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  1. Well whatever little bit i read about pre islamic arabs in ahadith it says that female infanticide existed in pre islamic arabia.I remeber reading one incident where a man came to prophet and described how he buried his daughter alive this incident was described with such detail that prophet started crying.While reading this incident myself it brought me to tears. I don't remember in which book this incident was written but u can google.
  2. LOL dude you are making this up.I wonder why there are so much conspiracy theory lovers on this site. Anyways if it is well planned strategy no body has informed me yet
  3. read pre islamic history .Arabs also have patriarchal mindset like Indians.they were worried that if they have daughter then one day they have to call someone son in law.For some it was embarrassing.Now it does not mean that everyone was killing female child but there was this mentality among people and some people killed their daughters.
  4. I did not intend to blame them I was talking in terms of total fertility rate per women.As it measure children per woman not children per man.So I was saying in this context. 4 marriages are allowed but this custom is hardly followed.There is no custom of having more than one wife in all of subcontinent.If anyone decides to have another wife there is strong social and family pressure.There was also legislation by govt in 1964 which made it difficult to have more than one wife.This tradition may be followed in Saudi Arabia but not in our region.In Pakistan this tradition is practiced very rarely.I have lived my life in rural side of Punjab and i have yet to find a person having two wives.
  5. this is whole another subject not related to TFR rate. And who says an educated person can't be terrorist.
  6. Like I said mainly women with no education tend to have more children.Yes education is quite controlled but still there are a few professors in every university with atheist or communist leanings and even in some good colleges too.Such people who think outside the box greatly influence their students though process. Educated women rarely have more kids.Why do you thinkg TFR has dropped from 6.05 in 1990 to 2.64 in 2017 ? that too without any concrete effort from govt.It will reach to replacement level in a decade or so.The only reason for this decrease in TFR is women education.People are seeing the benefit of having less children.With less kids you can provide them good education and better living standard.
  7. This trend of having five,six,seven kids is gone.It was common in 1990s but now a days I don't see any couple having more than 3 children.I myself have two siblings. only if population keep growing at the same rate which i doubt it will. total fertility rate in Pak has been reduced to 2.68.Which will further decrease as women are getting educated. the only reason we have brought our TFR to 2.68 is women education, and we achieved this rate without adopting Chinese type draconian one child policy.In the next decade our population would be stabilized so no need to panic.Anyways India would be the last place our people will migrate.They can barely feed their own people.It is India which you should be worried about which is going to replace China as most populous country in few years.
  8. NO secret.They believe Allah gave two hands and one mouth to feed.There is also a verse in Quran which says don't kill your child because Allah will will provide for them as HE has provided for you.Though intention behind writing this verse was good,in those days Arabs killed their daughters.So Prophet wrote this verse to dissuade them from this practice but now this verse is misused by mullahs.
  9. Sikh boy marries muslim girl

    what understanding ? you guys are not discussing Einstein's theory of general relativity
  10. Sikh boy marries muslim girl

    Nothing unsual about this.If you read all the comments you will find some muslims are okay with it.I wonder if they have shown same courtesy to a Hindu guy marrying Muslim girl lolz As you are aware that poor people usually have more attachment with religion so if one of their family member marry outside they make more noise especially if that member is female.I remeber a similar case in 2010. Sikh Muslim couple from Punjab faced the same backlash from their family.Punjab and Haryana high court provided that couple police protection. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chandigarh/Sikh-Muslim-couple-gets-cover/articleshow/6482615.cms Here is another example from Mumbai.A Muslim girl marries her sikh boyfriend.No problem from families because both belonged to educated and rich families. https://www.wedmegood.com/blog/pretty-two-states-gurudwara-wedding-inspired-by-bajirao-mastani/ Another Sikh Muslim marriage.Sikh female marrying muslim male.Though male is also Indian.Harris Khan http://www.elle-meredith.com/blog/jessicaharris/ again no problem from families. Give it some time as people get more and more exposure and education.Such marriages will be considered normal.At the end of the day we homo sapiens share the same ancestors/origins. p.s i watched this video in February this year.this video was widely shared on hindu pages lol patriarchal BS.I was wondering when Big Terra Ji will open a thread on this. @Big Terra bro ,why it took you so long ??
  11. @chatanga bro, how about creating another thread ? I think we have hijacked superkaur's thread.
  12. Man , you are generalizing whole bunch of people. It is very rare to find a person in Pakistan who does not want Sikhs to have their own sate. Sometimes people even forget all the Muslim massacre in East Punjab. Such is anti Indian mindset of our people who want to avenge the humiliation of 1971 war. And the thing you posted about Quranic verses. Such kind of hateful verses can be found in every Abrahamic religion. If you ask an average Muslim how he thinks of these verse ; you would be surprised to know how many Muslims don't even know such verses even exist. Only time when Quran is used in our family it is some wedding or when some one dies. Having said that I don't claim that there are not any Muslims who believe in Quran word by word.Such people don't have the backing of entire Muslim population.Heck our people think 9/11 was inside job,Daesh,Al qaeda are Jewish conspiracy. LOL because they can't digest the fact that a Muslim can do such thing.
  13. I understand that.Actually , This discussion has moved from injustice of partition award to who suffered more losses.As proactive and you highlighted land ownership stuff and I tried to counter it by the fact that more muslims became homeless than hindus and sikhs put together. These figures are absolutely right.You can check Tariq's work and also see Ishtiaq Ahmed's book. If we count Migration from UP and other Indian provinces then it goes further higher close to 7.6 million. So far it has worked in India and to some extent in Pakistan too. Only in Kashmir there is some struggle but there is religion factor in it.If Kashmiris had been Hindu,India would have no need to deploy 7 lac army to keep Kashmir with India. Same with Indian Punjab too. These two states have some section of their population who want independence but that is because of religion. Most Indian Sikhs I have encountered on Facebook are very patriotic. Very few Khalistan supporter. This fact amazes me. India , despite desecrating holiest Sikh temple has managed to win back the trust of Sikhs. Something which we need to learn from our Hindu cousins and pacify our Baloch citizens. NRI Sikhs also have two different tendencies in regards to creation of Sikh state but Khalistani supporter have dominant voice in the diaspora.For them 1984 memory is still fresh and they have not moved on. To sum up . Religion is big issue in sub continent than ethnicity.
  14. you already did that in East Punjab. Kashmir's Muslim population was more than 3 million. Muslims were wiped out by Hindu majority in eastern district of jammu province.And Muslim in Western Jammu (Today's Azad Kashmir) did the same with hindus in their majority districts.