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  1. He's changed the title and thumbnail picture of the video to "non-muslim girl" before it was labelled "sikh girl" and shere punjab and sikh youth uk on instagram called him out on it so he was forced to change it. The video still has him talking about an alleged (probably fictional) Sikh girl where he disrespects non-muslims girls.
  2. Look at this shameless dog he knows this will inflame tensions by using Sikh girl in his video. He is giving advice to convert so called sikh girls to Islam in a covert way not directly. Basically he makes up situations or muslims send him in fake stories and he tries to promote Islam over other religions. Check the last video in the videos section I didnt want to paste the video url as it would give it undeserved publicity I wonder if Sikhs parchariks and Sikh groups will respond to this. if bhai jagraj was still alive he would have definitely responded because he's already tackled and defeated dawah kid in debate with him but now he is no more this coward dawah kid takes advantage knowing full well basics of sikhi wont be responding to this sly dig at Sikh girls and sikhi.
  3. Your right that 7 days documentary is heavily biased against Sikhs and painted our folks as extremists who started it all. When the fact of the matter is it was the hindu punjabis of hindu mahasahaba, arya samaj and RSS that went around kicking off with muslims all the time in the led up to events of 1947. The pakistani muslim league and Hindu mahasaba were the main ones responsible for starting the killings. The british reported cloak and dagger tactics were being used, basically people trying to pretend to be another religion in false flag attacks to get Sikhs framed and attacked and thus Sikhs would jump in and start attacking also. Alot of the nirankaris looked Sikh but were not Sikhs they are hindu punjabi, arya samajists also had infiltrated Sikh circles. Master tara singh was a hindu convert to Sikhism who was very friendly with fellow hindus nehru and gandhi and tried to inflame tensions against muslims before partition. Real Sikhs had alot of patience but you can only be patient and peaceful for so long after killings get too much and only then did later did our Sikhs under akali dal and various jatha groups aided by Sikh military generals and Sikh Maharajah's do revenge attacks on muslims to clear out east punjab of islam after their relatives were being wiped out in west punjab villages and Sikh dominated area's like sialkot, sargodha, rawalpindi, jhelum, mirpur,etc.
  4. I think your being a little unfair there to lump anita rani with the likes of meera syal and gurnider 'chuddies' chadha. Meera syal is hindu punjabi for the most part i think her mother was sikh maybe and dad hindu so shes not really from our community her up bringing was hinduism orientated. As for Anita rani shes usually quite balanced and most of the shows shes done about Sikhs has been pretty positive and insightful. I didnt like her last documentary though where the editor tried to paint Sikhs as killers of their own women when facts of the matter was muslim mobs had surrounded sikh villages so there was no way out and only choices left was being murdered, kidnapped, raped and converted. Sikhs were left with either suicide themselves, killing their own beloved family members or dying by fighting the enemy knowing full well there is no escape. So in this documentary she actually came face to face with the killers of her family and heard first hand a little from their mouths what the muslim villagers did to her family and other innocent Sikh men, women and kids. The muslim buddha baba's in their 80/90s old age now knew the horrible truth also and they did not want to reveal the truth to her cos she looked angry and upset already its evidently painful for them too to remember their part in the killings or witnessing of what went on. She on her part had a bit of Stockholm syndrome take over her trying to side with the enemy but i think she realised now the full gravity the of terror, horror and hopelessness her family suffered. Those parts of this recent documentary are good to show rebellious liberal naive Sikh/hindu girls of what happened to their ancestors whenever they need to know why its not ok to date or marry a muslim cos when things kick off. They will always see us as the enemy as kafirs and want to wipe our families and out faith out.
  5. Gurinder Chada often claimed she would make a movie on duleep singh but never did this poor excuse for a Sikh woman went on to marry a non-sikh and produced movies/drama's that had nothing to do with showing sikhs in a good light but rather play up to the stereotype of the poor oppressed indian woman battling and rebel against the asian culture and community to the cheers and egging on of her racist white paymasters. Total coconut total sellout and total baqwas have no respect for that woman.
  6. This topic was already covered a few weeks back but its always worth while to expose Sikhism under attack in the homeland of Punjab. First step should be mass demonstrations to remove SGPC cos they are the ones that have stopped Sikhi from spreading and allow a soft stance against drug dealing christian missionaries and dehra's to spread throughout punjab. I have already come across a few british and american punjabi girls from sikh families who been brainwashed and converted to the filth of jesus cult worshipping. Fake Sikhs will say oh it doesnt matter they were weak anyways who cares. What they dont realise is that these abrahamic extremists are trying to destroy Sikhi and Sikh population.
  8. yeah its worrying how heavily biased they are however If our pathetic weak cowardly left wing Sikhs of today are not willing to raise a fess like muslims and jews can you blame the bbc for not taking advantage by promoting islam/muslim issues and not other faiths or painting others in negative light? Modern Sikhs of today if they werent so brainwashed to be liberal lefty and more right wing like muslims and jews then we would not see this. We would see Sikhs protesting every act of anti-sikh incident or portrayal in the media.
  9. yes its on bbc iplayer to watch if you missed it.
  10. I think in this new documentary she realised the scale of the massacre and horror that her family suffered. You could tell the visible shock on her face that the muslims who lived in the surrounding area's of her ancestral sahiwal village took part in the murders of helplessly outnumbered Sikh civilians especially of the women. She was hoping for some kinda closure but I dont think she got it you could see how upset and angry she was inside of her. When we are told that these poor Sikh / punjabi women who were famed and celebrated for having suicided themselves by "jumping down a well" rather than getting dishonored, molested, converted, raped and murdered at the hands of the muslim mobs. We can almost certainly be sure that most did not "jump down a well" as relatives or Sikh survivors of horrors of partition may have claimed, they knew the truth of what happened to their female relatives and the truth was too painful and horrific to tell to their future generations.
  11. anyone watch these 2 documentaries that were made? if so whats your thoughts?
  12. Lessons to be learn't let me see hmmm 1) Our brothers should prepare for the worst case scenario so they should arm themselves with heavy weapons to protest the Sikh faith, fellow sikhs and innocent civilians from harm. 2) Infiltrate the enemy before they infiltrate you. We only now realise the amount of infiltration that went on to derail the punjabi sabha movement all the way to the present khalistan movement. 3) The Sikh misls and Sikh raj of the past happened because India was not a miltiary and politically united country it was various different hindu and muslim kingdoms/ empires who plotted and schemed against each other causing power vaccums for Sikhs to gain strength and take over. In 1980s the Indian army, police and paramilitaries were huge in number over 1 million men. In 1980s to 90s Sikhs with at max about 5,000 armed fighters throughout india? impossible odds to win against. Sikhs only 2% of population.... lesson here is increase population by conversion drives and birth rate. Also Sikh pride and Sikh nationalism should come first and override any sense of indian nationalism, pakistani nationalism, american, canada, british nationalism. 4) Always have a well connected world power as a major ally. At the moment the best hope is China as usa is sucking up to india to encircle china. And pakistan will never help the Sikhs because its an islamo-facsist regime that wants indians Sikhs to be killed by their fellow Indians for their own political mileage. So only China if courted correctly can be mutually beneficial to help Sikhs gain freedom from India when the time comes again probably if India tries to do a war with china.
  13. Can mods make themselves visibly known and sort out the abusive language, I dont know even one mod on here. Does anyone else?
  14. The reason why the racist news editors at BBC and dailymail use the term "asian sex gang" rather than muslim sex gang is because of islamic orgs and people like this like this RamadhanFoundationUK They are forcing political correctness of using "asian" instead of muslim. But this political correctness is causing racism against innocent asian communities who have nothing to do with these somalian/bengali/afghan/arab/pakistani muslim sex gangs.
  15. Its a war of ideology on many fronts I dont think RSS is pushing christian missionaries to do what they are doing. RSS hindtva lot are one camp, the abrahmics are another camp and the other camp is the new age dehra god men cult camp. The RSS hindtuva lot hate the abrahmic missionaries with a passion they are routinely going around killing muslims who eat beef and try to reconvert indian muslims back to hinduism. Christian churchs are attacked by their mob and their pastors are killed so you cant blame RSS for the evil and bad actions towards Sikhism and sikhs by punjabi christians. Punjabi christians are growing threat to Sikhs, Sikhi and punjab because of them peddling drugs and trying to convert our brothers and sisters to their middle eastern jesus worship cult and they are building huge churchs and nasty ghoulish graveyards over punjab. Its bad enuff that punjabi sikhs are brainwashed to tolerate muslims in indian punjab these days but punjabi Christians now taking advantage of the naive and kind spirit of Sikhs to further their numbers and agenda in our homeland.