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  1. Punjab digital library has a copy.
  2. In accordance with Bhai Daya Singh's Rehatnama, there are five colors: saya, safed, Basanti, neel, and Surmaee. So black, white, yellow, blue, and steel-blue/grey.
  3. When you say close conditioned mind, are you referring to people who do not believe in Raagmala?
  4. Akaal Purakh is not within the bounds of right and wrong. Everything is in his Hukam, yes. The Mool Mantar is the essence of Sikhi, that's also true. But you forgot about the last word in the Mool Manatar , 'Gurprasad', "with the grace of the Guru". Gurprasad is achieved after submitting to the Guru and following the bachans, hukams, and dictums given by Akaal Purakh via Gurshabad-Dhur Ki Bani. We accept everything is in the Hukam of Waheguru and Waheguru emanates within all, However, that doesn't mean we accept all actions, beliefs, and people without any regard to morality, ethics, and utmost Gurmat. The statement you made would directly conflict with certain places in Bani and Hukams of Guru Sahib Ji. For example, a criminal commits a crime. Now, we see that person as a human being with equal potential and Jyot. However, that doesn't mean we stop using our Bibek Budhi and apprehend that criminal or legally restrict him from being in certain places and engaging in certain activities. This is to ensure public safety and assure oneself that the likelihood of a crime is decreased. Now to further elucidate my point, there is a criteria for the eligibility of doing certain sevas, and holding certain sanskars such as Degh-Panchamrit Karah Prashad, langar seva, Panj Pyare seva, Granthi Seva, Amrit Sanskar, Charan Pahul sanskar, and Anand Karaj Sanskar. For example, in a military inauguration ceremony, there are certain requirements for being inaugurated, such as being a soldier of a certain rank. Now would it be logical and practical for a postman or a non-government or non-military personnel to partake in such a ceremony? Definitely not. It doesn't mean that those people aren't equal or inferior. They simply do not meet the criteria and logically have no service or place there. In that same line of logic, ceremonies such as Anand Karaj, Degh-Langar preparation, and administering Pahul have requirements and criteria that need to be met.
  5. In accordance with Authentic Puraatan Rehatname, men and women are both commanded to marry Sikhs. The Hukam applies to both genders. A Sikh should marry a Sikh only. Bhai Gurdas Sahin Jio says "Eik Sikh, Dohey sadh sang, panchi parmesar." It takes one person to be a Sikh, another to form sangat, and five to makes it the physical manifestation of Guru-Sarroop/Sri Akaal Purakh Bhagauti Mayee Waheguru Ji (hence Panj Pyare). This applies to marriage in the fact that when a Sikh (sahajdhari or Khalsai) is married, he/she has sangat. They have someone to do Bibeka and Gurmat Vichar with, someone to help them with Rehat, and someone to do Naam and Bani Abhyaas with. Both genders are also then given Hukam to educate instill Gurmat and Gursikhi Jeevan within their children, especially the girls as Dasmesh Ji says "Yuvti Sut Vidya Bahu Bhai" and "Sikh Sikhni mil bahi charcha karhi apaar, bhajan sikhavahi putar ko, nit bhaj barang baar". By marrying a manmukh, bemukh, asikh, kurehatiya, or durjan, one won't be able to live in accordance with Guru Sahib's Bachans and will. ਸਿੱਖ ਕੋ ਸਿੱਖ ਪੁਤ੍ਰੀ ਦਈ, ਸੁਧਾ ਸੁਧਾ ਮਿਲ ਜਾਇ।ਦਈ ਭਾਦਣੀ ਕੋ ਸੁਤਾ, ਅਹਿ ਮੁਖ ਅਮੀ ਚੁਆਇ। "A Sikh should give his daughter (in marriage) to a Sikh. Thus Gurmukh meets a Gurmukh. Giving a daughter to a Bhadni (non-Sikh) is like giving nectar to a snake."-Rehatnama Bhai Desa Singh. One of the greatest techniques used by the Turkus against the infidels was attacking the women. Kidnapping, forced conversion and marriage, subjugation, and sexual crimes were used to down-size, intimidate, and decrease the population of infidels. This is evident in history, look at the Tatar raids on Poland, their actions in India, the action of the Turks in the Balkans, and so on. The Pathans and northern Punjabi Muslims are infamous for this. To protect against this, Guru Sahib Ji gave this Hukam as well as the Hukam for women to be armed.
  6. I attended a Seminar yesterday which spoke of Dasam Granth and Feminism. It was amazing! Bhai Sukha Singh (Sampardaic school of thought) and Dr.Harbhajan Singh (non-traditionalist, Singh Sabha-ish school of thought), both gave great explanations of Dasam Bani and refuted many arguements just with assertions. It was spectacular!
  7. I can ask the same. There is nothing much to reform ( in terms of Khalsa maryada, Gurmat Soch, Bibek Karam,and Rehat) in my opinion. But they think they need to reform the Panth, In the subjects they discuss, and assert to. Reformation isn't always good, the type of reformation they're doing isn't really good in my opinion, I called them Reformists based on their views, beliefs, opinions, dictums, etc. And if your trying to be bring a lot of radical, revolutionary, and huge changes, reshape ideals, principles and beliefs, then your practically a reformist, whether or good or bad. I didn't state the reformation they speak of is good, but they're trying to bring changes, and not all of them are good.
  8. They're not abusing their "platform", they have kind of a Missionary/ Anti-Dasam Granthi/"Sudarak" attitude to things, and these type of people aren't big on Sants, I usually categorize Sikhs ( in terms of beliefs, schools of thought, ideology, and philosophy) and I think these guys would be called Reformists. Just my opinion.
  9. Radha Swamis, Nirankaris, jhoothe Saude wale, Bhanariyawale, Murad Shahiye, and many other cults are obviously wrong, they're pure cults, and have made statements and committed actions which specifically go against Sikhi. One can question their Gurus, history, and their beliefs. Their sole existence has been to deteriorate Sikhi in Panjab and Further spread the cults. I hope I don't have to explain much, since their history and actions speak for them. I Don't have a hang on how this forum works on a mobile device, my quote and comments were separated