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  1. Her bandharr parents are the initiaters of this whole fiasco. This girl was into sikhi and wanted to know more. So she asker her parents to help her tie a dhamalla, n they replied...."why do u want to wear a khalistani pagh for?"........Yea well done u prats, she now resembles a black postbox. She was put into a foster home, where she preyed upon by these dirty sullehh.
  2. 'The Boy with a Top knot `

    I actually thought the drama was really good, i was expecting a gurinder chadha style behsti on show. But the mental health thing was excellent. Some ppl complaining on fb, saying y is it showing him with a gori etc....Its based on sathnams actual life, so if hes with a gori, thats wat is gona b shown. 1 big let down was however the bath scene.....oh jaroori si? Ehmi unnecessary gandha scene. Apart from that, id say it was decent. Alot of non sikhs online were complimentary, that at last, some non gora culture/meaningful drama n storyline was shown.
  3. The youth of today

    This video is from like 2002, y u bringing this video up now as if its relevant to 2017?
  4. Chaar Sahibzaade: Rise of Banda Singh Bahadur

  5. BBC partition program by anita rani

    U reckon the panjabi muslims of e.panjab, whom were faced with the same situation, did the same, as in fabricate their women heroicly killing themselves? I remember in that ch4 partition of panjab docu, how 1 of the muslim guys sayin all the muslim women of his sikh majority pind were all put in 1 house n burnt alive, so singhs couldnt abduct/convert/rape their ladies. Sad sad times man, dushman or not.
  6. M0r0ñic Zakir Naik Bakwas Video

    Who said i looked this up? Intentionally? It was on facebook, so i added link on here too.
  7. U cudnt make up the bakwas this h@rami bacha comes out with. According to him, sant jarnail singh, beant/satwant singhs r all terrorists.
  8. Sikh boy marries muslim girl

    Reading the comments on that video, shocked at how many muslims r ok with it. Did they have an anand karaj?
  9. i would tell u to tell the kurri to marry the guy, and tell her of the equality of sikhi which is given to women. Tell her how women can, read SGGS, do kirtan, cook/serve langar, go to gurdwara gyms, do simran and actually attend prayer services within a gurdwara, same as men do. This will be a huge shock to her! When non-sikhs find out about the beauty of sikhi and its practices (especially langar n men/women equality), they tend not to believe it initially. She isnt the only pak muslim women marrying out, a lot of them are nowadays n in thecoming future. My thaiya ji recently was tellin me, of how he met a swedish priest in r home town, who told him how Panjabi/urdu speaking Christian/jehovahs witness missionaries have been coverting pak muslims in recent times in quite big numbers, but for obv backlash reasons, these paks wont reveal so.
  10. SY UK

    Wjkk wjkf. This is a presentation done by bhai deepa singh from sikh youth uk. Its about sexual grooming and attacks on the panth by pak muslims here in the uk. Im posting this up, especially for the non-uk resident sikhs on here, who need wake up and educate themselves on this. Im de-sensitised to this sort of stuff now, but some of the stuff bhai sahib is saying in this video was hard to listen to and take in. He talks of some of the newer cases they are recieving.
  11. BBC partition program by anita rani

    i cannot stand chadha, pathetic women of pathetic standards. Watch her pull out the ol chestnut of "everybody is livin in peace/harmony' in india now bakwaas, like that other sellout sonia deol did, b4 dancin like a tw@t on telly.
  12. BBC partition program by anita rani

    Tbh, these stories r not any different to stories of muslims and wat their women went thru, particularly in jalandhar/ludhiana and present day haryana districts. Some of our own grandmas/g.grandmas were probably muslim women captured by singhs in village raids. Sad that ppl of panjab did this to each other. Listenin to stories on bbc asian networks from partition survivors just makes u wonder, how quick things escalated into sheer madness. The same ppl who would shudder at rape, were now committing it within months of thinkin in opposite way.
  13. BBC partition program by anita rani

    That 'Seven Days in Summer: countdown to Partition' bakwaas programme was so inaccurate it was pathetic. They basically insinuated that muslims reacted in revenge to earlier sikh bombing of a muslim train frm delhi. Yet if these planks did an ounce of research, they would of atleast mentioned, that, jinnah in 1946' had started the war against kuffar sikhs. I find it annoying how, wen sikhs dont study partition n always fink we were slapped around by muslims. Fact is that had sikhs started violence earlier in 46, we would of taken even more of w.panjab, rather than get wat we did in the end. Havin only 15% population of panjab, and all sikh tribes/castes working together like bandits/fauj, we annihilated muslims in central/south/e.panjab, where the population ratio was 50/50, 55/45, 60/40 etc. When u look back on partition, the role of cowardly panjabi hindus, shud never be underestimated. The pr!cks, if they had any meat n 2 veg in their trousers would of joined in n helped sikhs to claim more land from muslims. But they jus sat back like hijras n took shitther. Whilst obviously we dont condone the disgraceful violence our grandparents/g.grandparents did on muslims, if u study partition, it feels like it had to be done. Cud u imagine amritsar ending up pakistan? It would have, since it was 51% majority muslim.
  14. I always remember on scummy hundals fb page, at the height of the sham marriage fiasco's, how he distinctively calling his own brother, jagraj, a fundamentalist...pathetic!