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  1. Which is why we see Trump implementing temporary ban on countries with majority muslim countries. This maybe a potential template for other WN to follow. Once one starts, the others will copy.
  2. There isn't a single western country that doesn't have some problem with Islamification. It does not matter if you have not invaded the middle east, those muslim folk will come over and try to take advantage in one way or another. Canada may experience these things once their muslim population grows like every other country that allows muslim immigration. Electing some one like Justin Trudeau does not help either as well as the over Political correctness. If you want to find out more about Islam in Canada and the problems, Google Tarek Fatah. Particularly around the sneaky M103 law that moderate muslims want to prevent.
  3. Well, after being under the yoke for 700 years, they understood the muslim ways and then repaid them in kind.
  4. I think that is definitely part of the reason. The middle aged goreh go for the Thai, fillipina types because a.) They cannot get the gorriah b.) A lot of them are fed up of the gorriah c.)The sense of entitlement they sense from gorriah due to feminism means they want a feminine docile traditional woman, which they think they will get from the far east. I imagine they look at our community from the outside and consider the same with our women. For a lot of our women,goreh (even the punchy middle -aged types) are higher status than our men. They probably love the attention. The white man is at the top of tree in terms of sexual market value across women of all races, apniah included. Could you imagine if goreh started going to India to find brides, it would make the Far East and Russia look like small fry.
  5. Middle aged goreh men especially in the UK perve over apniah. I've seen this many times in UK corporate life with goreh middle management. It creates an unhealthy inflated ego in some of our girls.
  6. Canadian goreh want our girls for themselves.
  7. You are right about the style of running. I used to be heel striker, I had to change to landing more on the mid-foot.
  8. Do you do any joint mobility and do you any cool down stretches or yoga?
  9. I reckon a lot of Iranians want to unleash the yoke of Islam. Anything that inspires them especially in their own language will give them more impetus.
  10. They are definitely not, which begs the question why the Arab pronunciation is used in the first place.
  11. Should the Persian language even be called 'Farsi' because as far as I understand that it is how Arabs call it because they do not have "P" in their alphabet? However it is natural for Iranians to be interested in the Zafarnama because it is Persian literature. It would be the equivalent of reading Shakespeare for them.
  12. Yes of course Gurdas Mann singing a song about drugs in Punjab is really going to solve the problem.
  13. I expect that in the coming years that there is going to be a sea change. I think your age group are going to be a litmus test on this as the first crop UK born Sikhs will have their children married and become grandparents. We are probably there already with a few trickles but there is going to be a deluge. It is your age group/generation who will prepare to have an empty nest.
  14. I am always puzzled with this word "educated". Education for our people is status related, it's not out of the love of learning or out of intellectual curiosity. Also, I cannot see this repetitive cycle of getting married to a girl from India who then gives birth to a daughter born in the west and then having to get another girl from India if she has a son. The buck has to stop somewhere. The only way to get back to these traditional values is to get a girl who has not carried on with her education. But that is not going to happen if being "educated" is the be all and end all for everything. But as per usual our people are not aware of these paradoxes/ironies/cognitive dissonances. They seem to be very comfortable with these contradictions.
  15. Things in India are changing very fast in India, it is getting harder to get a girl who has these traditional values. I think the realisation is that your daughter in law will not be looking after you in your old age.