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  1. How did Balbir Bazighar gain influence?

    When the maharaja of patiala sold out to the British and tricked the Nihangs into attending a meeting where close to 30,000 Nihangs were murdered whilst they slept what did the sikhs do to help the Nihangs? when the British adopted a shoot on site policy to deal with any Nihangs who survived the massacre at patiala what did the sikhs do to help the Nihangs? When Nihangs were forced to go into exile to Hazur sahib did the sikhs in panjab do anything to support thier Gurus fauj? When the sgpc was formed & Nihangs were being forcefully removed by sikhs & even refused langar at gurughars where was the panths support for Gurus fauj? Nihangs were denied any money from Gurus golak despite Guru Sahib giving a hukamnama that his fauj had first rights to funds from the golak for the upkeeping of fine horses & weapons why did the panth forget about the fauj? fast forward 100 years.... the panth & sants who had placed their faith in the formation of sgpc 100 years earlier at the expense of Gurus fauj now cry out asking for help from the fauj as the reality of sgpc sets in. Now all of a sudden a fauj that was close to extinction 100 years ago with no funds for weapons & horses are supposed to be saviours of the same panth that abandoned them. Everyone has to take responsibility for the mistakes made by both sides..... in the 1980s we had kharkus & Nihangs killing each other over issues like eating meat..... how pathetic is that, sikhs killing each other over what we eat to keep this temporary body alive. The whole panth needs to learn from our mistakes & wake up to how we have been played & divided by our enemies. Mahraj kirpa kare the panth unites & everyone carries out the seva they were supposed to do
  2. Free-masonic 'Sikhs'

    During Baba Santa Singhs time Budha Dal had its own printing press. It was impossible to get a copy of the teeka or Sarbloh granth without making a request in person at Budha Dal. It’s possible the mass printing started towards the end of his life as he was bed bound. Students being taught Sarbloh Bani would still have to be taught about its background & authenticity as a preparation to face questions regarding authenticity & as a general lesson in the history of Sarbloh Granth. It’s important to know the unthanika of each Bani/pangti but also just as important to know the historical facts about the granth itself. In Vedic scholarly dharmic granths are measured against the 3 farmaans (lokic, Vedic, swaiy) & then judged on vishashta, samanta & bugta...... students would need all the historical background & evidence etc to have this level of knowledge about the granth Baba Gurbachan Singh Bhindranwale warned his students that in the future an attack will be launched against Sri Dasam Granth. Baba Ji’s instructions were that established/older vidyartis should counter the attack & that no one from Taksal should doubt Dasam Bani & fall for the lies of the opposition. This warning was given despite Taksalis being adherents of Sri Dasam Granth. In regards to Khalsa Mehima I think this was added by Dasam Mahraj at Sri Sarbloh Bunga Hazur sahib. It’s possible it existed separately, similar to how different banis from Dasam Granth were first in separate granths. Khalsa mehima is praise of Khalsa.... it does not contain anything that needs to be kept gupt.... the Nihangs openly did kirtan of Khalsa mehima
  3. Free-masonic 'Sikhs'

    My posts have to be ‘approved’ by the moderators before they can be posted. In most cases it takes several hours & the last post I made on a topic never even showed up
  4. Examples of Peshi being used historically?

    Maharaja Ranjit Singh was whipped for marrying a musalmani It was Jussa Singh Ramgharia who was punished for dying his beard. The incident is mentioned in katha by Sant Mohan Singh Bhindranwala jatha bhindran.
  5. ‘Veda Koran bible do not say they are false, false are those who do not contemplate’ meaning, the Vedas, Koran & bible are not false because they contemplate parmeshvar, those who do not contemplate parmeshvar are false. Essentially it’s the contemplation of parmeshvar that is being exalted here above all else regardless of faith or religion etc
  6. Budha Dal & Banda Bairagi - The Facts

    Prominent scholars, sants & jathedars from Taksal, Budha Dal, nirmala sampardai & Hazur Sahib are all universally agreed that the Hukamnama from Mata Sundri Ji is genuine. If I remember correctly Mata Ji had Guru Sahibs mohr which would have been on the hukamnama. PP & SP may have been written years later but they were written by gursikhs of the highest calibre who came from strong gursikh families. Banda Bahadurs exemplary & praise worthy actions during his shaheedi have never been questioned by anyone, it is accepted across the board that Banda redeemed himself during his shaheedi.... it is not an issue here.... the issue is whether there was a fall from grace prior to shaheedi
  7. Time to reclaim our true Nishaan Sahib ?

    Budha Dal has Nishan Sahibs from the time of 6ve Patshah All Nihang singh chaunis have blue Nishan Sahib. The Nihang nishanchi Singhs all carry blue Nishan Sahibs. A farla dhari Nihang singh should always display a blue farla
  8. power of gurbani

    Her name was Holika and she was Prehladhs bhua (aunt) not his sister. Holika was Harnakash’s sister. She didn’t use this power to try & burn Prehladh, she had a special shawl that could withstand fire & thus allow the wearer to sit in fire etc & not be burnt or hurt.
  9. Budha Dal & Banda Bairagi - The Facts

    Again, I reiterate my point, you have shown no actual sources that back up your view, all you have provided is 1 name yet continue to ask for even more sources & evidence from those who oppose your view. If this were an actual gyan sabha you would be laughed out the door by now. Untill you provide sources & evidence that back up your views & hold as much weight as the names & sources I have provided this discussion can not continue. Lets keep it factual & leave the emotional heartstring stuff like Gurmukh/manmukh stuff to one side for now...... but if you insist on going down that route & base your argument on how could someone ‘handpicked’ by mahraj fall from grace then the example given by Kira is appropriate. If 7ve Gurus own biological son Ram Rai can fall from grace then why not anyone else? Those who do not understand the complexity of hankar & ego wont be able to get their head around that. Besides, it is universally accepted that Banda redeemed himself during his shaheedi, so again, leave the emotional stuff to 1 side & let’s stick to the facts & please provide sources that your views are based on. Emotional blackmail, personal feelings & individual personality worship traits do not count in a genuine gyan sabha.
  10. Budha Dal & Banda Bairagi - The Facts

    Mata Sundri Ji’s rehitnama from Giani Gian singh commentary was provided on previous thread. Sant Jarnail Singh katha link provided Rattan Singh Bhangu panth Prakash listed as source Kavi Santokh Singh Suraj Prakash listed History from Budha Dal oral tradition provided on this thread local history in Hazur Sahib can be sourced first hand You provide 1 name, DR Anurag Singh to dissprove the above mentioned sources then ask for more evidence?....... your having a laugh. The ball is firmly in your court to provide something other then someone’s name..... a name you are using to say that Mata Sundri Ji hukamnama is forged & that Sant Jarnail singh (Taksal), Rattan singh Bhangu (grandson of Mehtab Singh), Kavi Santokh singh, Giani Gian Singh, Budha Dal (puratan sampardai) Hazur Sahib (local history) were all duped & are wrong!!!
  11. Budha Dal & Banda Bairagi - The Facts

    Read the post again. I also mentioned Mata Sundri Ji, Rattan Singh Bhangu, Giani Gian Singh & Budha Dal as supportive of Sant Ji’s view... they are all authorative figures. Simarily on the topic of Kirpan amrit.... Sant Ji has his views but there are sants who support the views of Budha Dal, Hazur Sahib & Bhai Chaupa Singh rehitnama.... learn how to weigh up actual evidence instead of indulging in personality worship & believing everything based on 1 viewpoint. Saints of the highest level have had disagreements before. I would name names & give examples but I don’t have that much time for you. now.... stick to the topic of the thread
  12. Budha Dal & Banda Bairagi - The Facts

    Been discussed several times on several threads..... stick to the topic instead of doing what you usually do & derail topics..... all posts so far have been about the topic at hand until you came along *edited* (change tact next time... you 2 are becoming transparent). No more replies to anything that is not within the topic from me
  13. power of gurbani

    Producing fire (brahm agani) from the bellybutton is a process called ‘tumo’. Rishis & saints etc who live high up in the mountains & survive in freezing temperatures also utilise this process, they emanate just enough heat from the bellybutton to keep thier body externally warm. Having certain yogic mastery over your body & the five elements allows you to do such things.... gurbani makes these things possible like child’s play. In the case of this guru da pyara mentioned in above katha, when the hukam came he unleashed the brahm agani to a high level, high enough to burn his body to ashes but nothing around him was touched by the fire at all.
  14. Budha Dal & Banda Bairagi - The Facts

    http://www.gurmatveechar.com/audios/Katha/01_Puratan_Katha/Sant_Jarnail_Singh_(Bhindran_wale)/41_Questions_with_Sant_Jarnail_Singh_Ji_Bhindrawalae/Sant.Jarnail.Singh.(Bhindra.wale)--41.Questions.with.Sant.Jarnail.Singh.Ji.Bhindrawalae.Part.01.mp3 listen to what Sant Jarnail Singh says about Banda Bahadur from 10:00 mins onwards. Sant Ji compares Banda to nirankari fake guru.... but I guess certain members on this site know better then Sant Ji! Mata Sundri Ji hukamnama, Sant Jarnail Singh, panth Prakash by Rattan Singh Bhangu, Giani Gian Singh & oral tradition of Budha Dal all say the same thing about Banda
  15. Past lives of the Panj Pyare

    ‘Guessing’ requires thinking....... try again retard