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  1. Since probably the start of the sgpc from what I heard
  2. Tell me about it... I was in a similar situation as you but guru saved me.
  3. Haha but seriously your posts are some of the best I have read on this site. So calm and collected
  4. Savage af
  5. Did you read my post? I said nothing for her or against her
  6. I'm in India right now. Air India is actually not bad.
  7. I think she lost the plot after her husband divorced her if it is uttrang kaur. I heard that even sant baba gurdev Singh ji shaheedi bagh Vale also got sick of her antics when she was living in anandpur Sahib.
  8. What happened to the Sikh awareness forum?
  9. What is your agenda? I have seen 4 topics where you are doubting stuff ao what are you trying to do?
  10. How do you guys remove blackheads? I know there are like some face peeling masks. What else can I use to remove blackheads?
  11. Baba Gurditta Ji was father of sri Guru har Rai Sahib Ji and grandfather of sri guru harkirshan Sahib Ji
  12. If you go at night time it takes about 4 to 5 hours but day time is like hell
  13. Some info on baba sri chand
  15. Are you higher than sri Gur partap Suraj Granth or twarikh guru kahlsa Granth? Do you have more knowledge than Giani gian Singh or kavi Santokh Singh? Get out out of your bubble man
  16. Guru sahib did not need to write anything. If you want an explanation for everything then you are gonna have a bad time in sikhi. Read some ithihas so you can become a tad bit smarter.
  17. What do you say to Sri Guru hargobind Sahib maharaj Sache patshah who gave his own son to baba Sri chand? Just stop Akali fauj
  18. Remember the sakhis of the 4 sahibzadey or bhai mani Singh or bhai taru Singh or countless singhs. They never left Amrit and they died for their sikhi. Why can't you do the same?
  19. If he loves you so much like you are saying then he would do everything for you. Why doesn't he take Amrit for you then if he loves you soo much? If he loves you soo much why would he try destroying your sikhi path? It seems more like infatuation than love.
  20. It's not something that you can just take and leave and retake. What are your reasons for wanting to leave?
  21. Lol imagine if paapiman came onto this forum lol