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  1. Caste in Sikh Minds

    My parents are over 65 and Amritdhari. Makes me laugh when we are watching Sikh program on sky and someone with a certain style of dastaar is on TV and mother always has to point out that the person is a Mistry. Or she says 'tarkhan lagda aa'. Then I'll be like 'oh so he doesn't look like a Sikh then? Why you be treating man's differently?' then she be like 'they say themselves they are different with their Ramgarhia gurdwaras etc.' lol When I ask them why they still believe in castes. They say people who are amritdhari don't have caste but everyone else we should treat accordingly. But then they still point out so and so was this caste before Amritdharis chak. Old punjab folk like my parents are really petty when it comes to things like this. Another thing just to give an example of their way of thinking. They'll say it's okay, or even good for us if my sister ties rakhri on my wrist because I'm not amritdhari. But for them it's a strict no no. But then they try encourage us to do. Same with Lohri and other things. We've had plenty of conversations about this and I know they will never change their thinking. Many of the older generation are like this. Some changed but others refuse to.
  2. Mr Singhs - New vegetarian takeaway in Gants Hill

    one would think that Sikhs posting on a forum dedicated to Sikhism would refrain from using words like "fu##u". But yeah it's your personal choice to be whatever you want. sorry mate I said anything.
  3. Mr Singhs - New vegetarian takeaway in Gants Hill

    Kihne sohni zubaan aa tuhadi veer ji.
  4. Sorry pal, I would but apparently I'm not a Sikh according to some
  5. Who Will You Vote For In May?

    I dont think the current UKIP is NF or BNP. They might have funny views on things but I don't think they are racist.
  6. 3Ho Does Beadbi Again Dancing

    You should add 9. Don't care about caste?
  7. Renaming "the Sikh Temple" To "the Sikh Church"

    I did not say anything about Gurdwara, Church, ideologies or whatever else your chatting about, yet you are asking me if i'm a coward for allowing Temples and Gurdwaras to be called Churches? What you talking about? I simply pointed out, after I saw your post on the first page crying to the mods to close the thread, that this is a place of discussion. If you don't want to contribute something to the topic of conversation you don't have to. No one is forcing you now are they? I replied to your post on first page where you were crying to the mods to close the thread because it's what you want. Dude the world doesn't revolve around any one of us, you get it? How much time did you waste writing that crap you came up with? Anyways, IMO (well everyone has an opinion don't they), the word Gurdwara should be as well known as Church, Synagogue, Mosque etc. People should know by now Gurdwara in Punjabi = Gurdwara in English We keep calling them Temple's which has a Generalised meaning.
  8. Renaming "the Sikh Temple" To "the Sikh Church"

    First is that fact or your opinion? if it's really that stupid no one will reply and it'll get ignored and btw no one's forcing you to post. Many threads I've started reading lately, bout 2 posts down, someone posting comment like mods close this thread blah blah blah. Is this not a forum? A place where people can discuss stuff if they choose to - or not if they don't want too? (hint, hint). Your like one of these football players telling the ref to send opponent off. Mods know how to do their job.
  9. Why was he kicked out in the first place? Was he doing putte kam?
  10. Do We Have Free Will Or Not?

    When people say things like "free as a bird" etc, do you think these birds have a choice or are they on auto-pilot controlled by instinct etc? Maybe we are on auto pilot too just we have more choices to make and different contsraints to deliberate?
  11. Growing Your Own

    My dads had allotments for years. He's got 2 at the moment. Pay £25 a year each. Grow stuff like sweetcorn, turnips, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, runner beans, methi, dhania, spinach, chilli's, pea's, and few other bits. Plus got a pear and cherry tree there too. Got mint and few bits in back garden, mostly stick to flowers at home though.
  12. Sikh And Want To Cut My Hair

    I work in contruction industry bro and I've met loads of guys that wear Turbans. My brother in law does aswell. Personally I think they have it good not having to wear a hard-hat, keep warm in the winter time and still represent Sikhi. As far as the sweating and headaches go, sounds like an excuse.
  13. Sikh Marrying Mixed Sikh

    if it did say something about mixed race would you believe it?
  14. Tommy Robinson Speaks At The Oxford Union

    EDL have been around for a few years now. When I first heard of em, I think was from a newspaper article after a protest, which slaughtered them and painted picture of them being racists. I watched a few youtube videos, which didn't do them any justice either. I spent a little time reading stuff off their forums and it did seem like they were trying to stop idiots from coming to these protest, (or stop people acting like idiots at the protests). But I think there were too many trouble makers for them to handle and their message got lost so I stopped paying them any attention. But anyways I've just noticed that there is now an EDL Sikh division? any of you guys affiliated?