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  1. Dally Richmond Hill is in Queens, which where the majority of Sikhs prefer to live until they have made a bit of money and moved out towards Suffolk or Nassau county on Long Island. They prefer it over Brooklyn which has too many blacks for their liking. Their "Green Street" is in Jackson Heights which also in Queens. New York (except a few parts of Manhattan) is a bigger dump than London, it makes East London look clean. Your mate will be fine though. The racism since 9/11 is what you hear about, what you don't hear about is cab drivers, 7-11 guys get shot, stabbed by blacks over the years. Your mate will be fine, if he knows what areas to avoid.
  2. To be effective lobbyists we need to know what things are in our interest as it stands. What do we need the government and institutions to do for us? And I am not talking about things "kicking off". I am just wondering whether the reason we are not as politically active is because most of our needs are met and most of the sangat are satisfied. What we are left with is small things that we whinge about? Like the expression "1st world problems". Maybe I am wrong, if anyone here could point out what interests of ours that need to be furthered.
  3. Lobbying is influencing and persuasion. How that influence and persuasion works is another matter. Like I said before Islam is a political ideology pretending to be a religion, it is a flawed political system that has to use certain tactics to keep things under control. Our way is the better way like you have said. But as Dashmesh Pita told us to adept in the ways of rajniti. If we were to fully realise our potential then we have to fully implement miri-piri.
  4. Muslims are also very adept in making the system work for them, they are excellent lobbyists. If there is one area where we as Sikhs need to be more effective is in the lobbying.
  5. People should avoid that stuff. I tend to avoid these types and normally sit by myself. I then proceed to the langar hall and sit by myself and partake in langar like a loser. I should be called Billa no mates.
  6. Off peak times, gurdwarae are like daycare centres.
  7. Have they not been to a Gurdwara. Loads of bibian sitting in the langar hall doing nindyan. They sit together creating their space telling each other stories. They might not be weeping but they learn about everyone else for sure.
  8. The million woman march was organised by a known female Islamist called Linda Sarsour who is keen to implement Sharia. I am wondering whether feminists are aware of women's rights under sharia law. Also, this march banned anti-abortion women, so this is women excluding other women who may not share the same opinion as them.
  9. https://thehomestead.guru/companion-planting-2/
  10. You will never find perfection. If you are 6' 5", then finding a girl 5'8"+ is going to be difficult. Most Sikh women on average between 5'2" and 5'4". How tall are you?
  11. I bear no resentment towards Dally.
  12. Dally's background is Bhatra, they are not like mainstream Sikhs. They are quite insular and tribal in their thinking and I think he finds certain traits unusual in most of us other Sikhs, particularly with Jatts. Which I think is one of the reasons he finds a lot of the traits in Muslims quite appealing because they are very similar to Sikhs of his background. He is also an inner-city Sikh, very much "ghetto" from my interactions with him. I think he finds it very difficult to digest the fact that most Sikhs have moved on from the "ghetto", he still lives in it.
  13. I am OK with Dally. Brothers disagree on things from time to time. This dumb farmer has some gardening to do 😉
  14. Are you a Bhatra by any chance? It will explain a lot.
  15. I have seen plenty tough Sikhs out there and there are plenty of them around doing what is needed when they have to. But they don't go on like yourself. I've seen your type before. You are just a keyboard warrior, you talk a good game. I am under no illusions of how hard or how soft I am. I give as good as I get and got the scars to prove it. Everyone's gotta a plan until they get punched in the face.
  16. Furthermore, feminists keep very quiet on misogyny from Islamics. They get a free pass.
  17. Of course, as long as we have tough guys like yourself, we have nothing to worry about. You do harp on this 5hite hitting the fan a lot, just wondering if it happens whether you are going be there at the front or if you are just talk. You sound like someone who is itching for a fight. I can guarantee if push comes to shove those "soft" Sikhs will show more balls than talkers like yourself. For all the faults of our people, and boy do we love to whine, we do a lot of things right and we do it better than a lot of people. I prefer to look at the glass half full rather than the glass half empty.
  18. The muslims are brave because they fight in numbers. They are more fractious than us which is why they focus on the siege mentality to keep themselves united. Our so called fractures are mere petty squabbles compared to the Islamic fractures. Our concept of unity is not the same as theirs. Theoretically, if there were Sikhs in prison who became Amritdhari, you would not have these gangs developing with this "If you want our halal food, convert!". Our brothers would probably prepare langar for the whole prison and would do far more to unite prisoners. It won't be perfect but it reduce a lot of these tensions. Our way ultimately is the better way.
  19. In the increasingly feminised world, Islam is seen by some as the last bastion of masculinity.
  20. How many of them are "religious" and "spiritual" in prison like they are "gay for the stay" And the ones that go to Syria to fight for ISIS are hardly less animalistic. There are a lot of perks to be muslim in prison, it's like being bribed. I very much doubt they cook their own food, they probably get their food from outside. What it means is that prison services are discriminating against non muslim prisoners. This muslim conversion is like a gang and yes it is like a brotherhood but muslim brotherhood is built on a "us" versus "them" mentality. Which makes sense because they are in a constant state of war "Dar Ul Harb vs Darl Ul Salam ". It is not like a Sikh brotherhood. True brotherhood is not built on antagonism. However, if you feel this great respect for this being that you are an east end cockney bad boy tearaway ensure you are not becoming a dhimmi.
  21. I know a few Kangs. Jas Kang and Aman Kang and they is still kangz, lol
  22. Mike Tyson was also converted in prison.
  23. What would be interesting to see the proportion of blacks converting to Islam. And also whether it is in prison or outside prison. I was listening to LBC this evening and there was an interesting conversation regarding this. A lot of the prisoners are pressured to convert and the biggest instigators are white people who have ginger hair. Islam preys on the vulnerable and manipulates them. It is a system that needs to be brought down and dismantled. The drain needs to be swamped.
  24. They empower themselves by adopting the names and religion of Arab oppressors. How very liberating. Like I have mentioned on another thread. Islam is a political ideology before anything else. If they were truly liberating themselves then they would pick African names. I could go on with some of the stuff you have mentioned but it would not be suitable for some of the other posters here.
  25. If only they understood that Muslim Arabs have been involved in subjugating blacks for far longer than the whites have. Their "disconnect" has a lot of other factors in the mix too.