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  1. In regards to the Kashmir issue. Pakistan claims the ENTIRETY of Kashmir, as does India. Which is faulty. Pakistan's claim was that it's a Muslim majority province and thus should be acceded to Pakistan. However, with that being true, one fact has to noted: There is a Hindu/Buddhist/Sikh Majority in the Jammu and Ladakh region, with significant minorities in Kargil (Southern Kargil is majority non-Muslim) and Doda. If anything, it would have to be partitioned like The Panjab and the Bengal. And that wouldn't solve Pakistan's water insecurity.
  2. What debate? Half of all you people talk as if the last book you read was in primary school (I guess someone's gotta keep the Kathavachiks in Business). I'm here mostly to discuss, learn, give info, and correct. And I just don't like people that push the pro-Pakistani narrative, or those who really have no business here, faith wise. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  3. Heretic or a Turk. Both are repulsive. The heretic is an internal threat where as the Turk is external. Whether or not he's insulted the Gurus (as of yet), is not the issue. It's the fact that he's Turk-Beeraj.
  4. What does Sikhi say on slavery ?

    Anatolia, and Balkan region.
  5. What does Sikhi say on slavery ?

    There is no one JanamSakhi. There are numerous of Janamsakhis.
  6. What does Sikhi say on slavery ?

    Yes, I'm looking through some of the Janamsakhis I have.
  7. What does Sikhi say on slavery ?

    Rüm is used to refer to many regions across Europe-Asia.
  8. They don't believe in Sri Dasam Granth Sahib and kautak/Chamatkaars. They haven't cursed or insulted their any of the 10 Patshahees. That may be an insult to us, But not from a non-partisan persepective. Turkrreya di Haami ehna toh behatar ja faidemand nahi. Turkus have no qualms with insulting our Gurus, in any manner. Missionaries are more favorable than Musalmaans, As objectionable as they be.
  9. What does Sikhi say on slavery ?

    I meant people from Academic circles (scholars).
  10. Yeah, because missionaries are Sikhs, at the end of the day.
  11. What does Sikhi say on slavery ?

    Who gives a flying rat's a$$ about what people say on Social media? Look at the academic circles. Where it matters. Read a scholarly article or a book. You can say anything on Social Media. Are any of those commenters, posters, etc. scholars or researchers? No. Their opinions will only affect people who have a poor educational background.
  12. What does Sikhi say on slavery ?

    Not really. I have yet to meet any Hindu or Sikh who used a Dharmic lense to look at Islam or Christianity. It's very much the opposite. So many scholars from an Abrahamic background looked upon the Sikh scriptures trying to see if it fit into their preconcieved notion of theology, religion, religious law, and doctrine. I'd like to see an example of the reverse. Don't expect the Gurus to list out every immorality and crime known to mankind. Janamsakhis mention it, but I doubt anyone here read those.When Guru Nanak Dev Ji was in Rüm, he spoke against Slavery there, as it was happening there.It's pretty clearcut. Again, the Sikh texts (and other core Dharmic texts too) aren't like the Quran, Talmud or Bible.
  13. Yes but the population and it's posterity have little responsibility over their government's actions once elected and placed in power