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  1. Shame nobody killed him....jus like he did to so many of our kharku's/young boys/girls. Watch the kuttehh badals name an airport terminal or cricket stadium after him.
  2. Look can the bloody admin, jus get rid of all these fake ids/posts etc. They r gettin tedious and boring, and a massive LOL at the mugs who keep writing long dumb replies thinkin its a genuine poster! Use ur brains its obsessive sullehh using taqqiya.
  3. No it is NOT a quote from guru ji, its sum made up quote from a trouble makingpiece of s*** on the net, and fuddhu ppl have taken it is gospel..ridiculous!
  4. should u succeed in opening a gurdwara, rule no.1......NO COMMITTEES!! Use the panj pyare system which is given by the gurus, not a gorah/british imperial system of committee/democracy/voting.
  5. wat has any of this crap gotta do wit the convo? Try followin the convo u mug. Secondly the "western sikhs" r more religious than the sikhs of panjab. Sikhi in panjab is down n crap, u shud look around more.
  6. LOL judging u? R u off ur rocker? ive hardly judged u, wen u admitted urself! And the difference between me and u, is i know my mistakes and dont make excuses for them, where as u, say personally its "harmless". Now ur sayin drinking alcohol/dugs r harmless to you personally? Blud, do us all a favour....
  7. 50k? ur joking right? Operation bluestar alone 10-15k civilian sikhs killed by indian army (tying hands with turbans on n shooting ppl dead, using chemical gas, throwing grenades into side rooms filled with pilgrims etc). That doesnt include other 40+ gurdwaras which were systematically attacked across panjab. Then i havnt even started on operation woodrose, which killed thousands! Remember sikhs had been killed routinely frm 81-83 in fake encounters by state police, which led to so many sharam waleh police officers to leave panjab police and become sikh activists (simranjit singh maan n labh singh as 2 examples). Then theres operation metal, post-indira killings across n.india, which were aleast 10-15k sikhs were murdered, where place like hondh chillar r still being discovered, think of how many undiscovered there r? This all b4 the mass 2nd round of fake encounters during the independance movement/civil war (85-95), where police had quotas to kill as many sikhs boys (12-35 yo) as possible, under the watch of barnala/beanta/badal/presidential rule etc.
  8. kuttha behsharam, this is y so many of our millionaires r nowhere to be seen, when it comes to aiding our panth with their influence in certain circles or even helpin financially our panthic charities (BasicsOfSikhi/S.A.S etc), bcoz they trade their sikhi for money! His head shud be jhatka'd!
  9. thanks for the answer. but i found it odd, how on a sikh site, u bravely state that pearcings r harmless at a certain age and regarding the 'janeo', u state "I don't see any problem with it personally". Right as sikhs u know full well we r not allowed to edit r body (cut hair/piercings/circumcision etc), and the janeo was rejected by guru nanak dev ji, which means its banned in sikhi, yet u fink this is ok and "harmless"? Mate av a word! I also cut my hair/and have piercings, but i dont make excuses for it, i know full well its wrong.
  10. Meh, whatever, and wat is ur estimated death count of sikhs from 1977-1995? this includes deaths of all over india.
  11. That kutthaa badal and kps gill discussed how to eliminate khalra, and gill openly wrote in a newspaper that he will make him the next victim of hundreds of thousands of already killed sikhs, if he didnt stop "stickin his nose" in the genocidal campaigns. Which other country in the world wud allow this to happen in a newspaper openly?
  12. how do u know research wasnt done on this? U can clearly see the source written at the bottom of the picture, from a book, which i have recently purchased. Inderjeet singh did ground level research, not to mention he asked human rights orgs/courts, which is how he got the figures in 1st place. If this had been written by a gorah, wud u have questioned the figures? Stop denying the facts. We have had convos on this b4, go back to those threads n re-read wat i wrote on their, coz i cant b arsed to repeat everyfink all overagain. The akali dal have been responsible for majority of sikh deaths since the 1970s, gal kattam!
  13. Wats funny is this whole "35,000" hindus were killed by sikhs is a new phenomenon, n wats amazing is, they have NO proof, bcoz it never happened. If the kharku's wanted to, they cud of murdered every single hindu in panjab, n made it into a sikh only state, but our lads r not of that ilk.
  14. Thats their estimation of sikh deaths, and the last column is state magistracy estimation of sikh deaths, which tells u, the ppl of the court r fully aware of the sikh genocide, n isnt a fabrication.