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  1. It's a ceremonial rasm such as in Anand Karaj you have paleh Di rasm coconut is considered Sri phal, tilak means that you are a master one only in the world and 5 paiseh is like matha tek with not one coin but five again signifying the importance of the person
  2. In order to understand mind you have to listen to atam katha which is available in Gurmatveechar com always remember "man tuu jot swaroop hai, apna mool pachaan" also remember, "man mareh, taath mar jaye"
  3. Mind isn't the only obstacle. If I remember correctly Gurbani states there are 50 things against it ( sorry can't remember the sentence) if you listen to the katha of that page it explains all 50 of them such as 5 senses and 5 ras and 5 chor that's 15
  4. First there was matter, then living matter and then matter with consciousness for those who merge consciousness into God consciousness there is no world or universe. Body mind and concept of God are transcended only sat chit anand awareness remains as stated in Chaupai Sahib all the expanse creation is within Gods divinity
  5. OMG I'm 22 years old tall strong and martial arts trained. I'm being attacked by a middle aged woman. Better get my 5foot double edged sword out before I soil my nappy
  6. Please book at the all new Caldmore Gurdwara Hotel & Restaurant. The newest building in town with over £10 million spent on new services. We have a large seated hall for all your birthday celebrations and cake eating. We have some old local ladies who are happy to be part of the fun. Your prayers will be done by our next 6 month visa Granthi who has extensive experience in tailoring to your needs and won't hassle you for a tip. The Ragis shall keep the music loud and distorted to the latest Bollywood tune. Please note tips to the Ragi go into the local sangat regeneration project and building fund for a new Khalsa community centre. The Kathavachak shall be brief and not discuss any social problems such as alcohol or domestic violence. Here at Caldmore Gurdwara Event Hire we do our best to keep the local sangat away so as that your programme doesn't encounter any difficulties. Security is tight. We kick youths, homeless, poor and Amritdhari Sikhs out so that our business and your customer experience is not affected. We are a sole trader, so we don't have any interference from justice groups or those that have concerns for Khalistan. Nobody else is allowed to use our facilities such as the renowned trouble makers The Midlands Langar Seva. So ladies and gentlemen please don't hesitate and book now and do as much beadbi of Guru Sahib, here at Caldmore Gurdwara Hire & Restaurant
  7. you think what Mr Sihota did was credible, lawful and religious.
  8. Blunt or sharp doesn't make it acceptable to use Kirpaan to attempt to kill a woman. Mr Sihota was 22 year old MMA learnt Singh who is stocky and 5ft 10. I agree a Parker Pen is extremely dangerous, but my point is that he has bought the article of faith into disrepute. UK law is you are not allowed in public with weapons except Sikhs. Politics is changing and if there is a public outcry because there are regular incidences of Gurdwara riots,brawls and fights using ceremonial kirpaans and the personal kirpaan then you will be the laughing stock of the world when statutory restrictions will be imposed. Just like Rastafarian cannot consume Marijuana. Going around with 4 Ks, Sikh without Kirpaan is a sheep. Sikh should never lose his cool otherwise don't wear Kirpaan
  9. This guy has done biggest bezti of Sikh religion and brought the sacred Kakkars into disrepute. it is never justified for a man to attack a woman with physical violence jacfsingh comments r shocking when it becomes common knowledge that Sikhs are fighting in Gurdwaras and using Kirpaan for personal disputes and not self defence then politicians will act to ban the Kirpaan Preachers are to blame for giving naive kids Amrit Sanchaar Uk Sikh groups have done or achieved NIL besides from nice photos with MPS and pardaans
  10. Look at what SGPC has done to Darbar Sahib making it a tourist attraction like as if it's the Sikh Vatican where only certain individuals issues commands whereas Gurmat is that the sangat select the rehitvaan chardikala persons to direct the panth
  11. Sikhism is not a religious mafia it has basic structures in place such as panj piare, sadh sang at, kathavachak, 25 Singh, mukhi sevadaar, langeri Singh, Granthi Singh head Granth 5 takhat etc all of the above are created by Guru Sahib to promote the Sri Guru Granth Sahib however Badal controlled SGPC and the weak Delhi and Haryana SGPC are nothing more than taking Sikhism towards a systematic religion not to mention sant deras
  12. It's Bhangra music that is one of the predominant reasons for girls to lose moral and Sikh culture values