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  1. What is the point of knowledge if they aren't going to abide by it? Does that not make them clearly hypocrites.
  2. A fellow gurmukh once said that if one truly loves someone/something, they would just go for it. And tbh, all the gursikhs encountered with jeevan are those who follow maryada, to the bits. That is why I, personally, wouldn't be trusting anyone who calls themselves Sikhs without Rehat, even if they follow one or two points out of it. You got the minority part correct! And don't go harsh on amritdharis, they aren't supposed to be perfect, amrit is the first step, not the last. Admission to a school doesn't mean a degree with honours
  3. No doubt that the best way is prem, guru sahib ji has mentioned it and recorded in a puratan granth, that the best way to bring back people to god is through love, not easy especially when some of us (amritdharis) are so arrogant and proud with little jeevan and knowledge.
  4. The problem is not with Moneh "Sikhs" talking about sikhi. It is when they claim to touch on the sensitive issues, such as Dasam bani, raagmala, bhagati, nihung singhs' maryada. If a mona goes to the gurdwara, does the sewa of shoes/kitchen utensils, or constantly seeks to be closer to guru ji- reads bani/reads books/listens to katha, it is all well. giani kulwant singh and some other less-known scholars/great-beings deny the idea of sehajdhari sikhs as such, they say that such sikhs are those born in other religions but found themselves in sikhi. And moneh Sikhs have to stop pinpointing at amritdharis with faults. They started their journey already, they are fixing themselves, when you couldn't even follow the primary rehat of being a Sikh.
  5. Mahapurkhs- Sant giani gurbachan singh ji, Sant Giani Kartar Singh ji, and Sant Giani Jarnail Singh ji khalsa (have huge numbers of katha available), Baba Banta Singh (loads of Dasam granth katha available), Giani Harbhajan singh. It is just the way he has been acting, sometimes the attitude just defeats all that knowledge. One may not be able to learn much from a hypocritical person. And post importantly, the above two mentioned are great as well.
  6. Thank you. Will try to keep these far away.
  7. SO BEAUTIFUL. Thank you and shall do ardaas benti and start it right away
  8. WJKK WJKF, is it just this human being who gets distracted by their mobile phones when reading bani. like responding to emails/messages, checking fb/ig posts while reading bani? Or just online shopping?
  9. Had she been so respected, she would not have put herself up to be publicly disrespected. My patshah's bani stands. you are probably the same person who reads 3 banis for amritvela, criticise chaupai sahib's 26th and 27th paurees and idk what else.
  10. The other jathedars and mahapurkhs of taksal have a better understanding. the reason I said to avoid him is simply that he sometimes becomes very fond of the akalis (government) hence some may just see all taksalis as supporters of akalis
  11. You just perfectly described your own situation. Blindly following whatever your panthic maryada. You need to listen to some katha of suraj parkash, guru nanak parkash and Dasam Granth. (No one believes that we need another life. Our Mata didnt, we don't either) bring her to a hospital and have her checked. She needs help.
  12. Harkiran, can you stop labelling women who accept the roles of men and women to different as "regarding" themselves lower. can you stop forcing your ideas of feminism, since real feminists believe equality is only achieved when women don't have to do the historical works of men to feel equal can you stop imposing the so called panthic maryada on all of us can you stop criticising DAMDAMI TAKSAL, started by pita ji can you basically keep quiet.
  13. Bhenji, dhadrianwale has changed. He is doing what these missionary parchariks are doing. If you listen to his latest videos, you will be shocked at his claims. giani thakur singh are a gem. Just because our budi fails to believe and understand they are saying doesn't mean they should be questioned. (TRUST ME ON THIS ONE)
  14. Even avoided using DHADRIANWALA. Because they once did good parchar, and there will always be a part where I may not be able to disrespect them completely. For the betterment of the panth, it has to be distinguished
  15. I used to love them, honestly but their latest videos indicate how they have become so much like Panthpreet. 1. Messing with the history of Guru Tegh Bahadhur Maharaj ji- 26 years in pora sahib; Sant giani gurbachan singh ji has confirmed this and Dhadrianwale has been refusing to accept it, referring to a book written by the same person who addressed Sri Dasam Guru granth sahib ji as Kanjar Granth. 2. Says there is no point in doing simran. 3. Says he was doing Haramzaadgi by calling himself a sant.