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  1. Are Visors Anti Gurmat?

    What if it is for work and part of a uniform? Is one allowed to wear it over there dastar seeing as it doesn't actually cover the top of the dastar?
  2. Amrit Sanchar

    Thanks veer Ji phoned local gurdwara and found out there havering an amrit sanchar on the 17 of November.
  3. Amrit Sanchar

    Was asking for an upcoming one not one that's passed but thanks for the information bhenji/veerji
  4. Amrit Sanchar

    Am unable to travel far so would really appreciate it if anyone knew of one closer to the stated location.
  5. Amrit Sanchar

    Alright thanks veer Ji will look around farther
  6. Amrit Sanchar

    As per hukhm need to take amrit ASAP, hense the urgency.
  7. Amrit Sanchar

    Did that already too am waiting desperately for an amrit sanchar now
  8. Amrit Sanchar

    Tried that and the ones contacted said they had no date set.
  9. Amrit Sanchar

    This is very urgent could someone reply very soon. Thanks
  10. Amrit Sanchar

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Does anyone know when the next amrit sanchar is in surrey bc?