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  1. it means that they were told that the authorities were thinking of demolishing the building but the High Court furnished the committee with a stay of demolition to prevent it happening until the matter could be discussed properly . This is purely local authorities exceeding their legal boundaries and deciding unilaterally to destroy a place of worship and steal from Gursikhs.
  2. none of the Indian MSM are showing it surprise surprise
  3. well if you are a sikh you would follow the path laid out, yes?Besides like the living examples illustrate following the other ways lead to so much destruction, hardship and losing the true focus on life's mission
  4. no sikh marriage is not that ...whereas muslim, hindu, jewish, christian
  5. I'd much rather stick to Guru ji's mat because it is the middle path , free from the pollution of SJW nutters/elite agendas of the west and the oppression of ancient tribalistic chauvanisms and misogyny of eastern faiths. I would like to see a strong sikh literary/artistic rennaisance coming up but that is down to people seeing the true heart of punjab.
  6. Guru ji also rejected the Punjabi culture of their time which included purdah/ghoondh kadna, kuddi maarna , Sutak and other pollution ideas associated with normal female biological functions, cursing or beating women , end of pati parmeshwar attitude towards human husband, end of superstitious beliefs which made women's lives hell, promoting women as points of spiritual knowledge as opposed to standard idea of destroyers of faiths , ending caste based segregation in a time when people would be killed for offending the system. I don't hate Punjab just this constant dragging backwards into hindu mat of our people when Guru Sahiban gave us freedom and wisdom to follow which is light years ahead of even Western mat.
  7. my ancient computer is playing up sorry ... not trying to trip anyone up ... she really is not thinking straight or in the correct gurmat way ...
  8. no we have sikh cultural wisdom from our history ...which is known and shared that is another source of guidance , also the rehitnamey give us more practical guidance and form a grounding to our ethical standards . This woman is deluded in her infatuation
  9. accumulated wisdom ? what like women are lower status humans , you need to tie threads to your wrist to protect yourself , that the birth of a male is worth celebrating more than a female ? That dheeaan is a part of our culture and should be celebrated despite the fact it was a shameful activity used to mask selling out your daughters? There is very little punjabi wisdom beyond the level of common decency worth mentioning. As for this young lady , she is being ridiculous a seveteen year old guy is immature , without prospects as he needs to complete his sixth form education, and she is being a bit creepy going after a child .
  10. mate they make up things left right and centre , she was level with all the other shop fronts ... it's was purely a shake-down which she refused to comply with.
  11. preacher is a better word than missionary because we do not have a MISSION to gain something for ourselves by changing others but by expounding the word of Truth and giving guidance on how to live better without knocking the people. Missionaries tend to approach it from a we are right/better, you are hellbound kind of mentality , which feeds the ego: a dangerous activity .
  12. the indian films (modern) depicting such fighters seem to be wearing a version of the dhoti , but the pyjami is Indian or made by apne later in history?
  13. first thing is kacchera instead of two dhotis , how the hell did they go to battle and keep their clothes in order without belts etc?
  14. best thing is to translate to english and other languages , highlight the infarction of law , the violence against praying people and the illegal demolition and stealing of vital scriptures and money .ON ALL SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS , i.e. create a stink . Main things we can do is ensure the scriptures and weapons etc are returned to sangat's safekeeping .
  15. it's amazing what you lingo you pick up down the East end , best is when you hear your Mum giving it back fullblast to filltee mouth jamiki kids in their patois (of course she'll come and ask what it means first hehe)