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  1. Depression/Loneliness , I dnt know proper what it is

    You need to seek help as soon as possible. Before it gets worse. Seek depression counselling or some sort of therapy. Trust me...it will help you. Don't try to get through this alone, hoping it will go away. Seek professional help.
  2. why is charitar 325th missing?

    What is the source of this information? Thank you.
  3. I can't believe you guys actually think she went to the Gurdwara like this! You really think that would happen? Why would anyone get decked out, and wear nike shorts for the bottom? Here's what i think could have possibly happened: - they could have just finished taking pictures somewhere, and it was hot out, so she took off her lehnga for a while to cool down - her lehnga wasn't fitting properly, or kept slipping off, so they were getting alterations done, and someone took a pic while she was waiting for the alterations to be completed -something accidentally spilled on her lehnga, and someone was trying to get the stain out I'm not supporting her behaviour, but it's funny to see people jumping to worst case scenarios, and losing common sense. You really think she would wear that to a Gurdwara? I'm sure any bride's friends, relatives, cousins etc. would tell her that she would look like a fool. My point: don't jump to conclusions without knowing anything about the situation/story.
  4. Proper way to change kashera

    It's pretty funny (and sad)... But since I have become a Sikh, so many new stories have been totally made up by people. it seems that every year there are new stories that somehow emerge. I think our preachers need to really think about this and understand that this is doing more damage than good. Our history and maryada is becoming so diluted that it is going to be very hard in the future to separate false stories from real ones.
  5. SIKH GORI argue with PUNJABI BIBI'S

    Wow...You're just gonna generalize white people based on a little video? Too much angry people on sikhsangat. What's that K word that we've been warned about over and over in Gurbani? Oh yes... Krodh.
  6. SIKH GORI argue with PUNJABI BIBI'S

    You have no idea what you're talking about. And...wow are you ever racist! You should be banned for the type of racist language you have used for white people. How do you know she is 3ho? Isn't that that Alexandra Aitken lady? Looks alot like her.
  7. Bhai Panthpreet Singh's 5 Questions To Fuhrer Badal

    And this is why we can't have ekta as a panth...its easy to talk about ekta but the reality is something very different. Think about that.
  8. Who Should Be Next Akal Takhat Jathedar

    I can't think of anyone better than Bhai Pinderpal Singh Ji.
  9. Sikh Clash With Police In London

    I have deleted this post. There is no point arguing back and forth. I have my way of looking at things, and you have yours. Peace.
  10. Sikh Clash With Police In London

    There is honestly no point arguing with you. We will never agree. You see me as weak because of how I feel towards violence and protests that only cause us harm. Using logic and reason is not a sign of weakness. Tell me this: did that Singhni not misuse the Nishaan Sahib and do beadbi by sticking it into the face of a cop? Can we at least agree on this?
  11. Sikh Clash With Police In London

    Mortal mouse sounds good to me. Sorry I don't live up to your version of Sikhi...sorry I like to use logic and reasoning. Sorry I advocate peace and harmony. My intentions are not bad. I tell you that honestly. I look at things differently. I would rather analyze the facts and look at things from all angles, rather than jump on a bandwagon and get carried away by mob mentality. For example, in the video I saw, it shows a Singhni who crossed the police line, rushed the policeman who was standing on top of the vehicle making a video, and stuck a Nishaan Sahib with a long stick in his face. He then grabbed it, and another officer broke it so she couldn't use it as a weapon. THAT IS WHAT CAUSED NISHAAN SAHIB BEADBI. (in this particular case). If she hadn't misused the Nishaan Sahib and tried to stick it in his face, the beadbi would not have happened. (I think she was trying to put the Nishaan Sahib in front of his camera, but the police see a long stick being stuck in the face of an officer, and in the heat if the moment, that is considered a threat). This is what I mean by using logic. Has anyone told her that she shouldn't have misused the Nishaan Sahib like that? No..because it's never out fault. It's always someone else's fault. If this sort of thinking makes me a Mortal mouse, so be it.
  12. Sikh Clash With Police In London

    I just saw the video right now of the police officer breaking the Nishaan Sahib. That Sikh basically stuck it in the face of the police officer standing on top of the van making a video. The police look at that as an assault attempt. We can't break the rules and then start complaining about injustice.
  13. Sikh Clash With Police In London

    Yes, even if it is the only way to attract media attention. This is a civilized country that has nothing to do with what's currently happening in India. Why should people here not be able to earn their livelihood, open their businesses etc... Because of protests? Like I said before, what if all of the different minority groups started to do this in London and everywhere you go you see someone protesting something? Where do you draw the line. From the police's prospective, I can imagine it like this: there was disrespect done of your Guru Granth Sahib Ji...that's awful. This happened in India. We had nothing to do with it. You can't lawfully start sitting on streets and blocking the roads. This is a civilized country and people need to earn a living, and you are disrupting order. You must stop this.... And our response: no... We won't stop. We are angry. We will block the streets and make the media cover what's happening in Indian. We will make noise, cover our faces, and fight the police. And we still expect the general public to see us as a peace, loving, and meditative people. Give me a break. The BBC doesn't have to cover this if they don't want to. You can't demand them to. Seeing images of Sikhs with their faces covered, fighting police made me upset. My question to everyone who keeps supporting this: WHY DON'T YOU GO TO INDIA TO RAISE YOUR VOICE THERE? If you feel so passionate about protesting, why not just go there?
  14. Sikh Clash With Police In London

    Really think about what this has accomplished. It makes us look like a bunch of fanatical hooligans. Nothing less. This is the problem with our people. We don't think things through. We just get emotional and make noise over everything...whether it be Gurbaksh Singh, rajoana etc... Then we forget all about it until the next thing pops up. We like drama and lose control over our logical minds and get caught up in mob mentality...and then, we blame everyone else for our problems. We feel that there is this conspiracy against us, and every nation in the world hates Sikhi and wants to destroy it... Get off your high horse.
  15. Sikh Clash With Police In London

    I see this differently. What does London have to do with whats going in India? We live in a civilized country that has nothing to do with whats happening in India, and we decide to start blocking streets out of protest? Protest to who? All that happened is we look like a bunch of unruly fanatics. If every religious group facing issues abroad started doing this, how would that work out? On Monday we have Syrians blocking the street demanding more refugees to come to UK, on Tuesday the jews protesting against hamas, Wednsday the Palestinians who want their voice to be heard about the conflict in Isreal, Thursday the an Ethipion group protesting why more aid is not being sent to their homeland...you see where I am going. This is NOT how to resolve issues. England has nothing to do with this. They weren't the ones that did beadbi to Guru Maharaj. This is an Indian issue. You start acting like hooligans and fighting police,and then blame them for using force? How about we start acting like civilized members of society, and start using some logic and reasoning? How did what happned in London make Sikhs look? What was accomplished? The average non-Sikh will watch the clashes in India, then watch this clash and will come to the conclusion: "These Sikhs are just troublemakers wherever they go" (i'm not saying this is the case...but an average person may draw this conclusion) Why do these people not go to India to join the protests?