What does Sikhi say on slavery ?

    The caste system turned into a form of slavery. lower caste were slaved into doing labor they had no desire of doing. Living among only a certain type of people of their kind. They couldn't go to certain places like sacred mandirs or a mandir at all. The caste system even enslaved the lower caste soul by saying a woman can't achieve mukhti and lower caste men can't achieve mukhti. Lower caste were killed for stepping in a higher caste shadow. They couldn't eat sleep or drink in the same place. Lower caste whole function was to serve the higher caste.
  2. Provide the rehat maryada that says the kirpan must be 3 or 4 foot long. Talk is cheap.
  3. No translation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji in any language can equal Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. Others languages are in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji but in Gurmukhi script. Why write Sanskrit in Gurmukhi? A question you should be asking is why didn't Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji do Parkash of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji in a different language like Urdu? Language is more or less a medium as you say. Why did Sri Guru Arjun Dev ji take all the different languages and write them in Gurmukhi script only in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. Anyone who as tried translating Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji in a different language can tell you. Firstly other languages cannot grasp what is said. Many words used in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji are not in other languages. So lets replace the word with a phrase that will capture the word. The problem arises here because the word that was replaced by a phrase is not the image of the Guru but what a person may think of the word. The word can't be simply replaced by a phrase. The translator can't grasp what is said with his limited intellect and then fails because the other language is limited in various ways. Only the Guru can fully deliver the message. 3ho are a prime example of what terrible mistakes are made when the translation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji in a different language is done. Even some of the 3ho are recognizing the huge mistake made by their leadership and are learning Gurmukhi to actually see Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji grace.
  4. He gave you a look!!!!! Everyone drop what you are doing and attend to this huge problem this guy is having. Are you having nightmares, reliving the traumatizing look over and over in your head and the only way to escape the mental torture is to smack your head against a brick wall? If a look sets you off. You need to get thicker skin. The world is not all rainbows and chocolate bunnies with a little pink nose.
  5. Hijacking a thread? Its very important to read Gurbani and tell what Gurbani says. You have flat out lied. Gurbani says clearly Vaheguru took the 1st form Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji all the way to the Fifth form as Sri Guru Arjun Dev ji. You do not read Gurbani. You search Gurbani like a Pathan to lie about Sikhi and rely on wrongly translated lines of Gurbani and paraphrase some of a line to distort what has been said. Next you will be saying well established facts as gravity are not possible in your opinion. You don't hold opinions. You hold hatred toward the Khalsa Panth. You have ran away from this forum in the past because your true intentions have been exposed. But like a cockroach, you keep coming back. You want to win votes by attacking Hindus. You know Sikhs generally hate Hindus and this will help you win viewers and posters here. Slow posters and viewers will be soften by your post against Hindus and they will be less likely to address your hatred toward Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji and Khalsa Panth. Well keep working to soften others because you have not softened the dog that barks the loudest and bites that don't release.
  6. Why do you care if he was Naamdhari? Was he hurting someone in anyway?
  7. You must be special. Posting the same video twice on two different threads. And you will be replying very quickly because you are very eager to get responses. What do you want achieve from the above video? Do you want split sikhs? Do you want to spread your views?
  8. You attacked Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji on this thread. before attacking Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. You attacked keeping hair uncut. You said to a member that it is not necessary to keep hair uncut for a Sikh.
  9. This poster has been attacking sikhi while exposing Hindu extremist. This is a strange way of behaving. Unless she is a Christian or Muslim.
  10. Havan Maryada

    This is such a bold face lie. If original poster had titled the thread, fire maryada. Then no one would have said anything about Havan. But Havan is a specific ritual performed by the Hindus. The fire plays a worship role in the Havan. Hindus worship the fire and offer a sacrifice. Now take just a fire that is used to cook food or to burn wood for warmth at a camp fire. Neither can Havan be compared to chaur sahib because chaur can be used for anything. Chaur was waved over idols and kings. The chaur sahib is not worshipped or nothing is sacrificed to the chaur sahib to obtain something. Chaur sahib is a sign of royalty which Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji is. Neither can arti be compared to Havan because arti is Gurbani and physical aspect is done before Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. You fake nihangs think in this world and age the Sikhs can't research what a Havan is and what it represents?
  11. Havan Maryada

    Havan was never done as the janue was never worn by the Gurus. The practice that we have lost is honesty among the Sikhs. This poster asks a question and one post later he answers it himself. Which cult are you here to represent? Is it the same cult as poster @Mahakaal96. Havan have no value in sikhi because they hold no spiritual value as defined in Gurmat. People like you get sucked into these cults because you are gullible, looking for a belonging somewhere. Now the cult has filled you with filth, you believe its your mission to spread the filth of the cult. Sikhi is simple. Go directly to Gurbani. Read and comprehend. Gurbani says become a loyal dog of the Guru. A loyal dog only eats from his masters hand. So eat from the Gurus hand in the form of Gurbani. If an intruder comes into the Gurus house, bark like a loyal dog to warn others. Being a loyal dog of the Guru had great honor and respect. Ever seen a loyal dog get beat up protecting the master house? The dog gladly does it and the master praises the dog for his righteous action. I can understand if you were a Hindu, Christian, Jew, muslim. You don't have the Guru. So you wander around like a wild beast searching for commitment. These folks are lost. You are not like them, yet you still behave like them. Some people prefer to be the wild beast, which is fine. But if the wild beast comes to attack the Gurus house. The dog is going to bark and bite at the wild beast. Sikhi is pure but there will always be wild beast looking to distort sikhi out of jealousy.
  12. The use of mantras

    3ho is a well oiled machine for making money by hook or crook. They take Hindu concepts and apply them to Sikhi for a profit. There Guru, yogi bhajan made a lot of money exploiting gullible and spiritually illiterate white Americans. Which shabad in Gurbani does not lift anxiety, fear, depression, insecurities and phobias? All of Gurbani is the medicine to uplift these diseases of the mind. Shake the hand of a gursikh and you will feel the hard work they have put in there honest living. 3ho have not worked a day in lives. There guru stole from them when he introduced his manmat and now they are taking his false teachings and exploiting others because they don't want to work either. A lazy teacher can only teach his students how to be lazy. Look at Guruka Singh, he has a bigger belly than a sumo wrestler. Yet the poor Sikhs who work hard in factories and farms are giving 3ho money????? Look at Sant Baba Thakur Singh ji, who spent his whole life in service to sikhi. Where was his huge belly? Where was his 100 000 thousand dollar income by taking donations? He had one or two cholas and gave everything he had in his pocket to those who needed the money. He lived off a few dollars a day. Sant Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa was the same. DamDami taksal had a lot of money come in as donations. Yet as the jathedar, he lived poor. Sant ji didn't eat sangats money.
  13. Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji is the Guru and Vaheguru as Shabad Guru/Gurbani teaches. In your ignorance you compare Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji to an idol. Please stop reading half baked scholars verbal diarrhea as the truth. Adi Granth Sahib ji was placed on Baba Buddha ji head as Sri Guru Arjun Dev did chaur sahib over Adi Granth Sahib ji. Sri Guru Arjun Dev ji slept on the floor and Adi Granth took the bed. Such are the teachings of my Guru. Please don't take my Guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji Bani out of context. Read the full pankti and Guru Sahib says don't see any difference between Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji and Vaheguru....paraphrase. Related Shabads from Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji and Dasam Bani on who is the Guru have to be taken to figure out the puzzle. Gursikhs, Gurmukhs, Sants, Brahmgyanis, Bhagats, Sikhs who writing are in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji all agree Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji is the Guru and Vaheguru (nirankar). I was just talking to someone about the shakti of Gurbani and saying only those can speak of Gurbani who have experienced the power and natural attraction. How a Sikh can hear clearly Gurbani coming from another Gursikhs mouth even though his lips are not moving. How both naturally draw to each other and enjoy each other presence in Vaheguru praise. Such are the blessed moments enjoyed. Such amazing feeling comes over the mind that can't be measured or explained. Vaheguru praise is so great. His miracles are so wonderful, his actions are so beautiful. We as mere ants can only beg to see his feet. How sweet his feet must be, the radiance, the glory, the magnificent view of his feet. How lucky are such Gursikhs who see his feet as they read Gurbani. Even the most evil minded people fall before his feet and ask for the greatest blessing of all. Bringing the mind to listen to his teachings in Gurbani. Over and over beating the mind till it gives up and falls at Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji feet. Such a difficult task done with Guru's grace is his glory alone. All victory belongs to him. No one else has a say in his doings. Continuously singing his praise is the only job of the householder. Beating the mind to recognize he is the only one who creates and acts is very difficult. The mind wants to say it has a permanent existence in this illusion. The mind does not realize Vaheguru is inside and out of the body. Even after recognizing this truth the mind wants to proclaim guruship. Believing it can reach the feet of Vaheguru. Such foolish acts are done in vain. Lost in the 3 gunas the mind begs for shells and loses sight of the jewel placed close to the shell. Without the jewel Vaheguru can't be found. His grace, peace of mind, love and praise is only received when the mind is placed before the feet of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji and ready to follow every instruction. Give the mind to Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji and let him rewrite the minds programming. How can the mind recognize what it does not know about. Only the perfect instructor can teach the mind its mistakes and bring it to accept it has no power. Only the perfect instructor can teach the mind how to ask for and what to ask for and why. All praise belongs to him. His instructions are perfect and complete. Only he can teach who is perfect as Vaheguru. Others are only lost in their ego and babble on. Vaho vaho Bani Nirankar hai
  14. Please do not spread wrong information about Sikhi. Bhai Mardana was given direction by Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji to keep his hair uncut and stop tobacco use. These were one of the first instructions for Bhai Mardana ji.