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  1. #freejagginow

    1) Yes It's strange because he is not mr average joe british punjabi going for a holiday. I am fully supportive of his earliest release by the authorities in punjab. However to me this case is abnormal as for a british born guy who is against the Indian establishment by highlighting their crimes online to the world then wonders off to the same country on holiday that does not acknowledge the horrible genocidal crimes it committed against his community nor jails those responsible but gives them high govermental posts and z+ commando secutity. You think India has civilized? their drunkard uncivilized police is not using torture against their own and foreign civilians? not corrupt? I certainly wouldn't take the risk going to India unless I was there to help bring down the corrupt regime that's for sure. Why dont you see activists in the west like those who campaign against human rights abuses go to countries such as saudi, china, etc? because they would be tortured and/or killed by the corrupt brutal evil regimes. So I'm guessing he knew the risks but just got unlucky cos India does have a pretty top of the range cyber intelligence monitoring facilities, they have started to oppress, raid and jail those citizens who raise their voices against state corruption and state terrorism by india.. its strange he didnt think Indian authorities would not be keen to pick people like him up. He is lucky he is Britsh and Sikhs in the west will raise their voice for him and tarnish India's image aboard and harm india's national interests too if need be. Why you think a black lists exists against Sikhs born in India? As they actively campaign against Indian establishment for their terrorism against Sikh civilians. Why do you think they never go back to India? come on use your brain... 2) Tan Dhesi MP can only do so much for Sikh causes his primary objective is to cater for his constituents who elected him either way he is a visible symbol of a British born Sikh in the houses of parliament and he must recognise he represents the interests of the British Sikh population who look to him aswell as Preet Kaur MP to raise their voices for their fellow Sikh being held unjustifiably by the Indian authorities. Just as Muslim MP's fight for causes for their religious community as do Jewish MP's for Israels' interests and as do Hindu MP's for India's interests. Sikh MP's should actively fight for self determination of a Sikh homeland, highlight human rights abuses against Sikhs aboard and aswell as deal with issues and concerns of their constituents. 3) And no you grow up. There is a such a thing as doing a citizens arrest against known criminals. If British Sikhs are so passionate about protesting let them take direct action in arresting these dodgy Indian officials when they visit the UK to serve as a deterrent against Sikhs being killed or detained in india for dodgy grounds or anti-human rights reasons. Sometimes you gotta take a stand on an issue you care passionately about. If you remember the case of gay human rights activist peter thatchill he tried to make a citizens arrest of zimbabawe president robert mugabe when he visited the UK he failed to do that but it highlighted in the media further the crimes of mugabe . If even 100 Sikhs did the same the next time a high ranking India official came to visit the UK there will be a mini riot and it will radicalise a whole generation of sleeping well integrated and law abiding british Sikhs against injustices of any state that physically attacks them (which the govt can ill afford) Nothing in life is given to you on a plate you have to fight for it and ensure you keep fighting to maintain your human rights and equal treatment in society. 4) And lastly Nazanin is a british Spy working for MI6 and she is married to a fellow officer. UK foreign secretary Boris johnson MP the goof, let the cat out of the bag when he told the parliamentary committee she was training iranians how to be journalists, he wouldn't have said such a specific thing if it wasnt true and he wasn't briefed about it by intelligence officers. And if you know anything about foreign intelligence gathering you'd know must foreign spies work under cover as journalists and in NGO's to give a free pass in accessing area's or influencing populations of their enemy/rivals. So come on time to wake up and come into the real world, what you see on the news is only half the story. The true full story they never want to reveal openly cos it could harm their governments national and economic interests.
  2. Not wise to carry unlicensed fire arms in western non-sikh modern societies even if they are unloaded and just used for ceremonial purposes. Allowing it would mean there would be a free for all by every community wanting to do the same. Have to draw the line somewhere
  3. #freejagginow

    Strange case this. 1) First this juggi guy is involved in the nerverforget84 website raising awareness of the Sikh genocide by the Indians yet goes to india punjab even knowing the type corrupt and brutal undemocratic anti-human rights establishment that still exists there. Why take the risk? 2)The turbanned Sikh MP of slough who is seemingly is seen as a pro-sikh human rights advocate is more concerned about railway than life and treatment of a fellow british Sikh detained by indian authorities. 3) British Sikhs are again doing useless fruitless protests rather than taking lawful direct action or using international human rights and law bodies to detain indian officials / assets until they release the british citizen. So like the british govt detained iranian offcials connected to their regime few years ago so the iranian regime detained the british iranian spy woman working for MI6 naznine. Iranians want their officials released and the £450 million debt uk govt owes to the iranian govt to be paid in full. Similarly Indian officials when visiting the UK should be given a citizens arrest and detained for the crimes of corrupt Indian regime/establishment against Sikhs and other minorities within the Indian union.
  4. Recently my cousin sister decided to get married and when they were speaking to the gurdwara management guys to arrange the wedding at the gurdwara the guy told them various packages/options they could chose each with various crazy extortion amounts of they would have to pay which didnt feel right with her and the family as the gurdwara is supposed to be a place of worship, a charitable place to help the sangat but it felt more like a money making business. They were also told there would be plenty of parking for the relatives and friends. However closer to the day of the wedding they was told there is no free parking and that the roads surrounding the gurdwara are residential parking which are metered and relatives/friends would have to pay to park on the roads. When she told me this I felt disgusted that gurdwara commitee's are behaving this way and then wonder why people don't come gurdwara's regularly or look in to other faiths who help them.
  5. 100% agree it is all down to the elites ie the ruling class (politicians, banksters, royals, oligarchs,etc). They are the one's that dictate how society lives and what way it is to go. So all these muslim immigrants and refugee's coming in for decades is not really the fault of the muslims per say but the ones that enable them to come in. They are not letting them in for a humanitarian reason nor political its more about the economics and societal shift and upheaval they want. The alt-right wingers and white nationalists often complain that the ruling class or middle class never have these mass muslim iimmigrance or refugee problems in elites area's cos they dump them on the working class area's and they have a valid point . The elites can see the debt that europe/west is building up and the only way to get out of it is constant war with other nations on false pre-texts or pre-texts they had prepared in advanced years ago cos they could see what would happen. The way things are going they do want a civil war in europe with the muslim immigrants. As the muslim population increases so will the tension increase with the native white european populations which is exactly what the elites are looking for. One will go hunting for the elites while they are busy killing each other, but when civil war does break out people will probably go looking for the elites and hunting them down like wild dogs just like what happened to the russian czer royal family during the soviet communist revolution. Watch a video called "everything is a rich mans trick" it opened my eyes how the rich people (the elites) are the ones that fund both sides in any conflict for their political agenda's and make a profit on top of it.
  6. What a weird post. So you dont see a problem and your advocating Islamification of non-muslim area's and muslim take over right? Off course Sikhs also commit crime but not as much as muslims and other faith or non faith groups do. On the whole Sikhs are a law abiding community your always going to get a few bad apples in a community however Islam has a particular bad problem in every country that community settles in with sexual/rape grooming of non-muslim girls, drug dealing gangs, murders, terrorism. etc. So its an ideological problem, they arent taught right from wrong they are taught 7th century arabia wrong thinking wrong way of living in a modern world where them teachings in quran and hadiths are not acceptable.
  7. I wouldnt be suprised I think there will come a point where "enterprising" business minded and less spiritually inclined greedy commitee members will start actually implementing that as a quick cash cow. Also there is actually a roti making machine at darbar sahib now and they have upgraded it for greater capacity. Roti automation is not a bad thing its actually a good idea however if they start doing other stuff like robotic sewa when the AI revolution hits India then it would be truly a slippery slope. As selfless sewa is also one of the key values in Sikhi. All these new innovations will leave many Sikh philosophers, theologions and intellectuals with a lot to think about in order to help guide the community staying true to sikhi while living in an increasing intelligent AI and robotic dominated future for humanity.
  8. No i was watching a bbc 2 documentary on it and saw a few youtube ones also recently. What did they say on LBC? Elon musk is also the one spearheading the growth of AI and automation with his tesla driverless cars. He is right though, there are so many dangers with AI not least with these billionaires having all the jobs, money and control and therefore power in their elitist hands whereas rest of humanity will be left to suffer consequences of their decisions. I agree Just imagine that a robotic gyani thats all we need, better if there was robotic gurdwara committee members lol they probably would do a better job for the sangat.
  9. Sooner or later most of our jobs that we do today are going to be taken over by intelligent AI machines everyone is talking about it in IT tech circles. Already we have seen many jobs lost with automation. My uncles worked in the car industry making ford cars they lost their jobs in the late 80s to automated robots and machinery and so had to look for new jobs which meant financial and social upheaval for their lives at their households. And one of the values in Sikhi is doing good honest hard work and share with others. How are Sikhs meant to reconcile with this key value of doing a good days hard work if most of our jobs will be taken by AI machines? What will Sikhs do for income and staying true to Guru Nanak Ji's message? People say governments will be forced to give us all a universal wage to live on for the basics which is all well and good but as a human being we need work as a purpose to life and without work many will have a negative outlook on their lives I feel. Are Sikhs of today and tomorrow ready for the robot future?
  10. I agree with that, especially where the Indian secular and hindu nationalists atttempt to rewrite history by painting india as once being a united land which was then ravaged by first the islamic moghuls and later the british christian and other european powers. When the truth was india never was a united country there was no country called india. That land of the indian subcontinent had various competing hindu and buddhist and jain kingdoms and empires way before the abahramic outsiders arrived. And yes your right the "Indian" Bengali troops from mysore of the British east india company were foreigners to punjab and were treated us such by the punjabi population whom were largely muslims I suspect alot of rape and looting was carried out by the so called victors and so an historical grudge has been held against the bengali's. Thats probably why to this day there is this hatred for bengalis mostly by pakistani punjabi muslims and in their revenge against them came out atrocities in 1971 when pakistani army raped their women and genocided their fighting age men to show their dominance and subjugation of the cheeky independence wanting bengali's
  11. Its not that we do not want them to live in their own muslim area's thats exactly what we want them to do, to live amoungst themselves and away from us non-muslims. The problem is that they come into our Sikh or other non-muslim area's slowly one by one in order to eventually take it over. So yes they do live to live in Sikh dominated area's not because they love to live with us but to take advantage of our safer hard working community neighborhoods with a view to eventually overrun it. So wherever you flee to, eventually the islamic question the islamic problem will come to your doorstep even if it isnt there yet eventually within 10-20years your area too will be overrun by muslims unless its somewhere out in the countryside or some sleepy far off town no one wants to live in except the elderly or rich. The amount of muslim migrants and refugee's that the west allows in is disgusting. All muslim immigration should have been stopped 30years ago because the demographics trend is that the poor countries around the world are mostly muslim dominated and so naturally they would want to migrate to richer non-muslim lands because islam is a failed economic ideology. They produce huge amounts of children and then feed of the state in the west contributing little or nothing for the nation.
  12. Yes I heard about handsworth too, my cousin was telling me how it used to be dominated by apnay and other punjabi's and now its increasingly has more muslims and roma gypsies and other economically poor eastern european's. Same thing happened to southall only 20 years ago it was well established punjabi sikh and hindu area but there was signs islam is creeping in with pakistani's moving in taking over the restaurants and Somalian refugee's being put up in tax payer funded flats and moved there permanently. And now when you go to southall instead of it being mini punjab or mini india its slowly looking like mini pakistan or mini saudi arabia. Slough has the highest Sikh population in the UK but even there I suspect there are dark times ahead unless Sikhs start to think collectively and more right wing and self preservation. Wherever islam takes over demographically then people realise that your siblings and your offspring will be in danger of being groomed for sexual exploitation by muslims, grooming for conversion to islam or bullying/harrasment/discrimination. Hence why they flee those area's understandably.
  13. I've been noticing this trend of so called "white flight" where the white people fled area's in the west where non-white communities had migrated into. However this is usually seen in the lense of the whites being racist and they only wanting to be with their own race of people. I however disagree I dont think its a mostly racist migration of whites to "white area's" I would say its a flight from area's that become more economically poor or culturally they cant relate to. So the area where I lived in the UK changed from being a quite mixed white, hindu, sikh, muslim, black area to one where the muslims had taken over demographically by sheer numbers either through immigration from other counties, conversions or large birth rate population over the years. And I noticed the whites, hindus and Sikhs gradually move out of these area's rather than stay and "fight" for their home towns/streets. The economically well off non-muslims fled to better off area's where there was more affluence and where they was more people like them living there. And where once hard working friendly hindu's sikhs whites dominating these high street shops and areas where I lived now I only seen halal food outlets, women in burka's and muslims and black and mixed race council estate hooded face covered chav's bringing a dark threatening environment. And as the muslims moved in those economically deprived but reasonable socially cohesive area's then that area went further downhill fast into higher crime and less friendly and safe environment on the streets. Similarly this is true of other area's in the world where muslims migrate to non-muslim lands and area's at the determent of that area/nation and slow fleeing of that non-muslim population to other area's. But I am wondering where will they flee to when Islam eventually creepingly like a long dark evil shadow takes over populations and area's. In my view there will come a time where there is no area or land available for non-muslims to flee to they will have to either submit to islam or give a fight response if they are to retain their unique religious or cultural identity or practices.
  14. That's where your wrong paji, divide and rule was a policy widely and expertly used by the British imperialists who learn't their trade from the roman empire that had conquered them. Your right about they not being responsible for the existing divisive circumstances that already existed in south asian religious communities however what they did was exploit those differences, widened them and enhanced them to use them for the geo-political economic advantage just as they do today in the middle east and africa. I watched a documentary years ago on how the white european colonialists in africa interfered in rwanda / congo social structure by giving tutsis positions in power in 1900's and putting the hutu's in lower social status and thus lower end jobs. Then when these countries gained independence from their former western white colonial masters those decades of resentment and hate for the other tribe built up and unleashed itself in a huge genocide and inter-tribe conflict where 1 million tutis were horribly massacred by the hutu tribe. When the british ruled that area they had made the tutis appear they were genetically superior to hutu's they egged them on about their qualities against the inferior hutu's which was done deliberately to create the divide and rule conflict and separation between the communities so that rather than the africans uniting and removing the white western colonial cancer amoungst them they ended up spending their energies on fighting each other while the white masters stood back and ruled over their domains. Similarly this tactic of divide and rule was exploited in south asia / indian subcontinent also. They used territories they had already conquered or had come under their protectorate to wage war or supply troops from to fight against other south asian kingdoms and empires so that rather than the indian's uniting and fighting the common european colonial powers they were fighting amoungst themselves and in-turn being subjugated by their european white masters. So if we relate this to our own Punjabi Sikh kingdoms and empire. They first conquered south indian bengali kingdoms then central indian then used troops from there to conquer pataila, jind, faridkot, nabha and finally using that manpower and resources to fight Ranjit Singh's Sikh empire of punjab, having divided and ruled. And so when it came to partition in 1947 they gave covert support and political power to jinnah and his pakistani muslim league to take punjab, bengali and cause division and strife against the idea of a free united india without british interference and rule which was against british interests so they had to do something to keep their stake in indian subcontinent.
  15. I think the topic has deviated a little from the focus I was trying to get to and where it has landed. Focus should be on racist Winston churchill and the racist british establishment overall how they cleverly played the game of divide and rule. We have memoirs of winston churchill where he praises the Sikhs where he stood up for Sikhs right to wear kirpan in the UK which is great. However he was a very scheming man and a political opportunist as he refereed to indians, hindus brahmims, Islam and muslims in derogatory racist terms. He clearly wanted Indians to be disunited and wanted to cause them pain for allegedly British rule ending there. So by warming up to jinnah and giving him support of Pakistan he wanted to ensure india remained divided and suffered huge communal violence/genocide. I wouldn't put it past the calculating churchill and co egging on and funding the cannon fodder martial punjabi sikhs (ie Sikh princely state rulers, sikh army generals, sikh jatha's) to physically fight to curve out a khalistan/sikhistan knowing full well it would cause a bloodbath inflecting pain for the disobedient breakaway indian slaves but also be fruitless goal for the Sikhs for nationhood as it would not be allowed to become a reality because it was decided that pakistan would be officially and legally recognized as its main base of operations there if or when india decides to have nothing to do with UK trade links and started to look at the soviet USSR russian enemy for military support and trade.