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  1. MOD

    Guru Granth Sahib Ji on Sex outside marriage

    Please do not post links from other websites, especially if they're specifically targeting an individual.
  2. MOD

    Dhunda VS Dandrianwala

    @Mahakaal96If you post gandh like that again, with permission of Admin, will erase your account. Thank you for understanding. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh
  3. Appropriate post has been deleted. Thank you for your report paji.
  4. MOD


    This is a formal warning. Questioning Dasam Granth Sahib will not be allowed on this forum. Guide to follow for future posts. As such future posts will be reported to an Admin and at their discretion they would do as they like.
  5. MOD

    Hatred towards Taksal/Budha Dal

    Formal warning about promoting jatha hate speech. Blanket statements about people belonging to any group without substantial claims is nothing short of sinister hate-mongering.
  6. MOD

    TBH- what is happening to the women?

    Don't repost this image on this website again please. Both inappropriate and looks like the owner of it had previously deleted it and thus wouldn't want it posted publicly. Keep discussions civil.
  7. Quantavirus any further rule breaking and questioning Bani of Guru Gobind Singh Ji will require QC or ban.
  8. Pretty sure the only reason you were banned was because you were questioning Dasam Pita Ji's bani. Personally, I am against head shaking (but insulting individuals is still against the rules - learn to carry yourself the way you would in real life) and against drug abuse so your bitter and toxic mindset is your own responsibility. Don't blame others for your own senile borderline psychotic behavior. Mods and admins try to not enforce rules because of the inevitable crying that follows. For the most part SS is a very open environment, but insulting others and questioning Sikh scriptures ain't allowed. Note how I approved this topic?
  9. MOD

    My Account Deactivated

    You broke the rules by insulting and in a very negative manner. You're new here so didn't cut you any slack. If an admin wants they can restore your account, but learn some respect and learn how to address your point without insulting people. Just because someone has a different view it doesn't merit an insult.
  10. I agreed with your post that you should only go where you are respected. I noticed many high avastha GurSikhs do this as well. Again sorry for accidental deletion.
  11. Singhbj paji sorry I was browsing forums on my cell phone and accidentally hit delete. On mobile it doesn't ask for a confirmation and does it instantly. Can you please remake it lol I apologize.
  12. MOD

    Nindak Missionary Dhunda At It Again

    JagsawSingh - you've been warned previously for your personal attacks and foul language. I've PMed an Admin to put you on quality control just so you can't freely post insults, foul language and insult bani of our Guru. If it were up to me I'd just click 'spammer' on your profile and be done with your account. You're the very definition of a missionary who speaks loudly and has nothing relevant to add to the discussion. Your agenda on this site is clear.
  13. Dallysingh101 - this is a formal warning. Another other foul language posts will result in a report to the admin. Remember, this is a Sikh forum and thus the discussions should be had in a respectful manner. Many of the old, inactive mods would have probably marked your profile as 'Spammer' which results in the deletion of your account along with all its posts. This applies to everyone reading this equally.
  14. The person who Harsharan was referring to was insulted by him saying he had holes in his head and calling him evil. He's complaining, you're complaining and harsharan will too.Such is the life of taking action. Just putting perspective but if someone tries to point out a rule had been broken we will look at it to make this place be a better environment for people to post on. The person who filed the report is in QC and accordi g to your logic we have it out for people so why would I listen to his report? I don't care about who supports who but if you cuss out fellow members on a Sikh forum it will be dealt with. I won't lower myself to post sacred bani to fulfill my ego and argument but I will say it would be wise to admit that you made a mistake of posting the F word and it isn't personal. Thank you.