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  1. Baru Sahib has achieved a great deal with donations in charity since it has a proven record one should donate a little
  2. Coconut trees in U.K. 😳😳😳
  3. Music is the best therapy for depression along with a nice stroll in the park walking your dog
  4. So much negativity towards marriage from the posters here. Marriage is an examination of two persons ability to get on with each other. Sign of the times, people are more selfish and less patient marriage is a good thing and so are prenuptials but marriage does come with all sorts of nonsense, such as other people poking their nose into your life, and of course women being crafty
  5. Infact a lot of Punjabi youth are awakening even though they may not have beard and kesh. the likes of Dummy and Diljit have shown that a pag And dharee doesn't make you a Sikh when it comes to shitrool, moneh are active as well as jathebandeya
  6. For the novice naam abhyasi, yoga is a valid tool but also purity of diet and body is essential hence Gurmat is not only about naam but it's prerequisites as written in Gurbani
  7. have no knowledge Sitting cross legged and back straight is yoga concentration on your breathing cycle whilst concentration on naam is helping but yoga without naam is wrong what im saying is a certain amount of yoga is okay most people have no knowledge of yoga or Gurbani
  8. In all honesty it's wrong but not a big deal if people practice yoga whilst in Darbar Gurbani i always heard in katha that Sri Mata Ji of Guru Gobind Singh Ji were yog abhyasee
  9. Jazzy b is as bad as all of them that spew poison. Music is a powerful tool that's why Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji has written in the bani about refraining from evil music. Don't condone Shinda or Jazzy a little good is worthless to the amount of youth in India who want to look like Jazzy B and play Bhangra on the tractor whilst the Gurdwara speaker is on. they all promote alcohol which is the stepping stone to more nasheh as you enter bad society
  10. He was caught with drugs in the 80's. Now toward the end of his shining career of kuur parchaar he comes to his senses. He was a class fellow of baba maan singh pehova and they both met once and maan singh said I do dharma singing and you do false singing
  11. Ang: 1136 Raag: Rag Bhairao Writer: Guru Arjan Dev Ji
  12. So much krodh... I think she should wash her inner self before anything else
  13. Please also remember that Buddhism isn't a new separate religion but part of Hinduism and Hinduism is part of sanatan dharma and Sikhism is the next evolution above all the previous religions/ teachings of India