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  1. Still Not Enough Rights

    <<lol LOL.gif bigup the retired men in shorts! thumbsup.gif budhhe nu jawaani ageyii>> Society in India is in tatters.Apart from the few religious sikhs and I guess muslims,the society has totally generated.Its much more than west.In west the bodies have become easy access.In India,both bodies and CONSCIOUS are becoming an easy access.There is a network of corruption and self interest in almost every department and field. People are talking about improving economy. Do u think a person with no moral and conscious will change if he starts to earn 15000 instead of 10000?Answer is NO Regarding Rss,or delhi police or even indian army.U convert them into sword soldiers of the 18 th century and make them fight agaisnt a low percentage of true khalsa existing. THey will run like sheeps and much more easily than the brutal abdali and yakariyas.
  2. A Query From Us Singhnees

    Withour rehit,without contemplating gurbani,this mind and body is unclean.Such a person wont be able to overcome the pleasures and desires of this false body. U need to find a really kamai vali aatma.
  3. A Query From Us Singhnees

    I feel the problem our sister has discussed has its roots in amrit sanchars and rehit. Bhai sahib randhir singh ji prepared himself for amrit for a period of 2 years.These days things are totally opposite.So in most cases amritdharis turn out to be very weak in rehit.Gurbani contains large section of non-punjabi words,people dont understand gurbani fully and just keep on doing their nitnem.Its all messed up. With weak rehits,weak understanding of gurbani,we will keep on having weak amritdharis and strong sisters who keep the khalsa roop will continue to have problems. So dear sister ji,use most of ur time in bandgi of waheguru and cross over this terrifying world ocean.This world has degenerated and is near to collapse.Khalsa raj is not far either I guess.Leave ur marriage in the hands of ur COMPLETE guru. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh
  4. India ..

    I have lived 23 years of my life in India and here is what I believe. Satguru decided to start the true faith in the place that was suffereing the most.Over the last 500 years many people have been able to achieve the goal of life.But right now what we are seeing in India and the punjabi's abroad is the reality.Apart from the few blessed sikhs this land has been a place of decievers,cheaters,pakhandis and in short loosers. Solution: sikhi has to spread to the west,to people like germans,french,spanish.These people are currently dying of lust but once the true word starts to go in their head,things will start to change and who knows that might be the start of the creation of KHALSA RAJ. I got a very strong intution that something is going to START HAPPENING SOON. Who knows someone might have already come for this purpose. THis play of Waheguru is beyond human comprehension. RAJ KAREGA KHALSA
  5. Jap Ji Sahib has no raags.So how is the kirtan of Jap Ji Sahib done? Also can i get kirtan of japji sahib online? For that matter I want the kirtan of the nitnem if possible. Thanks a lot RAJ KAREGA KHALSA
  6. Was Saint Kabir Ji A Bit Against Women?

    We need to check the bani of kabir ji which has not been included in the Guru Granth Sahib ji to know the reality.His work is in the form of 2 scriptures:kabir granthalies and Bijak(completed by 2 of his disciples). Baba Farid was a sufi saint and sikhi has differences with sufism.So only the hyms of Farid ji which were in accordance with Guru ghar were registered.Same is the case with Saint Kabir Ji and other bhagats. Is there any bani of Kabir Ji in Guru Granth Sahib Ji in praise of women or the importanc e of women in this creation of God?I dont think so. Someone who has read the 2 scriptures of Kabir Ji or someone who is a disciple of Kabir Ji can answer what he felt about women. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh
  7. Was Saint Kabir Ji A Bit Against Women?

    <<what do you think guru gobind singh ji talked about in chitropakhyan>> Just as lion has its characteristics,dog has its characteristics,infact every being has its characteristics,in the same way Guru ji described the characteristics of women.But THAT IS NOT THE TOPIC OF DISCUSSION. I have read the Saint Kabir Ji's bani in Guru Granth Sahib Maharaj. I only wanted to know about the bani of Saint kabir that has not been registered by Guru Ji and want to know whether its true that he termed women as a cobra and a obstacle in the path of man and god(many people have had this kind of belief). Lets not stray away from the topic. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh
  8. source: http://www.allaboutsikhs.com/bhagats/bhagatkabir.htm <<In common with all monastic, ascetic or otherworldly sects, Kabir does not think well of women. Ihere is almost a tirade against them in the hymns of Kabir. Woman is characterised as "a black cobra', thc pit of hell and the refuse of the world." She is considered to be a hurdle in the path of thc spiritual progress of man. He spoke, "woman ruins everything when she comes near a man; Devotion, salvation and divine knowledge no longer enter his soul." His views, about woman are also evident from all his vehement attacks against maya. Almost everywhere he links maya to a woman who is out to entice and entrap man, and destroy his spiritual life. Such views about woman from a married person arc, indeed, quite uncommon. The cosmological views of Kabir give a clear clue to his worldview. He finds Niranjana to be the creator of the world; maya or woman. And this woman stands between man and god. She is there to entice him away from Him.>> I know that only those aspects of the Bhagats are included in the Guru Granth Sahib Maharaj that were in accordance with the Guru Ghar. But I found it a bit ackward to know that very dear saint kabir ji was a bit against women.Can any veer who has read kabir granthavali or bijak give more insight? Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh
  9. First Barsi Of Baba Thakur Singh Ji

    Dear AK-47 Apologies from my part for spoiling the thread.I agree with you that these things should not be discussed here. Just on a personal note,so much of degeneration has occured in this world that I can only trust Guru Granth Sahib and no one else.I hear every year people celebrating anniversaries of so many sants and its their personal choice but I am not with them. If this time istead of Dhumma Ji,the other person Ram Singh had become the jathedar of taksal,taksal would have been celebrating his anniversaries too.So its impossible to judge someone as a Sant just because he is the jathedar of a respectable organisation. Anyways cheers brother We might need ur AK-47 in the future Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh
  10. Confused

    I am not trying to do nindaa of any religion,but then I cant lie about what I feel. If someone of us achieve bit of spirituality(but still are far far away from god),and we tell people who are suffering in this world,that you just come into my faith,and u get a ticket to heaven,where u will have girls,boys,water,fruits,everything that a poor human thinks 24 hours on this earth,many people are going to come to that faith. Thats why so many muslims give their life in all these suicide attacks.Thats why so many non muslims have been killed by them in the last 1500 years. The aim of a true religion should be to attack the ego in the mind and ego in the mind can only be attacked by the TRUE WORD.All other ways are of no avail.Look at the world at present,the world has gone mad because they dont have the true word.
  11. Confused

    THere have been crores and crores of Mohammads who preached and got famous but in the end could not escape the noose of death.There is only one Satguru and that is Guru Nanak.He is the friend of both the good and the bad,both the famous and the unfamous. If mohammad and guru nanak are friends,then jesus and guru nanak are friends too and this wont end as guru nanak satguru keeps on coming jugg after jugg. Waheguroooooooooooooooooo gurooooooooo gurooooooooo boleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee soooooooooooooooooo nihaaaaaaaaaaal sat sri akal
  12. Pyare Veer sat sri akal <,saaaaaaaaal********** Goreh ! mad.gif>> Veer,no need to badmouth the whites,no need to hate the whites.This world has gone mad without the name of Waheguru. But yes,that doesnt mean,sit down and watch all this stuff happening.We need to do the following. 1.get justice for this murder AT ANY COST. 2.any sikh who wants to live and die for the guru,better learn how to shoot and apply for the licence. Sikhs have been trying their best to tell the world that we are sikhs,not criminals but this world is mad.We must keep on educating others but we need to save our lives too.Next time this type of news should read: "Some men tried to attack a sikh taxi driver and the driver IN DEFENCE shot back and the attackers lost their life." This type of thing will educate lots of press and people about who sikhs are.
  13. I think its better to name these institutes after Ahmad shah abdali than Rajiv Gandhi.Abdali was EVIL but not COWARD.THe gandhi's,nehrus,RSS,Gangus's are and were EVIL as well as COWARDS. In punjab,people like Parkash badal,Mr dullo(the one with ugly face) are just prostitutes by their conscience.People like Amarinder Singh have bit of conscience left.But for me they are just human beings with a beard and a peace of cloth on their heads.If you test these people in the scale of sikhi,they will all feel ashamed. Amarinder Singh is a person of immense loose character.To be honest,he looks for a new body every second day.A person like this,who has no simran,no rehit,no character,just wears turban,has some dignity due to his royal past will take some good decisions and will also take some decisions like bowing to the photo of Indira Maaa and naming institutes after Rajiv Uncle. It is our weakness if we begin to feel upset seeing these turbaned humans doing these things. These people have too much burder on their heads and its good in a way.Their end is coming near. Koorr nikhutee nanaka orrake sachi rahe. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh
  14. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh I was just thinking if we had things like voice recorders etc in the 16 the century,things would have been so different. We would have had the REAL MEANINGS of Gurbani with us. There would have not much use of sants and gianis who keep on proving their points by using Gurvaaks and also keep on roaming in europe and north america doing parchaar. It will be nice to know what else could have been different if we had the same technology during the time of our gurus from the sangat here. KHALISTAN ZINDABAD
  15. Science And Truth

    All of science lovers,ask your mind a question.When there was nothing,no creation,no time,no air,no water,just Waheguru was there,was there any science? God made this creation and put humans into different occupations and entanglements. Science is just one of them. I am myself currently doing a PHD(wow i am a wordly scholar ) and doing a decent job of it. But for me its nothing more than a way to earn money and also roam around the world seeing the beautiful creation of God. If you see Waheguru in science,science is good. If you forget waheguru while studying science,science is ego,depression,tension,conflicts,restless mind and lots of pain. KHALISTAN ZINDABAD