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  1. Really sad news but also we should take pride and inspiration in bhai jagraj's work for Sikhi. He has influenced and helped alot of Sikhs and non-sikhs who knew nothing to learn and understand the sikh faith and even become better Sikhs. Being from a mona/sehjdhari sikh background himself he was about to relate and connect with those from similar backgrounds taking steps towards gursikhi. I felt for a long time he knew he had little time left and he probably knew he had a deadly health problem when I watched interviews he did 2-3years ago he would become emotional about the state of the panth and his worries for young Sikhs being groomed by muslim and christian preachers because they are not learning or being taught their sikh faith properly. We should all take a leaf from Bhai Jagraj's book and carry on the legacy and spread Sikhi offline and online as much as we can. May Waheguru bless his soul with eternal bliss and given strength and comfort to his parents, wife and kids in this difficult time
  2. The stigma stopping Sikh women getting help with alcohol addiction By Gurvinder Gill BBC Asian Network 15 July 2017 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-40613289 Punjabi Sikh women with drinking problems are less likely to come forward for help because of the fear of stigma and shame, a West Midlands alcohol support group says. Drinking alcohol is often associated with the Punjabi culture, but is prohibited in Sikhism. Baptised Sikhs are forbidden from drinking but some non-baptised Sikhs do consume alcohol. Whilst the vast majority of those who do drink have no problem, a small number of Punjabi Sikh women are affected. Data collected by Birmingham-based charity Aquarius showed 16% of service users who received help for alcohol misuse in 2011-2012 identified as Asian or Asian British. A small survey carried out by the charity found 57% of people from this community, the majority of whom were Sikh, said shame was a reason for not getting help. Professor Sarah Galvani from Bedfordshire University, who carried out the research, said younger women's drinking was seen to be increasing. "The reason for that was primarily that these women were growing up in much more westernised communities, where women's drinking was acceptable," she said. "They were adopting some of those behaviours of the community they were growing up, but still living within a community that had quite traditional views about women's drinking." Image caption Jennifer Shergill from the Shanti project is encouraging people to get help Jennifer Shergill from the Shanti project, which encourages people to get help with their addictions and offers services in Punjabi, says the issue seems to be religion versus culture. "Culture is kind of the thing that we need to focus on when we're talking about Punjabi alcohol misuse, the kind of culture that's prevalent in media, when people get together, in weddings and birthday parties, that kind of drinking in social groups," she said. Pardip Samra, from Edgbaston, Birmingham, is setting up a women-only support group, helping Asian women who may be addicted to alcohol. She said she also had an issue with drinking. "I became dependent on it almost every day. I blamed it on work, I blamed it on family but it was never the drink, it was always something else," she said. Ms Samra believes alcohol dependency-related issues need to be spoken about more and wants other women to know there is help available. Mandeep's story Mandeep - not her real name - is a Punjabi Sikh in her 30s. She started drinking alcohol with her friends when in college and 10 years ago realised she had a drinking problem. "I subconsciously knew my drinking wasn't normal because I could easily consume more than those around me. It's like just drinking to shut off your head and make yourself numb again," she said. When she told her family she was an alcoholic, some of her relatives were in denial. "They were like, 'No you haven't, no you haven't'. They didn't really react because they didn't really believe in the fact that it's a problem." In the past, Mandeep has relapsed but this time, with the help of the Shanti project, she is hopeful about her recovery and wants to help other Punjabi Sikh women like herself in the future. You can hear the full documentary, The Hidden Alcohol Addiction: Punjabi Sikh Women Speak Out, on the BBC Asian Network iPlayer.
  3. Not even jatts its tharkhans and chamars practically all castes dont care no more if its beef or not. Personally I have no objections for Sikhs to eat beef apart from not preparing it or eating it at home of those I visit as I don't like beef . But as majority of sikhs live in Indian hindu majority society so culturally its not the norm or done thing that's why Sikhs haven't eaten cow mata mostly due to hindus revering it. Sikhs should be open to eat all meats if they want to. I even seen most once veggie fascist hindus in the west and india eating beef meat these days.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvD7Ecpzzfh7yk8D1WuXU_A Look what this scumbag pakistani christian is uploading, we need to get youtube to close this anti-sikh hate channel down and others when found. No pastor has been killed in punjab by Sikhs its just inflammatory video with fake title against the viral paramjit singh incident who had questioned a guy whose father was jesus when in bible jesus cried out to his father. I wouldn't be suprised if it is low life evil punjabi chrisitan's going around doing beadhi of SGGS Ji when given commands by their evil pastors.
  5. True but we shouldn't let our beloved sikh homeland punjab be converted to Christianity. The rot must be stopped.
  6. Heres another clip i found during my research.... what the hell, even christian salvation army has been since the days of the punjab Sikh empire coming to darbar sahib to convert Sikhs to their abrahmic cult and Sikhs been sleeping all these years.
  7. edited: opps posted in wrong topic was ment for the paki christian fake video titles topic
  8. We should always side with our sikh brothers and sisters unless its proven they were in the wrong. The attackers could be hindu or punjabi christian extremists. The punjabi christians are grown more embolden with hindu or sikh names attacking Sikhs. We need to be very vigilant as a come and make other Sikhs aware.
  9. and now this? south korean christian extremist tourists in our own holiest shrine trying to preach Christianity and assault baptised sikh women? Sikhs need to wake up we are being attacked by abrahamic's. We need zero tolerance to non-sikh people and faiths in the tiny land mass of Sikh majority indian punjab. We have been welcoming and tolerant for far too long and this is the result the haters of our faith will only grow more emboldened.
  10. https://sikhsiyasat.net/2017/07/15/vicious-propaganda-sikh-struggle-maharashtra-school-curriculum-book/
  11. Sri Guru nanak sahib wasnt against eating meat, and thus Sikhs shouldn't be either. Meat as part of a healthy balanced diet is good for the body. Sikhi isn't against eating meat however it is against the ritualised cruel inhumane methods of killing (halal and khoser) an animal in order to get the meat.
  12. The wording could have been better but if were honest there is some radicalisation as there is with all communities however Sikh radicalization/ political activism is directed at islamo-fascist pedo sexual abuse grooming and islamic dawah conversion gangs and also the tyranny and genocidal brutality of the indian govt and its terrorist armed forces. I would suggest right wing political minded and engaged Sikhs work with this guy rather than bash him so that his research, info and conclusions isn't all one way propaganda sources from far left wing idiots who are in bed with islamo-facists and other enemies of Sikhs.
  13. Recent cases have shown white chavy males are chucking acid on people in london. Racist Whites used to look down on ethnic minorities used to have this snobbish racist attitude towards brown/desi and middle eastern countries saying how backward they and their communities are. Not any more looks like the scummy evil yobs of the white community are just as bad if not worse and need to be dealt with very harshly. Most of the recent victims seem to be asian muslim people done by black or white attackers.. London met police are hiding the stats.
  14. I read over the years alot of druggy criminal blacks and mixed race blacks have been doing these things to each other or rival gangsters sister or girlfriend for couple of years now to get revenge rather than gun and knife attacks which carry mandatory 5 or 10 year jail sentences in the UK. So they now started to wear masks over their faces not only to conceal their faces from CCTV camera's when carrying out their crimes but also to save their faces from disfigurement if they are acid attacked. If everyone starts carrying acid or something flammable to put on someone instead of knife or gun then no one is safe its a dark road to madness for society. Already I heard of people are not leaving their car windows down cos of fear of people splashing them with stuff.
  15. Seeing how young Sikhs of today are surrounded by so many different ideologies, religions, sexualities, etc in a very confusing world of competing idea's how would you raise your kids to learn and be proud Sikhs? Even if they do not take amrit or keep their unshorn hair, how would you instill that loyalty to sikhi and pride in them?
  16. I personally think its usually the financially well off white upper class create the problems of politics, recession, banking crisis, mass immigration of unskilled workers and the trashy lower white criminal class blame all non-whites (usually british brown and asian people) about their bad start or situation in life. As for the topic in hand something really needs to be done with these type acid attacks its worse than rape to disfigure someone for rest of their life and the physical, emotional pain that it causes which never goes away.
  17. Good suggestions! however What if they surrounded by bad sangat and influences? we can all see the filth on mainstream media and social media and it must be worse in secondary/high school. E.g,,,,, when your kid asks you why should I be a Sikh instead of an atheist or christian or muslim,etc. What will you tell them? What is the best reason to give?
  18. I'm normally not a violent person but if you was infont of me I'd love to kick your butt. Using sant bhindranwales's pic and saying all those anti-sikh things and advocating non-sikh practices and then to top it off saying your an atheist you weird retard.... how dare you come on a Sikh forum and attack Sikhs and sikhi like this. Now sling your hook, you've been caught out!
  19. I would say it takes time to adjust you cant expect everything to be as it was since you have a new family member come into the household. Just as when you have kids things will change again as good and bad times will arise over different issues with kids messing around and making noise,etc. So just explain to your wife and your parents that everyone needs to adjust because things dont stay the same, everything in life changes and you have to adapt. As for moving out, I think if you can then that would be the ideal thing to do as it gives your family space to be themselves and also you and your wife to have time and privacy to yourselves too. But financial constraints will be the hardest thing with rising rents and cost of living so you just gotta decide how you want things.
  20. Notice how the article writters and editors deliberately did not mention that these afghan's immigrants who were smuggled into the uk were mostly afghan sikhs/hindus who are being persecuted by the islamo-fascist muslims of afghanistan. Even well armed nato and british troops are not safe in afghanistan and get attacked let alone defenceless non-muslim visible minorities like afghan Sikhs. punjabi islamo-apologist far left liberal marxist whoores like katy sain and her far left liberal white buddies instead of sucking off islamist palestine or syrian causes should siding and helping afghan sikh/hindu refugee causes but no they want a demographic islamic take over of the west nightmare reason aided by rich jews in key positions of power and influence.
  21. Most white christian in the west these days are nice people because they are docile and subdued and reconigse that their faith is dying as most white people no longer want to believe in abrahmic nonsense being taught in the bible that goes against science and common sense. However black and south american / hispanic Christians are not educated enough or still see a benefit in spewing christian nonsense to their congregations for monetary business reasons as most Evangelical happy clappy churchs are very rich as are their pastors. As for christian missionaries in 3rd world countries they are vile people who prey on the most poor and vulnerable. Sikhs should be asking themselves how are they able to fund and create christian hospitals and medical centres with hardly any visible means of income in india? Its because they are being funded by powerful ideological forces in the west to change the demographics of Sikh punjab / india into christian population. They do not give medical and charity for free they demand that the person give their soul to white man fake god jesus christ to worship him and convert to Christianity before they will be helped.
  22. poor boy rip must be really hard for his parents Whoever these vile bullies are i hope they are named and shamed and get done for murder if they knew he had allergy to cheese products and still attacked him with it. Also the school and teachers should be held responsible for not looking after the welfare of the kid and allowing this to happen.
  23. so true lol, its so obvious they are non-sikh and usually muslim trolls with the way they start being apologists for muslim groomers and islam and then on top of that advocating anti-sikh practices. Pure madness lmao