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  1. #freejagginow

    cmon that is the stuff they want to hide...as it is proof positive of unlawful behavior
  2. Islam in India

  3. Some more Home Truths

    persians culture was deeper and more developed than than the invaders and even the raiders had serious envy ...that's why they 'allowed' the architecture and arts flourish despite it being haram according to their eyes . What the arabs planned was to bask in its reflected glory , now with the advent of oil money they can buy their way to being admired and can remake their image to suit without the persian influence. the proxy wars is accelerating because oil is running low now how close was proto punjabi to the early persian languages?
  4. Some more Home Truths

    jeevan vaarna is closer but that assumes ownership of the life which already was given to Guru ji for Amrit .
  5. Some more Home Truths

    balidan is not appropriate as it is sacrifice for a ritual...
  6. Islam in India

    you and I know it , was hoping for a response from OP
  7. Beard/mustache growing help

    the only thing was suggested was a change in cleansing and moisturising but apparently the all-knowing jwaan knows unspoken words in people's minds too. Antibiotics should never be first port of call for any disease ...it is that unpard attitude during the previous decades that means we are approaching the point where antibiotics are failing majorly. All first paji said was how to encourage growth to even out his beard and mouch , both castor oil and coconut oil have been proven to improve hair growth as they are nourishing to the skin and hair . Second veer just wanted itch relief ...I was clarifying if it was a more involved scenario , e..g. hormonal or infection of scalp but of course asking would be something you would never consider just laying down commands is your style . There are loads of irritants added in shampoo and soap formulae which can trigger skin problems , a simple change to milder baby-friendly formulae could resolve it , also moisturising the face with the skin calming lotion I suggested after using it on my own kids and some extremely itchy skin allergy I had from a watch i.e. actual experience of relief and observed healing . but you carry on ...
  8. Islam in India

    and still not one word more about Guru Sahiban ...
  9. Some more Home Truths

    ok duniya for example was used in Gurbani so what then ?...I think Punjabi was selected as it has elements of all parts of society represented and is lok boli ...Tej seems to want to turn revisionist as the deluded hinduvta folks are doing ...surely as Sikhs we can be evenhanded and preserve our maa boli without chopping it up into shreds. It is not a major thing if we say odd words here and there , I mean if you were so incensed by the historical insults of mughals then what would you do about hindi /sanskrit as the pushers of those cultural languages have attacked Harmandir Sahib Four times in 70 years, reneged on promises, stolen water, dishonoured our womenfolk and murdered our men ? And now try to demote your language and its Guru-given script as secondary to Thug's languages
  10. Some more Home Truths

    TEjS needs to chill https://nandhivarman.wordpress.com/2007/11/06/dravidian-origins-of-sanskrit/ Pali is the regional language of Punjab as Buddha's influence spread as far as Khorasan in the west and Tibet, Chine in the north. Stop with stupid arguments of removing Persian influences as that would remove the poetic forms and deep influence of masterpieces like Zafarnama which was styled as a mirror to Shahnama the most famous persian poet Firdosi had written .... more than half of the commonly used words of punjabi- a language of the people remains so ... Sanskrit is a made up language taking much from Tamil and other southern Dravidian languages ....if we go for most ancient language than it would be Tamil and pali
  11. I Know, right! Anyway the last Bibi from GOI who tried to outshine Guru ji got told to her face 'you did nothing special by coming here , even if you were to sacrifice your life the number of rom you have on your body then you could never come close to repaying the debt you owe to Guru Maharaj if it wasn't for him you would be reading namaz .
  12. yeah yeah yeah ....we remember the thousands that are unfairly forgotten by justice and we are atvadi khalistani yadda yadda yadda 'why don't you forget it' and they still burn effigies of Ravan because of sita thousands of years later - idiots Indian establishment has no right to make political headlines within our King's court ANYWHERE ...
  13. What would India be if the British never came?

    it would been all faiths, literate, numerate, artistically and musically rich . A major player in the world scene because of its GDP ...I don't think Kartar even remembers just how well administered the sikh kingdom was . Just swallowed the gorey propaganda hook, line and sinker
  14. Some more Home Truths

    funny thing is by definition of brahmin they don't qualify themselves
  15. Some more Home Truths

    how is a more natural language corrupt ...so much BS from them it's like the fake HIndi worship going on in India ... They maintain that this urdu imposter is prior to other languages when really it is derived from Kariboli i.e. our language with massive arabic persian injections and smatterings of sanskrit/prakrit words to ring in differences . Punjabi is prior and stands on boths sides of the divide loved by all