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  1. How to combat the christian threat

    Why is he still in dastaar then? Jesus command? He and that still doubtful of christ thus, quoting Gurbani, lady, fail to realise they both failed tests of Guru Pita Maharaj by choosing maya financial atey health gain, over barosa in only SACH>Sikhi<
  2. How to combat the christian threat

    i get jesus loves you on my mostly zero likes facebook...and remove them...but Sikhs are quick, ALL OVER WORLD, TO FORGET GURU GOBIND SINGH JIO BALIDAAN, and join the crowd of 'kal' in adopted country...but Vahiguroo saved me...SARBHAT BHALA HOVEI _/\_PITA MAHARAJ VAHIGUROO JIO_/\_ Kindly, please post on 4 sikh female converts, that they left KING GURU NANAK HOME TO JOIN the house of pain, after fun and youth is no more, as North Carolina sikh converted to jesu governor is realising slowly but surely.._/\_
  3. Looking for A-level tutors

    Dhan Khalsa Jio_/\_
  4. Looking for A-level tutors

    Do you require virtual, working from home tutors for lowel levelsof education ji?
  5. #freejagginow

    Read Sikh prisoners account of years of torture they been through, just for listening to Sikh freedom speeches...hit on head until blind, and still going through such torture...Bhai Pal Singh Jio is innocent and tortured until blind in one eye. HE WAS IS INNOCENT...Dhan Vahiguroo that he is free_/\_. They tortured Sikhs, other minorities in india, with excuse of fighting terrorism, and they are also in western countries causing same trouble with same lies that all religious muslims and sikhs are terrorists! Ask Scotland MP, why is he not visiting Jaggi, and personally view fake evidence? Facebook not much effect, just waste of time, so doing Sukhmani Sahib Path is my sabna paviterr charan hath jorr benti, to do for all Singh in captivity Jio_/\_
  6. How to combat the christian threat

    KHALSA RAJ WILL COME WITH KHALSA LANGAR PREPARED WITH NAAM, so even sikhs Vahiguroo Himself caused to stray will received Sikhi baksheesh again:)!_/\_

    Vahiguroo Jio kirpa sab Sikh kaum upar_/\_ you sound too western with russian roulette atey barrel...THAT IS THE ISSUE WITH SIKH KAUM DUKH BECAUSE WALKING AS A GURSIKH, WILL >NEVER< cause 5 evils because our love is with Vahiguroo in thought, words, and action...no kurr tv, communication..just Gurbani svaas svaas TRY IT!
  8. Guru Pyareo, i have had many knocking on door asking if i know why world suffering? My reply, "because of immoral western or hateful etc culture, then begin talking about Sikhi, Guru Gobind Singh Jio Darshan.." Soon they making excuse to leave after handing me flyer, that goes in trash. Guru Pita Maharaj Sab Sikh Kaum upar kirpa dya rajee, chardhi kala, Naam Dhan atey matt uchi_/\_
  9. Ardaas of a Rehitvaan Amritdhari Gursikh

    Vaho Gurmukho_/\_, REHITVAAN EQUALS GYAN, THUS, GURU GOBIND SINGH JIO DECLARES REHIT MORE PYARI TO HIM...because, gyan that rehitvaan Sikh WILL BE ENDOWED WITH, is to unite with Vahiguroo Naam atey Gurbani, and deny human body comfort el al.. SO, REHITVAAN WOULD NEVER DO ARDAS FOR SELF COMFORT, MATERIAL GAIN ETC KURR ji_/\_. REHITVAAN GYAN ALSO ON WEB TO SHARE GYAN, AND GUIDE KEEN SEEKERS TO SEEK VAHIGUROO IN GURSHABAD, REHIT, FREEDOM FOR KURR CAPTIVITY ETC KURR DUKH...by denying kurr dukh, not expecting justice from kurr lovers...KEEP UP WITH REHIT ATEY BHAGTI, despite stumbling while trying to win Vahiguroo game of love and duty to worldly love ones_/\_ Gyan information courtesy Dhan Vaho gurmatbibek.com, per my toree matt understanding ji_/\_
  10. #freejagginow

    CCTV bike is surely not UK youth as person has checked shirt, favorite with indians.. .anyone, could use that as false evidence against Sikhs, as our Dastaar has been used by rss to commit heinous crimes against minorites, then, either add Singh last name or Dastaar, to use Sikhs as scapegoat ji_/\_ Most disappointing is Brahmgyani Sikhs feel we should look other way in bhagti, while murders against Bhai Jaswant Singh Khaira, 3 days Sikh genocide, Gurbani repeated beadbi, instead of to ardas benti for Guru Pita Maharaj to Bahhn Dehyn, as He did Praihlad, against tyrant harnakash... When will Khalsa of all our Sikh Panth, minorities, dalits, poor, reporters, females,children et al...victims of terror rss, JOIN FORCES TO DEMAND JUSTICE against this rss menace Jio_/\_
  11. #freejagginow

    CCTV camera has clear evidence for UK Sikh MPs to demand release to investigate closeup view. Jaggi mom in law said his passport was demanded prior to arrest as mine was for email to indian embassy, asking why they commit atrocities. $ is what causing blind justice to VERY OBVIOUS CRIMES by rss modi aka congress...$$$$ rules world better than virtues...but in God reign, NAAM LAHA RULES AND WILL OVERCOME ALL...SLOWLY BUT >>SURELY<<
  12. Here's why sikhs should stop marrying hindus altogether !!

    so you can keep smiling forever_/\_♡♡♡just marry Vahiguroo Jio Sikh Naujawanio Jio_/\_♡♡♡
  13. #freejagginow

    Pressure uk mps, crown..to demand jaggi be extradited to UK Jio_/\_ http://maddiemccannmystery.forumotion.co.uk/t579-prosecution-of-uk-nationals-for-crimes-abroad
  14. #freejagginow

  15. So I took a Ethnicity DNA Test...

    to mata ji_/\_DNA in Sikhi denotes DHAN NAAM AMRIT...so, in my opinion..in angrezi DNA is Do Not Agree..with findings, as surely our blood contains kurr of environment soil, wind, water atey fire..that Guru Sahib created, put together to mold our sareer, before He blew Naam Life in us, so we live in Naam laha award pride vs kurr beings kaal destiny blood type false pride ji