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  1. nothing's gonna change unless we meet it head on- get them to fix up or get lost after dropping the sikh pretensions
  2. Duleep used to hang out with Victoria's lads who were also totally off the rails so I would take that with a handful of salt . The fact that they refer to Maharani Jind kaur as a dancing girl when she was nothing like that should tell you the level of lies they spin
  3. Panjabis have always been independence driven people in WW1 they co-operated to the call of INC and elites to further cause by signing up but it only resulted in elites and richest Hindians getting voting rights in the new two house government system. in WW2 they signed up as part of the independence lehar bcos Goray promised to vacate India first time reneged on promise and would have on second if they hadn't run out of cash and were so depleted as a nation
  4. I am under the impression also they find nothing wrong with giving their daughters to hindus
  5. do you really think veer ji was saying that, just as the deh was not Guru Nanak same way Saroop kagad shiaaee is not ...it is poojnik(matha tekna) because it is the resting place of Guru Sahib's jot/naad like we sing jitte jahe bahe mera Satguru so Thaa suhave Ram Raje ... literally we do put doord of sangat on our matha (leh doord mukh lava doord mukh lave)
  6. the main thing that dawah girls and girl drone on about is sikhi is man-made, not the truth, then they try to do mental gymnastics to try to claim Islam is profemale and not that bad ... I doubt it , once sikhi in its true roop is understood all the barriers come down and the heart changes have you not read testimonies of former party girls who became true Singhnian?
  7. shabad Guru Surat Dhun Chela ... shabad is the jot, jot is parmeshvar don't forget Guru ji is app Parmeshvar
  8. you know what you sound like the scum that used to refuse to take their daughters back after they were kidnapped by mughals and brought home by Khalsa - Grow some spine, forget your nose and act like a sikh, we all make mistakes , forgive and help a fellow family member like Guru ji taught us
  9. problem is such kids could justify to reluctant parents going to a free gym at Gurdwara better than reading up on sikhi , following santhiya classes etc . Just need to get them over the threshold , anyhow
  10. from my experience Samras tend to be clueless about sikhi and do stuff just because it has always been done that way. The particular family I knew had 2 daughters and married the younger daughter to deor of older sis just because they couldn't be asked to look elsewhere.
  11. we need to be proactive and EVERY gurdwara should have golak invested in learning materials , gym equipment/ weights, bowing gloves , guards, shasters such as bows and bolts/arrows , salotars and be actively training ALL kids in sikhi and being tough mentally and physically. we don't need carparks, banqueting halls or even larger diwan halls. Our ancestors had tiny dharamshaley and larger akhardey this is the proper weighting
  12. she only became scum because her folks did not take her need for sikhi and appropriate role models in the faith seriously . 16 years old are still naive kids and easily impressionable , it is our sanjha responsibility to be there for such young seekers
  13. understood bro but the opportunities in the west have to be found or made from other ustads/disciplines who may not be sikh .e.g.. archery clubs, martial arts like escrima . Until we make every gurdwara a learning gym this will remain the barrier to wider shaster vidhiya in the sangat
  14. All the above mentioned plus sikh2inspire kamalpreet Pardeshi- Barjinder Singh (sant ji's speeches)
  15. youtube and marketing experience aside , how's your sikhi, how's your abhiyaas going? Can you debate without being riled ? If you want to do this join BOS Parchaarik school and learn the ropes and support them not divide the audience. They need up and coming sikhs to get behind them and their projects