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  1. tell me a time when sikhs didnt go out and preach their dharam? Guru amardas ji appointed over 50 women parcharaks to spread sikh dharam. Guru hargobind sahib ji appointed sikhs to go to kabul....for wat exactly? To spread sikhi to the muslims there. When guru gobind singh was born, their ol' man, guru tegh bahadur, didnt even see guru ji for 7 of yrs of their life, bcoz they were doin parchar in bengal/orrisa/bihari areas. In recent times, singh sabha lahore, with giani ditt singh, converted mass amounts of hindus/muslims to sikhi, to the point where in the 1920s-partition time sikhi was the fastest growing dharam in greater panjab (birth rates/conversions). Not to mention sant bhindrawale, who converted sways of lapsed sikhs, hindus/muslims and hardcore atheists/communists.... Stop this brainwashed rubbish.
  2. Yup, alot of haters out there, esp panjabi hindus, communists etc. We even have 1 on this thread, masquerading under fake sikh ID's. Ive always sed it, never ever trust any sharma/verma/masih.
  3. This image, tho not suprising, says it all, besharam lohk!
  4. Cheers! Im so thick, i just realised u wrote the source on the initial post.
  5. Great post! Wat book is this from btw? Is it the same 'Victor Jacquemont - Experiences in Maharaja Ranjit Singh's empire' book from your other thread?
  6. Yea fully agreed.
  7. wat i find funny is, wen sikhs ask for independance or sikhs get credit for the gud things of panjab, u get hindus n pappu sikhs sayin, "oh hindus r 35% of panjab, theyre just as much a part of panjab as sikhs r". Yet wen it comes to negativity of panjab, sikhs ALWAYS get the blame. As if, hindus r not takin drugs in big number, or aborting kurrian, drinkin sharab, doing dodgy visa/dowry marriages like above.
  8. I duno if ur intentionally being silly here, but we all know wat mistakes he made, n it definitely isnt him takin badla on behalf of guru gobind singh/panth. U have a habit of puttin words in ppls mouths, i never uttered the stuff u wrote above, so plz try not to make assumptions. He made mistakes such as arguing with other khalsa's at the time n disobeying orders n goin his own way etc. I believe he tried to change the slogan of wjkk wjkf, to sumink else. Im not totally clued up precisely on this particular bits, but its been discussed numerous times on here. Perhaps sum1 on here with deeper knowledge can bring light to it.
  9. U kno that whole banda singh bahadur bashing ppl do is pathetic to the core. Yes he made mistakes, but his glorious shaheedi and wafadari/commitment to the sikh panth by refusing islam and havin his babies heart in his mouth and being mercilessly tortured, more than made up for his mistakes.
  10. Tbf tho dally, there were plenty of pashtuns in the british army fightin in the world wars, but i do agree with wat ur sayin tho. Our lot (panjabi muslim/sikh/hindu) have far too much gadhari-ness in them.
  11. read my post again! i clearly stated " Sadly thats the only thing missing right now, a 1 in a hundred year inspirational leader".
  12. Any1 seen this video? Incredible! Very stirring words n video!
  13. Huge myth! Afghanistan has been invaded n conquered on numerous occasions (khalsa, alexander, nadir shah, genghis, timur etc), but i know wat u mean, in more recent times, afghans have been incredibly resolute.
  14. You guys say that ppl of panjab wont be able to tackle the govt and rise up coz theyre busy with nashe/no training etc. How is this current situation any different to panjab 1979-84 and 85-onwards? Sikhs then were under nashe and lackin in sikhi, communists everwhere, nAKALI dal/congress still fightin it out to see who can kill more sikhs. Hence y, sant jarnail singh completely changed the script and flipped everyfink on its head, with their inspiration pind-to-pind parchar, which turned druggies/communists/atheists/alcohilics into gursikhs. Sadly thats the only thing missing right now, a 1 in a hundred year inspirational leader. Of course another big difference is tho, the level of drug use is insane right now, but rajoana more than proved they were a great individual to rally up sikhs worldwide....that too frm prison. Lol, even in them days, just as last week, gadhaar maan released a song bowt panjab turning bad/in manners/drugs etc.
  15. Is this a pathan type paghs, which i believe was the "in-thing" during sikh raj? Id imagine hari singh nalwa got influenced from the locals and made it in fashion. Or am i wrong?