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  1. good news The sikhligar singhs and singhnian are being helped by Sikh Relief SOPW and Akhand Kirtani Jatha members after reps went to visit them in MP to find out the exact nature of the help they need . They will provide legal team to assist in cases p of trumped up natures put against them
  2. pakistan was made to make life easy for zionist sponsored govt in India despite 'freedom' we still saw immense kowtowing to UK interests in India and preferential treatment. By splitting our homelands neither pakis nor Hindians were bothered by a strong sikh political voice because they were busy trying to play catch up after all the carnage, homelessness and monetary loss. When we did start to look up from our daily toil, to speak up for ourselves by to refuse signing the constitution the first Hamla on Harmandir Sahib happens ...to teach us who is boss
  3. because it got international coverage,else it wouldn't even be noticed. This is on top of the can of worms opening as we speak with Canadian based sikhs putting dhillon to legal trial and police whistleblowers letting the truth fly
  4. Bro, my hubby used to swim for his school swim team and has now started back hair has zero to do with performance he has a full beard and natural body hair , he even goes scuba diving he plaits his kesh of his dhardi or tucks into a buff (tubular scarf) to prevent it moving into his field of view , get into the zip of his suit
  5. Please Southall slough sangat appeals are going out for young seven kings girl gone missing . Last seen with muslim girl
  6. They work like crazy and yet have zero life outside the job , I remember in 80s they would use their unspent money and holidays in one mad spree abroad because they would not use it otherwise. Now they do not get that freedom as their money is worth less. They also have the problem of real estate costs being so high .
  7. hindus are fed anti-sikh propaganda from birth these days don't be surprised but willing to counteract it with actual knowledge of what Sant ji taught and real eyewitness accounts , our own kids are influenced by these messed up people and have become anti-sikh too, they want to be accepted by hindus soo bad they are willing to do puja etc and deny their own culture
  8. current fertility crisis in japan: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/japans-fertility-crisis-is-creating-economic-and-social-woes-never-seen-before-a7757451.html?cmpid=facebook-post
  9. how about japanese blooded gursikhs giving representation about the positive aspect of sikhi to their countrymen and translate the history of our people as the Japanese love codes and honour and warriors . They are scared of the muslims that's why they don't want to give resident status to foreigners , our history may sway the attitude.
  10. this is nothing new , my rapist used muslim girls to phone my parent's home to find out my phone number at university halls to blackmail me . I also confronted them as they were innocent of his intentions (blackmail etc) they just were told it was workrelated.... but the new trend is openly hostile from the females too
  11. she misspoke a bit far and trod on jewish toes methinks http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/news/kate-hopkins-lbc-radio-sacked-fired-manchester-attack-final-solution-daily-mail-muslims-racism-a7756776.html
  12. already being discussed under can't trust hindus thread
  13. you hear again and again sikhs bleating that leave it to the law to deal with such people err folks for the past 70 years how has that worked out for you? they have destroyed ithaasic gurdwara at gyan godri , attacked Harmandir Sahib 4 times 55, 84, 86, 88. imprisoned many hundreds of innocent sikhs, murdered thousands demolished two gurdwara (indore and delhi) recently, stolen the water from your children's mouths leaving them uranium filled cancer formula to drink, stolen land, money and future from your people and still you want to place faith in their humanity ? PLEASE GET REAL AND PROTECT YOUR OWN AND YOUR FAITH if they can educate dungar level mentalities to be shastradhari what is our kami our people have good genetics (survival of the fittest) and our IQs are not low because of inbreeding? education levels in Punjab have fallen to such an extent our kids are 50% or more likely to fail their class exams meaning repeating the year and more monetary hardships...why are we complacent about this as a kaum? At one point in history our people were the whole package educated, skilfully trained , brave and spiritual now we are just as bad as those have no inkling of self-worth and who drug their problems 'away' in other regions and then pat ourselves on the back for being modern ...Fitte muh
  14. these guys just do it to get a signed certificate they do not take it seriously i.e. they have zero knowledge and don't care to know
  15. They will also use our amrit sanchar to cheat their way into jobs meant for sikhs alone, then when caught out claim desperation when they can apply for general rank and file jobs too http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chandigarh/desperate-haryanvi-men-turn-fake-sikhs-to-join-army/articleshow/58849022.cms?from=mdr
  16. this is the state which has that RSS Yogi as CM ...so yes it could be his doing .too Background is these are sewadars of local gurdwara and like someone else said their car was stopped and they were dragged out by multiple assailants . The police were there and did not interfere ... they were then arrested and taken to thana despite being innocent of the so called accusations that someone had tried to kidnap a child and they thought the singhs were responsible ....errr no children anywhere nearby...scum the lot of them
  17. love

    so sister, Waheguru ji blessed you with so much and still it is not enough? you say things like a love-sick school girl have you even an iota of the length of time you could be travelling before even getting to a human birth and then again you'd probaly be born a vaishva accordinrg to your mental state and Gurbanis faisla on you. If you call yourself a good mother you will not destroy your childrens' lives for your stupid fantasy...pull your head out of cloud cuckoo land and re-engage with your own family and husband , tell this other guy to gets his kicks elsewhere
  18. orthodox christianity is the original then Papal RC and protestant is the main offshoots. islam has more then two sects Jewish have orthodox then non orthodox for a long time heretics in all three were murdered now its mainly islam sikhi has only one Guru Granth, One Guru Panth (diverse though it may be), apostates are let go, not killed, heretics are confronted then let go if they cannot follow the Guru It is time to bring old teekas, and dharmic gian forward for the new generations translating them for inter national and indic nations
  19. The price of going against the muslims here in the UK:
  20. that was then don't know about now because or erdogan fanboys and fangirls
  21. As Sardar Ratinder Singh points out RSS is winding up to do another 84 repeat so people need to stand up train up and stop trusting the sheep because as brigitte Gabriel says the peaceful 80 percent are irrelevant , you should be prepared to handle the 20 percent that are violent, despotic and dangerous. examples : germans vs nazis , muslims vs terrorists