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  1. So I took a Ethnicity DNA Test...

    What is interesting about Persian is that after the Arab conquests in the 7th century, Persians were not able to speak their own mother tongue and were threatened to have their tongues cut out if they did. You are correct about the amount of arab loanwords in Punjabi. . I think some people think it came from Persian but do not realise that at one time Persian contained one third of it's vocabulary from Arabic but I think that has been reversed some what. Language is more than loanwords, it is grammar and sentence structure too. The reality is the "persian " in the Punjabi language is the result of conquest. There seems to be a degree of inferiority complex by some of our people.
  2. Some more Home Truths

    Never denied that wasn't an empire. However, I think that there is a degree of overlap between cultures. I think some of us Sikhs like to disclaim so much of our Hindu heritage/ancestry that now we are claiming to be Persians Vedic hindu culture and some ancient Persian culture (like Zorastrianism ) have a lot in common. It is more likely many thousands of years ago, we were all the same stock of people but we have diverged since. History is a lot more murkier and complex than we like to admit.
  3. Some more Home Truths

    Jagsaw What was the name of the Satrapy that Punjab was part of. I just find it strange that Alexander pretty much took over the Persian Empire, Persopolis was burnt down but still faced stiff resistance in Punjab. Surely if the Macedonians /Greeks took Persian wife's and the Persian way of life and even had Persian troops join their ranks (please correct me if I'm wrong) then the local Punjabis should have accepted them with open arms since we are from these same people. Also, if Punjab's connection with India is very recent how do you explain Ashoka or the Maurya Empire? I think there are a lot of gaps and inconsistencies in what is conventially taught. This is just my layman's opinion and I am no expert.
  4. So I took a Ethnicity DNA Test...

    However, it is always assumed influence flows in one direction. Ironically in pre-Islamic Persian empire the lingua franca was Aramaic. Which is interesting because the scripts of Central Asian Buddhism were in Karaghost script which was a script based on the Aramaic one.
  5. So I took a Ethnicity DNA Test...

    Persian would have influenced Punjabi because Punjab was under the control of Mughals and the likes of Lodhi who were central asians and Afghans where Persian was lingua franca. In the same way English is lingua franca for Modern India.
  6. So I took a Ethnicity DNA Test...

    The claim that we are Persian and then we proceed to call it Farsi which from what I understand is the Arab pronounciation for Persian because there is no "P" in the Arab alphabet.
  7. So I took a Ethnicity DNA Test...

    There is always this assumption that somehow migration was from West to East. Migration went the other way too. Furthermore, for example it is assumed that red hair is Celtic. However, where did the Celts come from? They went from Asia into Europe. There was a red haired race known as Tocharians that lived in North West China. Also, from studies have shown that until about 7000 years ago that Homo Sapiens that entered into Europe were brown skinned and had blue eyes.
  8. 'The Boy with a Top knot `

    The author is Satnam Sangha / Sanghera I believe.
  9. They should be named and shamed. These types have no qualms about doing bad but don't like being exposed.
  10. Christianity in UK

    A lot of gurdwarae darbar halls are now fitted with projectors uses for translations in English. If you observe with BOS at Park Avenue Southall Gurdwara on Sunday evening, they are full. English is a big factor and they are of a much younger sangat. I remember a talk done by Jagraj Singh who mentioned that Gurdwarae in the west have large darbar halls and in Punjab and India the darbar are not that large. The design of the darbar is very different in the west. The last of your paragraph is very telling of the expectations for a Western Sikh. I believe gurdwarae already do quite a lot more for the Sangat then we realise but this is not publicised like the negative stuff. People expect things to be handed all these things on a silver platter but the thing is the hands of the Sangat. Gurdwarae are self sustaining ecosystems (this is the genius of our Gurus).
  11. Hundal, Sian do lots of community work. Just guess which community they work for.
  12. Because it sounds trendy and fashionable and they don't know what it actually means. It's like those people who get Chinese writing tattoos on their arms.
  13. Of course I am a right wing bigot. I express and make my own opinions and don't read those publications. I read the Guardian (probably one of your favourite sources) as well as whole host of other various sources from all political persuasions. I will express my opinions and provide my own critical analysis of what I think is happening. It might not be your cup of tea but it is my point of view.
  14. You have given your whole game away. You've provided exactly what I said you were. I have given ample examples, yet you come back with more questions. Which means my assessment was correct. You'll come back I'm sure with asking of an example of the example I have provided.