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  1. Her physiognomy is not of a Sikh person.
  2. War In Syria

    Courtesy of Nassim Nicholas Taleb:
  3. The Truth about Jind Kaur

    Is it any wonder that Hari Singh Nalwa advised Maharaj Ranjit Singh to pass the Khalsa Raj to the panj pyareh. It makes perfect sense.
  4. State of the UK - Is it safe?

    Google Thomas Sowell.
  5. State of the UK - Is it safe?

    This is what happens when there is no fathers at home. The Afro -Caribbean community in the UK like the African American community have had governments push welfare in the 60's which has resulted in large increase in single mothers and children born out of wedlock. These feral youth have no strong patriarchs at home. They are largely brought up by their grandmothers. This is what happens when you destroy the family.
  6. Well Done Sikhs Were In The Headlines

    How is it anything with our people according to the BBC is a "taboo subject" I hear the BBC have another exclusive. They have discovered that water is wet.
  7. Forced Marriage

    You are 32, you are just hitting your prime. She is 22, she is in her prime. Any man older than you would think you are crazy to turn down a 22 year old.
  8. Forced Marriage

  9. Forced Marriage

    Well if they are Gursikhs then they should all be cool headed as they are controlling their krodh. Being a hot headed Gursikh is a contradiction.
  10. Forced Marriage

    A lot of times traditionally, the bride and groom did not meet until the wedding day. I have heard some stories, in those the parents did not even check who their kids were marrying into.
  11. Forced Marriage

    I am sure the vechola never match makes thinking "that person is short tempered the , let's hook them up with that cool headed person. That will make a great marriage!"
  12. Forced Marriage

    Maybe 35 in his case. But seriously, if we summarise: He did not want to marry this girl,but he did not want to let people down but his conscious says no. He went through with it but now he feels guilty. He is on this website because he wants validation that he made the right choices (whatever they were) to make himself feel better. The whole crux of his unhapiness is that he did not think of himself first. He put his parents, wife and in-laws and all the relatives before himself. This is what happens when you try to please everyone else. He does not want to be in a situation 10-15 years down the line with 2 kids and live in regret.
  13. Forced Marriage

    I don't know how old the OP is but I am beginning to wonder if grooms should get married at age 30. The human brain does not fully mature till 25.
  14. Forced Marriage

    Many factors. People go there because of desperation as they cannot get a partner in their respective countries for various reasons: If a boy has been divorced already, he may go to India has it may be deemed easier. The boy is not attractive enough and has been rejected multiple times. Because grooms who live with their parents and therefore the perception is that getting a bride from India means they can maintain the arrangement. If girl from abroad gets married in India they must be even more desperate because they are far more unlikely to marry there than a boy would be. Things have changed now even in India where you could these things for granted. Some serious introspection needs to be done by our people.