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  1. Hi there, Rita's sister/cousin/friend. I agree there was no need to post this thread in the first place on a Sikh forum. Clearly, Rita is not a Sikh at heart, so it does not matter who she marries, and we should not be concerned. Admin, please close this thread
  2. The numbers tell the tale. Last year, Canada admitted more than 320,000newcomers — the most on record. Canada boasts one of the highest per-capita immigration rates in the world, about three times higher than the United States. More than 20 percent of Canadians are foreign-born; that’s almost twice the American total, even if you include undocumented migrants. And Ottawa plans to increase the number in the years ahead. It is possible WASP and French whites could become a minority in our lifetime if immigration continues as it is. Which minority could become the most powerful based on either religion/language/skin colour?
  3. Why is this posted here, and not in the Media forum? Moderators, please can you remove it? This poster is very fond of posting new threads, perhaps a 'job thread' can be created?
  4. As much as I support equal gender rights, I believe there are supportive quotes from Mahapursh in the past who have explained that only men should be Panj Piare. One day in the future, hopefully, we will move away from being quite so 'politically correct'. This is not to put women down, but tradition is tradition, and I have yet to hear a Mahapursh say women should be in the Panj Piare
  5. Really, your ears are hurting? The remainder of your post is quite condescending, I hope you realise
  6. That might be true but not in our lifetime I am sure
  7. Should be glad...more room for himself.
  8. What is PHs and GJ
  9. This is a thread created in relation to other threads and posts recently. I am quite interested to know what those who are wiser amongst us, believe is the 'plan' of the 'elite', with regards to the future of the world. E.g. what are the motivations for the unrest in the Middle-east, reasons for recent issues between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the antagonism of the West towards Iran and Russia, why there is uncontrolled immigration in Europe? Is this to benefit Jews and Christians? To benefit the bankers and big businesses How will Sikhs be affected in India and in the West? What collective stand can be take as a community in India, and in the West? Sorry if I am repeating much of what has been said before, but I feel this deserves its own thread
  10. Would be good if lead by a Sikh Punjabi company, not some aliens from Mumbai
  11. Think they go to leafy suburbs