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  1. nothing wrong with singnian reading Lavan, doing kirtan or giving sikhia ....so what's your point?
  2. really if RSS believe in Gurus why did they specially commission history books vis SGPC which called Guru Arjun Dev ji a criminal and Guru Teg Bahadur ji a jewel thief amongst many other slurs, they have attacked gurdwarey structures : Gyan Godri and others
  3. some <banned word filter activated> will believe there is some cachet in buying such an overpriced tourist gift and the muslim will be laughing all the way to the bank, yet again. be prepared for the news of some low brow buying it
  4. true , because if kaum want to remove sgpc model of gurdwara management given how open it leaves golak for lutmaar by punjabi govt controlled by Babus and printing houses for distortion of our major literature and reinstall the Budha dal as Jathedar of Akal Takht : This would make it dangerous and impossible
  5. how many fronts on which do you think they can control? manipuris , kashmiris, PUnjabis, Sindhis , Tamil Nadu has created its own flag and seems to be moving for independence, Mouthing off to Pakistan and China means it is likely to kick off on multilple borders
  6. christian names are not all meaningless e.g Michael ('Who is like God?'), Daniel ('God is my judge'.), have meaning in hebrew Ruth means Goodness so maybe they pick name with good qualities , a lot of African christians still do this like Charity, Faith, Mercy , used to be popular in Victorian times too
  7. I think it can set up certain mentalities ...like coconut-ness or openness to hinduvta mentality I mean Sonali Kiran Kaur (Indian coz)spends all her time in Hindu company and constantly Jai Hind's
  8. yep I must admit Chad's Pio , my Chacha ji had the gall to do nindiya of Guru Nanak Dev ji (that he was wrong to leave his kids and family) and that was it I never wanted to see him again
  9. why are sikhs so keen to jump back in bed with all this Hindu Trash Mentality? Most intelligent sikhs can see this BS has nothing to do with Sikhi
  10. punjabis haven't got a clue they think naming their kids scott Chad (my Canadian cousins) or Rita ,Jaya or Valarie is going to make their kids closer to their roots , or are kids simply just extensions of their 'empire' to be used to show off to the gwandi. ' My' kids are just trainee adults passing through my life , sure their good/bad behaviour may be considered a reflection of my work of parenting and to that extent I should be conscientious to do the best job I can to show them sikhi in practice, or get help if I am lacking . They belong Akal Purakh not me and their life is exactly that THEIR life. It's not being modern, wise, or great to be mates with the kids , lax in discipline or avoid sikhi when parenting. Kids need boundaries and constant reminders of where they are. BTW what the hell does Avani mean?
  11. why repeat yourself , we got it the first time Bro
  12. calm down , two seperate films two seperate points of views , I did not recognise the speaker as Balvir Singh as he didn't look much like I remembered (had to look him up) the nihang crying was Bhai Pyara Singh's brother so I thought that this was from Pyara Singh's side . I am aware Baba Surjeet Singh was framed and imnprisoned. Name given of assailant is Charanjit SIngh 40
  13. I'm not the police said he was , then the actual people who had the loss said the guy wasn't and that there was long standing series of attacks on that Nihang dera in which people had been hurt. Just thinking is this the same place during 2016 where other Singhs were attacked ?
  14. ''
  15. Honestly I reckon we should do a head to head comparison of sikhi thought on women with gurbani tuks to support versus Muslim thoughts and treatment with suras and aayats to support , Christian thought with refs , hindu mat with refs and make a booklet to print and distribute to ladies , girls and lads in sangat so that they can understand JUST EXACTLY HOW ENLIGHTENED SIKHI IS
  16. it's not just the younger audience but the trolls who will twist this to make it out that we are somehow deriving pleasure ...I know ppl are really messed up out there , I'd rather not lose another forum just because of others stirring.
  17. yep because identity theft is the least of their crimes , they've enslaved most of the world , killed millions via the bolshevik revolution and marxism , instigated slavery ownership, maintain international modern slavery through economically enslavement of third world countries , destroyed 5 out of their 7 biggest enemy list and control 90% of world resources . Don't envy living vampires , we can gain our raj by Guru ji's kirpa not destroying others.
  18. this is the new truth of life in the UK , she even complained of musle boys in her class trying to do ched chaad , what she complained the muslimah teacher told her off and moved her away...this wasn't going to stand I was down that school giving them 2 barrells . On top of that I instructed Isher to stamp on the guys feet and use her elbows full force to inflict pain , whilst shouting don't touch me .
  19. ppl can always look it up, it is not necessary for us to discuss the disturbing trend of people in bana running around to assassinate proper Gursikhs and defame Budha dal
  20. you do realise they are NOT real jews but recent converts to avoid becoming muslims they are Khazars related to Tartars , the biggest bunch of crooks, beroopias going...
  21. look our kids are generally not treated like animals , kept in a state of constant fear, beaten unlike the musleh kids so their soft open (vulnerable) natures are still intact and this is like blood in the water to musleh kids . They will isolate and pick holes in the kids confidence, about looks, nature ,speech, thinking then come in with the hellfire arguments . Isher Kaur is countering this and I've been in there prewarning and she has confirmed to me she hates their attitudes.
  22. one man does not a taksal make , simple enough to understand . yet it only takes one to drag its izzat through the mud.
  23. agree with forgiving mindset if not the language , musleh love getting into our kids heads and it starts from primary school age so protect your kids by teaching about sikhi from the get go.
  24. remove your vid please
  25. simran remove your quote of the vid and I'll ask majhail again to remove his OP