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  1. Why is in the habit of our people to ask how much you bought something for? I bought a new pair of trousers and someone noticed. Asked me how much I paid for them. It could be a house, car or anything. Why can't they be happy to appreciate someone to ask these dumb question? What is their purpose, is it jealousy or is it that they want to buy one for themselves or could it be that they can say you paid too much and they could got it cheaper. Should you brag and say you paid much more than you really did? I never know how to answer this question.
  2. I got a pair of chinos for the smart casual look from Next for £20.They go great with a nice shirt or pool shirt or even a sweater. I like to mix and match. There are some great deals out there at the moment and I like to get value for money. I guess my problem is I don't know how to answer these questions. If I tell them I bought it at the price I bought it, they would probably say that I could have got a better deal or they might think I'm a cheapskate. I guess if I am setting a trend and people want to do the same then I guess I should be flattered. My missus always has go at me for wearing the same clothes. I've got a dodgy fleece that I have worn for nearly 10 years. She wants me to throw it away but I'm quite attached to it. I bought it for about £8 at Matalan. She's been making a real effort to smarten me up of late. She bought me some Lacoste and Ralph Lauren polo shirts which I know can cost a small fortune. I personally never spend more than £20 on a polo shirt. But as I look through my wardrobe, I know I am going to have a makeover.
  3. These are the stresses of life. People need an outlet and unfortunately drink is an outlet. Women are now realising that these "equal rights" they have been fighting for are not what they are cracked up to be. Men apparently have been "privileged " but now women realising what this "privilege" really entails. Women are having more stressful and unfulfilled lives, they have been given the koolaid that one can have it all. But they are becoming more disillusioned. Women are suffering with more alcohol problems because their bodies are not as equipped to handle alcohol as much as men. Also the life expectancy between men and women is also narrowing.
  4. Doesn't really answer my question.
  5. Like a lot of things with women. The stigma of being perceived is more important than doing the action itself.
  6. Can you substiante this?
  7. Maybe the material goodies is not enough. There are probably other factors as well. I remember a show when Harjap Bhangal (well known immigration lawyer in the UK) was presenting. He mentioned how there is less corruption in general and rule of law in western countries and how that does play into people wanting to move out.
  8. Don't touch it. Schools these days are driven by cost and go by the cheaper option. That is a big reason why Halal is pushed forward so much.
  9. I tell you what Dally. Go out there yourself and test your hypothesis and tell me what you come back. Reality is you won't stick your neck out when it counts. You are still stuck in the 1980s.
  10. My attitude is looking at the whole picture. I am perfectly aware what is going on wey before you even coming across these things. Your focus is one thing, you cannot move forward with your method. You been spouting the same thing for the last 10 years on various websites, nobody is going to listen to you. Some of your methods have been talked about 20 years ago and they haven't worked.You are so behind the curve it so unbelievable. If you keep focusing on the negatives you create too much analysis paralysis and don't get anywhere. That's why you are stuck like a broken record.
  11. As per usual you are glass half empty. You focus on the negative. There are positive aspects too. It is better have an all round perspective.
  12. Punjabi men are 3D learners, they can solve problems on their feet that no Gujerati or South Indian can do. There are a lot of people in the West that want to rich and famous quickly as well. Look at the Instagram models or the you tube stars. All those talent shows and reality shows in India are copied from the models on the west. We slag our own people off too much. Granted there are a lot of faults in our people but there are positives too.
  13. Jatts aren't the only land owning and moneyed Sikhs in the Punjab? Are they giving back?
  14. One of the questions I have is in the West where we have accumulated wealth and prospered there is a need to give back in one way or another and people give back generously. In some ways donated dasvandh is a manifestation of that. Do land owning and moneyed Sikhs in Punjab have the same need to give back like Western Sikhs or are they more apathetic?
  15. Jagsaw's Thread has been derailed. But all this gay talk is getting everyone down. Cheer up people:
  16. I think that this thread has been seriously derailed. I think the class issue deserves it's own thread.
  17. Well they do say that the low and high have more in common with each other than the middle.
  18. I personally think that most men should not consider getting married before 30.
  19. Punjab is not that different these days. It has changed and not for the better. The main difference between a girl from West and one from Punjab is that girl from the west will show her cards a lot earlier whereas girl from Punjab is like a sleeper cell. They keep their intentions close to their chest and boom you won't know what hit you.
  20. I remember a woman I worked with once who had a problem with her mother-in-law when she came to visit. Her mother-in-law started to re-arrange all the stuff in the kitchen moving things around and it got on her nerves. They say a man's home is his castle but the home is a woman's domain. It is personal in a way that it is not for a man. Every cushion, matching curtain is placed in a specific place. It's that nesting instinct. It becomes very territorial for them.
  21. It's quite tough with a lot of men because keeping a keen eye can be energy draining so they go with a flow. Then there are the men who think that one should not get involved between women's squabbles. But men do need to put their foot down. But then they have to put up with the silent treatment and all of the passive aggressive behaviour. Open aggressive behaviour can be much easier to deal with.
  22. Some buddian have never lived with their suss and still act the same. I think that in some cases that some women push their sons to get married and the second they do something in them triggers. Fear of losing control, jealousy, competition etc. There are some things that women instinctively understand between each other that us men are not supposed to know. Remember most of women's communication is covert. There is a lot of subtleties that most men are oblivious to.
  23. Simple. It means don't put sex first before Guru or yourself.
  24. The Canadian immigration is some of the biggest scams going. Immigration is big business. They suck in a lot of skilled immigrants through their points system who end up working as cab drivers and pizza deliverers because they cannot get a job in their skilled profession because they need "Canadian Experience".
  25. Reality is Pappu could not find wife to live with his parents, that is why he went to Punjab. Your second point mainly benefits the mother. The fourth point you made is linked to my answer on your second point. That they should find a girl that is compatible for their son not for their own selfish reasons. Reality is sons are seen as a pension scheme by a lot of parents. In the olden days there was a code where the parents look after children and then the children look after the parents. But this is no longer the case.