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  1. Apart from the name, what is Sikh about these actions? A lot of Hindu punjabis and so called 'Sikhs' have singh in their name, even women, doesn't have any relation to the Sikh Kom in any way whatsoever. We are determined by our actions, not by mere label. Nowhere in the gurbani does it say that you are what you are called. So these cowards cannot be referred to as Sikhs and shouldn't be. As for the masses of ignorant tha may feel and think otherwise, including how the media may portray this as a Sikh man or men raping th girl, is beyond my interest as I have long lost interest in mass media. Dare I say that woman so caled gandhi, what about all the Sikh girls that were raped during 1984 by hindus? What about all the police tha abused Sikhs daughters as they sat naked on their fathers and forced to urinate? What about all the Sikhs that were tortured whilst their wives, mothers and daughters were savaged for refusing to give up their lions? That woman and he whole of India was blind to that. I feel for the poor girl and family as much as. As i do for any person who undergoes such pain, but Find it cowardice how kuthi gandhi has suddenly spoken out just the world is watching. All for one girl whilst minsters of rss and operations blue star still walk the streets under government protection. akhal!!!!!!!
  2. The nitnem is laid down in the Sikh Rahit Maryada that every Sikh should daily recite japji, japu sahib, rehras and Soihila. But don't confuse this hukam with ritualism, it's not the reading that's important, it's the understanding and application in everyday life. If you a having issues due to time or in conflicting with your duties, try to learn them by heart or just recite the mool mantar, but do so with pure devotioon. This bliss can also be obtained bu nam simran. There are various ways in which a Sikh becomes enlightened. For example, if one was to go to Boali Sahib gurdwara, they will see that Sri Guru Amardas Ji states that one should bathe in the Baoli and recite the japji 84 times to obtain release from the cycles of birth and death. It's not the number of times that's important, it's submitting to wahereguru.....as in, one can do it 84, 94 or even 184 times withiut pure devotion , which don't equal a person doing it just once with a pure heart and dhian. WJKK WJKF
  3. If the world was to end right now...

    Haha, very good singh Ji. However, that's pretty deep for a 15 year old
  4. . Have you completely lost the notion of guru ka langar? Sharing ones food with others is consistent with Wand Chhakna, Hence it's open to all devotees and pilgrims and even those who know nothing about sikhi (nor intend too). To say that it's wrong as you're taking seva from another is utter utter rubbish. What surprises me where people get these notions from?? Guru manyo Granth, forget ones interpretation of fallacy. Sri guru Nanak set up the first langar at Kartarpur when people bought corn and fuel to prepare meals for common folk. Sri Angad Dev Ji then extended it further to serve meals personally and Sri Guru Amardas Ji turned it into an institution and ordained that ALL visitors to him must first participate in the langar. "phelay pangat, peechhay sangat". Then Sri Guru Ram das Ji extended its to serve water to travellers and squatters too, in fact his wife served water herself to all. It is our duty to do seva and to consume guru ka langar. WJKK WJKF
  5. If the world was to end right now...

    Singh Ji, one should not be afraid or shy away life's torments. Be in a place where you will laugh at death in the face. Also, humility and seva gives us the spirit to accept anything life can throw at us. Even death should be afraid of a gursikh. A mouse however is afraid of little life's torments. If one gets becomes one with akhal purakh, these so called torments are negligible and don't even twitch a hair on the body. This is why in the SGGS ji, (ibid. 555) "the world has ever been subject to death, but few know how to die while living". WJKK WJKF
  6. If the world was to end right now...

    Being blessed soley with Amrit doesn't guarantee anything. Our conduct and adherence to the gurbani in a practical everyday life transcends us. Of course one will become complete when Khalsa, only if they they do their nitnem and through nam simran whole heartedly. "Nam is the penance for all ills" SGGS Ji (296). As for tomorrow, we care little, the eternal presence should only be considered. The reason I say this is because I read a thread on this site (which I am new too -joined today) talking about kirtan sohila and some believing that without doing before sleep, one open the doors to death. I think this notion of Thakur Singh et al, is confusing many Sikhs. Kirti or kirtan sohila is also par of funeral rites, hence it's relation to death but death can come anytime. We should always be prepared, and not solely counter it's approach in order to save our soul, but more so disregard it as anything that can remotely make us afraid. We accept wahereguru Ji, therefore, there is no need to guard ourselves against anything. Instead one should solely accept their will, or as we say in the japji sahib Ji, accept the will of wahereguru.