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  1. funny how the spaniards didn't take too kindly to the same treatment by the Arab hordes
  2. maybe you can use this app and thermometer http://nordic.businessinsider.com/swedish-nuclear-physicist-just-got-the-worlds-first-approved-birth-control-app-2017-2/
  3. spaniards and arabs have one thing in common subjugation of people through sword, pillage and rape
  4. which parent wants their daughter to marry to a household who abuse her ? If you equip her and her brothers to do all the different things for themselves then they don't need to look to others for help . If Isher told me what this girl is saying I would be round there straight-up and throwing their son's nicch karam in their face . Why i this day and age should a girl be deathly scared of telling the truth , sikhi is truthful living I would be a pretty weak parents if I couldn't face it . Those parents who are against amrit chakna are scared that because their beti can't do make up shakeup, parvatte etc she will be substandard for marriage market it is all this BS marketing going on in filmi duniya . Meri dadi, pardDaddi , Sad Daddi ne kehrdi surkian bindian kittian si ? ohna da vi viah hoa si ... Too much undermining of the kaurs ...
  5. solution MMA , Brasilian jujitsu , and sikhi espcially itihaas....but don't tell prospectives , expect the phonecall when they break it off cos she don't take no nonsense ...lol p.s. I discuss dodgy behaviour observed in life on tv with Isher Kaur ...gives insights into how she sees things and helps assess what she may grow up like ....
  6. she's a kid, probably sheltered by folks ...that's a major reason our girls are easy targets
  7. I return to my advice look at those hills and start putting one foot before the last faster and faster until you reach there.... if you folks ask tell them he hit me before even marrying me what do you think is going to happen after?
  8. I'm sorry but since when has ANYONE been asked to do household chores and babysitting as part of a getting to know you ? these people are testing her boundaries to see have far they can suppress her
  9. don't know Veer ji , She seems a bit too surprised to be an old hand , besides if this is based on the sass and sisters comments believe there are many crazy crazy buddian and bibian out there who try to lay down that hierarchy from before the get-go . I had the opposite- punjabi bhabhi trying to lay down the law with my Mum and unmarried sis . The guy is a definite abuser and the fruit seems to have fallen directly from the Mum
  10. well Canada have been getting massive benefits from our community and we have more sikhs in politics there so if they are responding to our warnings and noticing how Uk scene came about historically . So it's six of one half a dozen of the other , they want to keep the better immigrants and push away the bad ... if they help us get through the gorified sikh little madams and they stop going back to those nasty scuzbuckets it a plus I suppose.
  11. Just saw this today and the thought was even the Gorey Canadians want our girls to stop getting involved with the Islamic guys:
  12. I've seen red with green trim from Ranjit SIngh's army times and I thought that the legend was after a particular victory Ranjit was approached by the Dogrey to change the flag to have a picture of their mother on it and the colour saffron he said he would change the colour but no picture of a person....
  13. I do ...run for the hills and don't look back . The fact that you are not married and they have already stopped your studies is messed up . You're better off on your own than in a hellhole like that .
  14. there is such a thing as rewriting history and goray have a major tendency to do this .
  15. they have african features too and are made by greek early christians ...I have seen it in real life