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  1. So Jagmeet does the deed... and no voti still the same ... https://www.facebook.com/BaruSahibHP/photos/ms.c.eJxFyLENACAMA7CPUNrQhvz~;GAMIPDoEzZRVboFrxI0~_4R~;ZpNAvygQobtQgDbg~-.bps.a.312356885474161.72764.294820193894497/1707427962633706/?type=3&theater
  2. the attitude is across the board in those quarters : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5371263/Somalian-raped-girl-threatened-kill-jailed.html#ixzz56cLk0KzQ
  3. So Jagmeet gets married ....

    may need to go in , hold up don't agree with putting shastar on feet :
  4. yes in Hukam nama Guru Pita ji has stated that there should be two turbans as we have seen in past the outside one can be used to cover ijjat of females rescued (Bangladesh, Haryana) or rescue people (punjab) whilst keeping internal one to keep head covered.
  5. Justin Trudeau visit to India

    interesting they did use Jas Uthwal in the end : http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/sikh-extremism-rogue-elements-1.4548145
  6. then that doesn't qualify as halal ... and it illustrates the lobhi bemaan they are brought up to be when dealing with others especially kufar (their word not mine) True life story when I was a teen I used to work for a major cash and carry wholesalers on their tills . We had a neighbouring kebab shop as a regular customer . When certain specials on it was normal for shopkeepers to do bulkbuys so we were used to seeing that but one day this guy comes to the till with his trolley filled with case upon case of cat food , the other musley who worked there commented on the strange purchase and one asked him do you have a cat ... to which he replied no and then smirked .... So the moral of the story is don't buy doner kebab unless you see them creating the stack of meat yourself
  7. emergency advice - Breaking off Engagement

    I think you are too busy being a first class privileged ish , It is not a small matter to just drop a girl after getting engaged . The sikh attitude is do not enter engagement unless you are deffo getting married because you are playing with the other's family's honour and standing. If you had doubts to clear you should not have done Rokna or Shagun . Somebody recommends fine, check it out for your self ...a bit like when you are driving and your passenger says 'it's clear to go' you don't go on their word as you know in an accident you will be held responsible , you make sure it is clear for yourself. I know some folks can be pushy but you are a guy and can easily say stop at an earlier stage ... I don't understand why you didn't it seems bizarre to me . We are living in the 21st century not the 1800s you can talk on your own with the girl nobody will object. Anyway water under the bridge and all that .
  8. Justin Trudeau visit to India

    but great foir avoiding shaking hands of scum like Modi , wifey used namaste to avoid shaking hands with the head gunda today, smart kid. Look unlike most political visits they were just relaxed and wore local attire to be comfy I mean suits and all from Canada might look smart but they are probably too stuffy for the temp there. productive - he signed business deals in Gujrat and Agra worth billions unfortunately Punjab missed out because of our CM bufoon
  9. Justin Trudeau visit to India

    dosanjh was busy spouting the usual Hinduvta anti-sikh BS about NRI sikhs this week then Khalra organisation picked up on this development: “This was not an accident,” said a senior security source within the Canadian government, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Atwal has developed links with the Indian government and his political views “have evolved” in recent years. “They no longer see him as the enemy,” said the source, who believes it is convenient for some in India’s government, if not necessarily for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to embarrass Trudeau for being soft on Sikh separatism. Asked which part of the Indian government might be so motivated, the source said, “The intelligence service.” #theIncideman #RAW Its also being reported that it was former MP Ujjal Dosanjh who helped Atwal get Indian visa in 2006. John Ivison: The Indian government removed Jaspal Atwal from its blacklist. Why? It doesn’t make any sense — until you start to consider who stands to benefit from Atwal’s attendance this week nationalpost.com
  10. Shower kirpan

    your friend is pulling your leg , santhiya is the learning of shuddh gurbani uccharan and learning how to read larivaar script and nobody charges for the classes ...
  11. Shower kirpan

    your mate must be a right one ...else made up Santhiya doesn't cost anything dopey . Back to jatt kindergarten with you
  12. emergency advice - Breaking off Engagement

    talk about leaving it to the last minute you cannot anything now without harming her family's image and herself , she can get treatment for skin conditions easily. you are being a total twit where's your compassion and just what were you paying attention to?
  13. Sikh Attacked in london

    honestly you go for the lowest common denominator all the time ... brexit means: 1. immigrant rights out the window, cannot use european courts of justice to help us remember the singh who was arrested and nearly extradited to India whilst on holiday? the European court of justice saved him 2. nhs will be privatised 3. workers rights will be curtailed 4. right to protest will be destroyed 5. freedom of movement curtailed means we also will be stopped from travelling easily 6. food and goods will be more expensive due to increased taxation 7. more americanisation/indian control of uk so probably even more hate crimes and terrorist accusations
  14. Are most Sikhs fake Sikhs?

    i think amritdhari have at least 2 shastars with them at all time kirpan and kara and they deffo have keshang ....so what is your point bhrava? that it doesn't count unless it is a three foot kirpan , and they should be bristling with shastars ? agreed one well maintained fit for purpose kirpan is minimum , but like Gurbani slowly you can build up more , first shastar to develop is the mind because the tool is nothing without a commited person behind it.
  15. the number of apneh who don't care about eating chicken from halal joints makes me sick , they are paying to go against their Guru ji but then again they do the same when they pay those hindu/musley naaii to shave and butcher their kesh.... no akkl no ankh just phokat gaanne
  16. all meat these days in the fast food chains are halal , and also in some schools although there was no announcement of the change in the education authorities , parents found out and freaked .
  17. Waheguru ji is putting choice out of hands

    epigenetics in play anyhoo , DNA is 30% of the equation environment and lifestyle 70% triggers the development of disease or adaptations.
  18. Waheguru ji gave us free choice now he's making sure we start following rehit of dropping intoxicants http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/human-gene-stop-drinking-alcohol-evolution-addiction-intolerance-health-development-a8221186.html?utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook
  19. Some more Home Truths

    I know that Trudeau sign business deals in Gujarat and Agra any ideas who with and what over ?
  20. ideally they should wait for their kids and learn with them before taking amrit, not after the fact like the example that was given . Like a good Marine no sikh should leave a sikh behind enemy lines.
  21. National anthem

    do ardas for others sure you invest your precious pall and your kamai ... if you are not nitnemi it can affect you badly ...else it's just a choice. Why do I have to honour someone who's basically getting paid through public taxes and lives in state owned palace and has the majority of her family and bills paid for by the poor while she swans around ? She is servant of the machinery. if you really have a lot of kamai to spend I can think of more deserving people such as the 111 girls kidnapped by Boko Haram , the victims of 1984, The shaheed singhs parivaars, the singhnian who are looking after all those abandoned girls in Punjab , Jaggi and the Singh Qaidi.
  22. basically your kids are not YOURS , they are a sewa , your duty as a parent is to keep them intact so they have no obstacles to becoming gursikhs when ready and show them the world through sikhi's lens . You have no rights to take a kid's kesh away , that is a paap . Whether you choose to be a mona you still have no rights to do it . Those who have done it have made it plain to the world that they OWN their kids , so if they get on Naam Jahaaz and have amrit and are now stuck with mayadhari mone for kids , they are only getting the reward of their karams .
  23. Some more Home Truths

    we need to wake up the 80% of Hindus who have NO rights no respect because of the accident of their birth who do not get represented by the brahmins at the top.Mohan Bhagwat has stated his vision is hindu only allowed in governance, court system and in all power places , so NO no places for sikhs , muslims, buddhists, christians anywhere.
  24. National anthem

    basically if you think about it you are doing an ardas for the queen everytime you do , so would you want to use your kamai that way ?