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  1. https://www.expressandstar.com/news/local-hubs/wolverhampton/2018/04/20/temple-leaders-expelled-by-high-court-in-landmark-legal-case/
  2. War In Syria

    It seems like it's a confrontation now, with USA saying they shall attack again should Syria use chemical weapons. This will lead to shooting down of missiles
  3. War In Syria

    The Syrian government have been at war with rival guerrilla groups seeking to overthrow President Assad. Iran and Russia has supported the Government and previously Kurdish guerrillas and the USA have defeated Islamic State. So what are the sangats view with the recent attack on Syria Government targets. Is the supposed use of chemical weapons justifiable for UK, France and the USA to potentially trigger WW3
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-43505784
  5. Usingh Bolt

  6. *From 1857 to 1947* 121 freedom fighters were hanged by the British out of which *93 were SIKHS*... 2600 were sent to the Andamans out of which *2350 were SIKHS*.... 66 were blown by cannon shells all *66 were SIKHS*... Property of 2500 freedom fighters were destroyed out of which *2300+ were of SIKHS*..
  7. Jobless

    Are you married with kids?? If single then don't bother working just do seva and improve your gursikhi jeevan
  8. The Gurbani quote's above are out of context and therefore invalid. Sukhmani Sahib say the world and reincarnation is a Maya play created by God only few who realize the road to God is within realize there is no incarnation. Shabad is the vehicle. Rehat, good character, religions and virtuous actions are the 4 tires. Nitnem is the accalerator and sins the brake pedal. The handbrake is being bemukh from Amrit
  9. In the chapter Dakhni Oangkaar its written Oangkaar Bedh Nirmey. In another shabad it's written Chaar Veda Brahmeh Ko Deyeh From the above quote's and many others we can see that the Vedas came from God himself. Therefore why would Gurbani criticize the work of God himself. Also if you look throughout the lives of all the ten Guru's you see that never did they criticize other religions. Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj sent 5 Singh's to Haridwar to study Hinduism thus creating the Nirmala Sect. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji went to all primary Islamic institutions they showed supremacy of Gurmat. In recent times there are many sceptics who are embedded within the Sikh community, online as well as in religions institutions. There purpose is only to TRY to fool people. This is a non existent debate, all puratan granths such as Faridkot Teeka, Sant Amir Singh Teeka and Baba Gurbachan Singh MP3 CDS point against the OP
  10. Sant Gurbachan Singh Bindrawale Who are considered the mountain of Gurmat knowledge state Donot call the Vedas and Ketabas false, false is he who doesn't dwell upon the teachings within these.
  11. Kundalini Yoga

    The Kundalini is the pool of energy that lies deep in the body. This energy is the vital force within that gives us the energy to do everything that we do. In sleep it creates dreams. When we are awake it allows us to see hear speak etc. It is the Kundalini Shakti that creates anger within us as well as libido. Yogi's of India knew of secret ways to awaken this energy and channel it upwards through the 7 chakras remaining within the Sukhman nerve reaching to the secret tenth door. The yoga is various ways to do this through breath control, postures, meditation and severe penance. However not only is this very dangerous for the novice practitioner, the enlightening only remains until the Kundalini Shakti remains elevated. It doesn't completely eradicate the ego. Sikhism teaching is that through naam and the living of the teachings of the Gurus and through sadhsangat the chakras that are upside down blossom and the Kundalini Shakti arises in sehaj (steady equilibrium). The Gurus teachings are that there is no need for severe penance and postures and yoga techniques. For example Gurbani states Kundalini suljee sadhsangatee. "I have become aware of the Kundalini Shakti whilst in the sadhsangat"
  12. The life of a gyani taksali Singh or nirmala is very different to that of the Nihangs. The true Nihangs are rare as they are the incarnation of the shatriya warrior Today's jathedar the like of Buddha Dal jathedar are all fake the true Nihangs loved an extremely difficult life of wilderness fighting a gureiila war against the enemy even the feeble Hindus worshipped the Nihangs and prayed that there first child be a Nihang killing wild animals with chatka and drinking sukha these kamikazes were the vanguard protecting the panth unlike today's fat belly's ie manjit Singh gk and gurcharan Singh jathedar of akaal takhat and the corrupt SGPC and the baby Harnaam Singh sitting in the seat of the greatest Baba Jarnail Singh the greatest warrior of the 21st century
  13. So Jagmeet gets married ....

    Congratulations to him, his wife family and all the Sikh kaum. Jagmeet Singh continues to do us proud
  14. Justin Trudeau visit to India

    Badal out, badnaam in...why do people vote so badly or