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  1. Having read this gem I wonder what would happen to the sikhs cleaved into two seperate communities by the total sealing of the border , No more visits to Nankana Sahib, Hasan Abdal etc , greater threat to sikhs in Pakistan especially since they have been excluded from the pakistan census . Is there anything we can do ? http://edition.cnn.com/2017/03/28/asia/india-pakistan-bangladesh-borders/
  2. Given our maryada of acceptance of humanity , where and how should we draw the boundaries at Gurdwarey to ensure safety of sangat ? http://katu.com/news/local/police-man-asked-to-use-bathroom-at-sikh-temple-attacked-woman-inside
  3. with panj you will automatically have to have consensus of opinion and they are more likely to Fear Guru ji's wrath for any wrongdoing, one Singh cannot strong arm four others into anything they would have to do vichar on the matters in front of them, and where one forgets about effects of decisions others can remind .
  4. honestly so many are shady I've given up on them all and decided that only Guru ji is worth listening to , they are all driving the panth off the edge with their scheming and arguments ... I only knew about the thing now because someone posted it on my feed , frankly the sooner we get rid of single jathedar and replaced with Panj SInghs of high avasta at each takht the better. This mess just makes people reluctant to get more involved in sikhi because if the amritdhari people are so low-down no holds barred fighting all the time what's the point ? BTW Panthpreet always set the hairs on my neck on edge, serious bad energy ...the eyes say it all Ranjit is too concerned with his image ...
  5. This was a really below the belt strike at a fellow gursikh , when he should have been denouncing the attack and the disrespect to the maryada of chabeel , he shamelessly carried on like this instead of thinking about the feelings of The Dead SIngh's family. So Bad ...
  6. Dhadrianwale has consistently been besieged and harassed by punjab police during all major events whilst Badal was in charge, he is plain speaking and does call out people with dodgy behaviour . He was the only one to speak up for Jaswinder Singh and his brother who were falsely blamed for the beadbhi of Guru ji. Ajnala started off OK dealing with beadbhi issues etc but since he was placed as Jathedar I haven't seen him doing anything in a positive light , just being 'salty' to others. I would have thought he would have more power to his elbow to get the Beadbhi stopped. Why Taksali brothers are being this way is not clear , they should be able to resolve the issues peaceably and in a civilised manner .
  7. do you not think this is 100% about placating the oil rich countries not power of lobbying , c'mon since when have you known the europeans and americans to not think of exploitation first? The sauds buy silence from the goray , buy non-interference on condition of arms sales . etc I mean they are decimating Yemen but not a whisper on MSM only NGO , amnesty sites .... MUslims are told not to question , not to think about the contradictions , the mention of three goddesses of old supposed daughters of Allah , so is it worship of a devta or Akal Purakh ...Lord only knows . Memorising arabic phrases from the quran without vichar is the name of the game , I'd say our way is better Santhiya and vichar , quality over quantity. Often I have heard muslim apostates say stuff like I can read the Arabic but I just didn't realise what it said , when I found out , I had too many questions.
  8. Bhavan avtar , haven't heard much about Him any recommended sites to find out more?
  9. there are some who are being illogical and also aggressive to specific people e.g. Dhumma, Ajnala, Jagowale All badmouthing Dhadrianwale this came after Dhadrianwale called Dhumma a sarkari sant because of the way he has been acting in relation to Badal /RSS people (compliant and servile) which is open for all to see. Then a murder plot was hatched against Dhadrianwale because apparently questioning Dhumma is equivalent to attacking the Taksal. IT'S NOT the Taksal is Guru ji's creation to stand for all time whereas this guy is not. This is the starting point of the attack on Dhadrianwale's parchaar: Dhadrianwale survived but unfortunately another parcharik Singh was killed ... so Dhumma started justifying the attack instead of condemning it as the anti-sikh activity it is bhraa-maar. This was organised by a group of Fanboys in the Taksal at the constant twisting of words of Dhumma , if this was tried in London Dhumma would be done for conspiracy by inciting criminal acts. Now we have Ajnala standing up in Hazoori of Guru ji and speaking all sorts of rubbish about Dhadrianwale - about how he soiled himself etc etc. foul language was used . No response from Dhadrianwale in the negative,but due to sangat pressure came online to apologise: lately Dhadrianwale did this parchaar: For which Lately, Ajnala has been taking his gang of saathis to extract an apology from Dhadrianwale by blocking Parmeshvar Dwar , sounds more like mafia tactics than sitting down calmly and doing vichar , finding a solution. Then these two videos came out :
  10. The panth didn't feel the need to safeguard the panth at any other point in history , just in peacetime with the threat of a breakaway group of small numbers ....hmmm If you question it then you deny That Guru ji gave khande di pahul to Mai Bhago ji , so what happens to all those sakian related to her ? We know to be Guru ji's bodyguard she had to be the same as the Guys tyaar bar tyaar full khalsa and you cannot be if you have kirpan di amrit that we have also been told (boys have to take Khande di pahul when they grow)... so please enlighten the sangat how this was resolved ?
  11. Why would a woman who is Gursikh want to be reborn as a guy unless we are dealing with hindu mat that a woman has to be reborn to have a chance at mukhti ? Surely she would know that women can be mukht too given the examples in history ...unless you are rewriting Sikhi to suit the manmat idea that Hindus have put forward for generations rather than accepting Kirpa is all the is needed which comes from Gurprasad BTW I am not saying anything against Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh ji I do not doubt that a woman could experience that , but why would that be necessary given the panth?
  12. I have lived long enough to know how fatherhood is nurtured or neutered by the mother too , Why should I expect the guy who is the breadwinner (because I chose with him to stay at home and look after my twin sons and toddler myself rather than palming off my responsibilities to a stranger ) to come home and do my share of the work too , when I'd rather he'd play/talk spend time with the children ? I was taught by my mother( the product of generations of wise Gursikh women) that ALL family relationships can be enabled or disabled by a woman's attitude , I agree we have immense power and immense responsibility as primary carers (if you have an argument with that , take it up with Akal Purakh) . I'd rather have volunteered help than lay down 'laws' to browbeat someone to feel cornered into doing something and generally if people are treated like responsible adults they do volunteer, even rush to help. They can never be equally involved by virtue of their outside work taking up time but they can have an important and pivotal role in our children's lives. Most people have singletons , I had a set of twins two years after my first and so yes I relied on his help from time to time but not as a lock-in because he too had to get up early and go outside to work , I didn't have the luxury of time or choices to do it to some externally idealised standard ,but I did it anyhow and they(the boys) still have an excellent bond with both of us even now they are on the threshold of their adulthood. What's more they are not averse to doing work in the home , they look after their kid sister and they take that caring responsible nature outside into the world . The Navy has a well established misogynistic reputation so it doesn't surprise me . that cartoon is racist , full of BS stereotypes , my Mum and Dad pushed me to be the best at what ever I did in school, my Dad was an Engineering grad and took interest in my exposure to sciences and do well in Mathematics . Truth of Mai Bhago was her father trained both her and her brothers it wasn't a compensation step. Some mistakes in the story as well ... What was this based on 1970s attitudes ?
  13. that's why they've made it a closed shop activity because ordinary Kaurs may rock the boat of their self-delusion of 'leadership' 'expression' and question their attitudes . It is definitely NOT about sisterhood in any sense
  14. bro way too Harsh ... She is a product of her education and the leftist agenda and cannot see that , she may have done new things as a Singhni in the Canadian Navy but there ARE many police officers , army ,scientists, Doctors , economist etc who are also Sabat Soorat in INDIA of all places and around the world ... which she fails to acknowledge . How many years does one have to be a Singhni before one can actually see people as equal but different ? She chooses to imagine that guys will magically give up being 'lazy' in the house , start being domestic goddesses in her stead she sounds too much like all those girls growing up during the eighties /nineties who are guilty of what Paglia refers to as bourgeois Feminism : where Men are the enemy and need to be more like females and act like their 'wives' instead; women who are happiest in the heart of their families shaping their children's minds are at best lost causes, or at worst deluded and oppressed . My sister was/is a victim of it and her medicine was choosing a traditionally minded Punjabi Male who pushed her to be her better self whether she liked it or not. We have had the complaints and tears for sympathy at family get togethers and to be honest ALL the family's females just put her straight, feeding and caring for your family is more important than a job because the love and effort you put in now travels across time bolstering all the descendants to come, our words of comfort and history advise and inform generations of sikhs . But I guess being architects of the future sikh people ...that is not important enough and bragworthy enough for some ... go figure
  15. look I don't agree with her doing that and posting it , I don't think it is right for anyone to 'act out' if it brings disrespect on Guru ji's sikhi . I don't want to fight with you over her stupidity. I'm sorry for saying what I said and how I said it , it was a shock to see someone I respect saying stuff like that , my best judgement wasn't there and I said something brash and hurtful at that moment .