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  1. Sikhi in Malwa

  2. Please, help me. I'm really destroyed.

    Watch 500 Days of Summer.
  3. Hindunised Sikhs

    This sounds like fun! Where can i sign up?
  4. That look is the look of nightmares
  5. Veer MrDoaba ji, wellness check

    He is doing dirty things with girls and guys with his salotar
  6. Washing kesh - need help

    A lot of mahapurkhs used to do bhagti with kes open. Their avastha was much higher than ours. There were mahapurkhs who used to listen to gurbani 24/7 even while going to the washroom etc
  7. Suicide

    Finally somebody understands this concept
  8. It would convert, for example krodh will become bir raas, lust would become pyar for the world etc
  9. The Akalis - Buddha Dal Documentary

    Baba prem singh would probably be more hesitant but i could possibly make it happen. baba avtaar singh wouldnt mind at all though You could cover a specific day such as maagho mela, hola mohala, vaisakhi mohala at talwandi sabo etc and how the nihangs prepare for it.
  10. I really want to marry an amrithari man.

    Oh really??!?!?! Whats his name??? How does he look? Is he dahsing 😍😍😍
  11. Nihang Singh Nitnem:

    The singhs in budha dal do this nitnem Jap ji sahib, shabad hazare, jaap sahib, shabad hazare p10, tva parsad svaye,tva parsad svaye dinan ki pritpal, akaal ustat chaupi,longchaupi sahib, anand sahib, chandi charitar ukat bilas, chandi di vaar, uggardanti, shastarnaam mala, rehras, aarti aarta, kirtan sohila, salok dumaley da, khalsa mool mantar, bhagaouti astotar, brahm kavach, khalsa rehitnama, barah maha maajh, barah maha svaye, sukhmani sahib, asa ki vaar and akaal ustat. This is from what i have personally seen in the dal, because they read from the budha dal gutka. I personally do my bani from tarna dal gutka.
  12. how deluded is Niddar Sio?

    The first picture is of niddar with balbir bhazigar who stole the jathedari of budha dal, killed baba surjeet singh ji the true jathedar, stole property, is a goon and the list can go on The second picture is a letter of excommunication from budha dal signed by Baba joginder singh ji rakba, baba avtaar singh ji bidhi chand dal, baba gajjan singh ji tarna dal, baba nihal singh ji harian vela and baba harnam singh damdami taksal. Niddar is not even a nihan anymore cause he just kicked out by hazur sahib singhs and dalpanth singhs. The third picture is of niddars own website(even though he has now taken it down, but it was previously accessible on his site) saying that he is getting funding from RSS. The same RSS that is beating sikhs up etc. Now when we talk about his fighting style, if you watch older videos of him his style is real different than his style that he teaches today. Just watch his fight against uptej singh(which he clearly lost and in anger threw his shastar and charged uptej singh). Before his style had traces of gatka etc as well, but now its more FMA/silat etc moves(which there is nothing wrong with). I personally like that niddar is utilizing techniques that are used in the previously mentioned martial arts, but please do not call it your own art. Baba giana singh ji nihang who was a true shastar vidya teacher wrote a book and it was published by the help of budha dal, and in that book there is no mention of styles that niddar talks about. What is mentioned is archery etc. There is many more things i can bring up of niddar but i just worked 11 hour shift and been doing that this whole week hence i could not relpy sooner. So im just going to sleep
  13. how deluded is Niddar Sio?

    I will leave these here
  14. The Akalis - Buddha Dal Documentary

    Yea i would be, i know the jathedars and they would allow a new one.
  15. The Akalis - Buddha Dal Documentary

    Whats up?
  16. Nihang Singh Nitnem:

    ? I dont understand
  17. How does one make soul leave body

  18. How does one make soul leave body

    Loool, im just tired lol
  19. Dream? Peshi?

    Gurvah gurvah
  20. How does one make soul leave body

    Chalo put some shrooms on bakra, is that more nihangi for you?
  21. How does one make soul leave body

    Shrooms are natural mate, put some on your pizza and enjoy the ride
  22. How does one make soul leave body

    Shrooms are much easier way
  23. Dream? Peshi?

    Avtaar the last airbender is the true path
  24. I really want to marry an amrithari man.

    I too want to marry an amritdhari man Oh snap did i say that out loud?
  25. Dream? Peshi?

    Chalo, mr doaba gets a pass for now cause its his first infraction. The second infraction he will be hit on the head with salotar. Third infracrion i shove a salotar where the sun dont shine