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  1. harkirat23

    Would you call our moneh boys "sikhs" ?

    They are only human.
  2. harkirat23

    Truly, what IS happening?

    Huddle them all together like (animals) in a large enough paddock and bang their heads together if they are behaving ever so anti-sikh. No point arguing with them they are just as bad as someone who argued sikhs should have female pange pyares so trying to change the rehat. No one has the backbone on this forum to rebut these idiots, they are just pandering milksops to say the least. They are easily scared or impressed by certain types of people and their professions; too scared to stick to sikhi or sikh identity.Someone even went on to say we should all show decorum to the 3HOs lol, 'cos they are white and therefore far more superior to the brown sikhs. I can't remember the person's forum id but generally he is regarded as an agony aunty or uncle of the forum by his followers. In my humble opinion he is either a white 3HO hiding behind his forum id, or a moslem or hindu or someone with enormous inferiority complex. Always full of <banned word filter activated>.
  3. harkirat23

    What happened to our website?

    It's good to be back.
  4. harkirat23

    Hurricane Mathew

    ...muscleman and silverSingh, Shush! May I remind you both that this topic is about hurricane Mathew and not your usual mud slinging, bickering, smashing of dinner plates, your best set of bone China or porcelain! Good heavens, stop it right now!