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  1. Tommy Robinson wrongly posts tweets saying Oxford Street chaos 'looks like another jihadi attack' Georgie Darling,Yahoo News UK 16 hours ago Tommy Robinson has been forced to delete tweets suggesting the Oxford Street paniclooked like a terrorist attack carried out by jihadists. The notorious right-wing speaker, who recently had his blue ‘verified’ tick removed by Twitter, was quick to jump to conclusions when a stampede shook the popular shopping street, saying it ‘looks like another jihad attack in London’ to his 387,000 follows. As news around the incident developed quickly, the Metropolitan Police initially tweeted they were responding to the incident ‘as if it is terrorist related.’ However, shortly after they tweeted again, saying they had ‘not yet’ found a trace of suspects, shots or casualties.
  2. Beard/mustache growing help

    I like the humble tone of your posts - you clearly are 'jwaan'. Why don't you get an account like most of us on here? Who are these 'bogus hakims'? Why are they bogus? Do you know medical professionals (I assume you mean MBBS) often are not able to solve presenting problems? Plenty of people find alternative practitioners more helpful in some cases. Anyone, I am done with this thread, I just hope the OP has bothered to follow it, and sorts their problems out
  3. Suicide

    Just posting because I am curious what other posters opinion would be. If someone commits suicide to save honour in an extreme situation like those bibian at partition time who jumped into a well etc, what would be the Sikhi perspective on it?
  4. Beard/mustache growing help

    I sent the original message from my phone, which 'auto-corrected' my post to say 'Barbara'. If I said I was a medical professional myself (I will leave it to you to decide whether I am or not) then maybe that would change your mind? And, your posts suggest you are a lay person not someone with a medical background. I am quite sure the OP would have told us if his symptoms matched those of the pictures below from https://www.dermnetnz.org/topics/folliculitis-barbae/ which would cause pain and discomfort. I don't see that in the OP's post. Folliculitis barbae Sycosis barbae I can tell you not many GP's will know a great deal about all hair disorders. And not many blood tests will help in diagnosis. Hopefully you do not think empirical blood tests and antibiotics replace a qualified medical professional's opinion. Like I said before, the easiest and quickest way to clarify any underlying disease is likely by seeing a dermatologist privately if feasible. NHS waiting times for a dermatologist are generally several months at best.
  5. Jewel Thieves

    I have heard of another incident in south-east London, in the past week, where the whole family was at home, but 6 armed men came and took lots of jewellery and some cash. Another article to raise awareness: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/londoners-warned-to-be-wary-of-gold-thieves-targeting-diwali-celebrations-a3661456.html Police have urged Londoners to safeguard their valuables against gangs of thieves targeting gold and jewellery during Diwali celebrations - the five-day festival of light due to begin tomorrow. The warning comes after more than £50 million worth of gold and jewellery was stolen from communities across the capital last year. Intelligence shows that criminal networks are increasingly involved in lucrative 'family gold theft' which affects many families including those from the Asian, Jewish and Maltese communities across various locations in London. Police said people can be particularly vulnerable to thieves at this time of year, due to an annual rise in burglary and robbery, and as the nights draw in. The festival period tends to see a spike in this type of crime largely due to more gold and jewellery being worn as communities travel across London to different venues - whether temples or other people's homes. Burglars use various tactics in their search for the jewels, including ripping up floorboards, and removing bath panels and safes. And thieves keen to cash in on the gold often go on to send the valuables through second hand outlets. Met police have issued a number of safety precautions to the public, in addition to tackling the problem of gold crime through a series of different initiatives. Detective Superintendent Corrigan said: "Gold will continue to be highly desired by criminals due to the speed and anonymity with which it can be exchanged for large sums of cash. "These pieces of gold and jewellery are not just valuable possessions, they are also of great sentimental worth, and if stolen, would have a huge impact on owners. "Our proactive measures to tackle these crimes has seen reductions in offences, however there is more to be done. "As part of this work, we urge Londoners to take action to safeguard their gold and jewellery by following our simple crime prevention advice." It's not just the UK, the US, (and maybe Canada?) too? http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2017/10/30/suspect-in-string-of-san-jose-gold-chain-robberies-arrested/
  6. What would India be if the British never came?

    No one can really know, in summary. These big changes that affected our people were part of God's plan.
  7. Islam in India

    I think this post from the OP meant an alternative title for the thread. Maybe mods can modify it?
  8. Beard/mustache growing help

    I cannot see from online research that sycosis Barbara actually causes hair loss. And actually, I know a lot of GP's personally and can tell you most of them wouldn't know much about treating such conditions and they would want you to see a Skin doctor with specialist interest in hair disorders. Maybe there is an underlying autoimmune condition
  9. JAGTAR SINGH FreeJaggi

    Don't think so. This website is not accessed much relative to number of Sikhs in the UK; this is true of Sikh forums online in general The Singh/Singhnis in prison for the General Brar incident and the Leicester guys-not any more online or otherwise support for them that I've seen compared to this case
  10. Beard/mustache growing help

    Alternative stuff was doing fine for people until the last century. Also, follicle infections do not cause hair loss/lack of growth as far as I am aware. Bettef to see a private Dermatologist with expertise on hair rather than your family practitioner
  11. #freejagginow

    My MP's office replied within 2 days
  12. Islam in India

    Jkvlondon seems to agree
  13. Beard/mustache growing help

    Does tying beard cause beard hair to become longer?