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  1. Some more Home Truths

    In urdu we also use 'Mauze' so i doubt if it is hindi word.It sounds like a persian one.Indians have problem prouncing words which end with sound 'z'.Just like Mumtaz Mehal became Mumtaj Mehal and now just Taj Mehal.
  2. Some more Home Truths

    i have no issue using persian,hindi,english words in my day to day conversations in punjab.I just though a good opportunity to learn "shuddh" punjabi.
  3. Some more Home Truths

    VJKK VJKF No this is jubba
  4. Some more Home Truths

    Word Wahhabi brings up a lot of things too like Ban on Music/Qawwali , complete adherence to sharia ,enforcement of Burka on women , appliance of sharia law in muslim countries . But my point was Mr Doaba did not specifically talked about it. As far as Jihad is concerned well, it should not come across as a surprise it is considered as sixth pillar of Islam. Wahhabis put more emphasis on this pillar , they give two option to non muslims/govt either convert to Islam or give up your right to rule. And believe me many Muslims like myself have problem with it but it becomes difficult to argue with Wahhabis because they have entire collection of hadith to back up their claim. My personal take on this issue is unless there is complete reformation of Islam along the lines of Christian reformation in Europe , world will continue to suffer and i think it needless to say that vast majority of victims of this jihad are Muslims themselves. 70 thousand Pakistanis have been killed since 9/11 by the same wahhabi/debandi followers.
  5. Some more Home Truths

    Did he even mention Jihad ? He talked about split in Islam where two groups compete over who is real Sunni. And this debate absolutely has no affect on non Muslims. Perhaps he was talking about Nirankaris and Sikh situation i.e differences over ideology.
  6. Some more Home Truths

    well we use jaraab/jarabaan word for socks. Don't confuse it with jalaab which is used for loose motions.
  7. Some more Home Truths

    u sure about this ? I think Tyag is used for someone who does not concern himself with wordly matters.Like, ess banday ney duniyaa tyag ditti aey
  8. Some more Home Truths

    u seem right....i should have thought of some shuddh urdu word lol
  9. Some more Home Truths

    hey are u the same SheikhYoBooty ?
  10. Some more Home Truths

    Well I live in Pakistan and i never came across someone wearing Jubba.But i can't speak for overseas Pakistanis.
  11. Some more Home Truths

    my hindi/punjabi is not that great.I heard the word Balidaan in some indians movies wasn't sure it is exlusively used for animal sacrifice.Would an average Indian know about Kurbani ?
  12. Some more Home Truths

    Sir I would differ here.Just have a look at all the sufi mausoleum in Punjab esp Data Darbar in Lahore.Thousands visit it daily.Sure Wahhabism have got some success in Pak thanks to Saudi money pumped into Paki madrassas but by and large our society is predominantly sufi/brelwi.
  13. Some more Home Truths

    LOL Never knew about mritr.But i will let u two gentlemen decide the true word for shaheed.I did some research on Bali and found that we use word Kurbani for Bali.
  14. Some more Home Truths

    thanks.increased my knowledge
  15. Some more Home Truths

    bali like in balidaan ?