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  1. Correct interruption and context is the key. Anyone can quote lines of gurbani to fit in with their narrative or agenda but taking the whole SGGS ji in context and verses of gurbani in correct understanding will make you realise what is being said. Guru's true role in liberating people is teaching them about God and how to get to God ie their role is being a spiritual teacher and you being the student (sikh) is to learn how to get there. Guru is not God nor did any of them claim they was God. Lets stop going around in circles and agree that this is fact because I know you wouldn't be able to produce a verse anywhere that states that a Guru in gurbani says he is God.
  2. I noticed there's alot of racist violent blacks around in the UK that been targeting innocent asian citizens for decades now. Alot of the have this chip on their shoulder thinking the world owes them a living or a racist mentality thinking asians are weak, easy to bully and will take and tolerant any disrespect shown to them without any physical readdress.
  3. A thug who launched a campaign of abuse at Asian women in Birmingham has been jailed for three religiously aggravated assaults. 34-year-old Davion Kelly punched, shouted, spat on and threw liquid at Asian women in separate incidents that took place in Lozells, Birmingham. The court heard how Kelly attacked his first victim as she was sat in her car with her two young children and was waiting for traffic lights to change. He threw liquid at the victim and when challenged the defendant punched and shouted abuse towards her. A couple of days later he approached two more Asian women in their cars and spat at them through the window before shouting abuse, including calling them ‘terrorists’. Kelly was arrested for the attacks and pleaded guilty to three counts of religiously aggravated assault by beating at Birmingham Magistrates Court. He was jailed for 12 months, which was increased from six months to reflect the religiously aggravated element of his crimes. Birmingham Mail reported, Meloney Hughes, Senior Crown Prosecutor with West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), said: “Over a three day period, Davion Kelly targeted his victims purely due to their ethnicity. “He threw items at them, spat and shouted abuse at them. The abuse contained references to being a Muslim and a terrorist.” He added: “People from all communities have a right to be protected from the prejudice at the root of religious hate crime, and the Crown Prosecution Service is determined to play its part in this. “It is vital that people recognise what this crime is in the first place. Often victims are not aware that what they are experiencing is a crime. “The CPS is working with our partner agencies to robustly prosecute those individuals who commit any form of hate crime as such offences will not be tolerated.”
  4. I looked at her fb account it seem shes genuine probably one of them typical fully punjabi or mixed punjabi atheist types sikh by name but atheist by mind and actions. Alot of liberal or mixed race girls from sikh background tend to have zero knowledge or love for Sikhi and its uniqueness they usually are born and brought up to believe all faiths are equal when evidently they are not.
  5. Yes guru is not limited to the physical body but lets not get confused that its a Guru and its not God. Guru is a Guru ie a teacher and in context of Sikhi Guru he is our spiritual teacher on earth. Waheguru = Is the almighty God. The Guru's in SGGS Ji not once said they are God. The bhagats, sants, pirs and Guru's may have refereed to other Guru's having God like qualities in metaphoric terms but they didn't directly say explicitly (to their followers) that they are God that must be worshiped. In fact Guru nanak says he can not even be a sacrifice to God cos God is like the vast ocean and human beings as mere drops of water there is no comparison. I think in gurbani Guru nanak says a Guru is like a boat (a spiritual messanger) that ferries souls across the ocean (physical world) to the other side (afterlife to God). If Sikhs on this forum dont even know the difference that the Guru and God are not one and the same then no wonder the youth are confused and abrahmics are quick to pounce and lure them into their cults.
  6. whats wrong with that? ok so your not a sikh then? people on here have been saying your a non-sikh punjabi atheist female troll or a undercover islamist troll for a few months now. I think its pointless addressing your posts if don't even know whats wrong with what she is saying.
  7. Report them for what? They don't make their activities known so openly unless they stupid or ISIS types on twitter. There is no law or social media guidelines/rules to stop dawah islamist's from converting girls to islam or anyone converting anyone to any other faith. And muslim extremists don't go around shouting from roof tops they are extremists they lure in girls bit by bit slowly but surely first giving them general similarities between islam and their non-muslim faith then start to big up islam saying how wonderful it is and how you should be worshiping allah rather than your book or idol or jesus. Then a few months down the line when you start coming around to the idea your a muslim cos you said the shahada they start laying on the heavy stuff of how all non-muslims are going to hellfire and even muslims if they dont do x.y.z according to what the muslim extremist wants them to brainwash them with.
  8. i saw this comment by a supposed "kaur" a so called sikh woman on sikh youth birmingham facebook page and was appalled by her attitude.
  9. Islam, Christianity and judaism all have this funda-mentalist attitude towards the world and contempt for non-believers. They all believe in the judgement day, earth created in 6 days, believe in adam and eve story, believe in the evil eye (envy/nazar), all believe in evil spirits/ghosts/jinns and exorcism, all believe they are the only saved ones, all believe in converting the world to their religion only because everyone else is going to hell-fire.
  10. shabad yes not the actual saroop that's the difference. The words, the intellect, the philosophy, the wisdom is from Waheguru via the Guru's not the physical book or body saroop which some people mistakenly think is ok to worship and misunderstanding to the point of thinking this is our God now just like hindus do with their idols.
  11. True I've not come across a samra or sanghera girl thats had any real knowledge of sikhi but they do know how to bhangra they know how to sleep around, get drunk, smoke take drugs and indulge themselves in serious crime. Its a systemic problem with some families and these kinda families should fix up before they disgrace themselves any further. Most sikh and hindu families are not living in reality they are living in world where they will fight and die for material goods but not for their faith. Its a mindset that needs to change, ask any Sikh you meet what have they done to convert non-sikh to Sikhi or to promte sikhi and 99.9% will tell you they aint done jack because they too busy living their own selfish life in their own selfish existence until their daughter or sister runs off with a muslim terrorist or some other non-sikh degenerate then they start crying and wailing like a dog blaming everyone but themselves.
  12. Rather than physical training or martial arts getting a tough body at a young age.... I think it needs the resources need to go into parchar and education like giving out free booklets that give the basics of sikhi, nitem, jaapji sahib. Giving books to borrow or for free on Sikh history would also help. My interest in Sikhi started when I went to library to learn about Sikh history for an RE project during school years before then I wasnt that much into religion and all that we was taught that it was ok to worship hindu idols and mahabharat is part of our religion as it used to be on tv so we used to watch as a family. It's only later years I realised Sikhi is distrinct from hinduism and why its a better faith than islam, Christianity and others. If that seed and thirst for knowledge and pride of your faith is not implanted in early years by loving caring parents or self desire then its very hard to have it later on in life and by that time its too late.
  13. Are you feeling ok? Cos your falling into blasphemy here bro. I don't want to read no book by some random guy when its just common sense that SGGS Ji is called Guru for a reason and Not Waheguru. Also Guru gobind singh ji stated "guru maneyo granth" and passed the guruship to SGGS Ji he didnt say Waheguru maneyo SGGS Ji. None of the Guru's said they were Waheguru anyone who states this is committing a grace sin against them and Sikhi.
  14. Also on instagram and other social media networks there is a determinated effort by dawah islamists to convert girls to their evil ideology. I see how impressionable girls are being lured by islamists with various tricks of trying to make islam look sugar coated yet their own faith is neglected because they are not being presented with peer pressure to conform to sikhi as muslims do to their friends and family.
  15. Wasnt she the one that was on their page missing from home a few months ago? The samra surname rings a bell for some reason. I noticed there was a samra girl on facebook who had married a muslim paki guy and had 2 kids with him. So there is serious issues going with the samra and sanghera surnamed families in the UK. These 2 surnames are producing girls that want to disgrace and shame their family and heritage by dating and running off with non-sikh guys. It all starts in the home when the home environment is polluted by parents you cant blame the fruit becoming spoiled and toxified. So not suprised this 16yr old child was groomed, converted an radicalised by her muslim class friends and muslim guys.....seeing the kinda inaction sikh gurdwara committee's are doing in the uk and how laxed liberal Sikh families are with not teaching their kids to be strong in their faith and to convert others to sikhi instead.