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  1. Is moh stronger than Sikhi? Sikhi says that we must get rid of the 5 dukhs, which include moh.. So if anyone has interest in Sikhi they would sacrifice everything.
  2. Im so happy he became president, my tapasya has been fulfilled.
  3. The logo updates itself after every refresh..
  4. Pataal is a hindu concept, not an abarahmic one as the word is from sanskrit..
  5. Ahh makes sense lol. I just ctrl a, and delete.
  6. What did you say lol?
  7. Another thing is, that remember how it was said that a male cow picks up earth? After every yug there is 1 leg gone. The cow represents dharma, and the legs represent "satya, tapasya, sucham, daya". After every yug 1 of those qualities are gone aka moral decline, currently in kalyug the last leg left is 'satya', as the other 3 have been gone now for most of the world. But kalyug within is when the same is applied to our own personal lives.. If someone lives by Satya, Tapasya, Sucham, & Daya they will experience satyug during any time.
  8. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh ji Good luck trying to get married to someone from Punjab.. You will need it. There are so many families who just want to go to videsh and they sikhaa their daughter to run away once they are 'pakke'.. It's happened here to amritdharis who are my parents age, so imagine what the newer chalak generation must be like.. You need to see that most people would probably only let their daughter get married to a videshi because they are laalchi and want their family to go to videsh somewhat too, and laalach is not a laxan that is good in a partner.
  9. If they are not Sikh, then I don't have a problem with it as long as they are happy. As for the music, I can say the same thing as long as they are not harming anyone. That is the beauty of our religion, we are not like other faiths where they try to control the public when it comes to little things like this. So many Sikhs listen to rap/hiphop and they see no problem with that, but it is a problem since it is just wasting their time.. The others who are not Sikh do not even want to live as per hour rules, so who cares.. But people who claim theyre trying to become better Sikhs are in trouble if they think doing stuff like that is okay.
  10. They ALL deserve respect. Thinking that way will get you hate from other religions. Don't come crying when people of other religions would do the same with our Granths. If anyone is unable to give them respect then they can hand them over to someone who does follow that religion.
  11. Well said Singh ji, I fully support you.
  12. That is essentially their choice.. Im okay with them dressing like that but being drunk/eating meat is what leads to bad decisions.
  13. All those are wrong, but why does it matter when it comes to dressing?? Dressing how youd like does not have a relationship with their avastha.. Ive seen sants who wore full cholas, and some sants who were fully naked. Making people dress in a certain way is no different than 'hijab' method scare tactic..
  14. I don't know why they treat kirtanis so badly.. Lakhbir Lakha was also a kirtani too who got treated badly, then he moved over to doing Devi bhajans and he earned lakhs for singing bhajans in just one day.
  15. Sorry, but I meant to say put them in an higher shelf than the ' other random books about art, history, magazines etc', since the Sri Dasam Granth was on the highest shelf already. & as saying 'another' I thought they may have had another different shelf unit that they can use. Equality is in the eye of the beholder.
  16. Whaatt? You are misunderstanding me Singh ji. When I said ramala I meant it for all the dharmic granths that they own, Singh ji.
  17. Mhmm, and take a tour around Maharashtra Gurdwara Sahibs.. I think thats more fun!
  18. They're not books, they are granths. Just keep them in another higher shelf with a ramala covering them.
  19. What about Sri Hazur Sahib? It's always hot over there.
  20. is also fixed.
  21. Mhmm, sorry I meant to say it is not allowed/forbidden.
  22. He'll meet the same fate later in narakh.
  23. Coconut is balidaan of one's self. Tilak represents leadership, while paise donation represents matha tek/nimrata.
  24. Im this your that blah blah waste of time, that's all you are capable rather than true bhakti. My shradda, and countless other's is not going to fade forever, once you have a taste of this anand you will then understand. I rest my case, you are not willing to listen, so why should I bark like a dog anyways. If someone else were to say the same thing it wouldn't matter as your karma is different, may Sri Vaheguru ji have kirpa on us.