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  1. Bhai fauji is a legend! This man, not only was he a true khalsa but a fearless warrior to the core. Sumtime during the 70s, a hindu women from his pind was raped by panjab police officer within the station itself. She came running back to her pind n went straight to bhai fauja singhs house. Wen she told him of her ordeal, he grabbed her arm n took her back to the police station. He asked her to point out the officer who raped her, took out his kirpan n beheaded the officer there n then!! The rest of the officers legged it n locked themselves inside their cells. Bhai sahib always remained steadfast as khalsa n shastardhari!
  2. Any apna who finks of bowing to any maharaja/badshah/royal is ok, forward to 1hr25mins into this film n check the prison scene. 1 of the best moments ive seen of sikhs shown in a movie, ever.
  3. Yes!!! Saala mera pichha nai chad dha, i blocked the kanjarrs msgs.
  4. Yea i cant understand y ppl r so obsessed with higher/lower bakwaas.
  5. U takin the mick? Monay have inferiority complex? Their own shaheed? Justifiying kesh cutting? Never read such tatti in my life. Yea, i suppose us monay really dont consider sant jarnail singh as a real shaheed then, or any of the old puratan singhs as shaheeds then? Seriously shut ur mouth with that garbage. Attitudes like ur just push monay away, rather than bringing them in. Thank god u aint got no voice out there to make any difference. I dunno wat it is in ur america water, but u man spout serious garbage.
  6. Where is the proof that pic was taken in a supposed 1st arrest? Complete garbage, he accepted sikhi again b4 he was hung as u mentioned. Sum fuddhus cant/wont accept this, but cling on to sum tatti book, he SUPPOSEDLY wrote. Sardar kapur singh wrote in his book, 'sachi sakhi', that bhagat singh wanted to take amrit and also have bhai randhir singh to b 1 of the panj singhs. But i suppose sardars kapur/randhir singhs were a bunch of liars eh.😒
  7. many big reasons y sikh population hasnt grown as much as we had liked in panjab, is because 1)1947 genocide 2)1977-1995 genocide 3)mass migration of panjabis (mostly sikhs) from 50s-70s to uk 4)current deliberate silent genocide by indian govt (alcohol/drugs/female foeticide etc) 5)another mass illegal migration (late 90s-present) from panjab to australia/canada/usa/uk/italy etc 6)akal takht jathedar also idiotically askin the jantha to have less kids sikhi was fastest growimg dharam in panjab before partition hit. With the highest conversions n birthrates, had we got our homeland at partition n not had the subsequent genocides, we wud easily b sitting on 80/90m at present, no question.
  8. erm, im talkin about pre-partition. There was 92m muslims, hence y i wrote 1940s/partition. go to 2:50. it gives u rough estimate of the populations.
  9. There was 300m hindus in sub-continent, 92m muslims and 6m sikhs during 1940s/partition.
  10. Committees can fork out £1000s on unnecessarily tarmacing an already tarmaced gurdwara car park, yet cant buy these properties up n make em into sum sort of sikh related shops, h@rami saleh.