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  1. I never understood why the elites of British society have so much deviancy. I know that a lot of other societies have them as well but it seems certain segments have more of it.
  2. A lot of the establishment are paedophile as well and some sections of the media are trying to make that acceptable. That would be the next priority. At the moment they are trying to make trans-genderism acceptable.
  3. I do not disagree with you on that. There are some women I know of personally and they are great sevadhari's, a real asset to the sangat who are on that list. Then there are others on that I do know of and they are unscrupulous characters and they are not worthy if being on that list. There are far more worthy women that we do not even know about. One of things I have noticed is that there are lot more women of Sikh background in the UK media. I call them that because they are not people who I would consider great role models in an industry that creates illusions/maya and lies for it's existence. There are sections of the UK media in the UK likes to present Sikh men as misogynistic and Sikh women as oppressed. I am now wondering if the over representation of a certain type of women of Sikh background who have personal axes to grind are the problem. There seems to a definite under-representation of Sikh males in the media unless you are of the bald headed effiminate type.
  4. There is a saying: Hard Times create Strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. Weak men create hard times.
  5. If you guys ever read on evolutionary psychology particularly on the development of humans in hunter gatherer societies then a lot of what Guru Gobind SIngh Ji makes sense.
  6. 😂😂😂😂😂 Carry on Akalifauj!
  7. Just be mindful that JKV's husband and in-laws are Brazilian. They will know the ins and outs of the country. Brazil is a dangerous country and you need to be careful out there. If you go with a reputable travel company or even someone from there who you can trust to show you around then you should enjoy yourself. I imagine the Rio Olympics and the World Cup have hiked prices up. Also if you learn some Portuguese if you go out there, it 's not quite the same as Brazilian Portuguese. Everyone in Portugal knows Brazilian Portuguese because of the TV channels, however I heard that Brazilians find Portuguese in Portugal difficult to understand. The Latin languages spoken in South American is not quite the same as the European continent. They are quite flamboyant and bouncy languages spoken. There is a channel called Record TV (a Brazilian channel) and when I first heard Brazilian Portuguese I was laughing because of the way it is spoken. I don't understand Portuguese other than obrigado, parabens etc but is funny to listen to.
  8. Tenerife is much more heavily populated, where as Lanzarote is the closest to the African continent. Technically speaking the Canaries are Africa rather than Europe. Because it is close by the Sahara, it can get windy. Lanzarote is predominantly populated on it's east coast because there is a lot of volcanic activity on the west coast, there are like only 3 villages. There are plenty of Indian restaurants, so there is no worry about getting roti. Enough of the geography lesson, your holiday is what you make of it. Book it and think of it as an adventure.
  9. Went to Lanzarote a few years. Fascinating place. Canary Islands were formed by volcanoes so geologically it is really interesting. Only 500 years ago, the Canaries were inhabited by a stone age people called Guanches that lived in caves. Would love to go back again.
  10. You have too much sex on the brain. Not every modern Sikh girl is a <banned word filter activated>, even the ones that go on holidays with their girlfriends. You seem to completely misunderstand what I am talking about in the context of marriage. When I talk about idealism, I am talking about how the idea of marriage is very practical, almost like a political union for someone in Punjab. It is not so much for a UK person. Next time, go read the matrimonial website see how someone in Punjab writes their requirements and then compare it with a western born Sikh. It's completely different.
  11. In the context of UK girl v Punjab girl. However, male and female from Punjab have a more pragmarism and see marriage in a completely different context. We UK lot are far more idealistic.
  12. Never heard of him
  13. You are not from the UK and I don't where you live but it is not the case in UK 2017. The majority of UK born Sikhs are 2nd/3rd even 4th generation Sikhs. When I meant intention as per what the O.P., I was alluding to the fact that girls in the UK are up front in what their intentions are for marriage. For example, they do not want to live with their in-laws and they will openly express it. The in-laws will understand this and may compromise and say live with us for 6 months and then move out. A girl from Punjab could say that she wants to live her in-laws but slowly and gradually turn her husband away from his family. Once she does this, she will try to bring her own pekheh over so that her family is in the sphere of influence. Girls from Punjab know how to keep quiet and work in sly cunning way. Whereas a UK girl is more likely show her hand early on. However if the Punjab girl's mother-in-law is from Punjab herself, she will quickly suss out what her daughter-in-law is upto as she is from the same cultural background and can see the tell tale signs and anticipate her moves.
  14. Akalifauj The scenario you are talking about UK girls is so 1980's. The girls of today are the daughters of those 1980 girls, it's a lot more out in the open.
  15. Girls from Punjab are no better or worse than UK girls. The only difference is that UK girls are more open with their intentions whereas Punjab ones are more clandestine.