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  1. Disease promoting Atta and what to do

    I know I order via ocado so usually am OK the prices is waitrose's but to door delivery is free over 75gbp so I do my bulkbuys that way .
  2. Tea: Disease promoting chemicals and what to do

    thing with coffee and tea is the tannins and volatile oils which destroys your stomach's microbiome leading to diminished digestion and absorption of nutrients , diuretic effects means you get dehydrated , the caffeine triggers insulin release so your cells don't get the glucose but your fats cells get filled . You can get your polyphenols from berries and grapes along with hydration, anthocynanins and vitamin C. Anyone got decent recipes for samundar and thandai (non sukha)?
  3. Disease promoting Atta and what to do

    sainsburys never 'ave it mate
  4. or cut out the middleman committee and do direct sewa
  5. Teeth/Dental Care

    organic neem datun https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Organic-care-neem-toothbrush-chew-sticks-chewing-of-datun-40-pc-free-shipping/263389070010?hash=item3d533642ba:g:uTUAAOSwFe5X0~Ol
  6. Are Sikhs responsible before the Sangat?

    you who question if Sikhs are answerable to sangat , Guru Sahiban were answerable to sangat and followed sangat's will e.g. Guru Arjan Dev ji on marriage of Hargobind Rai
  7. yep to make sure that the masala lasts well and doesn't go mouldy ... I keep mine in two massive OXO Good Grips Pop containers 5.2l and give away the rest to my friend and Mum
  8. Are Sikhs responsible before the Sangat?

    bro SIkhi is timeless it is for all time , the rehit is for all time , it is not going to change to accomodate wusses who can be besharam enough to go outside marriage but not admit their fault humbly and take their punishment???
  9. Disease promoting Atta and what to do

    yeah we roti eating folks ..pack it away ....best buy direct https://www.dovesfarm.co.uk/products/ancient-grain-flour
  10. Disease promoting Atta and what to do

    I know all three are ancient with spelt still the younger variety ... kids love the einkorn /khorosan but it keeps running out at waitrose
  11. Disease promoting Atta and what to do

    The main problem with regular wheat crops is that farmers use roundup just before harvesting to ease collection , round up has the horrible effect of spoiling our ability to absorb any minerals from our food thus what people think is coeliac disease is actually the sideeffects of roundup.
  12. Disease promoting Atta and what to do

    I use dove farm's spelt flour too as it is more widely available ...their gram flour is excellent
  13. no I meant to remove a stain I have used neat juice on the garment ...and was worried if there would be a chance of cloth fading in pit area . I know it does a great job on BO I used juice to santise woolen undersuit for my husband's scuba gear
  14. no problem most garam masala mixes on shop shelves have junk like nutmeg (poisonous if more than 1/4 teaspoon ingested ), star anise (very strident aniseed taste will ruin everything we eat) weight wise equal quantities of jeera and dhaniya seed is the backbone/main bulk I usually do a masala day where I grind about three -four kilos of garam masala spices ... my recommendation for blender is Vitamix I use this with its dry milling jug perfect for this job 1.5kg jeera 1.5kg dhaniya 250g black peppercorns 250g whole cinnamon ( break down in ghotni) 100g cloves 125g Kali elacchi ( break open pods in ghotni) after sorting through removing debris, stalks, stones place mixed spices on baking trays and put in oven for 1/2 hour at 100 degrees to totally dry them let them cool gradually grind in small batches and strain into container , putting the remainder back into grinder don't overheat your grinder , take breaks if necessary tip if the garam masala smells too sweet you can add more black pepper and dhaniya /jeera to bring it into balance/taste profile you like. (you won't need to sniff it the smell will be in the air.
  15. would the lemon/lime juice discolour clothing as citrus juice in sunlight can yellow or bleach out stains (have used it this on laundry)