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  1. What does Sikhi say on slavery ?

    Yes he had two wives but it seems that Hagar who the bible mentions is not the same women they are counting . The second quote where he's thinking about giving blessing to his second child it seems that Keturah is someone other than his mother. Besides sarah regrets her decision when Hagar starts to show spite when she falls pregnant and gets her husband to deal with the situation and his idea/ send her into the wilderness with bread water and baby. Wow what a guy
  2. What does Sikhi say on slavery ?

    the correct status of Hagar was she was Sarah's slave and came in the daaj and thus though she was given to Sarah's husband she still remained a slave to Sarah to control and thus was providing progeny for Sarah as a secondary wife/concubine (people are unsure as same word for both) http://www.answering-christianity.com/sami_zaatri/did_abraham_marry_hagar.htm
  3. What does Sikhi say on slavery ?

  4. What does Sikhi say on slavery ?

    yes Abraham had a second wife but after sarah passes with a different name and it is clear that she is not the mother of Ishmael http://www.myjewishlearning.com/article/abrahams-second-marriage/
  5. What does Sikhi say on slavery ?

    it is in baburvani he talking about the same incident were Guru ji says that ropes were placed about the necks of the once rich women of that town, where beautiful tresses were their heads were now shaved (also alludes to widowhood)
  6. you do realise that Osho borrows a lot from Guru Nanak dev ji , in fact he did a exposition of jap ji Sahib the first Morning prayer of the Sikhs, which Sant Singh Maskeen said was done well. The other freelove stuff is just a hook for western people .
  7. What does Sikhi say on slavery ?

    when a faith is based on the central premise that all humankind is the same level rights wise , how can you trap /justify abusing others' freedoms by keeping them in permanent bondage ? ALL three abrahamic faiths justify themselves doing it but it is hardly from the Creator but the people . on one hand they give laws against adultery and yet keep slaves and rape them and that is not punishable ? it is rape if the woman is not free to say No . Abraham impregnates Hagar his slave and the result is Ishmael and yet he is not an adulterer, strange that. Christians justified keeping slaves because of the old testament and you are aware of in islam . Hindus have just changed the language but the effect is the same , the high caste can kill , rape , maim a low or no caste person and there is no punishment even harming animals is considered a bigger sin. SMH if we believe Akal purakh is merciful, loving, treats all equally, who is always uplifting ,those who serve Him/Her/ It will surely mirror those qualities, if not, what are the signs indicating , that they are serving their own low base wants?
  8. Sikh Attitude Towards Jyotish(Astrology)

    my pard nana ji always told my mum if someone has told you there is something in your hand that is not good all you need to do is uttde avda haath dekh ke waheguru simran karo , waheguru ji will change your lekh . i can attest to this being true as i've done it and seen change . i have heard from sant mahapursh that the gurmukh becomes outside the influence of planets, etc as they serve and rely only on Akal Purakh ji , whereas the manmukh gets affected more so.
  9. what are the themes of aam gaaney look i want love, look i got love, look i lost love then there's the violent gansta, the pimping gangsta, the overtly sexualised teenybopper songs, the outright nonsense songs , maybe a handful of protest songs ... loads of great ideas ...not
  10. Hair Dye

    using mehndi on hair will kill off melanin production so you will have more whites , besides who wants to look freaky with a bright orange dhardi like a musla?Guru ji has said not to use
  11. Hair Dye

    bhen ji you should see a doctor because it sounds like a shutdown of melanin production which could affect your skin too e.g. phulberi/vitiligo , it's better to eliminate disease processes from the questions . Homeopathy can help with premature whitening but you need to get a consultation to indivualise treatment.
  12. why do you think Guru Pita ji told us not to listen to aam gaaney but gurbani kirtan , dhadi vaar ? Guru ji is written in musical raags to get people hearts and minds to be open . Modern musical production is about creating pyschological hooks not lyric content
  13. why speak on a subject you clearly misunderstand ... a person making up his own 'religion' cult is not a sikh or a muslim or anything he is a fool looking for other fools to fleece. I do not understand the stupid blood feuds going on in Islam , what happened many centuries ago why are you still trying to shed blood over it , surely the point is to submit to will of Allah and accept the past and move on by making your lives fruitful by doing your ibadat to realise hikikat?

    actually a sikh is one of Akal Purakh that is the ultimate meaning because Guru Granth Sahib ji and Guru Panth ji conjoined represent Akal Purakh in this world . you have forgotten that Guru Pita ji said that .

    that is how it is called the Mahamantra because it contains all the previous yugs mantras in one, the explanation you are thinking of is given by Bhai Gurdas ji