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  1. Does anybody know of any kirtan ustaad in Toronto Canada? Thank you.
  2. Yes pesh is required and yes guru sahib will forgive you.
  3. Start from panth parkash, or rehitnama of bhai desa singh, suraj parkash, prem sumarag etc
  4. Never ever ever gonna happen
  5. Sikh awareness is the best
  6. Can i become a mod?
  7. What i mean is there are a lot of closet rascists in canada even though its not noticed, but in the 2019 election you will see them in force cause of the trump wave.
  8. Trudeau is a good guy but no way in hell would there ever be a sikh prime minister. There is still more racist white people in canada than we know.
  9. Not gonna ever happen no matter what
  10. Shaheedi bagh in anadpur sahib is a place where you can stay. Ask for sant baba gurdev singh ji. He does a lot of bhagti. I also recommend hazur sahib as well. There are a lot of amritdharis at hazur sahib
  11. US sikhs should become shastardhari like own firearms etc and get conceal and carry
  12. Age doesn't matter at all. It depends on how mentally prepared a person is. For example my wife is older than me!
  13. Hey chatanga and dalsingh, I found satkiran from Sikh awareness!
  14. They shouldn't be but 90% of people in charge of gurdwaras are
  15. There are a lot of so called "Sikhs" who believe in larivaar and insult pad ched. This topic was on this forum I think in 2012 and we had a huge debate then.
  16. Well would you want missionaries controlling your gurdwara instead? The people who insult dasam pitas bani? So yes I did a joyful war scream because I know my guru's bani will not be insulted. But if you like the missionaries in instead then go vote for them.
  17. These are committe elections not state elections. This just decides who will get control of the Delhi gurdwaras
  18. It's good because the SAD is pro dasam Granth. That's why there has been so much dasam Granth katha at Bangla Sahib for the last few years. The missionaries lost big time. A lot of people are saying vadala is an anti dasam granth person.
  19. What does padched have to do with this?
  20. Why are you so amazed?
  21. No peshi needed. You think when puratan singhs used to get cut in battle that their hair never got cut? You think they went peshi? No they did not. What about the singhs who got shaheed? They never had a chance to get peshi. Peshi is only for when somebody does something on purpose for example if you cut your hair on purpose. So don't worry about it.
  22. Shromani Akali dal won!! Gurbar Akaal!!!
  23. Lol
  24. Actually we both are wrong. I just looked at the picture using zoom and it's written that it's sri Guru ram das Ji maharaj. The person who is putting the tika on guru sahib is sri Guru amar das Sahib Ji.