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  1. If that is true than it's shameful to use women for intelligence gathering but i think they have no other option cuz when you send male spy to Pakistan they have to be circumcised which is very painful.
  2. Something is fishy for instance the name of woman's father is mentioned as Manohar Lal. How many Sikhs are there with the name Manohar Lal. Her own name Kiran Bala does not seems like a Sikh one.
  3. The Truth about Jind Kaur

    Spot on!! The way Indian media uses terms such as Sikh terrorists and Sikh militants is very disturbing to say the least.Even though if asked to point out a single terror attack by Sikhs in recent past,an ordinary person would struggle to recall a terror act committed by Sikhs. But still Indian media and even some sections of Canadian media use loaded terms like "Sikh Terror".You Sikhs need to be vigilant and double your efforts to counter such propaganda.
  4. The Truth about Jind Kaur

    What a coincident just as there is a discussion going on about Maharani Jind Kaur. Dawn news published an article about her role in the fall of khalsa army.Anyone who is interested can read it here. https://www.dawn.com/news/1401384/how-a-queen-plotted-the-fall-of-khalsa-army-by-starting-the-first-anglo-sikh-war
  5. Hindu decrease in India

    na kar yar
  6. Pagg v Mangi, rehi v nangi
  7. Yeah that's true but sadly now a days Mehar is just a formality in our region. Mehar was supposed to be some kind financial protection for women in case of talaq but today it has been reduced to a nominal amount ranging from few hundred to 3 or 4 thousand rupees.If you look at old Nikah Namas (marriage certificates) the amount given as mehar was somewhere between 20 to 40 rupees. But that is in Pakistan.I can't speak for Arab or other Muslim countries whether they too pay nominal mehar or a hefty amount.Later is more likely i guess
  8. Shia sunni does not matter.Social norms are followed by every one.For most of the time its the girls family who pays for dowry .If you are going to marry a Punjabi girls you don't have to pay anything to girls family its the other way around.Girls family gives dowry.However there are very rare instances when a man is unable to marry a punjabi girl or no body is willing is to marry his daughter to him.In that case he would simply buy a pathani (a woman from the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ).He would pay to the father of bride and bring the bride to punjab.I know one such person from my village .But this is in very rare cases.In majority cases its the girls family which provides dowry.I read an article a few months back that some people in Indian Punjab also buy women from poor states like Bihar.But that can't be presented as proof that majority Indian Punjabis pay for the bride.I hope you got my point by now. On the other hand I have talked to many people returning from Arab countries who told me that in Arab countries its the groom who pays to bride's family.
  9. Let me guess.your friend is from middle east.It is completely opposite in Pakistan
  10. chill down bro..i did not read your posts completely i assumed this was about ancestors of whites...anyway at the end of the day we all are homo sapiens period. FYI I don't live in a white country so not my problem.
  11. so most Ashkenzai Jews are not original Jews ? They are converted Jews.Original Jews are brown folks from Levant.
  12. sorry bro not interested in what racist goray think of themselves
  13. Like Jews ? i mean that's how most Jews (considering their mid eastern background) today look like white people.
  14. Well whatever little bit i read about pre islamic arabs in ahadith it says that female infanticide existed in pre islamic arabia.I remeber reading one incident where a man came to prophet and described how he buried his daughter alive this incident was described with such detail that prophet started crying.While reading this incident myself it brought me to tears. I don't remember in which book this incident was written but u can google.