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  1. People on here saying he's not a Nihang, or he's just a pendu & all the other rubbish.... it's laughable how some people have such a sense of self importance... so much so they comment on things they know absolutely NOTHING about. This whole incident is linked to the leadership of Budha Dal. Those interviews are of the fake jathedhar, government sponsored, SGPC slave Bazighar Balbir. This has nothing to do with anyone on here or the wider 'sikh' panth.... it's amongst the Nihangs & has been going on for years.
  2. Can you tell me why all 10 Gurus were men? Why all 15 Bhagats with Gurbani in Sri Guru Granth Sahib are all men? Why all 5 of the Panj Pyare were men? You deluded fools seem to think that our rehat comes from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji but it doesn't.... SGGS is a spiritual guide for the whole universe.... the khalsa's maryada is something different entirely.
  3. There's an old incident that happened in Dal Panth during the time of Baba Santa Singh. Baba Santa Singh & the chakarvati fauj were staying close to a village that has an annual ceremony involving jhatka of a buffalo.... I can't recall the name of the place now. When the local priests saw the buffalo that had to be jhatkaed that year they realised it couldn't be done because the shape of the horns on that buffalo curved backwards protecting some parts on the top of the neck. They couldn't jhatka another buffalo because part of the ritual was that the buffalo is chosen by natural selection process... whichever one comes forward itself etc. After not being able to find anyone willing to attempt to jhatka the buffalo out of fear of failure & offending the ritual someone told the pundits about the nihangs who were staying close by. The pundits & a few of the locals came & met Baba Santa Singh & told them about the ritual & the buffalo etc. They asked Baba Ji if he or any of the Singhs would be willing to Jhatka the buffalo... baba Ji reassured them & said don't worry... your ritual will be completed. Baba Santa Singh jhatkaed the buffalo himself.... but because of the horns rather then strike down on the top of the neck like usual, Baba Ji struck a blow from below, from the throat up through the neck & took the head clean off! The rules for jhatka & hunting are as follows, any animal can be jhatkaed or hunted but it is forbidden for a female animal or infant to be killed. When hunting, the shot should only be taken once there is no doubt that the animal is a male.
  4. Wannabe akali faujs parents; Now my work here really is done.
  5. Great comeback.... son of a gay Muslim donkey father & a gay Muslim donkey raping mother. Like I said, my work here is done.
  6. More made up facts by wannabe akali... bana was introduced during 10ve patshahs time.... real akalis know the history of akali bana but I won't be sharing it with a faggot like you. You attacked someone on this thread for no reason... bringing his mum into it.... so let's tell everyone about your ancestry.... Your mum raped a gay Muslim donkey (the donkey was Muslim as it belonged to a Muslim family & they had circumcised him). 9 months after your mum raped the gay Muslim donkey she shat you out.... Most of your genetics come from your father (the donkey) hence why you bark like a fanatical Muslim & are as thick as a ghada (donkey). The genetics you received from your mother account for your extremely small manhood (she has a small one too) & your man boobs. Your the offspring of a gay Muslim donkey that was raped by your mother. My work here is done.... learn how to play nice...
  7. The bana was introduced during the time of 10ve patshah... shasters were introduced during the time of 6ve patshah.... the Akal Sena was the fauj of 6ve patshah. 6ve patshah gave a blessing to Baba Budha Ji that one day the Akal Sena would march under their name.... they became Budha Dal. A real 'Akali' would know the history of the Akalis.... wannabe akalis like you can only come on forums and give it large.... having the username 'akalifauj' won't stop the fact that you probably get bullied, look like tutti, have a small manhood & are most probably a closet homosexual with latent homosexual desires.
  8. 10 Gurus all men 15 Bhagats whose Bani is in Guru Granth Sahib all men 5 Pyare all men.... Those who want complete equal rights can <banned word filter activated> off & go start their own panth..... leave our panth the way Guru Sahib intended it to be.
  9. If relying on granth of Rattan Singh Bhangu, katha of Sant Jarnail Singh, hukamnama of Mata Sundri Ji, commentary by Gian Singh, historical figures like Baba Deep Singh, Nawab Kapur Singh & Baba Mani Singh amounts to intimidation then so be it.... I suppose threatening people with hell & punishments in the afterworld for relying on the above named gursikhs must be a more gurmat approach then?! I don't mind debating/arguing with people like Jonny... his opinions may be different to mine but I still know his opinion comes from somewhere genuine...... you on the other hand are a different story..... your just an infant who unfortunately only has 2 brain cells.... 1 of which you urinate through. No more replies to you
  10. I take it Mata Sundri Ji was at war directly with Mughals then?..... stupid clown. Bahadur Shah may not have been in a direct war with Guru Sahib but he was still a Mughal... the son of Aurangzeb no less. Mata Sundri Ji was not in direct war with the Mughals but she was still the mehal of Guru Sahib. The bottom line is you know nothing about raj neeti. In your case, you wear a dastar because mummy & daddy told you to. Your attempting to grow a beard... for the soul purpose of wanting to cover up that mess you have to call your face.
  11. I'd appreciate it if discussions could be had with respect... especially when those discussions & opinions are based on our historical granths & opinions of great mahapurekhs.... instead of words like 'nindak' being flung around so loosely.
  12. Where did I say mahraj went to him for an alliance.... wannabe 'akali' fauj doing his usual of making things up out of thin air again. The point was made to show how raj neeti works... something most of you know absolutely nothing about. Bahadur Shah came to Guru Sahib for help... just as the Mughals came to Mata Sundri Ji wanting to establish a truce, this does not make them collaborators with the Mughals.
  13. Once again, you show your lack of knowledge when it comes to raj neeti.... I take Guru Gobind Singh Ji was a collaborator with Mughals as well when they helped Bahadur Shah.... you really have no understanding of even the basics of raj neeti. Do you consider Sant Jarnail Singh a nindak of Banda Bahadur? He done katha, links to which can be found on this thread. In that katha he says Banda wanted to be revered as Guru.... so is Sant Jarnail Singh a nindak? Giani Gian Singh wrote about matas hukamnama..... is he a nindak too? Rattan Singh Bhangu, Baba Deep Singh, Baba Mani Singh & Nawab Kapur Singh must all be nindaks according to your logic. Its a shame your parents named you 'Jonny',... but didn't use a 'jonny' on the night they copulated leading to your conception.
  14. Mata jis letter was forged?!! You really are a besharam. I take it Panth Prakash was written by the Mughals... Sant Jarnail Singhs katha was edited by the Mughals... Bhai Mani Singh was influenced by the Mughals....Nawab Kapur Singh, Baba Deep Singh & others were all tricked by the Mughals but you Jonny & followers of a man made cult are correct. No one man has ever been chosen to lead the Khalsa.... the Khalsa is lead by Panj Pyare.... Banda Singh was put under the command of Panj Singh. Anything I have said is inline with the above named gursikhs.... your nindiya of Baba Binod Singh cannot be backed up by any historical granth or opinion of any mahapurekh. You sound like a fanatical Muslim.... when they have nowhere else to run or any answers of credibility they respond with threats of hell & punishment in the afterworld.
  15. Again, apply what you are saying to yourself & your nindiya of Baba Binod Singh..... nindiya that no written source or opinion from any mahapurekh would back up. Baba Binod Singh was CHOSEN to be the first jathedar of Budda Dal after Banda Singh had been shaheed for some time.... Baba Binod Singh being chosen to lead Budda Dal was approved by Nawab Kapur Singh, Baba Deep Singh, Baba Mani Singh Ji not to mention other prominent gursikhs of that time. All of the above names were wrong in their opinion of Baba Binod Singh but you are right..... Rattan Singh Bhangu, Mata Sundri Ji, Sant Jarnail Singh & Bhai Mani Singh were all wrong about Banda Singh but you are right..... The people who made the video posted by OP belong to a man made cult..... personality worship is a part of who they are.... but they and you are right.... all the above named gursikhs are all wrong. P.S. spirit or soul is not just semantics, there's a huge difference.