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  1. Last few places remaining for this amazing and unique course. Preserve the rare Sikh traditions. Please register today if interested! The aim is to empower Sikhs to retrieve their heritage and for the sangat to develop the skill of doing the amazing Zafarnama and Bhai Nand Lals ghazals JUSTICE. There are only a few places remaining for serious and dedicated students. If interested follow the instructions on the poster today! TURIYA Our aim is to galvanise a flourishing global Sikh culture by innovatively enlivening Sikh tenets and heritage, and serve the Sikh community by providing a multitude of intelligent resources for its spiritual, educational and social development. As a part of this vision, we launched a website on Bhai Nand Lal and the Court of Guru Gobind Singh back in February 2013. This online interactive course is an extension of the website, with the purpose of providing the global Sikh panth with an enlivened understanding of the Persian heritage of Sikhi. http://turiyacharity.com/Projects/Farsi/index.html
  2. Veer Ji No qualification is required to analyze the video, what SikhVoice did was of their own accord. We neither have any relationship with them, neither did we approach them. We merely used what they put into the public domain. Yes, we could have done it ourselves but why reinvent the wheel? The task has been done. Whether SikhVoice had an agenda or not is another matter. However the Truth is the Truth. The Truth can be spoken by your friends or by your enemy. We should not become obsessed as to who spoke the Truth, only to recognise the Truth and act on it. This is the Guru's panth and we can only honour with our actions. Such acts have been going on for many years, these masands need to be exposed and with the grace of the Guru it shall happen.
  3. Brothers We ask you that you not reject the blog simply based on the reference to sikhvoice. Yes, sikhvoice who are referenced in the blog as they presented an analysis of the call but those responsible for dealing with this issue have no relationship with sikhvoice. They are referenced entirely for the purpose analysis. This is made clear in the blog as well. We humbly ask you do not dismiss this matter out of hand, it is a grave issue and the honour of our sisters is at hand,the daughters of Guru Gobind Singh. If we are to lay claim to being his sons, then their honour must be upheld. Please take the time to read and consider the available evidence and asses this and draw your own conclusions. And then perform an Ardas to Maharaj to reveal the TRUTH. We ask for no ardas for our sister, nor for Giana Thakur Singh but only the truth. Dhanvaad Ji.
  4. Vahiguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vahiguru Ji Ki Fateh! As some of you may already be aware there has been an allegation made against Giani Thakur Singh. An attempt has been made to establish the facts as best can be with the available evidence. Please read through and share with others, as the sons and daughters of Guru Gobind Singh, we have a duty to honour our father and protect our daughters, sisters and mothers. http://exposingmasands.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/giani-thakur-singh-controversy-facts.html