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  1. Is this a pathan type paghs, which i believe was the "in-thing" during sikh raj? Id imagine hari singh nalwa got influenced from the locals and made it in fashion. Or am i wrong?
  2. Also last time i looked, duleep singh, didnt kill lakhs of sikhs to stop an uprising, steal from harmandar sahib golaks and pump drugs/alcohol onto his own people. Some ppl round here r so thick its insane. As if a young 10yr old, givin up his empire/dharam/kohinoor/wealth for sum crappy posh houses in england was his actual choice?! Do me a favour. Everyfink u sed is the truth genie!
  3. That would be this book, i bought it way back in late 90s frm the V&A museum, great great book!
  4. Heres an interesting question/thought....once an independent sikh raj/country is established, wat is the national flag? Also from the various kindly posted links, wat would u guys say, was THE OFFICIAL flag of sikh empire? This is my personal fave. https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sikh_flag.jpg
  5. im not suprised, im just saying, its sickening. I was gona mention how the goreh have done same to african/egyptian gods/prophets.
  6. Yea indeed, if true 100% im not suprised, as i stated above, its prolly edited by em.
  7. Erm no, but i did crop those 2 pics frm his instagram. I duno if ur new to this forum, but any1 can tell u im not him. I dont mind him tho, im subscribed to his youtube channel for a year or so now, n i like his views on colonisation of apnay and black ppl etc. The rest of his stuff havnt really paid attention to. Genie in another thread says hes a communist/marxist.... im clearly not that for cryin out loud.
  8. I wouldnt b suprised if the khanda is a cleverly crafted symbol by the goreh to resemble freemason/illuminati symbolism, which they have cleverly done everywhere in the world. Dally on another thread pointed out how there r freemason/illuminati symbols on the floor at harmandir sahib on the tiled parkarma, which was shown on a youtube video. But there is a flag which brits captured frm anglo sikh wars, which shows a resemblence to modern day khanda. But for all we know brits cudda edited it. But as we all know, this 1 below is the original nishan sahib, which streches back to 6th gurus time. But 1 thing i do know is, we have got to make some serious efforts to retun the sikh panth/way of life back to wat it was, prior to these dirty brits comin in and posioning our panth with their editing. Unfortunatly, there r some idiotic sikhs (esp freshy sikhs, who still romanticise over gora rule), who have colonised brains. These latest pics r an effing disgrace! Im not sure if these r 3ho or colonised brainwashed panjabis, either way, assi bachke raina chaiyda! Mata gujari as some sort of "virgin" mary, or guru ramdas ji lookin pagri walah joseph holdin guru arjan dev ji as some sort of wannabe lil jesus, shocking!
  9. Look at that other mug..https://www.instagram.com/inquilab_channel/. I remember this mug frm few bhangra videos as a bhangra dancer. This guy i remember started makin videos on youtube a while back, on panjab/sabyachar. I seem to remember he turns his nose up and was critical of pro-khalistanis/khalistan comments on his channel...yet look at wat he has written behind him in his videos....."freedom for palestine"....u cudnt make it up, honestly! Typical maha-fuddhus, want freedom for everybody else, but their own ppl! Though i could be wrong, he maybe a pro-khalistani, who knows. He describes himself as a socialist, no doubt he arse-licks bhagat singh. Shame he shud read how bhagat singh became a sikh again and wanted to take amrit.
  10. Tbh, when i was younger, i made a mission in my mind, that i wud not only fully read/understand the zafarnama, but id learn farsi/persian to read it, as opposed to a simplified english translation. Trouble is though, the farsi/persian spoken in modern day iran is diluted and is not pure farsi. Infact, they say, that dari (east persian), which is spoken in afganistan, is the purest form of the old farsi left, to the point, afghans mock iranians for ditching it for their modern day rubbish. I remember watchin a documentary on iran presented by rageh omar, n they were using french phrases, like 'merci beaucoup' and 'bonjour', which i thought was ridiculous. So it looks as though, if there is gonna be sum sort of persian/farsi revival, then it will have to come from our fellow afghan sikh brothers/sisters.
  11. My friend, again, u r missing the irony of this sextape and its timing. In the new song panjab, gurdas maan asks for respect of women in panjab and how its goin downhill.....then his own son films himself sh@gging sum girl! Also u say u cant judge the father coz of sons actions.....u do realise gurrickk, gurdas' son, helped write the song/direct the video! Hun duss!