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  1. Not all of these islands are full of people who are like that. You will find suitable resorts, even in Majorca, Ibiza, Lanzarote. Egypt would be a good bet, as it stays constantly warm there with long days. I went to Cyprus in November, but it's not so warm there now. You can look at this: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/advice/heatseeker-find-a-guaranteed-holiday-in-the-sun/
  2. I am in the middle of reading Panth Prakash, Vol. 1 Can anyone add to this discussion? My question is, what does the rise and fall of Banda Singh Bahadur symbolic of? Why did the 10th Guru want the story to happen the way it did? Also, are some of the controversial things mentioned, like preventing Muslims having cremations, crushing skulls of muslims etc, true?
  3. Please look at acupuncture, and traditional Chinese Medicine. It might help you a lot
  4. Think this should be in POLITICS | MEDIA | FEEDBACK | LIFESTYLE forum
  5. I know a Chinese health professional. He tells me that China is a very united country, and their government would never tolerate break-away states. They would have a fearsome army, I think
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-38373867 Berlin Breitscheidplatz: Lorry kills nine at Christmas market A lorry has ploughed into a Christmas market in central Berlin, killing nine people and injuring many more, police say. Police now say they suspect it was a deliberate attack. Video footage from the scene shows stalls knocked over and people lying injured on the ground. The driver is on the run, German media report. The market is at Breitscheidplatz close to the Kurfuerstendamm, the main shopping street in the city's west. A reporter for the Berliner Morgenpost described a "gruesome scene". The Berliner Zeitung reports that police have set up a meeting point for relatives at the scene. A photographer for the DPA news agency said that armed police were at entrance to the nearby zoo. Looks like we are heading closer to WW3
  7. I have noticed for a while that on my right wrist, the kara is causing a lot of hair removal. Anyone else had a similar issue, and where can I get blunter kara from? Mine is made from Iron
  8. It's the same in UK
  9. Wonder if Sikhs will be affected much by Trump Presidency?
  10. What will be achieved with a further new Sikh channel? The other three are not already of outstanding quality
  11. How would those in Punjab (remembering there are Hindus, Muslims, Christians too) vote as a percent of Yes vs No? If NRI Sikhs were to vote, how would it compare by country, e.g. UK, USA, Canada, Italy?
  12. Thanks, this was a helpful post. I had not heard of this site before. Btw, I have just ordered it from a library in another part of London. Libraries very useful if you want to get books, and surprisingly this one was available at Ealing Library
  13. Fair enough, but sometimes people will take more notice when reading a book
  14. Anyone able to recommend where I can buy this book, or willing to sell to me please?