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  1. Brother jagraj singh did exceptional seva for the panth in a short amount of time. If he had 10-15 more years to raise his children and secure his family then we could understand your pov. Show some dard my friend. We in the diaspora don't have too many leaders/parchariks of his stature. Our community desperately needs more gursikhs with his skill set. That's also why he emphasized leadership building so much. Lets show our appreciation my friend. Regular folks like me and you come and go. We leave behind some wealth and children, not much more. Just listen to the pulse of the diaspora panth andyou will see what jagraj singh accomplished. Lets all show our appreciation dear sangat
  2. We seriously need to learn how to approach politics. Look to the lesser of the evils to align for our progress. What the hell is protesting modi going to do for us. The western powers dont care and the muslims dont care how much we cozy up to them. Indian muslims dont seem as much of a problem with modi as some of our lot in the west!
  3. Generally sikhs wear the kirpan underneath as a courtesy to the locals and as a way of keeping it more fastened.. It would help if we see the local anglo persepective. We already look pretty exotic with our Dastaars and kesh/ dhaarraa to them. Openly displaying our Sri Sahib does make them very uncomfortable. Most of us consider it reasonable that we can carry on wearing our kirpans without question in everyday life. All the power to your convictions but its not something we consider an infringement. Anyhow, the pointy edge of the mian (scabbard) usually remains visible so it lets the world know we are loaded .
  4. these jats seem to have a real grudge against sikhs. reports are showing that a lot of arson attacks have been directed towards punjabi (both Hindu and Sikh) businesses and property. they caused us great harm in 84 as they make up a large portion of the delhi police and pretty much dominate the haryana police. most travelers will know the rude behavior they have towards sikhs coming from punjab or overseas. we have to be vigilant when travelling from delhi to punjab, at night time especially, since hearing of numerous sexual assaults on women( most victims likely being punjabis heading to and from delhi). khalsa needs to be tyar bar tyar as always.
  5. We have analyze with a clear mind and not let our hatred cloud our judgement. No matter how low or corrupt our leaders become, beadbi of Guruji is not something any sikh can do. Plus, it doesn't benefit badal one bit. The multiple attacks at various locations point to an organized element. Misguided dera premis are, for the most part, of sikh background. I doubt they could carry out multiple attacks like this, or even attack in the first place. This in all likelihood is either the work of rss or a collusion of dera premi handlers with rss logistic support. The outcome of this beadbi was fully damaging to the state government, akali dal, as expected. Dera leaders were waiting and watching, hoping the pardon would cool the sikhs and allow them to start deepening their roots again. So, this beadbi doesn't benefit them either. Rss on the other hand stand to fully benefit by driving the caste wedge further between jatt and other caste sikhs, and weaking the badal dal. Also to be noted Rajnath singh releases Waryam singh while this is happening.
  6. if this is indeed the work of noormehlia cheley, then this warrants outright declaration of war against this scum. they have no right to continue functioning in our homeland if they have the audacity to burn our Guru's Saroop.
  7. longowal accord also snips away north, east, and south-west portions of punjab and hands them to himachal, haryana, and rajasthan respectively. bjp wants to consolidate the non-sikh and any portion of the sikh vote. enough to bring them to power and put bussiness class hindus in control with perhaps a sikh face as cm.
  8. vaheguru vaheguru...Gyani Ji's katha is like amrit for jagiaso jeevs. our panth would be so much wiser if we appreciated this tye of gyan-bharpoor katha. just amazing.
  9. When Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj finised the Katha of Guru Granth Sahib, Guruji assigned Baba Deep Singh Ji and Baba Mani Singh ji the duty of santhyia and parchar. Both Gurmukhs wished to be be-deh mukht (liberated with their bodies) like the other Singhs who had achieved this at the bhog of the katha. Guru Maharaj granted them the boon that both Baba Deep Singh Ji and Baba Mani Singh Ji would enjoy continous spiritual anand and maintain their high avasthas even if their head was cut off or their body cut limb by limb, respectively. In essence Guru Maharaj granted them unique shahadats, totally unparalleled, which would inspire Khalsa Panth for ages to come. Baba Ji's shahadat was not a karamat, it was Guruji's bachan being fulfilled. When Guruji wants to show something to the world, they can, there is nothing limiting them. Many times they show these things to the world to bring praise for their saints and warriors.
  10. Gyani ji themselves recommend Bhai Jarnail Singh Ji's ucharan for new students who require a more audible pronunciation of the "sihari's" and other laga(n) mantraa(n). Gyani ji do pronounce, but it is difficult for newer students to catch the whole sound. That said, I really do like Gyani Thakur Singh Ji's nitnem ucharan for two reasons. First, I find the voice very sweet and soothing. Second, it's comforting to know that the Bani is being read correctly (as much as Guruji has enabled the sevak). Bhai Jarnail Singh Ji has a very crisp, chiselled voice, showing that fully pronouncing Gurbani does not necessarily slow down or make the the ucharan any less beautiful. http://www.gurmatveechar.com/audio/Gurbani_Ucharan
  11. Feel free to ask any questions you have brother. Rehit related questions should be actively discussed amongst brothers (and sisters), so as to avoid long term confusion.
  12. Yes, you're supposed to wear it to bed. Khalsa is tyar bar tyar, even while asleep :ph34r: Remember, this is Akal Purakh's Fauj you're joining, not some boy scout club. Ideally, you should also have other shasters close by your bed at night, like laathi and 3ft kirpan. Just move the kirpan around if it pokes you or something. You'll get used to it in a few days.
  13. In Canada there is this newly set up org called Canada-India Foundation (2007). They shot out negative press releases when Sikhs tried to highlight 84 riots as a genocide. Even the once Sikh-friendly Liberals gave no ear to the Sikhs and seemed to tow official Indian version of events. Why is India so worried as of late ? Something is definitely going on in the backrooms.
  14. Look at the man's seva and what he has done and what he does from now on, don't be so caught up in the labels. Many Akali splinter dals, and khalistani dals openly or covertly support Congress. Punjab politics is very murky not easily understood, especially for wentern born kids like us. You have to travel there, and visit these people to get the real picture. For better or worse, for the time being Akali Dal Badal is the best option to support to prevent Congress coming back. Remember, there are NO splinter congress groups out there. They have only Akali Dal Badal to worry about. Our short sighted brothers have created at elast a dozen Akali Dal aplinter groups to eat away at the panthic vote, makin g it very easy for Congress to come back. So we need to stop screaming "traitor" "agent" any time someone has a convo with badal or joins his party. Many people align themselves to AD badal so they can bring real change instead of joining one-man shows that the dozen akali dal splinter groups are in essence.
  15. Guru Maharaj doing bhagti in the womb is not accordance with Gurmat. Satguru does not enter the womb, nor are they born. Their bodies are not made of the elements our human bodies are made of. Sikhi does not change or become outdated, but the Dharam of each yug changes. Superiority of Naam does not change, since it was Naam that Bhagat PRahlad Nad Bhagat Dhru meditated on in Satyug. Bijla Singh you have taken too much of a scholarly approach in your khoj of Sikhi and have neglected what Satpurshs Sants Bhagats have seen and told and believe.