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  1. Aarya is not a name I've ever heard in the Sikh context, and it's probably not a name I would favor, but ... I don't know why we would have to reject it specifically on the basis that it refers in literal meaning to Durga. After all there are plenty of Sikhs named after Hindu gods/avatars: Ram Singh, Hari Singh. The latter was the name of the Sikh Kingdom's great general. Not to even mention Guru Ram Dass ji, Guru Arjan Dev ji, Guru HarGobind ji, Guru Har Rai ji, Guru HarKrishan ji, and Guru Gobind Singh ji, all named after "Hindu" personages. Now if you say "Ram" is actually referring to God, OK, fine. But the same would also apply to all the other names given above, including Aarya. Also, does Beethal refer to God, or a Maharashtrian demigod?
  2. Why don't you just post the URL. It's difficult to know which one you are talking about. If you want, then don't make the URL into a link (blue underlined text). Rather, paste it into Notepad, and then lop off the first portion of the address and paste back into the SikhSangat post like this: Then, there won't be a link to that video on the Internet.
  3. I think the big problem with various jathas and sampardas is that they have forgotten their original founders' lifestyles and rehits/hukums and for what purpose those maryadas were for. Nihangs: meant to be a perfect Sant/Sipahi force. Sad to see junkies and infiltrators in blue robes zonked out on the sides of streets. AKJ: A minority have no clue about Bhai Randhir Singh Ji's teachings and books, and think they are a singing squad of missionaries. Taksal: Many Taksal-oriented Sikhs desire for a return of the Bhindra Taksals to the original format as inspired by Sant Gurbachan Singh ji of Bhindran. Missionaries: If they would read and follow the books by their spiritual grandfather, Principal Sahib Singh ji, they would not be doubting Guru Granth Sahib, Dasam Granth Sahib, or kakkars.
  4. Any specifics? You wanted to teach your kid Mandarin Chinese by immersion? Dadi doesn't recite sakhis to the child? Extremely bad idea to have a business partner of the opposite sex. The feminists reading this probably won't like this, because it will restrict women's business and working opportunities, but: It is a very bad idea to have someone in your work that you spend large amounts of time with alone of the opposite sex. Of course, it is entirely possible that nothing is going on between your husband and the other lady, but 1) I doubt that, and 2) even if nothing's going on, the situation has bad effects all around, such as on you, and maybe this lady's husband. The reason this is a bad idea is that when two people struggle together for a common goal, and then achieve that goal, there are strong feelings of accomplishment and happiness. It is very easy to succumb to wanting to celebrate that happiness with physicality. This is not just in relation to business partners, but can also apply to big customers and co-workers (the "work wife" phenomenon). Why a 'work wife' is a threat to your marriage. It is entirely possible that your husband has become emotionally attached to his business partner lady, and that's the reason he is dismissive of your concerns, because he's emotionally blinded. Don't take this the wrong way, but you need some help with English composition before you become a writer. There are many writing workshops being held, like here and here. Good luck.
  5. Where did the original poster say her MIL was using Whatsapp? There's no mention of Whatapp whatsoever on the first page of posts that I can see. Not true, necessarily. There are plenty of cases of doting grandmothers who possibly think that their grandsons will be their chamchas, but when they grow up they know exactly who their mother is and who their grandmother is, and what the difference is. To that extent, I think women should not be alarmed at sons spending a lot of time with dadi. As I mentioned before, children need time with mother, but they should not be used as pawns, either by the mother or dadi. While the dadi was basically using the poti as a pawn in the OP's post, there are also women who do the reverse and use the children as pawns to control or restrict the MIL. Telling women your statement above is a good way to make them paranoid about children spending any time at all with dadi, for fear that they could be influenced by the dadi, thereby setting up the stage for fights and shouting matches. What would better to tell a mother is "Let the children spend however much time with the dadi, it still won't have an effect on your relationship with them when they grow older." That would set mothers up for being calm and sane. Who says the MIL was sponsored by the DIL? It could easily be the other way around, and probably is, given some clues in the post.
  6. First video summary Arvinder Kaur, program director Fateh TV says: In the parikarma Koriean ladies were speaking In Hindi and English asking if you want to become Christian. Will give money if you adopt our religion. Arvinder got upset. When Arvinder tried to take one of their parchar books, one of the women hit her with a slap on the face. SGPC employees came and said the women could do a case on you, and had them write a letter that we didn't know you can't do this (convert people) in India. SSP also came and said, "Nimarta rakho" (Be humble) We get pleased that foreingers are coming to our Gurdwaras. But they are coming and possiblyconverting wayward Sikhs. The girls were very light skinned and good looking and stylish. SGPC employees said that the matter will go to the embassies, they we hit them. [What's the use of the SGPC's security cameras in the parikarma, then?] I didn't hit them, I just tried to get the book. Second video summary The Korean guy in the 2nd video from Facebook says, "We are praying for all these people so they can receive Jesus Christ". Has 3 Indian Christians with him (showing him the way as local guides, presumably). Comments The gall of these people is amazing! To come to our place, just such an open and welcoming place like no other in the world. Instead of being amazed at the hospitality of the Sikhs, they take advantage of it to run up their conversion numbers like it's a game. They have totally missed the point, both of life and religion. Out of all the peoples of the world, they had to make a beeline for Darbar Sahib to convert the Sikhs? I'll bet you an old and broken Rubik's cube that they then went to Langar to enjoy free food off the "pagan" Sikhs. You mean to tell me there are no illiterate tribals they can convert? No boozers and rapists in Korea to convert? No non-Christians in the entire country of South Korea? Not to mention North Korea? They hate Sikhism because they fear it. Can you imagine a bunch of Sikhs going to St. Peter's Square at the Vatican to convert Catholics to SIkhism? Does the church in Korea that these women attend allow Sikhs to come inside their church and convert Christians? Yeah, I thought not. Forget being Christian, these people do not even have the right to be called humans. Normal human beings have a sense of respecting the owner of the house you're in. These people don't even have that level of sense. Would you go to someone's house and ask the wife if she wants to leave her husband? Now, I know a lot of you are going to come down hard on the SGPC, but under the current Indian inferiority mentality, I think they are probably right. These women and their church would probably have made big deal about the whole thing, and the Indian government would have lain down in front of the Korean ambassador. The Korean man has chutzpah, that's for sure. He gestures towards the Sikhs in the parikarma like they are all just blind, deluded people, Jesus please save them. Again, would we go (or even be allowed) to pray at their places that all these people are blind, Guru Nanak please save them? BTW, this also disproves any fear that people like the Quebecois have about Sikhs and their kirpans. You've got a Korean guy plus the Korean girls openly preaching Christianity and basically calling Sikhs pagans at their central place, and all these Sikhs walking around with their "knives" and swords don't immediately kill them? Disproves the kirpan-derangement mentality (OMG! A knife!). Oh, and Samsung SUCKS!
  7. You could be strong mentally, yet weak physically. See here about relative physical strength of women. It's true that the idea of continually reminding the man to protect seems problematic. One time isn't enough? At the same time, how is it the natural duty of a Singh to protect his sister if she can already take care of herself? Hmm. Yet Sikhs dispense with thalis. Could this be analogous to non-Christians exchanging gifts on Christmas while also not believing in Jesus, having a tree, or going to Church on Christmas?
  8. Story? Guru Sahib said that? Brother, if a woman could defend herself against a man in the same way that a man could defend himself against a man, why do women not compete in the Olympics in the same events as men? It's because, on average, they don't have the same strength, endurance, or explosive force as men. Forget on average, even the top women cannot beat men, even boys. Australia's national women's football team couldn't score a single point against 14 year olds, and lost 7 to 0. What if the Singhs back in the day had said to Hindu and other abducted girls, "Hey, equality. Save yourself." Note that the above does not mean that it logically follows that you have to wear a thread on your wrist. True. So, what about friendship bracelets and LiveStrong bands? Sexism is a reason to not do something? I think people (in the West) are increasingly waking up to the problems with feminism and feminism's definitions of equality. In fact only a maximum of 18% of people even are feminists in America. If the West is waking up to the problems of feminism, why do we have adopt it, and then later reject it 100 years after Westerners do so?
  9. You're right. But nothing in this world is for free. He'll definitely have to hustle, and convince the employer that employing him would benefit the employer highly. The other option is the working holiday visa, not requiring a job offer. One assumes that if he were to get a free visa in the mail for Canada, he'd have to find a job. So he can just pretend he's immigrated to Canada, and get a job with that mindset.
  10. Yeah, sounds like the UK now, and the US, and Germany, and a lot of other places. Leaving the only option being to go back to Punjab if you're allergic to those sorts.
  11. You're absolutely right. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned that he can travel to Canada with no visa whatsoever. Once he's visiting, he can hook up with an employer. The employer can put an ad in the paper, and if they get no suitable responses, they can truthfully state that no qualified Canadians are available. But you should not state that you are going to look for work. You should go on an actual vacation and see Canada. Only while you're there, you can also look and see if there are jobs. A second way which I had forgotten, is that one needs absolutely no job to go to work in Canada. If you are between 18 and 30, you can go on a "working vacation" in Canada, no job offer required!
  12. While agreeing that the fasting and tombs and such are out of the question, including getting threads from babas and of course the janeu, would the same apply to non-religious gift threads like Rakhri? If so, are we also prohibited from wearing a medal, whose strap is made of thread? If not, why not? If we can't wear Rakhri, can we wear friendship bracelets? And LiveStrong bracelets?
  13. OK, bro, whatever you say. You may want to look into the requirements of the various provinces, except for the most populous provinces of BC and Ontario. They have much lesser requirements for immigration, because they want to fill up their provinces, where nobody lives. Quebec is a whole nother kettle of fish, which its own immigration requirements different from Anglophone Canada. Not sure how much French you know. Check here and here for province requirements. Each province has its own website which you will have to go through and determine your points. Good luck.
  14. If by "you" you mean "one", then one does not need a job offer letter merely to apply for a visa to move to Canada (which is what he said, not a work permit). It's just that having a job letter gets you a hundreds of points in the Express Entry point system. A letter from a province gets you even more points. But to get that letter, you usually have to ... have a job offer. There are other ways, too, but none that may apply to this brother: higher education, having studied in Canada, having $500K ready to invest in Canada. So yeah, for this brother, he would likely only make the points cutoff if he had a job lined up. For other people reading this thread, you could easily qualify without a job.
  15. You have no progenitors? Well, that's certainly not good for trying to get into Canada. Go here and figure out how many points you have for immigration to Canada: