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  1. Incorrect Translations of Gurbani.

    Taking ‘avtar’ & being born into a joon are 2 completely different things. To those who don’t know the difference it seems like the same thing but it’s not. There are 6 types of avtar.... nit, namit, avesha, ansha, kala & pooran then there’s pooran gur avtar or pooran tam avtar Parmeshvar can & does take avtar
  2. SGPC extorts money from Ragis

    The answer to this is simple.... all the sangat across the world stop giving any money whatsoever at any SGPC gurdwara... including harmandir sahib & all other major sites they control..... do matha tek but give no money at all. Once the money is gone these thieving haramde won’t have any reason to control our gurghars BOYCOTT THE GOLAK..... GET THEM OUT....SIMPLE
  3. When Dasmesh Pita says he does not recognise the devtas or listen to thier praises he says that to exalt parmeshavar as being the highest.... the aim of that pangti & similar ones is to focus on how great, limitless & vast parmeshvar is...the focus of those pangtia are not to cuss the devte. Millions of people worship the devte.... but mahraj is saying forget them.... nirgun parmeshvar is sole focus of my attention.... try & comprehend what mahraj is saying here... EVERY single being in parmeshvars creation is a miscreant at 1 point or another.... the only 1 beyond any faults and the image of pure perfection & without any mistakes is parmeshvar & no one else. Its easy to highlight the mistakes the devte made.... but if I started listing all the seva they have done we would be here a lot longer then if we were discussing thier mistakes.....
  4. The paranoia of some people in our panth is shocking. In Japji Sahib mahraj says ‘Eka Mai Jugat Viyaee Tin Chele Parvan Ik Sansari Ik Bhandari Ik Lai Diban..... Who is mahraj talking about here?? Ik sansari is the creator brahma, ik bhandari is Vishnu & ik lai diban is Shiva. these 3 primal devte were given seva to create, sustain & destroy after being born from adh maya on the hukam of Akal Purekh... if maya is the mother then Akal Purekh is the father of all of his creation. If Guru Gobind Singh Ji was Akal Purekhs sargun saroop then why is it not possible for the 3 devte named above & Indra to be born in physical form as his sons?! Can someone Show me any reference from Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Sri Dasam Granth Sahib, Sri Sarbloh Granth, the 4 Vedas, 108 upanishads, 18 purans or any of the simratees where it's says that Devi Devte are exclusive to Hinduism?!
  5. I'm aware that Rattan Singh Bhangu & Giani Gian Singh were writers & not brahmgyanis but on this topic their writing was based on a hukamnama by Mata Sundri Ji.
  6. DELETED.... a few weeks ago he did nindiya of mahapursh Baba Binod Singh Ji by wrongly accusing Baba Ji of being a 'mogul collaborator'..... and now he comes on here calling for relationships to be forged with Muslims.... DELETEDo back up his false allegations. DELETED implied that Mata Sundri Ji, Rattan Singh Bhangu, Sant Jarnail Singh & Giani Gian Singh were all nindaks because they held a different opinion then him.... 😱 When myself & others like @13Mirch first challenged his views a few months back he DELETED DELETED Accuses a mahapursh of being a moghul collaborator then says we should forge relationships with Muslims....
  7. Sikhs need to wise up & realise the world ain't all lovey dovey.... Muslims especially will never have the best interests of sikhs or any non Muslims at heart.... it goes against their beliefs... it's a part of their religion to wage jihad against all kafirs. If the sangat, like me is not happy with Khalsa Aid spending money on helping Muslims then the solution is simple.... stop your donations! In my opinion Ravi Singh has become a fame chaser... helping sikhs in Punjab only draws limited attention if any..... going to places that are all over the news etc has bought him attention from the BBC & other media outlets.... he knows what he's doing... jumping on the bandwagon of media 'hot' incidents to get more exposure
  8. Puratan Sikhi

    Doesn't prove anything. first padd ched saroop & Gutka Sahibs were written by shaheed Bhai Mani Singh Ji .... some in puratan sampardai believe that Bhai Mani Singh being cut bhund by bhund was the price they had to pay for cutting Gurbani up into padd ched saroop.... which was actually done by Bhai Mani Singh to assist the panth in the future by making Gurbani easier to read for the masses.
  9. Puratan Sikhi

    I had a slight suspicion that you were retarted but I am convinced that you are now! Your saying the Nihangs speared their own granth, said it was full of filth, threw it out of a window but then took it with them & then continued to do Prakash of Dasam Granth until this day at all their gurdwaras & chaunis??!! waa vi waa.... these are the type of people we need in our panth.... intellect like this the panth will definitely flourish (face palm)
  10. Puratan Sikhi

    Provide the source & reference. Several other people on this thread have disagreed with you & said the same as what I have said... stop looking for excuses & provide the source that says it was Nihangs who speared & threw Sri Dasam Granth Sahib out of Akal takhat... your the only one on this thread making that claim so back it up
  11. Puratan Sikhi

    Provide reference of the historical source that says Nihangs speared & removed Sri Dasam Granth from Akal Takhat? Your anti Dasam granth views are starting to reveal themselves which is not surprising.... you lack basic level of intellect... there's no chance you will ever understand Dasam Granth Bani.... the total bakwas that you wrote about Kalki Avtar Bani on another thread shows how far off the mark you are
  12. Puratan Sikhi

    I've told you before, stop posting on subjects you know nothing about. How on earth was it the Nihangs who removed Dasam Granth after spearing the saroop?!! It was the reformist lap dogs of the British who did that after getting women to attack Baba Sahib Singh Kaladhari who was the then jathedar of Budda Dal & Akal Takhat. They forcefully took control of Akal Takhat by removing the Nihangs & threw Dasam Granth out of a window & told the Nihangs to take their Granth with them. you lack any sort of substance on most subjects you post on.... why don't you actually learn something before spreading lies & more ignorance... this is what is holding our panth back... the blind are leading the blind
  13. Problems with certain Jathebandi's

    If obeying hukamnama of Mata Sundri Ji makes me a nindak then so be it if accepting the written granth of a puratan gursikh makes me a nindak then so be it if respecting the work of Giani Gian Singh makes me a nindak then so be if agreeing with & accepting the katha of Sant Jarnail Singh makes me a nindak then so be it if staying loyal to the Khalsa that my Guru created makes me a nindak then so be if calling out politically motivated groups who doubt authenticity of Raag mala makes me a nindak then so be it you on the other hand are a haramda.... definition of haramda is someone who doesn't know who their real father (Guru) is. You reject hukam of Mata Sundri Ji, granth of Rattan Singh Bhangu, work of Giani Gian Singh, katha of Sant Jarnail Singh in favour of someone who changed Gurus fateh & declared himself the 12th Guru according to the above named sources.... but like a haramda who doesn't know who his real father is you indulge in personality worship of that person you defend an organisation that took the name of Khalsa which was created by Guru Sahib & altered it by adding babbar.... again the actions of a haramda who indulges in jatha/personality worship & has forgotten who his Guru is
  14. Problems with certain Jathebandi's

    Two taksals were established on the hukam of Dasmesh Pita Ji apparently. Bhai Mani Singhs Taksal which became known as Amritsari Taksal & Baba Deep Singhs Taksal which later became known as Damdami Taksal.
  15. Problems with certain Jathebandi's

    Show me where I said Baba Deep Singh was a taksali?!!! Re-read what I wrote... the point I was making was that taksal are considered a combination of both Khalsa & nirmala because they uphold the nirmala traditions of being scholars etc but also adopt Khalsa maryada as a result of Baba Deep Singh being their first jathedhar.. Taksal are the only nirmalas who keep shasterdhari maryada. Baba Deep Singh was an Akali Nihang but also a scholar who was taught tat arth of Gurbani by Dasmesh Pita himself..... Baba Deep Singh hand wrote 4 saroops of Guru Granth Sahib, 1 in Arabic... to class Baba Deep Singh as just a warrior is doing gross misjustice to the greatness of Baba Ji.