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  1. Pesh Kabz for Sale

    Baldev Singh Pesh kabz *SOLD*
  2. Pesh Kabz for Sale

    Ivory handle pesh kab *Under Offer*
  3. Pesh Kabz for Sale

    Pictures added. Going down, Pictures 1-6 = Ivory handle pesh kabz (£50 Ono) Pictures 7-12 = Baldev Singh Nihang pesh kabz (£150 Ono)
  4. Pesh Kabz for Sale

    Vjkk Vjkf I am selling two of my pesh kabz, please let me know if you're interested. 1)Ivory handle pesh kab, £50 or nearest offer *SOLD* 2) Very nicely made pesh kab by Baldev Singh Nihang, £150 or nearest offer *SOLD*
  5. Kirpan for Sale

    Sarbloh 9 inch over all length Double sided myan £20 or nearest offer Delivery £3 / free collection from Birmingham
  6. !!!!!!!!!!????????!!!!!!!!!!!! How big is this story in the US ? Is it in national news headlines ? I have some white / Christian American friends and I'm so hoping they don't see this story. Someone should rip his dastar off and make sure he doesn't put it back on. Please tell me this story isn't in the national headlines ?
  7. I'm glad you haven't had to use it, someone will end up in hospital or prison, lol. It's very well made, I've sharpened it with a ceramic stone so it's hair popping sharp. I'm selling this kirpan in order to fund a sword purchase.
  8. Sure character of child is more important then caste, but unfortunately caste still plays a part in traits of both the child and his / her family. If everyone followed gurmat and were gurmukh there would be no caste or caste traits, but this is not reality at present.
  9. I agree there shouldn't be any castes, but they exist. I don't necessarily think one caste is superior to another, but people who belong to certain castes often have certain habitats / characteristics. So when looking at marriage compatibility, there are issues which would be naive to ignore.
  10. Full size 11.75inch kirpan from Jyot Singh Khalsa (khalsakirpans.com) Original purchase price £220.00 I am open to offers, as a guide I'm looking for £140.00.
  11. Fateh Singh, I reduced the price on the taksali kirpans from £30 to £20. I can't pm you. I think your inbox is full.