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  1. A lot of your supposed Ufo were in fact holograms
  4. What I'm saying is that from a physical perspective; if you look at our solar system you have mars Saturn jupiter Uranus etc. If you think Aliens with super flying machines live on those planets then you are mad. And if you think farther away galaxies can come here then that's a joke. What Guru Nanak Dev Ji did with Peer Dastgeer son was not on a physical level. This must have been on a supernatural/spiritual level. Just like the Devas and Indras and Brahmas live on a higher ??????? The truth is we don't know our own human lives, consciousness and the universe. But if you think extra terrestrial aliens live on other planets and have spaceships and come and chat to Donald Trump on area51 then I think youre mad. There are other life forms just as Guru Nanak Ji proved to Dastgeer but this is on some sort of different spiritual/metaphysical/supernatural level, not on a physical level. This is my opinion I could be wrong. I would also like to say there are no such things as Devils, Anti Christ, Lucifer GREAT DISCUSSION KEEP IT IM ENJOYING A DECENT THREAD FOR ONCE
  5. Buddhist_cosmology_of_the_Theravada_school
  6. Gurbani has not written anything about UFO or aliens Gurbani has stated there are millions of other planets ONLY Gurbani states ghosts spirits devas demons angels musicians, messengers of death, shaheed etc NO REFERENCE TO ALIENS IMHO there's no such thing as an alien....however I do believe in the cosmological hierarchy as stated by Sikhism Hindu Saints Buddha etc
  7. There is only one God all pervading His name is true and he is the creator and doer Fearless and without hatred, he is timeless. He doesn't come into transmigration because he is divine bliss. He is known through the grace of the Gurus Repeat his name. THIS IS THE CORE TEACHING KNOWN AS MOOL MANTRA
  8. Any sort of gambling on a probability is strictly prohibited For example Sant Jarnail Singh will return so I don't have to sacrifice anything Sikhism is about great actions and high ethics
  9. Why dont you go to Scotland it's similar to Canada Cold, low population, very outdoor, ideal for your
  10. The documentary was heavily choreographed in parts such as the speaking to the 90 year olds in english; lol as if they know English. Obviously these programmes are just for viewing rates and making money and not high standard documentaries as BBC used to make. Overall it was pretty good. I felt it has brought home the reality that British imperialism was and is still today very bad for India because it polarised communities that lived for hundreds of centuries in a rich fruitful cosmopolitan.
  11. Everyone serves the CM be it taksal, Sgpc,police, sant samaj nihangs akaal takhat the media the gangsters the drug smugglers the courts the lawyers AND THE CM FOLLOWS INSTRUCTIONS FROM CENTRAL This is the evil plan to make money and destroy Punjab and it's hereditary Sikhs
  12. I remember whenever I would go to India that late night television on DD Punjab would be a Christian lady preaching Christianity Wake up Punjab The RSS role is to intimidate Sikhs and promote fear and violence and then portray Sikhs as violent people who need to be curtailed Very deep propaganda to destroy Sikhs and Punjab is on going
  13. Its like in the UK the media brainwash the masses into hating Muslims in order to carry on their secret annexation of middle East countries impose stooge governments and loot them Same in Punjab with Badal and now Captain For India Sikhs are only useful for two things 1, sending them to LOC 2 using them for manual work, mainly farming and truck driving
  14. I find that Channel Priceless Keertan on YouTube is the best web site for keertan
  15. Very famous now, Jaskarn Singh Patiale
  16. The Gurus realize that food affects our mind as well as intoxicants Meat will make you more animalistic making your body enlarge and increasing sex sleep and anger
  17. Farid says rukhee sukhee kaheh keh tanda panee peo Eat simple basic food and drink water, don't look at quality elegant foods
  18. You obviously haven't studied Gurbani and Sikh history as there are many ecamples against meat Sri Raga- Dukh na deh kiseh jee. Pat syu apneh ghar jayengha Don't give pain to living creatures and you will go to heaven with respect
  19. Your explanation contradicts Gurbani...obviously non of us are experts in what happens afterlife bit I know Satguru Granth Sahib is and Gurbani has given many teachings on the afterlife
  20. Keep Rehat Maryada, take Amrit, do a lot of Nitnem and Seva and sadhsangat. Thus you will start having an internal spiritual understanding that will reshape your karma and your astral body (Man) will go to a higher more heavenly plane or might get another life as human being to continue expenditure of karma
  21. Sorry I apologize the bus driver was not involved plz amend the heading