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  1. What dafu* is wrong with UK why they are tolerating such people ? they have got enough weaponry to raze down the entire areas controlled by ISIL. these nutjobs understand the language of force only.
  2. as i said earlier believe what you want if it gives you some sort of comfort.I'm not interested in right wing white gourps don't give a damn .I'm interested in sikh peolpe that's why i'm here. and the thing u said about sikhs forum the very fact i'm here denies you claim that i'm some kinds hardcore muslim .i would not be here then okay. And there are plenty of sikhs on islamic forum too.So no need to cry.
  3. And who brainwashed those thousands of Hindus who don't believe in God yet are proud Hindus ??? And who brainwashed Khushwant Singh ?
  4. listen bro I got no time to listen their filth.It makes my blood boil that these guys are completely out of their minds.They are holding us back by constantly focusing on past glories rather than planing about future.I wanna see Muslim countries progress like the model of Israel and West I often tell other muslims online that look at Jews they have one the strictest religious rules and look at where they stand now it is just ludicrous to live your lives according to rules made fourteen hundred years ago.These rules worked fine in those times we need to change otherwise we will keep getting humiliated.
  5. Okay if i a person said he is not into religion yet he defends his faith ? Does people like you would stop criticizing his faith ? nope not a chance.I wrote what i feel.I don't mind if you kill isil or any radical islamists and neither i would defend their 7th century rules but what I have problem is when people judge all muslims by the actions of few. However if you stil wanna believe that i'm doing taqiya that's upto you.If that helps you sleep good at night then so be it. But I will say one thing basically i never said i'm ex muslim. Get your facts right.And before you jump on this taqiya sh1t.Just google Atheist Hindus.You will find plenty and also google late Khushwant Singh.He was atheist and he did not believe in God yet he was proud of his culture and even if he did not believe in God it did not stop him from returning his award to Indian govt after anti sikh riots and govt's failure to protect Sikhs.When I stopped believing in God I used to ridicule Islam on Facebook and I would find many hindus would like my posts but as soon as I would post about their religion they would go all abusive.That is when I said to myself enough is enough if they can defend their religion even though many of them are atheist and did not believe in God why can't I ?
  6. Glad you clarified that see a lot of misunderstanding can be resolved through dialogue.We should avoid using unnecessary derogatory terms.And also labeling an entire population as extremists this ain't gonna help unwillingly that way you are only gonna push more people towards those radicals.Anyways it was talking to you.Good bye
  7. This is really sad and action should be taken to stop this.Having said this you are ignoring the facts that hindus are doing same thing it should also be condemned we should not be selective towards criticizing just one religon's fanatics while ignoring other religons' fanatics like those of Hindutavis i remeber one hindu leader in india saying that dead bodies of muslim women should be raped GOD I was so mad that i wanted to kill this <banned word filter activated> I have seen that some people here will completly ignore the hindutavi threat and only focus on muslims. Like last year thread about Tayyab Erdogan where everyone was mad that now islamists are taking over but none of them said anything about modi .We Pakistanis are constantly labeled as backward,ignorant intolerant but mark my words in Pakistan someone like modi will never be elected.Hindus are still liberal even after electing a monster like Modi and we Pakistanis are intolerant even after not electing a single moulvi since the creation of Pakistan.
  8. @ jkvlondon I think now I know why are you so anti muslim.I'm sorry that your kids have been discriminated by Muslim kids.I might have done th same thing if my kids have been discriminated by sikh kids.
  9. Who conducted the poll ? your source please.25 % means 450 million muslims supporting terrorism which does not make sense you can imagine destruction which can be brought if so many people are radicals.
  10. it is wrong to kill innocent actually i have never hated any religion it was only when i joined social media and started using Internet i find hindus and sikhs hating muslims calling us with derogatory remarks sulley,katwe etc I used to think Sikhs are friendly and loving people that's why I started goggling about Sikhs and then khalistan which brought me here i joined this forum in 2014 unfortunately my experience here have been very bad it has forced me to change my perception of Sikhs. As for your daughter's school incident it is really disturbing those boys must have been from Punjabi Muslims families and as you know we have not very good history with sikhs. Many pepole on both sides hate each other these boys must be one of them.
  11. For Big Terra And lastly stop whining about Islam and Muslims. Worry about your own problems like decline of sikh population in punajb,conversion of lower caste sikhs to Christianity,female infanticide, high rate of cancer in punjab, growth of followers of deras in your ancestral homeland, or culprits of anti sikh riots like jagdish tytler sajjan kumar who are still roaming free rather than obsessing with Muslims.Given the history of Hinduism and its ability to influence other religion like they have influenced Subcontinental Islam with rituals or Hinduism's ability to assimilate other dharmic religion like they did with buddhism in India.These are the issues you should be worried about unless of course you are anti Muslim bigot who got nothing else better to do than creating threads about Muslims.
  12. And don't look surprised we have plenty of members on this forum bragging about killing Muslims in 1947.How many virgins are they gonna get ?
  13. Rss does other things too like claiming sikhs are hindus u should accept that too.Hinutavi from time to time pick on Christians and Muslims. The only difference is that Christian have become peaceful and don't do anything whereas we Muslims fight back.We don't sit back when they mess with us.We aren't afraid to fight back.Remember when Sanghis detonated bomb in 2007 samjhota express killing Pakistani citizens. Some radicals Muslims retaliated in 2008 Mumbai personally I was disgusted by this act bcoz they were innocent people who haven't done anything against us, would have been better if they had attacked Sanghi headquarter. Nevertheless point was made if u kill our people there will be consequences.INDIAN MUSLIMS CAN DEAL WITH RSS ON THEIR OWN.If they need any help we Pakistanis are always happy to help :D
  14. Unfortunately none I don't believe in God.If defending our people is extremism then hell yeah I'm proud extremist.That's the thing our enemies should understand nobody can wipe Islam or Muslims from this world.We are here to stay.The more you hate us the more we will stick to our religion.Hatred can do wonders it has made a person like me who doesn't believe in god or hell/heaven stick to his religion.
  15. Genie you are constantly committing the same mistake again and again by using the word Muslims with the assumption that each and every Muslim living in the world from Morocco ro Malaysia is trying to take over the world.How many Muslims have committed acts of terrorism in west 100,500,1000,2000 ??? They don't even form 0.0001 of Muslims and even if 1 % were to join radical organizations they could wreak havoc on the world.And I have noticed that some Sikhs here are openly supporting of EDL and other right wing movements believe me when they are done with Muslim they will definitely come after you. Reading the comments here it seems genocide of Muslims is imminent in Europe or fight btw Right wing Europeans and Muslims is imminent lolz that ain't gonna happen guys this is just your wishful thinking but one thing is sure this kinda hatred towards Muslims is definitely gonna push more Muslims towards extremists.And even if somehow Muslim genocide is started from India by Hindutvis remember one thing we are not Jews we can defend ourselves if we are going down we will take the whole world with us especial Hindutvi extremists who are right next to us and this could be dangerous for Sikhs too they can caught up in middle of it and their cradle of Sikhi , Punjab would be in serious danger.So think twice before fueling hatred for Muslims