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  1. Funniest video I have seen - Britain First

    Guru Nanak kirpa_/\_, All religions teach virtues but our minds react in 5 bhoots, and entire creation suffer_/\_, because like cycle of life and death,... hate and vengeance is same ji_/\_
  2. Funniest video I have seen - Britain First

  3. Any Update on Sikhs in UK jail?

    Guru Nanak kirpa_/\_ so uk acknowledge no one died, vs thousands of pilgrims, children, babies at Sikh holiest shrine, brar killed... just apney should have barosa such genocide killers will receive worst penalty from Vahiguroo, so we just do ardas, financial support for victims atey surviving families, IS BEST SEVA FOR PANTH ji _/\_bhul chuk muaf
  4. Funniest video I have seen - Britain First

    svaas svaas Har Ju_/\_
  5. How To increase Sikh population in UK

    Guru Nanak Dev Jio atey Bhai Randhir Singh Jio attracted converts just by being JOT OF VAHIGUROO IN HUMAN BODIES, no race will consider another better than his or hers otherwise ji_/\_ just go about your bhagti, lives...let Vahiguroo Hukam prevail Jio_/\_ bhul chuk muaf Vahiguroo_/\_ ps. a video of musalman defaming Guru Nanak, while rough gora atey calm Sikh attempting to arrest him, while laughing video recorder ignored female police officer...musalman yelling that he is not terrorist...so why even laugh at situation Sikhs have been through..why even make video...if recorder is Sikh?_/\_we have enough to deal with already_/\_Jio video was on facebook
  6. Vahiguroo Jio bhul chuk muaf but i humbly repeat that Khandey Batey Ki Pahul initiate purification of our souls, and Khalsa prepared langar WILL USHER ALL KAUM TOWARDS SIKHI ji_/\_end of feeling threatened over race, beginning of Khalsa Raj_/\_
  7. M0r0├▒ic Zakir Naik Bakwas Video

    murjhey naal na lujiyeh Jio_/\_sirf Gursiki Vaho DHAN GURSIKHI AKAAAAL_/\_
  8. Vahiguroo Proactive Jio, You are so frankly correct, but why did Guru Gobind Singh Jio pledge His entire Family for cused, and ungrateful hind kaum...evil gangu caused trouble for Mata Gujri Kaur Jio atey Char Sahibzade Jio...Guru Arjan Dev Jio also put to torture due to evil hind backstabbing, while in both situations evil musalman carried out evil actions. As for our own sikh puppets, so true also, as my sis is one evil puppet of maya, but on the other hand she has been a great financial asset and help to my puppet to her family, and me. Khalsa Aid is not the only sikh org, serving musalman, other kaum more than our own jio_/\_. In this situation, I feel our suffering kaum not doing something right in their personal lives or bad karam to pay, as in my personal situation ji_/\_. Our Great Guru Jio's game of love is truly Guru bin ...unable to comprehend_/\_, but keeping up with right thought, word, and actions to help others and ourselves we must as Sikhs PROUD TO BE SIKHS_/\_! Here, I ask Guru Maharaj Jio many times, if You are doer, why? So, why we have to pay for bad karam, and why not make all creation Khalsa as He has instant power to do so?_/\_ Just know also, that as Gurbani reminds, Vahiguroo is doer of EVERY action, thought, and word, so all that happens is good...and I understood this when I helped a fellow Sikh, and non Sikh, then got like a slap in face, because person/s treated me like I was the trouble ji_/\_;). One example, a sindi mona doing chakr seva at Gurduara vs allowing Sikh keertani, to my disappointment, so I ask in ardas to Guru Maharaj to intervene. Same keertani was serving karah parsad to all sangat (wealthy non practising), and totally ignored gareeb me?_/\_ So sindhi mona heart is Khalsa_/\_ Paviterr Charan hath jorr benti bhul chuk muaf Vahiguroo Jio atey Sabna Nu_/\_
  9. Guru Nanak kirpa so we can disagree as ONE LOVING KHALSA FAMILY, to know we are different due to our minds, but our jot is VAHIGUROO Jio Jot, thus, should not disrespect anyone's family, because Japji Sahib reminds we would not indulge in ego if we know Truth Jio_/\_ bhul chuk muaf so i too can also be as our Vahiguroo Jio Guru Sahibaan Jot SADA NIRLEP, ocean of life full of tumultuous waves_/\_, but Dhan Sikh Kaum Vadey Bhaag that we have Naam atey Gurbani under umbrella of Khalsa Panth Family, BLISS JIO_/\_
  10. Rehitvaan Khalsa Langar (www.akjfaq.com), is vital to keep our ego from hurting each others' feelings Jio_/\_Vahiguroo Jio kirpa_/\_
  11. please read Jail Chitthian, where pathans gave prison staff a good beating for ill treating Brahmgyani Bhai Randhir Singh Jio_/\_ good and bad in all kaum and us, thus, we still need laha Jio _/\_ and it is Guru Nanak Dev Jio baksheesh of feeding sadhu, that is what KA inspired with Jio_/\_. KHALSA FOOD, GURMUKHI, ATEY NITNEM WILL BRING KHALSA RAJ_/\_Ek Om Kar Sat Gurparsad Jio kirpa karin_/\_