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  1. Vahiguroo Naam

  2. Vahiguroo Naam

    Vahiguroo Jio kirpa karin, so that all will think as this pappi murakh do; that Shaster Naam Bani is of spiritual significance to eliminate 5 bhoots of our minds, because pure or evil minds follow our jeev according to Gurbani_/\_and quality of our minds, lead us to anand Sachkhand or misery of janam maran...
  3. neo30S1ngh, Bhai Jagmeet Singh Jio reply, to my understanding is that the >INDIAN GOVT< MASTERMINDED THE AIRINDIA BOMBING! He went on to say, investigations to prove this truth, should be the focus, not posters of Sikhs who DID NOT BOMB AIR INDIA, BECAUSE IT IS INDIAN GOVT WHO HAS HISTORY OF KILLING INNOCENT!! Vahiguroo Guru Nanak kirpa karin my message is understood, despite poor english_/\_, all govt...OBLIGED TO VAHIGUROO to understand that authority does not give them right to quiet down and hide their inhumane actions against their very own innocent citizens!!
  4. n30s1ngh, not sure if u r a Sikh to replace i in Singh with 1? as the wisdom saying is, "one man's food (i am veg), is another's poison...NDP Bhai Jagmeet Singh Jio answered the obvious indian govt gora chamcha >VERY INTELLIGENTLY ,<! the chamcha gora referred to 1984 genocide of Sikhs as, "riots (!!)," and our Singh Soorma poster in Canada as terrorists (!!)?? AND SOORMA BHAI JAGMEET SINGH JIO REPLIED AS THE PURA GRANDSON OF >PEACEFUL< SHAHEED HE IS, " THE KILLINGS OF INNOCENT LIVES IS WRONG, SHOULD BE CONDEMNED, AND THE ACTUAL GUILTY INDIAN GOVT (>CONGRESS<), WHO KILLED INNOCENT AND UNARMED SIKHS IN 1984 AND >ALL RACES, INCLUDING SIKHS, PASSENGERS KILLED IN AIR INDIA BOMBING SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED AND CONVICTED, AND MY ARDAS IS SAME FOR 1984 INDIAN GOVT GENOCIDE OF SIKHS (WHO WERE UNARMED, DEFENSELESS, WHILE EVEN POLICE USE POLICE BATONS ON THEM, AS MANY PUBLIC VIDEOS HAVE PROVEN...SOME HACKED WITH DAGGERS AND SET ON FIRE WHILE ALIVE..so not qualified to be a Canadian news host indian govt chamcha gora should be fired for having the audacity to refer to 1984 as riots??!!!
  5. Vahiguroo Naam

    kira, i disagree with Kirpan being insignificant as hindu janeu, because it is just impossible to make you understand if your thought is only on physical value of OUR GREAT KIRPAN, vs ACTUAL SPIRITUAL VALUE (KIRPAN IS LIVING, IS VAHIGUROO). GURU GOBIND SINGH JIO KIRPA DYA REHM KAR JIO_/\_, so those who think as you and Gurjant Singh, understand you cannot ever be ready physically if you are not a Khalsa, as Brahmgyani Bhai Jeevan Singh Jio atey Gurbani Jio teaches, >BE A KHALSA<, then, your level of thinking will comprehend Vahiguroo's Hukam bethi Jio_/\_♡♡♡♡♡
  6. Vahiguroo Naam

    kira, besides my Kirpan as a Amritdhari, atey Gurbani daily, i am yet to achieve readiness as Bhai Randhir Singh Jio in Jail Chittian, where He tolerated much physical abuse, including attempts to force Sikhi highly taboo meat etc in His Paviterr Puneet Mouth, but Vahiguroo gave Him Jorr to give pappi gora good beating, that made gora resign from job and beg Bhai Sahib Jio on knees_/\_, i am nowhere near Bhai Sahib Jio or any Gursikhs, just love you all Khalsa Soormey as our Miterr Pyareo Guru Parvasa, and doing what i can to share what i know Jio (how i know is His kirpa, if it is worthy knowledge, only time will tell)_/\_Paviterr Charna Bhul Chuk Muaf Gurfathe Vahiguroo rakha ♡♡♡♡♡
  7. Vahiguroo Naam

  8. Vahiguroo Naam

    kira, gun is legal in usa, so is usa, india, israel et al supported by evil corrupt in their so called violence against crime, terrorism etc, but when Sikh Saint Soormey sacrifise thier good name, lives, all...for humanity by eliminating evil govt, they are labelled terrorists, Sikhs killed in thousands...let us adorn Gurbani Shaster to achive Chaute Sahej Gyan Bakshish from Vahiguroo Jio to know truth about who really is responsible for killing innocent in biggest defamation against sadei kaum, and support efforts to uncover truth, please_/\_. my every web activity is being monitored by rss hind (who will not cease their manipulations, troublemaking...until entire world convinced we Sikhs are uneducated terrorists). see video hind label Sant Jio, who helped many hindus who asked for his >NON VIOLENT <help against their own corrupt, yet Sant Jio repeatedly defamed as killer in this video ( , while jagdish t, etc minority mob killers free). PLEASE INDULGE IN WHAT WILL REALLY FREE US TO LIVE IN HUMBLE, SILENT DIGNITY VS WASTEFUL BEGGING ON STREETS, ETC WORLD AUTHORITIES WHO REALLY DO NOT CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO US SIKHS JIO_/\_...Guru Nanak Jio's reply to someone who asked why not just kill evil, that will NOT ELIMINATE EVIL, but to reform them BANI IS REMEDY Jio_/\_♡ http://www.worldsikh.org/our_work
  9. Vahiguroo Naam

    ♡♡Bani Shaster, Bani Vahiguroo, Sansar Bani Vahiguroo Pyare Khilan Jio_/\_♡♡
  10. Pranam Gurjant SINGH JIO, KIRPAN IS TO PROTECT YOU AS YOU DO BHAGTI AS >KIRPAN IS VAHIGUROO JORR IN SPIRIT<_/\_ prove to me you can get Jaggi out using offensive force with Kirpan, because that is just what our adversaries waiting for...how many more Shaheeds, that has only made them more corrupt, receive more support and manipulate justice more?_/\_ MAAN JEETAI JAG JEET!♡ Guru Nanak kirpa dya mehr karo Jio_/\_
  11. Pranam Gurjant SINGH JIO, KIRPAN IS TO PROTECT YOU >FROM SPIRITUAL BHOOT< AS YOU DO BHAGTI AS >KIRPAN IS VAHIGUROO JORR IN SPIRIT<_/\_ prove to me you can get Jaggi out using offensive force with Kirpan, because that is just what our adversaries waiting for...how many more Shaheeds, that has only made them more corrupt, receive more support and manipulate justice more?_/\_ MAAN JEETAI JAAG JEET SINGH JIO!_/\_♡ Guru Nanak kirpa dya mehr karo Jio_/\_
  12. >>♡Vahiguroo NAAM JANTAR, MANTAR, TANTAR >HAI JIO<<♡with love atey courage to keep up this barosa our NAAM JORR HUMAN BODY will be lethal weapons >BRAHMGYANI SAINT WARRIORS<♡ without need for lethal weapons to uproot 5 bhoot maya from existence Jio_/\_ just as one cancer cell eliminated creates another; as a lizard's tail, likewise eliminating matter over mind, WILL NOT END CYCLE OF JANAM MARAN 5 BHOOT EVIL MINDS JIO_/\_ my Paviterr Charna hath jorr Benti to Bapu Surat Singh Jio to follow 100% www.akjfaq.com ♡GURU GOBIND SINGH JIO NU PYARI REHIT♡ vs adopting starvation of hind rss ..atey Jaggi atey family do same instead of begging world for justice BEG VAHIGUROO Jio; with ADOPTING SAME BHAGTI ATEY REHIT LAHA JIO_/\_ bhul chuk muaf_/\_ ♡♡VAHIGUROO JIO RAKHA BAHH DEHN PYAREY KHALSA PANTH NU♡♡