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  1. Kirpan

    problem with EuroStar (train through Channel Tunnel) is there is no checked luggage type options so ALL bags are checked via Xray scanners and body has to go through metal detector and then probably patdown.
  2. Kirpan

    normally kids travel on coaches/ minibuses so it'll be like I said they may check bags only before boarding but when travelling in our vehicles even that was not done .
  3. Kirpan

    normally your bag will be searched maximum but there is not a body scan or search as such ... been on ferries to and from continent from dover and harwich no hassles. However if you were going on Eurostar it will be just as thorough as airport
  4. Basically they should do it like Amnesty, has a template letter to work from ...
  5. Recipes

    I do a veg box order from local organic farm and they are really good with different greens and different veg so gives me a push to experiment , I came up with beetroot , cabbage and tomato (to counter sweetness of cooked veg) sabji last month ...kids loved it ,4 kilo sabji gone in 2 sittings . Asda are really good price on kale as well ... tip is to c ut a narrow v around thick stems then stack and roll leaves before cutting as you can imagine I cut loads everytime I have to make sabji for my lot. Spring greens are good like this too and dirt cheap , in Brasil they have a dish made from loose leaf cabbage called couve , bascially micro shredded greens cooked in garlic, salt pepper and olive oil ...again a hit with the kids .Definately not as sweet as regular cabbage or savoy. When they were little people would complain about how their kids wouldn't eat veg especially greens and I just couldn't relate because my lot would fight with me if I had not put enough veg into their pasta or if the sabji ran out. kale cooked with soy sauce, ginger, garlic , chilli and freshly squeezed orange juice is a good combo with pasta I'm guessing it was late because nobody puts kapardey in their kadi ... I tend to use sour dahin and adjust with lemon if not sour enough after it's cooked (bonus vit C )
  6. that's not the point: sackloads of letters create work and hassle for the postal system, the censors, the prison staffon a daily and weekly basis , it's kind of spamming in the real world for a good reason . A lot of Prisoners will get told through the prison grapevine that so many letters are arriving for them, it helps give them honsla that they are not forgotten ...all for the price of a stamp .
  7. Changes as an Amritdhari

    you cannot generalise about all amritdharis that way , it's like if I said all flana are like this when I only have known a few people really. Some people break it because they didn't prepare properly others through life events throwing them awry...many reasons including accidents requiring operations
  8. Changes as an Amritdhari

    someone explained it like this to me just like a jot in the dark attracts the wildlife , same way the darkness of this age will try to close in on your little deep , just need to keep feeding it the fuel of naam and Gurbani to keep the flame strong.
  9. this is how amnesty puts pressure on prisons holding political prisoners , it has affect ... we need to do it all as a kaum , get the names and send the letters every week, soon the wardens will be bitching to GOI . The letters are addressed to the individual prisoners and written to them ..
  10. err you want to kill people who have turbans??
  11. Recipes

    maybe you need to change up the greens you are using and add a little khaata to offset the boiled greens taste , nimbu makes a big difference surprisingly , if you can't eat chillis why not go old school and add black pepper...
  12. Recipes

    whichever greens you chose ... i tend to use frozen chopped spinach from sainsburys but add mustardseed to tardka to enhance the flavour quick and simple ...but have used all different greens including broccoli when I had a glut ...it all works point is it shouldn't take more then half an hour to make saag , greens cook down really fast
  13. Recipes

    yeo valley is a good brand expensive but you avoid the antibiotics and extra hormones
  14. Recipes

    if you follow the punjabi kardi recipe on vahreh vah you get good method and seasoning ... I go with whole black peppercorns , chilli flakes(not powder), jeera, half teaspoon methi seeds, mustard seeds, ginger ground from fresh , a tiny bit garlic, onion paste , green chillis is the point is pepperiness in layers . dry spices ground coriander , haldi, garam masala then one tomato chopped finely , a little water then when cooked sieve yoghurt besan batter mix with additional water into that . I tend to use small potato slices (par boiled in salty water whilst tardka is being done , then drained) rather than pakorey (usually spicy palak and onion) as I tend to keep healthy as far as I can because kids and hubby have major makan habit . I have used swiss chard , rainbow chard , pak choi , bok choi, savoy cabbage ....point is saag is greens of any type ...
  15. Recipes

    halloumi is good for grilling and putting in wraps, salads it's just too salty and rubbery for sabji . I using put in with lemon, fresh mint and olive oil dressing . as for the paneer actually if you leave it in the rehydrated tardka it soaks up flavour and becomes firmer without too much hassle. kale saag do you mean cavolo nero /kale based ? if you are in a saag emergency you can cut tardka tomato cook down time by using sundried tomato puree NOT regular tomato puree.or just want to add flavour of cooked toms to dhal without tardka add some to the dhal before closing and boiling Any one into kardi ...Doves organic gram flour is really good quality ...