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  1. just as you are still a sikhri even after marrying a non sikh.Hope your father in law would also smash your head one day in front of your kids.fing troll
  2. "And to lie, deceit and fell proud of being a coward is all part of your make up" Same goes for you guys
  3. Don't show you your upbringing here.If you wanna debate with me then be civil or otherwise better debate with your mom.
  4. well yes they do so what ? Religion is good tool to achieve your political ends.Many govt motivates their soldiers to do horrible things in the name of nationalism.So what if we use religion? and we will continue to do so until our object is attained. Your govt do this all the time in our country through their proxies.And we just have to pay back.Uri attack was not the first one and it wont be the last one.All you can do is cry and claim to do "sir jee kal" lol
  5. Now come on,what this had to do with current situation ? How todays pakistanis are responsible for what happened centuries ago.Stick to the topi don't beat about the bush.
  6. Nothing.It's waste of time and money.Many <banned word filter activated> Pakistanis spend their hard earned money in Saudi Arabia just to get blessing of their imaginary friend Allah
  7. If we have been coward and so afraid of might hindu army we would not have dared to occupy those hills.And as for being liars i think you have read sun tzu he said all warfare is based on deception.we are country with limited sources we can not compete with india on international forums since india is a huge country it has more influence and countries supporting her on international forum.Back in 1999 our economy was mess sanactiosn after nuke explosion have affected greatly our economy but they had almost zero impact on india's huge economy.So we have to be very careful in our every move hope you got the answer
  8. As they say one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter so Burhan wani was a freedom fighter for us Pakistanis and Kashmiris. Indians are free to call him whatever they want we don't care. Subash chandar bose would have been called a terrorist too if he was alive today.
  9. no war was decisive one besides 1971.don't watch too much zee news.
  10. well i have already made myself clear.What make you think that Pakistan did not bomb the <banned word filter activated> out of you ? We have never been afraid to take on you hindus so what changed now that we did not respond ? hmm it's pretty clear that no sir jee kal took place lolz. Anyways enjoy your false sense of pride by the way i'm very surprised to see a sikh supporting a right wing Hindu govt which refuses to recognize sikh as separate religion.
  11. so you are a Sikh ? having sympathies with right wing hindu govt.mind boggling
  12. we did send army personnel to capture Indian posts in Kargil but we did not claim the credit due to international response.UN might have put more sanctions on us. So you see we are never afraid of India.Even though we attacked India and Indians knew it yet we did not accept officially so it shows we are not afraid of you Hindus.We never afraid to take on India even though we are no match for India in terms of economy.If Indians really have crossed border we would have done the same to India.So the vet fact that we did retaliate (like we would have in case of "surgical strike") is enough evidence that no surgical strike took place.Any ways there is no tax on dreaming.Enjoy your few minutes of false glory
  13. I think your assessment about Punjab is correct.This propaganda will help him lot in Uttar Pradesh election scheduled in 2017.
  14. I would appreciate the propaganda skills of Modi govt they have convinced their countrymen that they did surgical strike inside Azad Kashmir.He knew that his country men would believe him.I think he is following the footsteps of Joseph Goebbels. The very fact that Pakistan did not bomb Indians is enough evidence that no surgical strike happened.If there had been an attack inside Azad Kashmir our armed forces would have done the same inside Occupied Kashmir.
  15. A routine cease fire violation is being reported as "surgical strike" hahahah i love the way Modi has fooled hindu nationalists.