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  1. Spinning while meditating!

    Thank you all for the responses! It' was the first time I ever felt anything like this, it felt like pure bliss! I'm no amrit dhari/ nitnemi singh either just a normal sikh. I've been meditating for the past 4 years on and off! Now I'm committed to it and made it a part of my life. However I do sometimes freak out cause I meditate in my room where it's pitch black and I've read how ppl see entities when they meditate. So I don't know is it safe for me to keep going? This supernatural stuff kind of freaks me out lol I'm trying to muster up some courage too but it's always In the back of my mind. If yall can shed some light on this topic it'll be much appreciated!
  2. So during amritvela last night I started my naam simran and about 30 mins into I could feel a pull in the middle of forehead. Then all of sudden I start spinning like the conscious in my head is spinning. And I'm still repeating vaheguru, it felt very good and very uplifting but my question is.. is this normal and does this mean I'm progressing ?
  3. The Evil That Is Bollywood

    Bro i just joined this site to learn,not disrespect any1 but looks like here if i put my opionion down i end up getting offensive feedback! I dont care if i get banned! Honestly just look at my first comment what did i say that was so hurtful?
  4. The Evil That Is Bollywood

    Hahaha ur the biggest clun iv seen on this site till date! Watch ur mouth son before the knocked the f*** out!
  5. The Evil That Is Bollywood

    Yo does it really matter if its a khan kumar or any other last name? Arent we all created by god, why so much hate for cuz hes a muslim ? I can say some movies only nowadays are becoming filth but bavk in the 90s movies were entertaining!