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  1. Look at the levels of hindu media's crappy journalistic credibility. Anybody who believes this, should be sectioned.
  2. Indeed. The jatts, well theyre the majority in our panth, so u would imagine a good number who hate n good number who support india. Im not pickin on tarkhans btw, as im not from any of the major tribes within sikh panth.
  3. Ha! Very true, he kinda does have a point, but he shouldnt be shocked! Look at all the "ex-pats" living in spain, they never integrate into spanish life, atleast we brownies do here in uk. In spain they lived their 30+yrs n cant even speak the language, eat english only food n watch english tv via sky dishes. They all support england/wales/n.eire too.
  4. Their parents perhaps, but the homegrown uk tarkhans seem to love india, its friggin annoying. On FB/twitter, all i keep seeing is bansal/jandu/panesar/bacchu/matharu/mudhar etc. Not saying there isnt any sandhu/dhillon/jassal/powar/gill/bangar/saini etc But tarkhans seem to love india, really disappointed. Their cov gurdwaras have had indira gandhi pics in there too in the past, which is unforgivable. But like i sed initially, as the yrs go on, i have noticed, less n less sikhs supporting india, so there is deffo progress in that regards.
  5. im only saying wat ive seen. As for the illegal freshys, thats a given they support crappystan, but im talkin more so of the homegrown sikhs of the uk.
  6. Dont wanna sound casteist, but....WHY are so majority of the sikhs who support india in the cricket here in the UK all ramgharia/tarkhans? For goodness sakes, its so consistent with them, its not even funny anymore now! I also agree, we r startin to see, more and more sikhs not support india anymore now, coz theyve finally woken up! Regarding the whole dhol playin girls, there were pak girls playin dhol too, so meh.
  7. Y your gettin sarcastic with me, i have no clue, i just simply answered/corrected the brothers comments above. Secondly, after bluestar happened, we went to war with the indian state in a civil war (1985-93ish), which was the only option, as the ask for khalistan became our only option. Either that, or we just sit there n carry on getting shittar from panjab police/bsf/raw etc. Pakistan hating and wanting to destabilise india works in their favour and ours. Who else did u want to fund sikhs with weapons then, which had to be snuck in via various methods across states/borders? U said "We paid with our blood to further their aims"....their aims? Khalistan and the push for it was NOT "their aims", it became a necessity after bluestar. U kno u need to research this topic properly, rather than post rubbish n embarrass yourself.
  8. No, those weapons used in the battle of amritsar (bluestar) were old crappy ww2 village rifles. Pakistan funded sikhs with weapons AFTER bluestar (1985 onwards).
  9. I dont either blud. Well there was no evidence of it, i fink at the time, only 1 paper was runnin wit this news, nobody else did (i maybe wrong with that). They both denied it aswel as their camps. Normally these popstars dont deny anyfink wen it comes to stuff like this i noticed.
  10. Interesting interview with an a ex-muslim ex-jihadi, who left islam for christianity.
  11. Btw That was a false accusation against neelam, she never was with zayne malik, just saying.
  12. Just watching that video above....where does it indicate she is an apni? She cud b a panjabi hindu, pak, bangla hindu/muslim, gujarati etc. Whoever she is, shes a behsharam. Regarding this sl@g, priya above, obz she doesnt go much, gyms r packed with hench/tonk singhs.
  13. Bhai fauji is a legend! This man, not only was he a true khalsa but a fearless warrior to the core. Sumtime during the 70s, a hindu women from his pind was raped by panjab police officer within the station itself. She came running back to her pind n went straight to bhai fauja singhs house. Wen she told him of her ordeal, he grabbed her arm n took her back to the police station. He asked her to point out the officer who raped her, took out his kirpan n beheaded the officer there n then!! The rest of the officers legged it n locked themselves inside their cells. Bhai sahib always remained steadfast as khalsa n shastardhari!