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  1. Ego arises due to ignorance agyaan of our true nature and is created by Maya to keep the human being within the 3 modes. Maya constantly keeps the human alternating within them its only in the fourth state does ego die. In ignorance of reality the human being mistakes the rope for a snake and so is unhappy and scared. When the light of knowledge dawns he realizes that it was his own ignorance of the truth Eh sareer sab Maya Ka putla
  2. This exact question is in Asa Ki //...haumai kitho upjeh, kit sanjam eh jayee
  3. Is India overated?

    It's important to remember that India has only been autonomous and sovereign since 1947 India has two major problems 1. It's defense spending due to tensions and wars with Pakistan 2. Government corruption
  4. Nishkam Primary Wolverhampton

    True what your saying...statistically Nishkam has achieved outstandingly in all of its projects
  5. OFSTED REPORT NOT GOOD https://www.expressandstar.com/news/education/2017/12/28/wolverhamptons-first-sikh-faith-school-criticised-by-ofsted-for-second-time/
  6. What does the next generation need to to do?

    There's no Sikh youth at my local Gurdwara
  7. Britian First

    The British envisage a utopian white Britain for their country and fair play to them for every nation wishes the same but they have to consume the karma consequences of their previous actions...perhaps islamification is a result of karma
  8. Britian First

    Is Britain our nation NO We are sons of immigrants from Punjab Asians can never be British so don't get involved with the rotten apples These people are so sly they will use Sikhs to do there dirty work It's there own mess they brought foreigners in here to work in the foundaries and now are jealous because there own kids are benefit scroungers or ATM robbers Race hate will only increase to a point where all immigrants are asked to leave therefore foolish are those that sell land they own in Punjab for our Pind is our true home
  9. Month of December

    I can't because I work 12 hours shifts as a bus driver
  10. muslim population of UK will tripple by 2050

    This is all a mess created by the EUROPEAN union and it' pro left approach which is in a mess and has caused the rise of the far right which normal ordinary people have to suffer the consequences of
  11. 'The Boy with a Top knot `

    Watched the video and it's really good... for heavenly sake it's not a film about Sikhism ....i thought it highlighted the modern typical Asian family. And definitely a good film to teach others about Sikh diaspora
  12. Dehli Air pollution

    There has been talk of this for many years but the useless Demi God Modi is too busy having his statues worshipped
  13. Beautiful recitation of Gurbani

    It's the great Paathi Sahibaan Prof. Satnam Singh Sethi This akhand jaap is also on YouTube
  14. The 5 Senses

    It is the mann (mind) that is the experienceor. Which is feeble but through concentration it becomes full of strength and controls the 5 senses and enters the tenth door where it becomes drenched in sehaj
  15. Ajnala resigns as Keshgarh Sahib Jathedar

    Though Ajnala has done immense Seva for the Panth so has Daddrianvale but Ajnala is too narrow minded and only promotes division on the basis of jathebandia