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  1. dont want to marry anyone ever

    You know your self and what you want. Whenever I wanted something I knew it, I have never gone onto a forum asking others to tell me what to do with my life. Secondly, you do not need to quote Gurbani. Gurbani only tells us about uniting with Vaheguru. When Gurbani refers to living in society all it is talking about is earning a honest living e.g. having a job. Marriage is just an addition. Ignore those who misquote gurbani (1268) like Singhbj. We are all Vaheguru's soul brides. There is only one marriage that is important and that is the one with Vaheguru. Every other marriage only exists to assist in doubling Naam Bhagti but the truth is if you truly love Vaheguru you will be able to find vaheguru easily and quickly without the need to double your bhagti. Also, ignore those who are telling you that you will become weak to temptation. It may be their own flaw and weakness but not everyone is the same. Most of these people look for marriage for the wrong reasons. Like Berserk said, if you do want to get married you need to look for a friend. Otherwise a greater friend can be found in Vaheguru if you decide not to get married.
  2. Sikhism On Vegan ?

    As Singhni Miri Piri has stated, it shows weakness in Sikhi if Guru Sahib believed that. Guru Sahib has shown numerous times in his life that sikhi doesn't hold a place for weak human insticts and survival. In JKVLondon's example, I would accept death by starvation happily knowing I had no access to vegetation. No Sikh should be afraid of death. All your claims about Guru Sahib allowing meat is false. All these stories are made up. A "Sikh" who kills an animal is no Gursikh but just a person dressed up as a Sikh. This type of person will be punished in the afterlife for harming animals without doubt.
  3. You obviously do not care to hear an answer otherwise you would ask these questions on the gurmat bibek website or any of the mentioned Sikhs in person who are there to answer questions like these which I already stated in my previous post. Also, every Sikh that takes amrit from AKJ are told to call themselves Guru Gobind Singh Jee's Sikh, not an AKJ follower.
  4. Don't worry, you aren't the only delusional person out there who lacks 100% understanding of Bhai Randhir Singh Jee and AKJ, and has done nindia of him. What this so called "Sikh", if this person even exists, told you for the reason why people join the Jatha, is completely false and nonsense. You obviously have not met many Sikhs associated with AKJ to generalise to such a ridiculous extent. This shows your ignorance, actually your whole comment showed entire ignorance of AKJ and Bhai Randhir Singh Jee. If you want to understand AKJ, don't talk to children, talk to an elder like Bhai Jarnail Singh Jee, Bhai Tarsem Singh Jee etc in the UK or talk to Gurmat Bibek Sikh such as Bhai Kulbir Singh Jee in Canada (he will rip you into shreds in the most humble and compassionate way lol). They have a forum you can ask questions on, http://gurmatbibek.com/ Or why don't you read Bhai Randhir Singh Jee's books for starters. It's funny how Sikhs who hate AKJ insult Bhai Sahib whereas Sikhs associated with AKJ do not do the same with other saints who have different beliefs but instead respect them. Lastly, you must truly be kidding yourself if you think Bhai Sahib was a egotistical devious person, he was extremely humble and honest. I have nothing further to say, no need to waste my time further on this.
  5. Maharaja Ranjit Singh

    There is nothing wrong in judging someone's fault. It is stupid to be blind just because he was a Sikh.
  6. Why did Maharaja ranjit singh attack his own people (sikhs) who were known as 'misls' and conquer their lands? Also, what was Ranjit Singh's fascination over a stupid diamond, Koh-i-Noor diamond?
  7. Good News Story

    Well done. He is a good example of a Sikh.
  8. Are Sikh Families Patriarchal?

    You're a twisted "Singh" and your views in your comment are twisted as well and completely go against Gurmat and everything Vaheguru believes. Guru Sahib worked hard to bring about equality of women and to show the world that both genders have the same roles and status and are not limited to men. Men do not hold a position higher than women, that is just in your delusional egotistic mind and those of who agree with you in here. It's a view held by Muslims and for men who should be living in caves. Remember how ONE SINGHNI, Mata Bhag Kaur Jee brought sense, truth and courage back into the 40 SINGHS and led them back to helping Guru Sahib due to their weak nature and abandonment of Guru Sahib. Men did not create Sikhi, all other religions were created by men as they all have rules that favour men, but not Sikhi, Vaheguru created Sikhi and Vaheguru is formless. He is only represented as a husband symbolically, just as we are all represented as brides including the men. There is nothing else for me to say on this, so argue all you like with yourself.
  9. God In General

    Keep on talking to God like you are doing, God is listening and even if God doesn't respond it doesn't matter. But the more closer you connect yourself with naam and bani the more God will listen and will eventually respond. God doesn't respond because we lack true love, compassion, innocence, selflessness and humility. And you will obtain these virtues from naam and bani as Gurbani states numerous times. Naam and bani are there to perfect us. And naam comes from taking Amrit. But preparation for amrit is very important. You are doing fine as you are right now, but keep on learning more and regardless of learning and coming more into Sikhi never stop talking to God and never let intolerance, ego and cruelty come into your being. Finally, even though naam and bani perfect us and turn us into angelic beings with an abundance of virtues, remember to always practice these virtues yourself in your mind, speech and action, virtues like the ones mentioned above. There are a lot of Sikhs who do not practice those virtues but still think of themselves as perfect sikhs. In Japji Sahib, it tells us that Compassion is the Father of Religion. So, if a Sikh lacks compassion how can they call themselves a Sikh?
  10. 'kaur: Fight For Your Light'

    looool the video cracked me up! Look at 0:40 - "You shouldn't be worrying about science anyways".
  11. Kalki

    Sorry for going of topic – last post (mods please allow this). Firstly, this has nothing to do with it whether it is allowed in sikhi or not. Secondly, I would never listen to the Akaal Takht – how many rules have been changed there and how many indecent rules do they have e.g. females cannot do kirtan at harmindar sahib and how about giani gumukh singh musafar of Akal Takht made it non-mandatory for women to wear a dastar just because his wife stopped wearing it. The rules at akal takht change according to their own mentality which has nothing to do with Gurmat. Thirdly, what I am disgusted is that you are saying that homosexuality is one of the signs of corruption in the world and that we should live like 2 decades ago when there was more hardship and cruelty shown to homosexuals. Homosexuals cannot be forced to be any other way since that is the way they are. Sikhs believe in reincarnation – being born as the opposite gender in their next life they might still have emotional attachment (not always kaam attraction) to the same gender just like those who were of the same gender in their previous like will still have it for the opposite in this life. Sikhi also teaches compassion, therefore we should be far more understanding than that and that doesn’t mean we allow it in Sikhi but you are treating them like filth just like Muslims and Christians do. You’re showing you are no different than them and that you have not learnt anything different from Guru Sahib compared to those religions. What is also funny is that rather than picking on the real crimes around the world like trafficking, IS, rape gangs, African women being raped, North Korean prison camps, you are more concerned about the openness of people's sexuality. Also, just so that you know, 2 decades ago, people were more open to smoking, less constraints on crime, less vegetarians, more openly racist- would you like to live in those days where people lacked common sense in those areas. Yes people are becoming more promiscuous but that has nothing to do with sexual orientation and the other things you mentioned like incest, paedophilia, zoophilia- any of this cannot be compared to homosexuality because either they cause harm to one another or it is not consensual. It makes me laugh that you think being gay is animalistic as if straight relationships are not- it is all animalistic. It’s quite clear what state of mind sikhs have, they just have a bully mentality similar to the west who they hate so much. You people belong with each other.
  12. Kalki

    The existence of khalsa is pointless if they don't destroy murderers, rapists, paedophiles etc and save and protect the innocent because one of the qualities mentioned in gurbani is to become a parupakari. Also, in jaap sahib one of Vaheguru's qualities is to destroy tyrants and to protect the innocent, and a sikh should be aiming to achieve all of vaheguru's qualities and become a pure embodiment of these qualities, hence a khalsa.
  13. Kalki

    Dharam won't be established as long as people do not understand the meaning of compassion. I would like to see the day when all people living in this world become disciplined, understand between right and wrong, are selfless, compassionate and honest among other qualities - whether they choose to be sikhs or not is up to them, but i would welcome them any day compared to the sikhs we have now.
  14. Kalki

    You must be mad to compare homosexuality to incest. The world isn't black and white, there are different kinds of people living in it, not just straight people. It's not a trend and its not something to cure, its how they feel about who they are and something we should respect and support. To compare it to kaam is ridiculous too, as if straight people are perfect and non-kaami people when I've even seen young sikhs getting married because they are attached to kaam. People who think this way are living in a small, sheltered world, and a world that they do not understand. Just because you are in a religion that doesn't mean you are confined to a certain way and cannot be open-minded...other religious texts speak more openly about denouncing homosexuality compared to Guru Granth Sahib Jee which doesn't. Guru Sahib is more open-minded that is why, plus as Gurbani states other religious texts are false and I can understand why, they literally feel as if they have been written by men living in a certain time, accustomed to a certain barbaric and narrow-minded way. Guru Sahib thought outside the box regardless of his time period e.g. he preached gender equality in a time when men were so proud, cruel and stupid not to understand such a concept.
  15. Kalki

    Yea I noticed that too, it seemed as if Sikhi didn't exist. It does mention the corruption of the world being based around false religions and corrupt people, but regardless of religion or not, there are a lot of people on this planet who do not have a religion but are better than those with religion. Additionally, I think the story of Kalki is just a story about something he does it doesn't mean Sikhs wouldn't exist in the world, Sikhs would have their own story. Even if he is a Sikh, he will be a false sikh nonetheless, even if that means he knows his future and that he knows he'll become egotistic but it’s to prove some point, he's still meant to represent a false Sikh. And I believe there will be false sikhs in the future, that doesn't mean they won’t be practicing the physical and some spiritual sense of sikhi, it means they won't be practicing sikhi to the heart of Gurmat - they will lack the right qualities and judgement, therefore making a lot of their actions false, heartless and selfish to only benefit their own people. We shouldn't really worry about or wait for all these figures like kalki, or a gurmukh like sant jarnail singh, baba deep singh etc to come into this world and take care of everything. There are a lot of wrong things that happen in the world right now like you said, and we should be thinking that we ourselves should take care of it and give peace and protection to the innocent (innocent not meaning only people with religion) but everyone. Look at North Korea for example or the rape of women in Africa etc. If we cannot physically help these people we should at least devote our naam and bani to them, and for ourselves to be gifted with the power to one day be a hero that protects and saves these people and others around the world.