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  1. really what self-respecting SIngh would take the insult of having to be remind of his natural duty and what emancipated Daughter of Kalgianwale GurPita ji would be feeble mentally to expect her bro to be there always to protect her...? actually rakhrdki is a religious ceremony as there is a thali involved and mitiaai , tilaks and whatnot in the full version
  2. the other one was Gurinder chada trundled out to represent the sikh story
  3. my point is even the sikhs who are sikh from both sides are slip sliding into following the whole hindu shebang from threads, to fasting (my sis was expected to keep karva chauth by MIL , which we told them aint happening) believing in manglik , enough stupid pointless things, hedging bets by visiting all sorts of mandirs, tombs, etc The common sense has flown from their brains...
  4. the white people who follow kaballah tie red threads .. seems to lot of jantar mantar involved (magic spells )
  5. simply lack of spine ...if someone says jai mata di or jai shri Ram the number of fools who feel peer pressure to join is astonishing. Then they use the old coconut of sikhi respects all religions, and we shouldn't hurt others feelings i.e. join in because the others will die of broken heart if we didn't... It has gotten to the stage that SIkhs have to join in 'Holi' celebrations else they risk losing their lives on the road . My Mama and Mami ji got stopped on the road to Bihar , she was quick thinking and said how can we celebrate my mother has died(in truth some year prior) then they were let through
  6. I'm sure she must have realised the stories of those who had been abused what they suffered and has adjusted attitude... i noted in the program i watched last night , the tried to frame the whole revenge attack scenario on the sikhs attacking the train containing the families of future pak officials, engineers etc and their families - derailment occured and 4 died.
  7. 1. I am speaking from bringing up four children including a set of twins not theory but experience and observation of how different people approaches affected their kids in close genetic relationships . 2. i had my infant children either in a cot or moses basket in the same room as me for the first six months , except the twins who slept in the same cot - next door because our new home didn't have the space for a large cot alongside our bed . eldest - was looked after by my folks during the workday and I would pick him up and we used to do loads of stuff together, gardening, reading , drawing , etc he was extremely talkative from 1.5 years because he was surrounded by adults and none of us spoke tuthla to him, had three languages on the go in the homes , when I had the twins - we were forced by circumstances to move away so I was all alone with three under three and two preemies . Loving Contact, speaking and engaging babies is important but as the ICU/SCBU nurses pointed out sleep is vital for growth and it was illustrated by slow gain of weight in Dayal Singh compared to Bahadur SIngh.. from observations people who babytalk delayed speech development and enforced simple mouthing mistake which then needed intervention, and allowed their kids to stay in the parental beds beyond two years of age had massive problems with seperation anxiety in the kids no matter who they were with in the day , bedtime creep, concentration problems in kids and sleep deprivation in the parents, one couple's singleton drove the mother out of the bed totally to the sofa so she could get enough sleep to function for coming workday. One child who is now in high school will not sleep in his own bedroom despite insisting on own room for me I'm realistic that my kids longest relationship is with their siblings so I've always encouraged shared space/play with each kid getting time with each of us parents and collective time with the grands as a secondary emphasis. I am highly aware of anti-sikh attitudes in certain family members so try to reduce influence by countering by teaching sikhi aspects to same issues
  8. kid under the age four can wake in the night , sometimes scared, sometimes if they get wet,get cold because they've kicked covers off or even light sleepers (my niece is like this) it is not only to feed , like i said most guys don't have a clue what goes on. There was an another bibi who talked about her MIL insisting on her newborn child should remain with her and she would take that child away for a couple of years to India to bring up over there as it suited the MIL. I think there are some delusional bazurg out there too exerting unreasonable controls over their DILs
  9. maybe do the dishes without having to be asked , you live in the home , if you do stuff to help maintain it's tidy state your folks would be very appreciative . A few moments of work which would make your atmosphere so much better all the time . I know it's hard to change but what helps/ed me was to think I was doing sewa of Guru ji who looks after me through my folks. That Guru ji sent us here to adjust the universe balance to the positive: make it caring, loving, just, full of chardikala because there is already too many being negative, sinful and ungrateful
  10. I think the German thing might have been autocorrected Gurmat
  11. and every year we have to hope that we wont have problems to go and see our gurdwarey , because the two zionist controlled governments had a bust up. Yep Happy Happy Joy Joy SMH
  12. When my Guru ji is attacked continuously, my bretheren are suffering from cancer crisis brought on by uranium pollution of water,punjab turning into a dustbowl because of stealing of river water where 99% is sent to Hindu states and people getting attacked for being sabat soorat gursikhs I don't call that independence
  13. maybe OP shouldn't be a lazy son , Singhs are supposed to be active , go getters .... if the Mum is a bhagtan maybe she is getting to the point that she needs to especially guard her words carefully, no khorde bachans and certainly not wishing lottery wins/hardly kirt di kamai. maa pio di sewa is a good thing , they did your sewa and are still doing it by looking after you , at least acknowledge a debt of love. Everyone is human even the oldies, so be understanding that the frustration may have got to her and she spoke harshly but I don't think your Mum is evil and trying to hurt you. Kang veer the only person I know who did shubh bachan when frustrated was my Nani ji ...nobody else it's a lost skill that needs reviving
  14. i am sorry children are not pawns, and need their own space to sleep at night so they can develop correctly mentally and physically. The problems stored for later, will be needing to climb in your bed when they are grown, unable to settle on their own , unable to travel easily, infantile temper tantrums at school age . What your in-laws need to realise is that it is not healthy or helpful to make a child so dependent on company all the time. Maybe your mother-in-law never had a girl so is overstepping into your role out of own fantasy life, maybe give her a specific role like teaching gurbani, gurmukhi or telling sakhian so she realises she is needed , and the night-time let little bhen ji sleep in her own space:then no competition issues because she is neither with you or MIL. You can have morning routine, night-time routine, bath-times, hubby needs time also so maybe he can do bed-time stories/kirtan sohila, and sporty stuff/rough and tumble on weekends. guestguest likewise a child needs to sleep alone even from you, just keep within earshot/eyeline . Men generally do not realise what is involved in overnight care as they DO NOT wake with the baby's cries unlike us , it is a physical adaptation that kicks in once you have a child and your MIL may not wake either. I am guessing your boy is not an infant any more so you maybe not as upset as before...but same thing , give her time to do something meaningful with little singh ji during the day and that might just diffuse the situation.