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  1. The report author invited all of those convicted to be interviewed in his review. Only one agreed. "There was a complete lack of remorse," said Mr Spicer, who cannot identify which abuser he interviewed. "In fact he didn't accept that he'd done anything wrong... He felt the victims were responsible for their own abuse." The report continued: "If convicted for rape in his home country, he would be beheaded or buried up to the neck and stoned. "He was asked about what he thought about the United Kingdom and influences in his education. "He said you can get anything here - any sex, drugs, alcohol. There is no control. He spoke in a derogatory way about lack of morals in British girls and did not go with Muslim girls because there are not many of them." This review was unable to establish a true understanding of the offending carried out by perpetrators. https://news.sky.com/story/newcastle-gangs-abused-adults-and-children-with-arrogant-persistence-review-finds-11263201
  2. Sikh Attacked in london

    Probably a eastern european m0ron. This case shows why brexit was a good idea and why all eastern europeans should be kicked out of the UK as most of their countries back home are very racist with 100% white populations mostly all Christians or atheists no human diversity at all so when they come to western europe where they see different cultures and people they cant handle it and they vent out their hatred for non-whites. Also another reason why we need a separate category to monitor hate crimes against Sikhs as this crime will probably be labelled as Islamophobic hate crime because the attacker assumed the singh was a muslim.
  3. emergency advice - Breaking off Engagement

    Can't the condition on her hands be treated by medical help? If your really don't feel you can marry her then its best to speak up now and tell everyone before its too late. I have had distant relatives who have broken engagements its not nice and is stressful but is way better than marrying someone you know you cant be happy with long term and divorcing later on which is a much bigger deal and far more stressful on both families. Also If i was you I would take the blame for not wanting to marry and not blame the girl. Cos then you will probably end up offending her and their relatives and it could get messy.
  4. Strange thing about this case is how did they accuse and find out juggy helped run the neverforget84 website? Either someone in british intelligence agencies, indian authorities or someone connected to juggy (i.e his friend or relative) snitched to get him in trouble. He wasnt some random british sikh citizen kidnapped by the Indians while out shopping in punjab. He had political activism against the indian state background so question is how did the Indian's find this out. There seems some deep collusion and mystery to this case
  5. Also I'd like to say it's a good effort the music producers and singers have talent its not all bad track however. The message is not right as people don't really look up to rudeboys/thugs and gangsters. Maybe criminals or school/college teen kids might... but your average person don't they might respect them or they might out of fear of violence but they hate them and wish them dead really. Armed Sikh shaheeds ....all those good people who carried weapons to defend the faith, holy places and the normal innocent people however they will always be loved and remembered for their deeds of bravery for the righteous and good causes. If you look at the 1980s the intelligent and wise hindu punjabi's knew that real armed Sikh separatists were their punjabi brothers and would never try to scare them or turn their guns on them. Only fake sikh indian intelligence agents or criminals/gangsters (hindutva or congress funded) dressed up as Sikhs would try to do that. Sadly the evil Indian authorities were successful in their policies. That is the difference between great punjabi sikh shaheeds like sant bhindranwale amoung many who was respected and feared by oppressive indian authorities not for his alleged "militancy" but the ideological change he was bringing in Sikh and punjabi society by waking up a sleeping sikh consciousness to change their bad ways (of taking intoxicants, feelings of depression and helplessness, fighting for useless anti-sikh issues, etc) and reconnect with their faith. So he died defending the rights of Sikhs and Sikhi and we can see the stark contrast with low life Canadian punjabi thugs/gangsters like bindi johal who died for only drugs and cash.
  6. Yeah I think it's indicative of rudeboy/thuggish immature and full of bravado typical neo-punjabi testosterone type songs these days. Little on substance and focus on why people should opt for khalistan and how khalistan will bring about the betterment and upliftment of punjab and Sikhs. I'm a big fan of Khalistan but this type of music video leaves a bad impression for me and doesn't send the message that we really should be aiming for. If you look at all the successful freedom seeking nationalist movements of the world they have iconic patriotic songs that give the listen a vision of the utopia of their freed lands. Khalistan doesn't have that at the moment because collective Sikh consciousness and Sikh intelligentsia is not woke to take it to that level yet
  7. This was hilarious Ali dawah (the new dawah kid on the block) tried to find and challenge tommy robinson for years in an attempt to debate and own him. In the fast paced chaotic street debate he tries to whitewash and promote muhammad's and islam's virtues but tommy was too good for him and in the process he exposes islam's dirty secrets himself lol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LD9Tw5fwt1o
  8. My muslim female co-worker whom I am good friends with was discussing marriage customs, when she told me that muslim men have to give the bride girls family dowry in order for the girls family to agree to marry her to him and his family. I found that kinda of strange as its the opposite custom in our indian marriage traditions where its the girls family that gives dowry and pays for the wedding. I soon realised that its because that muslim men feel that this is a burden on them financially that they go and try to groom, convert and marry non-muslim girls so that they do not have to give any dowry to the girls family. It also makes sense in terms of destorying the non-muslim communities population and spreading muslim demographics. Its a win win for muslim men if they can manage to get away with it making the non-muslim girl run away with them so its a greater incentive to do it than say a non-muslim guy to take a muslim girl away from her family. Also theologically speaking if you convert a kafir non-believer to islam you get brownie points from dallah with a ticket to paradise. This is why there's so many cases of muslim men having groomed and made non-muslim girls run away with them trapping them in "love jihad". They have nothing to lose and its only to their advantage that they do it. Once non-muslim girls understands the mindset of the enemy they will never even template to get with a muslim guy.
  9. No problem I bare that in mind next time. As for the anti-sikh channel creator on youtube its quite pathetic that someone would dedicate their time and effort to make fake cut and paste vids and slandering material on Sikhi. He pretended to be an atheist for a while, he wouldn't abuse hinduism but would bash Islam now and then. So he is either a hindu or a christian but more likely a christian due to recent scandals of Sikh preachers fighting back against christian missionaries in punjab this dog started to post more material against Sikhs. I think its high time Sikhs started to ideologically attack and dismantle Christianity in Sikh homeland of punjab. Its a bigger danger than Islam or radical hindu outfits there.
  10. Not anti muslim I am anti-islam extremism there is a difference. And I am just giving the sangat relevant topics that concern our community. The more we learn about the tactics and news of those who want to harm our communities the more we can can protect ourselves and the most vulnerable. Would you rather continue being spiritual ostriches of 1947 and 1984 (with heads in the sand while the storm is coming ahead?) that most Sikhs are these days. Too soft too liberal too dismissive too ignorant of whats going on out there in the real world cos they dont live in a muslim dominated area of land. I say to the soft liberal politically correct Sikhs.... give it time the dark face of islam will be knocking on your door and life too to wake you up.
  11. Since 1960s when British Asians first came to the UK in large numbers they have had to struggle to make life for themselves from scratch in a not so welcoming alien land. And we have seen 2001 and especially since 2012 there has been open season especially in the right wing racist jewish zionist bankster funded white mainstream media outlets demonising against British Asian males when they talk about issues around muslim grooming pedo gangs. Rather than call a spade a space the white racist mainstream media targeted the asian race and skin colour of these pedo' gangs. Rather than call out Islam and muslim culture for creating an environment where these pakistani, middle eastern arab and Somalian scumbags felt its ok to use and abuse non-muslim girls for their own gains the politically incorrect white racist mainstream media called out the asian race in an open racist attack on the asian male identity on your race which you can do nothing about. And when you look at Sikh youth birmingham's pages on facebook and instagram theres hardly no parchar about Sikhi or positive messages for lost sheep to return to sikhi but its full of muslim pedo articles and stupidly they also share racist white articles written by sly white racist journalists mainstream media which attacks asian males openly. If anywhere in the world the race label of the gangs was used it would be obviously be deemed a racist article yet our m0ronic british asians are not calling dailymail or sky news amoung others out they are letting them get away with racist propaganda against asian males when the real culprits the muslim males who should have been targeted and called out. Its strange that the alternative far right media created by white nationalists themselves do know that its muslims and islamic culture to blame yet the establishment the zionist jewish funded white mainstream media choses to demonise, discriminate against the british asian race and in particular british asian males. It seems people behnd Sikh youth birmingham are not clever enough to realise that they are unwittingly in my view helping spread racist white hate propaganda against their own community cos the average white subconsciously is not going to see the religion of the person when they look at a brown/asian male they are going to link the skin colour the asian features to these grooming pedo gangs and terrorism.
  12. That's interesting however on islamic websites it states something similar to this: In Islam, a mahr (in Arabic: مهر‎; Persian: مهريه‎; Turkish: Mehir also transliterated mehr, meher, mehrieh or mahriyeh) is a mandatory payment, in the form of money or possessions paid or promised to be paid by the groom, or by groom's father, to the bride at the time of marriage, that legally becomes her property.
  13. No shes pakistani sunni muslim. Whats the majority dowry marriage system in pakistan? Most muslims I've asked have said its the guy or his family that pays the girls family.
  14. Disturbing Muslim immigration and demographics in Birmingham, its a hot bed of islamification over the decades. Long term strategy is quite clear take over towns and cities by sheer numbers and destroy non-muslim populations, societies and eventually nations through the votebank politics by stealth.
  15. Over the decade I have noticed a sharp increase in divorce rates within the Sikh community. We used to look at the white atheist/abrahamic communities and thank our lucky stars were not like their families because of the high number of divorces and family break downs. But sadly the desi/asian communities of all religions are now on par with their white counterparts. It seems to me that boys and girls especially of our generation do not take the wedding vows or the anand karaj seriously they seem to live in carefree non-religious mindset without a care for how sikh society is structured and importance of religion in holding communities and families together. The girls of today are living a feminist rebellious bubble thinking they can do what they live when they live even while living with the husbands family and if they don't let them get away with things then they are quick to separate and then divorce. They have not been trained, educated and breed to behave to live a honorable and respectful manor befitting of a Sikh woman rather they are left to their own devices of living like their white women feminist hedonist counterparts who are themselves not very family orientated and selfish at heart. What we need is a 1 month course of anyone wishing to have a sikh marriage anand karaj so that they do not take the marriage as a joke or lightly and think they can divorce when ever they feel like it. I believe the catholic church has a course like this for those who converting to cathollicism in order to marry in their churchs. Has anyone else noticed this negative trend divorce trend? And what are the possible solutions to it.
  16. Tytler's confession in Sardar murders on tape

    The two biggest cowardly rats who ordered the genocides were rajiv gandhi (dead) and arun nehru (still alive). Arun nehru has got away with it since day one of troubles in punjab against Sikhs. The next rats in the packing order were sajjan kumar and jagdish tytler whom been protected for over 40years. Whats strange that its taken about 7years to release these videos from the date stamp marked on the videos they were filmed in 2011. Question is why were they released now and not in 2014 when it was the 30year anniversary of anti-sikh new delhi genocide and operation blue star. It would have had a greater impact rather than now where the youth are now not bothering to remember and those who are elderly but lived through that era are now dying off slowly knowing indian establishment will never give them justice. Even if all those responsible of the genocide are convicted and executed today it is far too late now that hate for india is far too ingrained because justice was not shift and has not been forth coming there is no trust or faith left with the whole indian system be it hindu nationalist bjp or anti-sikh secularist terrorists congress.
  17. Imagine your a muslim or a christian and you wanted to groom and a convert a unbelieving hell bound individual as per your backward ideology. How would you go about it? I'm trying to understand the mindset of these parasites so we can develop strategies to counter then and protect our vulnerable youths from their propaganda techniques.
  18. Thats what i was thinking good efforts but sadly just not enuff to get into the minds of young impressionable slutty dressed loose character punjabi girls on instagram and snapchat. They need to use good looking mostly monay Sikh guys and a few amritdhari lads to lure in the females and teach them Sikhi. The old ways are not working and will never work. New psychological strategies hard hitting enough that Sikh girls will beware of abrahamics and will never want a non-sikh to touch them and even muslim and christian girls wanting to convert to Sikhi. Then they will know they are on to a winner.
  19. If you read the koran. The so called words from Allah he is often talking ill and bad mouthing about his own supposed creation. Like a sneaky friend who wants to turn you against someone he tells lies and propaganda against your other friends or relatives (and in the case of religion ....against non-believers) and then tries to make himself sound like the best and everything for you. Weak and vulnerable people reading it will then fall into the trap thinking yes everyone is against me (ie the kufr) let me spread hatred and fight against them as they hate my creator. Very clever mind tricks psychological brainwashing... Same is true of the bible the same sort of angry, jealous and bloodthirsty God trying to turn believers in him against non-believers.
  20. Latest news on this is that shes been jailed for 3years. I would jail her for life with no prospect for release. Also Its wrong for the Indian article writers to say she is british Sikh obviously the indian hindu fascists are going to play on the love jihad angle and try to malign british sikhs saying these converted girls are dangerous. And yes they are dangerous because they are vulnerable and mentally ill and coming from bad family environments. I would say 70% of the fault of her conversion to islamic terrorism is her family's fault and 30% is her muslim friends and islamic propaganda online/leaflets. It's time families recognize whats going on with their kids and fight this abrahamic plague. Check what she was saying and doing in the articles below http://www.timesnownews.com/international/article/british-sikh-girl-sandeep-samra-isis-islamic-states-syria-marrying-extremists-passport/192513 http://www.tribuneindia.com/news/punjab/uk-sikh-teen-plotted-to-join-isis-in-syria/534307.html http://www.itv.com/news/central/2018-01-26/student-radicalised-online-jailed-for-planning-to-commit-terror-attacks-in-syria/
  21. https://www.thesun.co.uk/.../leeds-student-naseeb-chuhan-found-hanged-payday-loans/
  22. whats going on with UK nihungs these days?

    From what I know where there is temptation then you will have a greater chance to stray from righteousness and Sikhi so better to remove yourself from such situations so that negative situations dont occuar. He is a handsome singh and no doubt alot of women probably has come on to him in past and now even probably. And for a few years now he obviously has been hanging around the 3H0 new age yoga crowd and from there he got a liberal hippy mindset and thus it led him into temptation. Had he stuck around with good strong solid sangat and had more time devoted to his wife and family he would think less about dancing around like a fool with yogi bhajans cultist 3HO yoga girls or getting off with them. This kinda case shows us that even the most religious looking people lose their fear and respect for Waheguru when they fall into the traps of the manmukh selfish mind and 5 vices. It is far easier to stray to the wrong path in life in a mixed religious or a liberal godless society. It is also far easier in the modern world now to get caught cheating also with all these media scandals coming out. Video evidence is far harder to disprove than hearsay from next mans rumour or gossip.