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  1. I hold my hands up and admit that I have never heard of her. That's because no one thinks much of MEP's. There is only one MEP that one hears about and that is Nigel Farage. The fact that Neelam Gill goes about her business with minimum amount of fuss is a great testament to her. And furthermore about your comment about being politically opinionated; I understand that Jagsaw may ruffle some feathers with other posters but I never realised that I was seen in the same light. I do express an opinion but never consider myself to be that opinionated. I may have particular biases but I will try to be objective as much as I can and considered myself to be a positive contributer to this forum. Perhaps people are fed up of hearing what I have to say, you can disagree and criticise all you want, I don't mind. I think that I may have outstayed my welcome here.
  2. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neena_Gill Truth be told, I've never heard of her either.
  3. SGPC are an institution. A political institution, and like political institutions they tend to be very slow to react to certain events. And like political institutions tend to do, they are more interesting in keeping power. Now if Christian missionary activity was a direct threat to the SGPC then they would act.
  4. I can't really speak for the motives of SGPC. I would be careful to keep calling pendu Sikhs thick. Because when it does come to action they won't over think like the erudite Urban Sikhs, they will just act. They will act first and think later.
  5. The Hindus would be pretty stupid to think that Sikhs leaving Punjab would be a good thing. They would prefer Sikhs to stay because we are useful against the hordes on the other side of the border. This is the reason RSS were instrumental in Ghar Wapsi. They were very aware of the growth of Christianity in Punjab.
  6. It is particular type of Hindu, the Khatri/Arora and Baniya types, ones who have been traditionally part of the business classes.
  7. They remember very well they are Punjabis when it suits them. Shiv Sena in Punjab had a lot of backing from certain elements of the H.P. business community .
  8. But what do these rich Hindu Punjabis do for Hindutva? Those Kapoors and Khannas were very well off in the Lahore, Rawalpindi in pre-partition. Most of the rich industrialists in Punjab in pre 47 were made of these types and they were still booted out. Money means diddly squat if you are not going to use it in the right way.
  9. In theory a lot of martial arts in other countries came from India anyway so he may possibly brought back stuff back. Just a theory and speculative.
  10. It's quite common for martial artists to bring in other martial arts into their ideas. It's been like that for millenia.
  11. Like it makes a difference. 15 years ago, the French authorities got strict with religious symbols, Sikhs in France did not leave France. They will probably still be there regardless Le Pen gets in or not.
  12. You are an IT guy. Think of a process that can help make the changes.
  13. If we were to do some brainstorming, lets have some ideas of what the motivations are for a typical gurdwara committee member. This would give some ideas of what buttons would be needed to push. Think from the perspective of a typical gurdwara committee member.
  14. Interesting strategy. Parties tend to put extra focus on these swing seats where there is a small majority. This is just speculation for the following: In regards to last 3 candidates mentioned, interesting that they are large Tory seats but they have chosen Sikh candidates. Kenilworth is around the Leamington Spa area. This is like Gerrards X for our people in West Midlands where the wealthier affluent Sikhs live. I do not know much about Upminster and Hornchurch but I suspect that this is probably the migration direction that East London Sikhs are venturing into or some of the East London Sikhs move to when they make a bit of money. It looks like that Labour thinks that with growing Sikh populations in these areas that it will make a dent in those Tory majorities. They seem to be hoping on that Sikhs will vote for the Sikh candidates.
  15. DSG Our people are not that big into letter writing. I know that from personal experience.
  16. The term is "crab bucket mentality ". It is because when one person rises above it shows deficiencies in others.
  17. It was down South! I guess the bride was too posh for prontheh! If she did have aloo waleh prontheh it would have been called "crepe pomme de terre!"
  18. http://globalnews.ca/news/3415635/harjit-sajjan-operation-medusa-speech/
  19. The problem is the proliferation of Anand Karaj's, Akhand Paths, Sukhmani Sahib programs in Gurdwaras. This enables to people to indulge in all of this. What gets up my nose is when people hire outside caterers after milni and I am seeing these continental breakfasts with croissants and choc au pains. What's that all about?
  20. She is the next generation of Sikh politicians. Hopefully, she is a different breed to the earlier Sikh MPs.
  21. How is Harjit Sajjan viewed in Canada? He's supposed to be this bad*ss army veteran that captured 1500 Taliban in Afghanistan. But apparently he's admitted that it wasn't him that organised that capture but some other military guy. I do like him though, he's got that John Wayne way of talking.
  22. You are absolutely correct, the Langar system has been abused.
  23. Comrade Jagsaw should be pleased because she is a Labour candidate. Jagsaw is a Labour man through and through. In some Labour seats they have a woman only shortlists. The seat she is contesting is one where the previous Labour MP is standing down. This is the same with the Slough Labour seat where it was supposed to be a woman only shortlist for the Labour candidacy but they have chosen a turbanned Sikh in the name of Tann Dhesi. Both Tann Dhesi and Preet Kaur Gill have cut their teeth in local politics as councillors so it is a great opportunity for them to move onto the next level. If both candidates win their seats we will have the first female Sikh MP and the first turbanned Sikh MP. I have seen Preet Kaur Gill's tweets and I am confident that she will fight for Sikh rights. She has challenged the likes of Sunny Hundal on twitter over some of his articles.
  24. Canadian Sikh is largely a post 1984 community. Everything that has happened since 1984 is part of Canadian Sikh psyche and this plays into the dynamic. That means the Canadian Sikh understands in a more intimate way the fundamentals in terms of being a cohesive unit particularly in terms of politics. UK Sikhs are predominantly a post WW2 community and again it is impacts the psyche of UK Sikh. UK Sikh does not have the same kind of dynamic that the Canadian Sikh.
  25. I wish her all the best in her endeavours. It's only the constituents of Edgbaston that can vote for her anyway.