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  1. They are told the lie that their original religion is muslim and that they were forced to be christian by slavery... it is sad
  2. I was incredulous that such a horrific crime could happen just like that on the spur , usually there is a history behind it That's all.
  3. police officer was unarmed , the type to give directions etc (friendly face) ... apparently an attempt was made in Belgium again to mow down people but was foiled . We know globalists are steering the planet to a major clash of civilisations to weaken all and sweep in with a one world government but there will be major major hardships before then. Turkey's Erdogan openly saying no one will be able to walk the streets safely in Europe..
  4. I'll send you the ticket , happy now? I never said this killing was justified none ever are
  5. there is a lot of iron in dal and beans especially BLACK BEANS if you want to learn indian cooking watch Sanjay on VAHREHVAH.COM ...food always turns out great and he is a bit enthuastic . Recommend watching the following channels to get more info : mic.the Vegan (gives the science papers) John McDougall (Doctor - starch solution) Vegsource (all the plant based docs and info) Vegan style cooking (aussie lady showing various dishes ) Interesting for health topics : Diverse Health Services Dr John Bergman
  6. planning to buy it as she is on heavy duty steroids as NSAID can't be used , they have caused bone density problems last time she ended up with two broken thumbs and a broken arm . I had to take her down for a hip xray , Waheguru Kirpa karan she doesn't have a fracture .. If I can get her off the Tramodol and start healing her arthritis then there I would be happy. A colleague used it and had good results so I thought I'd give it a go.
  7. yep but if you compare it to paying for radiation repairs drugs and chemo it's nothing ... besides it has magic bullet effect
  8. There's about 8/9 different cannabinnoids in total that are active and all of them ar being researched the big guns are CBD and lesser THC , it's better ingested rather than smoked or vaped
  9. I remember growing up and feeling sorry for my friends who were only children because they had everything except the one thing they really wanted a close long-lasting relationship with someone that knew them truly. The truth is our sibling relationship is the longest one we will have after the one with Akal Purakh , parents die , husband/wives come later on , children even later ...
  10. Bro , you can get CBD oil legally here in the UK , was doing research for my Mum (pain control and rheumatoid arthritis) . This one is non THC oil so no buzz just the good stuff https://www.cbdoilsuk.com
  11. I grew up in a family with four kids , our gen had 4 (myself) 2 +2 (my bros) and 1 my sis (total 5 lads 4 lasses) , however though my Husband grew up in similar family only he had kids so on that side their family is shrinking . It is their outlook fed by their own mother's view that a child is some kind of cross to bear , that spoils enjoyment of life. Whereas my mum and Dad loved kids and enjoyed every aspect of seeing us develop as humans , it rubbed off on us , and it seems to be going down the line. People who had loving large families tend to carry on that trend , I've seen it in other cultures too . The advantage of large sikh families is sangat for the siblings if anything happens ,
  12. Just a quick note to apologise To Jag It was not my intention to stop your only outlet , I had forgotten that was the the nature of that one thread in the heat of the mudslinging between the various arguing parties . I still stand by the fact I felt the discussion was going nowhere as it was going in circles over stuff that has been brought up by Harkiran/Satkiran before on other threads and had actually degenerated into a cussing down of white newbies describing them as malech (a bit too much)and her husband for sticking up for her (isn't that what he is supposed to do?) . I don't accept her views as my own, but still in the name of openminded discussion listened to her viewpoint . She doesn't represent all white females or even all sikh females , just herself . I would have liked more input from those who could highlight Gurbani, rehit maryadas, itihaas takes on the subject because we all grow from it . That's all , it just made me sad to see my brothers give credence to the supposed misogynistic stereotype that she was promoting by being goaded by her words and retaliating at that low level .
  13. guess Birmingham has become a centre for such individuals ... http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/three-musketeers-terror-trial-halted-12787463
  14. Death toll 5, injured 40 terrorist named as 52 year old convert Khalid Masood http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/khalid-masood-named-birmingham-terrorist-12787878 Candle vigil is on timetables , eiffel tower had its lights off last night (big deal) just so worn out by the banality of the phrases and rhetoric used by politicians . Of Course Sajid Khan was under the stopwatch for a response ... sounded like a standard release .
  15. be careful with the whole innoculation thing , it is dumbing down and damaging the kids ...also long term effects of the 'preservatives' mean infertility for both sexes.
  16. depends on attitude mostly , sure it could be a bill of hundreds of thousands or you could use your intelligence and not buy barrowloads of new toys and extras and concentrate on fewer high quality clothes products which can be use multiple times by multiple kids . I mean things like cots, carseats, clothing, prams/strollers ...etc keep the money for later educational/other needs .
  17. to be fair SIngh ji it wasn't down to him really
  18. Understood and agree , my Nana ji was 13 my Nani ji 15 ...and they were mature in every respect to bring up three generations (eldest bro - so brothers, then sons then grand sons) and settle them in their own lives and the current gen complain about just getting their kids through to adulthood . The farsightedness and willingness to start from scratch each time, sacrificing without complaint isn't lost on me of all our ancestors .
  19. there should be plenty bibian out here due to college and career goals ...are you looking for an amritdhari bibi?
  20. yeah I can't see marriage then maklawa years later working ...
  21. low hanging fruit bro , they use the brilliance of Gurbani to hook the minds and hearts that need it and exploit the unaware by making it seem they can explain it properly to them . My Masi who is stuck with RS lot claims that the dehdhari Guru is necessary to explain Gurbani because people don't have the ability to understand by themselves . YT : I have seen Gurbani shabads labelled as Namdhari shabads or Radha Soami shabads ... The whole point is to divert money and goods to their pockets from Guru ji's golak it is not to help anyone spiritually. on FB today a couple of guys are asking help of sangat to stop removal of Guru Granth Sahib from Ravidasia Gurdwara here in Uk https://www.facebook.com/SikhYouthBirmingham/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED&fref=nf BTW not saying Bhagat Ravidas followers are following pakhandi baba but they are using Guru ji to get hold of Ravi Das' bani otherwise I don't think they have much scripture seperately. The committee at the place have stolen £70,000
  22. Veer ji weren't all Guru Sahiban and their mahals similar ages even if they were younger at marriage point maybe only a year or two difference ?
  23. Son's friend sent him video footage of the carnage , a woman had died under a bus' wheels , so many injured and confused people . I counted three gunshots but the claims are he was shot twice . channel 4 named a kala convert from Hackney but that guys was in Jail on an unrelated matter so no closer to a name . Definitely a muslim guy , they actually stripsearched him where he fell , could see his trousers around his ankles whilst the officers were around him. One lady was hit so hard she had to get fished out of the Thames with injuries (luckily she survived) , three police officers injured prior to the stabbing . Of course they had Sikh police officer inside the commons to talk to the people there . mystery package on board car meant evac wasn't possible until bomb squad sorted out that mess.
  24. I remember the early days after amrit when we were repeatedly told to not do sangat of non-amritdhari people even family members and it become a real issue as it drove wedges into the previously happy close relationships we had with cousins, friends etc .Then my Mum realised the best way forwards was to visit and still be close but we would do sewa of those people by cooking for the whole group and then it stopped being an issue as we could still be at ease and eat with them etc. I'm not perfect and I know people who have fallen and my natural response is to extend Guru ji's fateh and love to all, (surely Guru ji wants us all to return home, He says it so much). It was this I feel , that helped them stop being stuck in shame of failing and persuaded them to try again. We get so much love from Guru ji how could we not let it flow through us ? I have no power , no grace, no gunn whatever is good is His, not mine .