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  1. Trudeau won for two main factors. One is the fact is a pretty boy and that got the woman vote. The second is because of his father. Problem though is Trudeau is quite effiminate. Jagmeet Singh being an Amritdhari with his build and body frame comes across more masculine. Combined with his body language and posture he comes across as a classic Sikh male. He dresses well for a Canadian too. When he does enter the election and Trudeau comes face to face with him, you will need to notice how Trudeau will change is body language to come across as an Alpha male.
  2. She looks a lot younger than him. She looks like a teenager. Though in order to further his political career he would need to get married because a future PM will need to look like a family man to appeal to the masses. It would be interesting to see an Amritdhari female as the first lady of a country, but is very unlikely it would happen. Even though Politics is said to be showbiz for ugly people ,there is a PR element to this. He understands that if he is to challenge pretty boy Trudeau, he needs out-glamour him because politics are largely popularity contests. Because the way the masses and the media work come election time is who has the prettier wife Trudeau or Singh?
  3. Is India overated?

    A very restless population. These cyber coolies have been sold a dream and they realise that they have been lied to. If you are poor and you have been screwed over then you don't any better. If you are poor, get an improved standard of living and then you get pushed back into poverty again , this means trouble.
  4. Is India overated?

    The irony is that if the poor got richer, they will behave in the same way. The country is rotten from top to bottom.
  5. Is India overated?

    I always feel that India is a place where being a sociopath is the norm. It is a country which prides itself on it's cunning. The country is a dump because no one cares, there is no value of life and they can be very indifferent to a lot of the problems. There is no rule of law because everyone seems to be trying to cut corners all the time. This is the reason why it takes a big shittar or danda to keep everyone in line. It is the only thing these people seem to respond to.
  6. Is India overated?

    It's what Donald Trump would define as a sh**h*le
  7. good tidings the Canadian Sangat are waking up

    The Canadian Sikh Sangat is largely a post-84 sangat. The UK Sikh Sangat is largely a post-partition /post WW2 sangat. This has an impact on their collective psyches.
  8. Some more Home Truths

    That sample is quite small. I don't feel it provides a complete picture. Also they should have provided a more qualitative survey. For example what constitutes racist behaviour to a Sikh? Is it overt, covert or perceived?
  9. Some more Home Truths

    Can corroborate where you have the statistic that the number of Christian converts from Sikhi in the UK?
  10. Some more Home Truths

    Where did you get the 74.5% stat from?
  11. D.i.v.e.r.s.i.t.y

    Majority of Australia is a desert and therefore people live on the coasts. The majority of Canada live with 100 miles of the US border.
  12. D.i.v.e.r.s.i.t.y

    Won't make any difference. All these countries are facing the same problems.
  13. muslim population of UK will tripple by 2050

    Death threats from apostasy is big factor. Tackle this. This would mean any mullah that stirs up problems need to be tackled. No taqqiyah allowed. Prosecuting anyone who does those death threats.
  14. Britian First

    The EDL has been around several years now and if anything seem to be in the decline. Very few Sikhs will join up with though most of us are very aware of the reasons why they were organised in the first place. Britain First is only really in the news because of Trump's retweeting. If anybody really follows the extreme far right, it was inevitable they would make a comeback because of Islamic Extremism. Nick Griffin whilst he was leader of the BNP noticed this in the early 2000''s well before Britain First and the EDL. Any UK Sikh that has been on Sikh forums since the late 90's/early 2000 's would have foretold and seen these future problem emerging. Because of the problems set up by increasingly Islamic population and the political elites /media turning a blind eye to a lot of the grooming /brainwashing in mosques etc, the working class gora population may potentially turn to the extreme right wing groups as the establishment won't listen. The establishment needs to pull their finger out.
  15. The #metoo has opened up a whole can of worms.