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  1. Jagmeet Singh has a lot of respect from newcomers, old timers, kids.. I think some of you need to be ashamed of yourself, the guy is doing great things for our Quam, for Canada and being a role model for youth. I think this post is one example of us
  2. Speaking as a mona kid who was born in Canada, having jagneet in politics is such a blessing. Who he marries is none of your guys concern. I havent visited this forum in such along time and honestly the fact that you are bashing him for no reason makes no sense. This post really shows me the lack of maturity ane real life experience some posters have. Honestly I goto the gurdwara here all the time and having jagmeet in power shows parents their kid could keep kesh too. I know if i would have a kid, i would keep his kesh. To jigsaw singh, judge not ye be judged. Honestly who made you god to judge everyone.
  3. Becoming a Gurmukh Odds

    Sadhsangat ji, I want to change my life around. What can I do? -Any tips, suggestions, been in a difficult period for the past 3 years, financially, workwise, martial relationships as well.
  4. No way am I condoning this man's behaviour, I think people are very irrational in general. God give akaal to his Jeevan,and may he come back the right path.
  5. He was just being a human being. Destroying copies of babajis paath is manmat. However his feelings I understand. This life is a joke sometimes, sometimes it is very cruel.
  6. Love someone

    Go for the guy wholeheartedly, honestly, your parents will come around. If he is the right person for you. Marry him. Have faith in God and in your love together.
  7. Stock market

    Also trading stocks is a good way of ensuring you are diversified. Right now with negative interest rates, there's no point in saving.
  8. Stock market

    I used to day trade after 2008 crisis. I would suggest to anyone buy brk.b , goog and just honestly buy what they know..
  9. Need A Friend

    Feel free to message me if you need a friend.
  10. Need Prayers

    Sangat Ji, I have had a lot of bad luck happen to me lately, car was stolen, credit cards were stolen, got fired from a job, warning in my current job. Not sure what prayers are can do, I am quite down, but hopeful for a better future. What prayer should I do to change things around?
  11. What Are Your Troubles In Life?

    I moved to a new city, new hopes, had such high hopes, lived on my own. Have to work 2 jobs to survive, I sometimes dont' have enough money for myself after the basic necessities. I aint looking for sympathy, but I regret I did this all to myself. I left an easy job, to find a better job, with abetter title, after years of self worth issues. Once I got the job I wanted, I couldhn\t afford the basic ammenties. I have hopes that I can make it, with my head over water.
  12. i agree , and the muslim one, she is watching from a far..
  13. Getting Married In India?

    Hey bro, I just recently got married in India, and a couple of suggestions I have is you are in control, don't feel like you need to be pressured or made to marry anyone, don't sthow any desperation. Sikhi is pretty rare in India, I married a girl who had a paag wala bhaap and found her to be very anti-sikh. So dont' let appearances deceive you. Ask questions about their values,all I can say is its a gamble regardless, people are a lot more modern than you think. Try Baru Sahib, as well, as they have all their girls wear paags. Best of luck.
  14. Surrey Sikh Violence

    This is someone who was born and raised in Surrey, the problem stems from a number of reasons: Quick Money A lot of these youths have no morals, they talk a certain way that you can understand them from a mile away (Yes, those people who were born and brought up in Newton, went to PM, QE). No Interest in Parents Parents worked hard and never enough to give time to their kids, some parents will work 7 days a week to put food on the tables. Bad Sangat Kids will ape their friends, and trust me, a lot of Indian men, are uneducated compared to other groups from their interest in school. Why would they? They will have everything handed to them to, when tehir parents pass away A lot of factors, come down to the fact that our community in Surrey is all about quick money and the other fact is Vancouver is a low wage city, we have so much foreign money in this city and little to no jobs.