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  1. Very interesting, it makes sense that this group of devils conspired to set Jagmeet Singh up. As regards the arrogant British-born twit Terry Milewski, his origin is Polish. As everyone knows, Hitler wanted to genocide the Poles, and take over their territory for Germans. Jagmeet Singh (or other Sikhs) should ask that fool: "Would you kill Hitler if you had a chance and if not killing him meant the genocide of the Polish people, including your parents?" Flip the tables on him. Make it personal, make it visceral. Put him in a lose-lose situation.
  2. OK, bro. If you want to call them idiots, that's fine by me. In fact I would use even harsher language against Baljeet Singh of New York. At exactly the time the Canadian media is working overtime to portray us as extremists and terrorists, he goes and shoots up some non-violent fool of a granthi, thereby doing the anti-Sikh media's work for it. I dread the media coverage that is going to follow his trial, and what sort of defense he is going to mount. If he says "I was defending my religion", non-Sikhs will naturally want to learn more about this religion in their midst which encourages its followers to kill those who stray from the path, thereby creating new opponents of Sikhs. Great job, Baljeet Singh! Not.
  3. Great thread, thanks for posting this. Salient points from this thread: The masands were punished not merely for stealing and such, but for such acts as rape and attacks on Guru Sahib. Secondly, masands who committed forgivable crimes were forgiven and told to sin no more. Finally, good masands were commended. So the example of masands in no way provides precedent for killing mere heretics.
  4. Very good point. Sant Dhadrianwale's star has gone up, not down after his attempted assassination, a huge loss for anyone who opposes his current agenda (such as I). By the way, Tara Singh Hayer was editor of the Indo-Canadian Times, not Des-Pardes, AFAIK. After an otherwise commendable post, you ruin it with this. After about 5000 posts banging on about the universality of Ik Onkar, permeating all, non-dualism, and so forth, you are unable to resist a cheap shot dividing us/humanity? About half of countries like the US is rural. Exactly half of Punjab is rural/half is urban. What makes you think that village=bad, city=good? Please don't say "Oh, I don't mean village as in rural, I meant it as in idi-ot". First of all, if you meant id-iot, then say that. Second, do you think it would be acceptable to say "So wake up from a Negro mentality" or "So wake up from a Choora mentality"? If not, why do you think it is acceptable to say "village mentality"? Perhaps you should reread your past posts sanctimoniously lecturing everybody about non-dualism.
  5. Yeah, it should. Much better to post specific examples of what you think is "the truth" than to just generally abuse the whole discussion board of being deluded. Oh, and by the way, I agree that there are way too many chemicals in drinking water, no matter if you live in the UK, US, or India. And plastics should be avoided to the extent possible. Puratan Sikhs did not use plastic, of course. See, I'm not as deceived as you thought.
  6. Brother, I think it's better to say "recorded" by so and so, not "written" by them. I believe the Sangat recited these dohras to memorialize prophecies/commandments by Guru Gobind Singh ji. And Sikh writers merely recorded what they recited. The reason I say this is there are people out (I'm talking about the SikhRI organization) there who are preaching that the Sangat just took to reciting these dohras because of Giani Gian Singh, thereby nullifying their significance. SikhRI is being discussed in this thread here.
  7. Don't take this the wrong bro, but it's quite amazing you've "forgotten" it, since it's not some obscure "shabad". It's a set of dohras recited every day after ardas in every Gurdwara. You might not have been to a Gurdwara recently, but have you also not been to a relative's Sukhmani Sahib paath or kirtan, ever?
  8. Brexit

    So Brexit was a devious scheme by the evil corporations to gut various laws? The reality is the vast majority of those "evil corporations" were in favor of remaining in the EU. 2/3 of big corps wanted to stay in the EU. Only 2% favored a Brexit scenario.
  9. Brexit

    Well, bro, why don't you enlighten us. There is no per-post charge on this board. Go ahead and tell us the Real Truth. And where do you get your reality? Original research? You read all of Hansards, the Congressional Record and the Federal Register directly? You interview PM May and President Trump personally to get your news? Look, man, I agree that there are many areas of the news that are portrayed deceptively. Feel free to post your take. But that's not what you did. You said "Don't waste your time listening to all this rubbish. Just live your lives and do not care for all these false shows/manufactured topics. " To which I responded that these are real events that have real impacts on people's lives (including Sikhs). And you provided not a single specific response. And by the way, Balbir Singh Sodhi was a real person who really died. That's not a rubbish/false/manufactured topic. And the following victims of the Wisconsin Gurdwara shooting were real people who are really dead: Paramjit Kaur, 41; and five men: Satwant Singh Kaleka, 65, the founder of the gurdwara; Prakash Singh, 39, a Granthi; Sita Singh, 41; Ranjit Singh, 49; and Suveg Singh, 84. That's also not a rubbish/false/manufactured topic.
  10. No offense, but you didn't. You provided enough evidence, but not more than enough. You provided an analysis of the chunkar pangti, plus analysis of issues surrounding targeted killings, including the backfiring of such attempts, almost all of which I agree with. The problem with this is, although I agreed with it, it's possible that others could disagree, and view it as just you spouting your opinions. You could have countered that by tying your analysis to concrete examples from Gur-Itihas. But you provided zero examples from the history of the lifetime of the Gurus regarding the non-killing of Guru Sahib's opponents, that is Baba Sri Chand, Dasu, Datu, Pirthi Chand, Ram Rai, Suraj Mal, etc. That would be more than enough evidence, and could possibly have shut down your opponents in this thread before they got started.
  11. Yes. He did. He used to hold camps in california and had to cancel most of them once there was a bit movement to put stop on his manmats. It was huge surprise to me when khalsa camp uk invited him as a speaker. He started many projects, including sunday school syllabus- which once a famous california gurdwara teachers and sewadars announced to boycott sunday school over his manmat. He is the person who likes to change stuff and test the waters of the sangat. For example- in syllabus he said.. "Guru manyao Panth" instead of "Guru Manyao Granth". He also edited Guru jees signature etc. Hmm, I didn't know about California and the UK. I thought Sikhri was mostly confined to Texas. Seems to be quite active.
  12. Quite surprising that an informed Sikh like you didn't know about the people behind PDL and Sikhri. Anyways, now that you know, please spread the word. Yes, I know the karseva babas destroyed Sikh architectural heritage. And there are problems with the SGPC. But do you have any other alternative? Like it or not, it's the central body in the Panth. Let's say that you had your wish, the SGPC was obliterated, and a new organization took its place. Call it the Central Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee. Would a CGPC be any better than the SGPC merely because of the name change? My point is not to defend any bad stuff the SGPC may have done. My point is to say that digitization of documents should be in the hands of a central, neutral body, not a somebody's plaything (a private organization).
  13. Although you can see from my posts in this thread that I agree with your main point, by posting this, I predict you will get into a shouting match with AkaliFauj and others, definitely not leading to you convincing him or others of the fact that Sikhi does not advocate countering apostasy with the death penalty.
  14. Yeah, perhaps you could have bothered to post a bit of Gurbani on what Sikhs are supposed to do with bemukhs. Gurbani tells Sikhs to boycott bemukhs. It does not tell Sikhs to kill bemukhs.
  15. "Giani" (actually "agiani" ) Kuldeep "Singh" (the one who dropped 3 banis from Amrit Sanchar) is a bemukh, loser, fool, and <banned word filter activated>. He was on that website of Ragi Darshan Singh's (which I won't link to), posting a list inane "questions" for the Singh Sahibs undermining faith in basic Sikh tenets, including Dasam Patshah's bani. I was quite shocked when "Giani" Kuldeep "Singh" took the step of arranging an "Amrit Sanchar" without the 3 banis from the Dasam Granth Sahib. I don't remember if I posted specifically about the Virginia "Amrit Sanchar", but I have posted regarding documentary evidence for the 5 Amrit banis. That said, for me it is not OK to make a mockery of the religion, or to bring drastic (or gradual) anti-Gurmat change. They are definitely perpetrators, and they will face punishments in hell (as detailed in Gurbani, posted by me many times previously). As for punishment in this world, Gur-Itihas does not show that Guru Sahib had propagators of anti-Gurmat killed. For example, Pirth Chand set up his own parallel Guruship (necessarily denouncing the legitimacy of the Guruship of Guru Arjan Dev ji) and his own "Darbar Sahib". I would say that that definitely qualifies as anti-Gurmat. But Guru Sahib did not have him killed. Instead, the Guru's Sikhs (Bhai Gurdas ji/Baba Buddha ji) preached against the heretics, and warned the Sangat, including via text (Vaars). Which is exactly what we should be doing, with words (among our friends/relatives), katha, speeches, lectures, symposiums, pamphlets, Youtube videos, Internet discussion boards, Facebook, etc. I think it's a wonderful thing that Sikhsangat is generally considered an anti-jihadi / anti-radical Islam website. But one of the reasons that people detest radical Islam is stuff like the fact that if you become an apostate in Islam, the punishment is death. By contrast, in our divine religion, the punishment (in this world) is merely that you go on your own way, with Sikhs having nothing to do with you. That's why the Prophet Mohammed had Asma bint Marwan, a female Arab poet, killed for ridiculing him. See here. And on the other hand Guru Har Rai Sahib excommunicated (not executed) Ram Rai. I think it would be extremely bad for Americans to start thinking that Sikhs are nothing more than Muslims with kirpans, killing anybody that doesn't agree with them. It will be very difficult for us to live in Western countries if that false notion takes hold. I believe I have credibility to speak on this issue because I am one of the most conservative posters on this site. With the greatest of respect for you and other posters on this site, I hope that we will all come together to vigorously denounce Sikhs heretics like "Giani" Kuldeep "Singh" of Virginia while at the same time educating people that a death penalty for apostasy is not a part of Gur-Itihas. Bhulchuk maaf.
  16. Brexit

    The reason people talk about these topics are because they have real impact on people's lives. If a plane flies into the NYC World Trade Center towers in a Hollywood creation, it has no effect. But when it did so for real, real Sikhs died in the backlash. That was not "false", bro. Also not false was 6 of our brothers dying in the attack on the Gurdwara in Wisconsin. Brexit will have a real impact on people's lives in Britain, which includes us or our brothers living in the UK. It's a matter of vital importance because if the UK remains in the EU, it could be forced to accept huge numbers of "refugees" just like the Eastern European countries are being forced to. If that happens, we will be living in a quasi-Islamic state in Britain because when the number of Muslims in a country reaches a threshold level, people are no longer free to live their lives in the way they want. If you're one of those that wants to put their heads in the sand, that's fine, but why do you even read Internet discussion boards? You should be living simply in nature far away from the crowds like Henry David Thoreau. Definitely a place with no Internet access.
  17. The fate of empires

    Good point, I had entirely failed to consider that. That period could be considered the precursor to empire.
  18. The fate of empires

    Well, if for other empires, the stages were spread out over centuries, we compressed the latter 4 stages over less than half a century up to falling before the British. I think you could say we skipped over the pioneer stage or not really applicable to us, since we were already spread out in the Indian sub-continent. The 18th century was spent in battles and conquests. The first half of the 19th century comprised further conquests, and also commerce, affluence, intellect, and decadence. Finally loss of empire to the British. Many commentators have stated that raj leads to affluence which leads to softness which leads to loss to the enemy. I agree with this. Also, the Rehit was supposed to keep us hard, but we disregarded Rehit in the time of the Sikh Raj because we had become too enamored of the pleasures of the flesh, fine foods and wines, and beautiful ladies.
  19. They are part of sikhri harinder singh based out of US. Not a good guy at all. Too many controversies surrounding him. Punjab’s PDL started by him but I guess they are bit independent but I WILL never trust them. Yes, Sikhri is organization that sowed doubt about the Dohra read after ardas (Guru manyo Granth ... raj karega Khalsa...), in addition to other things in a curriculum prepared for Sikh kids in the US. I also would like to know what the motivation behind PDL is. Who is funding it? And what's the end game? Will they start charging for access at a certain time? It would be better for a neutral organization, like the SGPC, to digitize documents, and make them available for free for all the Sangat. We (Sikhs in general) already pay for the SGPC. The SGPC probably already has a good deal on its Internet upload access from their HQ in Amritsar, so why should the sangat have to pay another private organization (the PDL) for access to manuscripts?
  20. Brexit

    I'm trying to figure out what you're saying. Are you saying it's bad that the British people don't want to take orders from the EU? If so, what's bad about that? Also, do you favor Punjab being able to do what it wants to do without interference by Delhi? If so, do you oppose the UK being able to do what it wants to do without interference by Brussels? And if so, why?
  21. Brexit

    OK, well, what do the people want?
  22. Need help with a Sikh antique

    Don't know about this. You might want to contact Ms. Gurmeet Rai, active in Sikh conservation issues. I think this is her contact info: https://in.linkedin.com/in/gurmeet-sangha-rai-1a793b30 Also see http://www.sikhfoundation.org/renconv.html
  23. Brexit

    Yes, that was the entire point. EU rules forbid any EU members from negotiating trade deals. The point of leaving the EU was so the UK can negotiate its own trade deals with the US, the British Commonwealth, and the world. If the EU had given David Cameron a bit of leeway, such as restrictions on immigration and allowance for trade deals, the UK would likely never have voted to leave the EU. Now they will be in a world of hurt with a huge hole in their budget without the UK supporting them. They will either have to increase member contributions (for net donor members) or scrap subsidies (for net recipient members), both of which will increase infighting in the EU.
  24. Hair kesh pulling in fights

    Great practical advice. We need to be prepared for when it kicks off.
  25. books of sarup singh alag!

    Yes, he is widely considered a good author by traditional Sikhs (i.e. "Sikhs"), including Taksali Sikhs.