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  1. Chaare Sahibzaade Past Lives???

    Nice to see such great scholars we have...or should I say internet Gianni It was Sant Gurbachan Singh of Binderkala who FIRST said this about the Sahibzade and is available in his mp3 CDs I don't see why Ultra kattar illiterate tunnel vision Sikhs cannot see the relationship between devteh and Sikhism perhaps if you listened to all the CDS you would have some foundation knowledge such as Nanaksar Sarovar helped built by Devteh and Baoli Sahib Well connects to Ganges, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Just giving darshan in the form of Ramachandra, there many proofs of this such as Bhagat being previously devteh BTW ALOT OF MODERN KATHA AND SAMPARDAI KATHA IS TAKEN FROM THE SANT GURBACHAN SINGH CDS
  2. India Twitter celebrates Kuldeep Yadav hat-trick 22 September 2017 From the sectionIndia Share this with Facebook Share this with Twitter Share this with Messenger Share this with Email Share Image copyrightREUTERS Image captionYadav dismissed lower order batsmen Matthew Wade, Ashton Agar and Pat Cummins in successive deliveries Indian cricketer Kuldeep Yadav's hat-trick against Australia has delighted social media users. He is the third Indian to take a hat trick in one-day international history. Yadav dismissed lower order batsmen Matthew Wade, Ashton Agar and Pat Cummins in successive deliveries to the delight of a packed stadium in Kolkata's (Calcutta) Eden Gardens. India went on to win the game by 50 runs, but the result was eclipsed by Yadav's achievement. Elated viewers took to Twitter to pay tribute to the young cricketer, who is also the first Indian spin bowler to get a hat-trick. Leading the accolades were other Indian cricketers like Harbhajan Singh and Suresh Raina. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-41357138
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-40823438 Mod Note: Redirect URL are not allowed. Please post full article with URL.
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-41317386
  5. Australia Sikh Boy Wins Turban Case

    It just shows the Aboriginal Killers are still racist
  6. Sikh Attitude Towards Jyotish(Astrology)

    Gurmat is that everything is in God's Hukam and mankind should be Hukam Raza chalna Nanak likhiya naal The jotshee are all fraud because the vidiyah has died out and replaced with laptop jotshee who r fraud The jotshee vidiya is a true vidiya and it was used to protect against greh But in Gurbani it is written that the naam abhyasi cannot be effected by the greh Greh do exist such as when budda was enlighten the greh Mara came to attack him Other grehs are like Shani greh... basically stars and astrology and devteh and higher spiritual entities mess about with human being, they try to spoil there life events Plz visit link below for Wikipedia on Greh Nashatar ( astrology) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shani_(TV_series)
  7. It's easy for people to complain sitting on a nice sofa in a comfortable room in a nice warm house Imagine what it is like for those HUMANBEINGS
  8. Broken leg/ sprain

    Take Ibuprofen to reduce swelling but you must have x Ray in case of fracture which may need a splint or cast
  9. Broken leg/ sprain

    You need a lot of nutrition and make sure you take blood thinner because you are probably immobile
  10. The law says murder is imprisonment for 25 years But the judge decides to give early parole. Now that's judges grace Similarly as you please God he destroys karma and opens bajar kapat within
  11. The use of mantras

    I wouldn't say Yogi Bhajan was bad He bought Sikhism to many people in USA
  12. The use of mantras

    Your just a little pathetic baby with your pathetic questions Even the recitation of just gurmuki Akhar can give you mukti let alone a sentence of bani All Gurbani is mantar
  13. Sirsa dera baba held guilty, riots ensue

    This was at the end when rioting became major that police used force
  14. Baba Vacancy Ders Sirsa

    Due to the current Babas arrangements with the BJP failing and ending up being found guilty despite getting all his followers to vote for BJP there is a Vacancy for Baba at Jhoota Sauda Sirsa Must be a rapist, and have a criminal case. Willng to incite religioud violence, acting in Bollywood are essential Having a large vote bank is good and connections with corrupt politicans Must be dumb and illiterate and good at brainwashing millions of poor people
  15. AWESOME naam jap tips

    The above is all elementary school stuff What's needed is a change in perception character and personality. As kabeer States the shabad arrow piercing his mind When living Gursikhijeevan long enough sehaj/ peace becomes your natural state...you neither laugh to much or are in any other mood. You remain constantly in a unique psychotic awareness This is satgurus mat. What's needed is for Gurbani to go deep into the soul as vairaag and bibek/gyaan this brings about prem and prem is the power that enables surti to travel to the 4th state Why do we do simran? To purify ourselves and obtain peace and closeness to God When you achieve this then you just enjoy the bliss and continuously remain in it. Whenever you get up for nitnem etc you are simply adding more fuel to your attachment to God
  16. Sirsa dera baba held guilty, riots ensue

    Ram Rahim is a government agent. He was used for vote banking the poor dalits. He enjoyed various impunity to kill and rape land grabbing and corruption. His close followers who defected have stated that he used to have a sex roster as he demanded a new woman for every different day He was involved in blasphemy of Sikhism in Punjab and enjoyed zed security Then the next plan was to desecrate Sri Guru Granth Sahib Peaceful Sikh protesters were attacked with sticks and shot at by the police Today ram Rahim disciples caused major riots yet police stood by and watched as ordained by higher officials The government's aim is as always to disrupt Punjab and create havoc. Promotion of riots is to tell Sikhs there is another enemy as well as Rss shivsena etc
  17. Is amritvela necessary

    It's a very potent time for spiritual reward because mind is fresh and full of concentration and stressless and the world surroundings are quiet Best method is begin some simran then recite mool MANTRA then perhaps some recital of memorized bani THEN do Nitnem and then go to Gurdwara thus avoiding sleep is essential
  18. The Gurkhas are in the same pit hole. First made poor and then employed in Army and at retirement. Guess what?? This is a British policy that the brown coloured British do. The whole global economic race is too unstable now and it will all kick off Sikhs should prefer poverty and never join in service. I don't understand how knowing that the state has killed us so much, do not give us our sovereignty and yet we go and join the state armed forces
  19. UfOs and Aliens!!

    If you read the writings of Rishi Vyas he writes that he left his physical body and went to other planets and met different beings There are many different beings. Gurbani states God's creation cannot be known
  20. UfOs and Aliens!!

    A lot of your supposed Ufo were in fact holograms
  21. UfOs and Aliens!!