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  1. Surrey Nagar Kirtan - Ahmediya Muslim Stall

    Dhan Ram singh ji 🙏🙏
  2. Dori on Kirpan?

    The dori could be used as a gupt shastar, if you would have to sneak up on a mughal and choke them out with it
  3. Hukamnama at gurdwara

    I remeber hearing in katha, that whenever you walk into the gurdwara whatever shabad that is recited by the kirtani or whatever the hukamnama is, guru sahib is speaking to you through that.
  4. when is Vaisakhi 2018 exactly

    According to whatever the hell i want
  5. when is Vaisakhi 2018 exactly

    The 14th this year
  6. Nihangs in 1984

    In reality, the nihangs who helped were allowed cause of budha dal. Like the singhs from bidhi chand dal or harian bela had to have permission from budha dal first cause budha dal is shromani
  7. Go to sikh awareness. A much better site
  8. Two Antique Gold Silver Tulwars for sale

    The ganga yamunas are my personal favourite. I had a chance to buy one a few years ago for a good price. Im really regretting it now.
  9. Holiday in north America

    Go to Canada
  10. Two Antique Gold Silver Tulwars for sale

    These are zoomed in pics what bhaji has is not zoomed in
  11. nihangsingh.org web archive

    Dont read dasam granth then cause you will have a heart attack if you do.
  12. .

  13. .

    You need Jesus in your life
  14. .

  15. .

    Stop bothering everybody
  16. Two Antique Gold Silver Tulwars for sale

    I would like to know the price veer ji
  17. Taking my leave :)

    Please shut up
  18. Taking my leave :)

    @Kira come back quick! We need another keshdari hindu here!
  19. .

    Um, are you serious? @MrDoaba yo are you seeing this gandh?
  20. Dal Panth Amrit Sanchar

    Budha dal is the main, the rest have their own jathedars but the follow what budha dal says.
  21. Dal Panth Amrit Sanchar

    Once you take amrit from taksal,nihang, sgpc etc you dont need to take it again
  22. Dal Panth Amrit Sanchar

    Didnt you already take amrit? Why do you need to take it again?