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  1. Gurfateh Penji, I thought I would let you know (credit where it's due etc) that your tip with the Persil colour and vinegar has worked very well. Thakn you. It's much appreciated. Akaal!!
  2. Vaheguru! Thank you for the tips. I will put this into action on the next wash. Vaheguru!
  3. Vaheguru! Thank you for this. I use the liquid non-bio Persil. I will try the colour friendly biological one with vinegar as per your suggestion. A quick question though, when adding the white vinegar, do you add it into the actual machine (where the clothes go) or where the liquid goes? Much appreciated.
  4. No. I am talking just general day to day. Thank you. Vaheguru!
  5. Gurfateh Ji, Genuine question: How does one remove sweat stains from their dastaar material? I tie a dhumalla sahib (blue in colour) and the crossed larhs (over the ears) and the chand lahr (across the forehead) stain with sweat. (Please note, I don't have excessive sweat issues lol). I have tried hand washing and machine washing with different modes but they're still visible. Anyone experience the same issues? Any solutions? Thank you. Vaheguru!
  6. Thank you for the links and your search. I have no relatives in India unfortunately. I have been using Sikhistore for the past few years (great service) but there Royal Blue colour is not consistent. It also fades too much. Will check out the other links too. Also came across in India. Might just make a trip to Punjab soon and make a contact to ship over when needed. Thank you. Vaheguru
  7. Gurfateh Ji, Sangat ji, does anyone have a contact (shop or outlet) in India where I can order proper Khalsa Royal Blue F74 malmal dastaars? The really deep blue shade (almost purple looking) that doesnt fade? Nihung colour. Thank you. Vaheguru!!
  8. Thank you for yout input - much appreciated and apologies, I just used the term UK as this is where I am based. You have provided a good bit of infomration of each of the ares I asked. Thank you. Yes, Hazoor Sahib was also in my mind hence the travelling. Just want to know (if you can help) how to contact Gurdvara Sahibs about accomodation before arrival and which ones have rooms etc? Thank you.
  9. Gurfateh Sangat Ji, I was wondering if anyone has travelled, lived or spent some time in Anandpur Sahib from the UK? I have been wanting to go and experience Sikhi life out there but do not know how to go about it. Any advise? Where do people stay? (Hotels, Gurdvara) How about work - if any? Travelling? How to do sangat or get in touch with Singh's/Nihung Singh's there? Any help or tips would be great. Also just to mention, I have no relatives or friends out there. I went to Punjab around 15 years ago for a couple of months. Thank you. Gurfateh Ji.
  10. Gurfateh Ji, Can anyone tell me at what ang Chitaropakyan starts in Sri Dasam Granth? (Please lets not get into a debate about this Bani). Thank you. Vaheguru...
  11. Thank you for your valued reply ji. I see it as a blessing from Guru Sahib as not many can remove themselves from attachment of things or people. I have been going through this for quite some time now. Around 5 years ago I began reciting Salok Mahalla 9 several times daily. Dhan Guru Teg Bahadur Ji Sahib's bachan have been hitting me so hard since then. I often recite one line throughout the day when looking around me at things, objects, people, the world "Jag rachna sab choot hai, Jaan layo ray meet". I feel I want to leave this world somehow. Had this very strong feeling for many years now. Akaal
  12. Gurfateh Ji, Is anyone going or gone through the avasta where they just want life to end now? Not as in suicide but asking Guru Sahib with a powerful ardaas. More due to biraag of Gurbani, Naam kamai and also experiences of life which have detached one from many worldly things. I will add more to this if any Gursikh piyaara can relate. Akaal
  13. Fantastic Veerji. Thanks for the reply and sharing the Gurbani quote. I was looking into the full version earlier today. Akaal
  14. Vaheguru, FYI - if anyone is interested and would like to look at this Astotar, it is available on the Damdami Taksal Sundar Gutka app (android). It comes under the heading "Sundar Gutka (Budha Dal)" then "Bhagauthi Astotar". The Shastar Naam Mala is also available on the app under the Budha Dal section. Akaal
  15. Gurfateh Ji, Thank you for sharing. I have been doing some research and come across "Bhagauthi Astotar". Mainly recited by Nihung Singh's and taken from Sri Dasam Granth. Also found this article online - Akaal