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  1. Introduction To Vairaag Shatak....rajah Bharthari

    Bro I'm a taksali vidhyarthee, jatha bhindra, think before you speak, the response I replied to was more rss to be fair Stop being a keyboard warrior, this is my last post, you lot should learn some vidhya stop wasting your lives in stupid debates
  2. Where Can I Get Taksali Santheya

    In depth they really take it slow, listen to previous Katha, erm well it's took a year on and off for this much so really up to them theyve probably got other commitments I'll find out if we can get this first chunk
  3. Introduction To Vairaag Shatak....rajah Bharthari

    His name is mentioned with praise, be careful with your views they do not represent sikhi, ninda of sadhu and sant will Send you to a hell, WHICHEVER SANT SADHU. We don't have the keys to sachkhand, Krishan is waheguru raam is waheguru they are all waheguru, we have been told to follow Sri guru nanak Dev Ji and they have mentioned raja bharthari so we should praise them and learn from them, that is the end of it, if you feel so strongly about OUR history then go and read ALL OF IT AND COME BACK WHEN YOU HAVE. I can't beleive ive just witnessed a sikh of guru nanak Dev ji say NO to knowledge of any kind, it honestly makes me sad, it's a shame how far we are from our forefathers The information given about raja bharthari was beautifully written thank you so much I bow to you my fellow gursikh please never give up
  4. Baba Ajit Singh Ji Hansali .... Art Work

    Watch the Antim ardaas on YouTube also should be some literature coming, I know it has slowly been compiled, best thing would be to find people who have been, I'm sure they will have personal experiences, everyone in their sangat was blessed in some way Also go on tumblr and find a baljinder Kaur, aka Kaur illustrations she has painted baba Ji
  5. Baba Ajit Singh Ji Hansali .... Art Work

    Go on Gurtejvir singh on Flickr for pics
  6. Where Can I Get Taksali Santheya

    Bro go on Gurmat veechar, gurbani santhya, Bhindran taksal, all paat are approved by sant Giani mohan Singh Ji bhindranwale student of sant Giani gurbachan Singh Ji, the paat is done by 5 singhs, one of which is Giani kuldeep singh (the one mentioned previously) their Ustaad is Giani harbhajan singh Ji dhudikey who have all of sooraj prakash sikh history on Gurmat veechar and are currently completing dasam katha ( at 200ang roughly) they are the Giani Ji who speak in the background of these santhya tapes and give tips, dunno how sikh sangat works but send me a personal message or something I'm on fb Charanvir singh leicester Sorry, also Giani harbhajan Singh Ji are student of sant Giani mohan Singh Ji and sant Narayan Singh Ji ludhaeeykey and the previous sant at Dhudikey, I think baba joginder Singh Ji I'm a student of Giani Nashatter Singh, Giani kuldeep singhs close Singh, from the same dera
  7. Introduction To Vairaag Shatak....rajah Bharthari

    Jasvendra Singh, you know that raja bharthar has been mentioned in sggs Ji in mukhvaak svaiye
  8. Making Degh

    Try sant hari Singh randhawe wales Katha, degh di mahatma, should be on Gurmat chanan or Gurmat veechar, they quote from sooraj parkash I think It's normally 4x water and 1x atta, khand, ghaee but with weight not volume And 1x jap Ji sahib
  9. Physical Height of Out Gurus

    if you can get some tapes of hazur sahib 300 saal guru de naal, sant jagjit singh ji harkhowal and a few other mahapurkh do seva of mhrajs bastar, they show shoes,dastaara shastr, also they show guru sahibs kashairaa they guy holding it cant stretch his arms wide enough to fully show how wide it was, if you get what i mean there is a house near hazuur sahib where a family has chamkaur sahib chole of guru ji still stained and ripped. also some singhs told us that although bhai bachittar singh was smaller/shorter than duni chand as sakhi storyline goes, they were still very strong, their trait was apart from guru sahib themselves they could fire 2 arrows at the same time in diff directions also guru nanak dev ji mahrajs arms ive heard were longerthan average,
  10. Sikhi & Contraception

    find out first hand gurmat veechar present day katha sant jagjit singh ji harkhowal brahmcharj and pati patni dharam folder also scroll down for characteristics of a weak sadhu
  11. Mukti

    if you listen to jaitsri ki vaar katha by sant giani gurbachan singh ji maharaj , when the saloks come they explain the four muktiaa just for sikhs that want to hear it first hand, in my understandingthey can be with dwait bhaavna, if you think about salok, for exmple , you obtain the world of whoever you do upashna of, eg brahmlok indrpuri rudrlok, also paji i think the fourth one till where ive heard is you obtain the shaktyaan of your isht apart from, create/sustain/destroy, but just in case im wrong conferr with katha ji mafi ji
  12. Attack On Kookay Namdhari Guru With A Gandassa Axe

    waheguru apna singh si poora gurmukh,
  13. Bhayee Jeet Meri Kirpa Kaal Teri

    same arth tho
  14. Bhayee Jeet Meri Kirpa Kaal Teri

    really mafi penj the pangti is kripa kaal Keri with a kakka