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  1. bhenji if you could give an example and its context within the shabad I'd appreciate it as I've got a feeling it is referring to abrahamic belief not ours .....
  2. So you do not believe in the Ardas if you don't believe in Guru ji's authorship? Honestly Sikhi is not puratanical faith it sees the true picture of kalyug and deals with it head on. As the English say 'forewarned is forearmed' ... Sikh females are respected for their unique qualities not sameness of men, Guru Teg Bahadur ji called Sikh Women the conscience of the Kaum and respected their bentis totally above the men. For you to call his Son our Guru Pita as anti-feminine is a massive misread of the whole Dasam Granth and Guru Pita ji . Maybe it is your background that has you confused, but Khalsa is genderless so if Guru Pita says Beta he is talking to you just as much as your sikh brothers . In Guru Granth Sahib ji there are many shabads which describe some women as unfaithful, easy to waver, frivilous does that mean tomorrow you will hold Guru ji as not authored by Six Gurus? The metaphors are to point out how we ALL are women to the only Groom Akal Purakh , and yes some act in unfaithful/ungrateful ways to God . Why is it necessary to sue people , what will you gain :a boost to your ego ? to ruin another internet forum for sikhs? it seems so harsh , rise above I know you could if you so chose . You are just enforcing the stereotypes about 3 wave feminism/ white people : quick to take offence and quick to destroy others to make a buck I hope you do not action your threat as it is showing us Kaurs in a bad light.
  3. How old are you because the way you are talking seems very naive ....? If he wants to marry you then he knows you are amritdhari and is sikh so knows that it is where he needs to be to be with you , if he is serious he needs to up his game not you leave Guru ji's side for the temporary worldy life with this guy. If he is emotionally blackmailing you an this is interfering with your studies I suggest he too needs to grow up and concentrate on improving his life , gursikhi and careerwise if he cannot tell his folks about his intentions then he will not do it in the future and thus he may marry someone else under their pressure . DO NOT LEAVE YOUR SIKHI , you will regret this for your whole life ...you will lower your sikhi's value in front of His family and you will hurt and possibly lose your family's support. HE NEEDS TO STAND UP AND SHOW WILLING until then do not pin your hopes on him.
  4. the concept of 7 rings of hell and 7 rings of heaven is Abrahamic and Guru Nanak Dev ji put that to bed in Iraq when he sang patala patal , lakh agasa agas ... when confronted by Pir Dastagir , he took Dastagir's son by the hand and took him to the many realms and showed him that creation is more than their concept bringing back Prashad from the other regions where like Guru ji tells us everyone praises Akal Purakh. Anita's video I have watched and she comes across as very 'it doesn't matter what you do , everything's going to be alright' which is not what Guru Pita taught us. Sure see what others believe but, remember to do the second step and see if it holds up against the truth of Gurbani and what Guru ji has taught us - the truth.
  5. remember even sikh sangat in UK invited Malcolm X and he came to see them , like minds and like hearts (wanting betterment of humankind) will always respect and honour each other . Please note, both civil rights leaders were not scared to speak the truth no matter the bitterness and the cost.
  6. obviously you failed to read Chandi Charitar where Guru Pita speaks highly of this 'female ' warrior who was superior to the King of the Gods Indra , who we are reminded in Gurbani of his sins , his cowardice in the face of the demons . Besides we are all naari so any bad feeling you have should be tempered with the knowledge that anything said applies to all not just physical women.
  7. but why did they take the oath of Gandhi , when Guru Pita ji had told us to never believe in oaths given to us on any holy granth ...?
  8. In the time of the Gurus most people looked at wearing a dastar as a sign of utmost respect , look at idioms from Punjabi there are loads which indicate this. All the faiths respected the dastar , in fact the Mughals passed laws forbidding non-muslims from wearing dastars because they were not deemed worthy. Everyone knows that we do maintain cleanliness to go to darbar so yes there is a level of 'discrimination' as you would call it . If a place of worship has a requirement from rehitnamey of Guru Sahiban we should encourage people towards that , not be slack and forget our duty to show full respect to Guru ji's orders . I have seen full grown men (granddaddy age) wearing a baseball cap over their kesh out and about , it is childish and really embarassing that they think aping goray is better than wearing the Crown that Guru ji blessed them with. It shows the world that they are ashamed of themselves in not so many words...so sad . I remember going to India and getting the hard staredown by three such strange specimens , guess it was my dastar giving them a complex. My husband is a goray and he has always worn a full dastar or bandana to do sewa or attend Gurudwara , to him there is no problem , in fact, seeing the sea of hankies at my cousins wedding said , why would anyone want to wear a nosecleaning cloth on their head instead of a beautiful looking turban for their daughter's/sons's wedding? Jagjot the first thing Guru Nanak Dev ji taught us was what ? to live in Hukham , it is hukham you have kesh so you should keep and maintain it lovingly and wearing a dastar should be a reminder that this head belongs to Guru ji not us ...
  9. Baba Deep Singh wrote 4 Birs I think, and no ragmala is not a problem ... if it is an original then it would be a facsimile of Guru Gobind SIngh's dictated Saroop and there would be no problems . People need to be awake now, I heard that the stolen manuscripts and Birs, hukhamnamey had been returnedi.e. their whereabouts are known but Badal did not announce this ...if such frauds are being perpetuated then it is clear he is helping them . Can easily arrange forensic evaluation and literary evaluation ... it is not the dark ages .
  10. Throughout Guru Granth Sahib ji tells us if we do naam abihaas and become Khalsa in the full sense , Maya has to serve us , she loses her powers as she is subject to her agreement with Guru ji and serve His sewaks . DG underlines just what unhindered maya can do and wakes us up to just what Guru ji has promised to save us all from in return for our love and obedience.
  11. I'm not saying just grab any old number , but crossreference to actual families with missing people ... I mean three thousand dead in three days of uncontrolled violence in Dehli , and the rapid removal of those bodies left people wondering . That was three days , whereas a decade and half of unmonitored police and army activity could do so much more since they already have the structure to support this activity and the image to hide behind if questioned. We need to support the NGOs which are trying to interview the remaining families and witnesses to get statements recorded .
  12. it's ok I'm not a bloke and I went through serious issues too , and despite my fears I trusted my parents and told them the truth , sure they were hurt but after that they realised just how much I had sacrificed keeping things to myself as opposed to risking my family's future. The sister is unrepentant so going softly softly will only give her more time to manipulate, especially if you approach the Mother , it is unfair to push the Mother into the firing line instead of dealing directly by informing both parents so they can present a united front to their daughter. The brother OP is being ignored by the sister so he needs backup of his folks too, he is unexperienced after all of how to move on .
  13. Just before the chaitropkahyan Guru ji shows just how highly he judges women of character and truth , see how he describes the fearless warrior she can be , uncorruptible and unconquerable in the full incarnation of gurmat bibek buddhi.
  14. given that I know that they rounded people by the truckload , this is from my nanake in jagroan district , it was only intervention via my Mama in the army that saved them from death. I can believe that you can pick up 50 odd people at a time that way and given the huge number of villages and lack of paperwork from back then any number is possible . Operation woodrose and all the other sweeps are you forgetting them also ? Emotions are fine when tempered with knowledge ...