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  1. Just saw this today and the thought was even the Gorey Canadians want our girls to stop getting involved with the Islamic guys:
  2. Having seen pictures of the Shaheedi jatha heading towards Jaito , it is clear the Blue Nishan with Katar Dhal and Kirpan was used , so when exactly did the new symbology enter into existence and who introduced it and what was their reasoning because I could find anything wrong with our own Nishan Sahib ? I have read read that this has elements which correspond with ancient babylonian symbology which the freemasons are into.(moon symbol) and looking at Rattrays khanda symbol it is not really clear about the thinking behind it .
  3. I've seen red with green trim from Ranjit SIngh's army times and I thought that the legend was after a particular victory Ranjit was approached by the Dogrey to change the flag to have a picture of their mother on it and the colour saffron he said he would change the colour but no picture of a person....
  4. I do ...run for the hills and don't look back . The fact that you are not married and they have already stopped your studies is messed up . You're better off on your own than in a hellhole like that .
  5. there is such a thing as rewriting history and goray have a major tendency to do this .
  6. they have african features too and are made by greek early christians ...I have seen it in real life
  7. why surprised ...if they can take originally literally BLACK madonna and make her gori with blue eyes and reddish blond hair we're small potatoes . http://atlantablackstar.com/2014/09/19/10-images-of-europeans-praying-to-black-madonna-and-black-jesus/2/ that is why I respect the east ortodox more as they kept true to the actual message not like RC pagan hybrid ...what do you think New Age is ..pagan hindu milgoba honestly seeing Guru Arjun Dev ji with a hanky on his Joorda makes me angry and sick to the stomach at the same time.
  8. top one is definitely ripoff of western madonna iconography(babylonian ) including the hand position and fingers . bottom one is a 3HO stylee picture they have similar for Guru Ram Das ji and Guru Nanak Dev ji you can tell they look like white caucasians rather than Indians.
  9. Harder to make money from pure Sikhi that's for sure... I mean 3HO old guard were in on all the rackets that the 'Siri Sahib' blessed including fraud , arms deals, fleecing sangat's daswand including the vicharey gorey lower downs who worked like dogs for the pittance wages and put their daswand together and using it to have slap up meals at top restaurants and buy jewellery
  10. I'm not the only one to have noticed the dodgy framing of this issue https://naujawani.com/blog/why-such-disregard-for-punjabi-sikhs
  11. It is a matter of history that SGPC tried to alter the manglacharan of the shabads in Guru Granth Sahib to 'standardise' them by their convoluted logic ... there have been attempts over the years of individual's trying to do this by themselves but got brought to their senses like the singh who tried to produce a saroop without Bhagatbani
  12. I don't see a problem Kaur is our surname , haven't you heard of De Laurentis films, Speilberg Films (yes I now about Amblin but most refer to the person's surname). As for visual sikhs we are all visible so should put our time and effort to represent properly maybe ?
  13. But there was nothing controversial about the nishan sahib so it should have been untouched ...maybe the controversy came when Ranjit Singh changed the nishan sahibs of his army to keshri and red to show appreciation of the Dogrey ... but then that should have been returned to Neela or basanti rang of Guru HarGobind ji
  14. looks like it but I'll give you the URl for another download link http://www.148apps.com/app/920317284/
  15. prakrit is older and is the base of many other old languages like Pali and Marathi. If we are talking preislamic afghans they would have been more likely to have ties to this as well Northern Indians
  16. bro MSM can be vegan too , you can get it in powder form and take orally, you can also use arnica cream/ointement weleda does a massage balm which is great for aching mucles and bones .
  17. Look the problem is Kaam is the toughest nut to crack and being amritdhari it may seem taboo to speak about the struggle but the truth is you cannot eliminate kaam from life but only control its influence through naam . I'm guessing you're a young person and it doesn't matter which sex because everyone has the struggle, just be kind to yourself and try to pinpoint why you keep going back is it because you are lonely and want a partner if so maybe it's your time to find one , if its just thrill seeking then go out and find better uses for your energy maybe take up a sport /calisthenics/ freerunning whatever and get your buzz there. Guru ji know your deepest thoughts and emotions so do an Ardas for help with this , guaranteed Guru ji will send some your way . Guru ji would want you to keep your rehit but also knows how hard it can be for mere mortals to overcome the great deceiver , maya so don't feel that there is any anger coming from Him , only a reminder to get up, dust off and resume . Everyone makes mistakes , stay in chardikala and avoid the dodgy websites for your own happiness.
  18. wouldn't he have spoken Prakrit ? given that lower castes were forbidden from listening to the 'divine language' of sanskrit also the fact that Sanskrit was a literary language and Prakrit a speaking language with different dialects .
  19. bro it happened whilst ladies sangat i.e. buddhian were reciting sukhmani sahib , their dhian was in the paat .. he lit up a <banned word filter activated> and then headed towards Guru Ji , the guys managed to stop him getting hold of Guru ji's saroop , he only managed to pull a rumala which caught on ang and ripped it . In the eyewitness account he did not set anything on fire ...apart from his cigarette.. CCtv was installed because like I said before Woolwich has a history of racist attacks on sikh gurdwarey and on sikhs in the streets, how ever like the youths are saying the youth need to.show up and take on these elements of sewa . You cannot use deadly force in the UK but you can use reasonable force and citizen's arrest.
  20. his name wasn't that it's what he said when he went for Guru ji
  21. the body runs on only the equivalent of a teaspoon worth of hormones for all processes all year ...that indicates that the intelligence of the body's immune system and the body's reactivity is highly underestimated . There is a well documented and tested phenomena in science called Hormesis where normally toxic substances when given in minute amounts have the opposite effect to the expected giving positive health benefits .Of course the biggest kicker is what system of medicine do the elites rely on the petro-chemical based general meds they promoted or homeopathy ...and the answer is homeopathy often having their own personal homeopaths ... I have seen historical data collected during cholera epidemic during the american civil war and the homeopathic hospital lost very few patients downwards of 10% whereas the regular medicine hispital lost upwards of 80% of all cases Recently Cuba developed a homeopathic 'vaccine' against dengue to save their population and had great results
  22. Given the latest Zafarnama Cycle Yatra of Veer Pandit Rao, a question arises how comes our people don't love Zafarnama as much as foreigners who are now studying it in Iran?
  23. They love each really ... kade kade bhain bhra vich hunda kardka
  24. I didn't read that particular article so no copy paste involved just knowledge from other sources including memoirs of his generals . Guru Gobind SIngh said himself if a sikh marries and/or has carnal knowledge of a muslim woman he stops being a sikh . Both Guru Teg Bahadur ji and Guru Gobind SIngh ji told sikhs to have one woman and stay true to her until she passes , to never go into the bed of another woman even in a dream ....so how it even possible to recouncile the massive disobedience? You cannot, no one can he made marriages and still had illicit relations with dancing women . THAT is Bujjar Kurehit
  25. what do people think about the fact that the raag has been stripped from the shabad and replaced by enya style vocalisations with pauses in strange places ? Is this making it harder to understand the whole pangti and thus message which bad raag renditions (egotistical) do? Do you feel this kind of anglicising the Gurbani is a little too disrespectful ,kind of saying ' you've got no idea how to do things we'll show you' . I've heard hiphop Jaap Sahib and other things but they have tried to elevate the understanding/memorising of the bani not highlighting the person singing above it . But th.is seems more of the latter than the first Hmm ...