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  1. "Bina shastr kesang narang bhed jano. Gahe kaan tako kitey le sidhano. Ehe mor agiya suno le piare. Bina Tegh Kesang divo n didare." " Without weapons and Kesh - you are nothing but a sheep - who can be led anywhere by the ear Shastars are essential in sikhi
  2. Private message me
  3. Where in canada are you?
  4. For once an a+ post
  5. What about all the puratan pics of bibis who had no keski on their head? What about a lot of female sants who didnt cover head with keski? Im not saying dont wear a keski or not, personally my family does wear it(not as a kakaar) but im just trying to give you a different perspective so we can be open minded cause what puratan sikhs did were much different than today sikhs
  6. Keski is not a must
  7. Bidhi chand dal has their own factory of shastars and they are all reasonable prices
  8. Some might have maryada of kes as kakaar instead of akjs saying keski is kakaar etc
  9. You have to continually doing them.
  10. If you need more help you can personal message me. I also live in gta
  11. I think you have never read mukht marag granth ever or Bhai mani singh's sankat mochan granth.
  12. Dasam Bani di Takat: 1. Jaap Sahib: 5 Path karn naal koi adi beadi upadi nhi rehndi koi rog nhi lage anda, ate Dashmsh Pita ji Darshan den aunde ne. 2. Chandi Charitar: 1 Path karn naal 1 Singh Sava Lakh naal larr sakda he, bohot Bir Ras aa janda he. 3. Chandi Di //: 5 Path karn naal Sikh jaman-marn ch nahi aunda, Shaheed Fauja pargat hundia han, Roohani Takat pargat ho jandi he (Gupt ch). 4. Shastar Naam Mala: 32 Path karn naal Deb-Aschtar pargat ho jande han (Gupt ch), Ridi, Sidh, Nidh pargat ho jandia han, angint Shaktia aa jandia han. 5. Brahm Kavach: 32 Path karan naal Shaheed Singh Rakhea karde han, te Body Steel di ban jandi he. 6. Bhagauti Astotar: 32 Path karan naal Rudar Devta ate hor Devte,Devia Namaskar karan aunde han. 7. Chaupai Sahib: 5 Path karan naal Rakhea hundi he, Dashmesh Pita ji Darshan dende han, 50 Path karan naal Pursh MUKAT ho janda he. 7. Tve Parsade Swaiye: 101 Path karan naal Guru Gobind Singh 40 days to bad Partakh Darshan de aunde han. 8. Ath Chnadi Charitar: 5 Pth karan naal koi Dukh nhi rahe ga, te Shaheedi Fauja sahai hundia han. nd lots of more... ( Zafarnama di Hikayat 01 ate 12 vich bohot Kirpa he ). Dasam Shabad di Takat:. 1. Rogan te ar Sogan te Jal Jogan te boho Bhant Bachawe: es Sampooran Shabad de simran karn naal Purkh di Rrakhea hundi he bohot Shaheed Singh ang sang hunde ne. 2. Mahakal ki je Saran Pare so lae Bachae: es Sampooran Shabad de Simran naal Purkh di Age lambi ho jandi he. 3. Gobinde Mukande Udhare Apare: es Sampooran Shabad paran naal Brahm Gian ho janda he, saria Ichawa puria ho jandia han... sabh to mahan shabad he eh. .. nd more Shabads on Gur Granth Sahib, Dasam Granth, Sarbloh Granth......
  13. Wear shastars and keep doing bhagti like you are doing but never stop. How long have you been doing this? KHALSA REHATNAMA IK-OAN-KAAR SRI WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH [[ SRI MUKHWAAK PATSHAHI 10v [[ tb im bhneyo gareeb niwaj [[ shastran k adheen hai raaj [[ dhun sang saare prbhu ji sunayi [[ bina tegh teeran rhy nah bhai [[ bina shastar kesan, nar bhed jaano [[ gahe kaan tako, kite lai sidhano [[ eh mor aagya sun leh pyare [[ bina tegh kesan na devo deedarey [[ it says here that without shastar and kesh guru sahib wont give you darshan.
  14. How would one be able to make a gatra? I would love to make hazuri gatrey as well but how would i be able to make one?
  15. Go for it, wear a small dumala or gol dastar
  16. Near baba atal rai gurdwara there is a place you can stay, its called dera rumi langar near mata kaulan nivaas i think. Ask for lucky paaji and he will help you a lot.
  17. You guys are married and had s.e.x?? So what's the big deal! You guys are married so it's you did no paap. No need for peshi.
  18. Keeping your back straight and tightened for jung purposes just like how a weightlifting belt is used, also to carry your shastars.
  19. From other pics I seen she wore a proper bottom in the gurduwara and took it off later on
  20. PS: I'm a Canadian and I don't care for British elections. Just found this interesting.
  21. PLEASE SHARE AND ASK OTHERS TO SHARE 🙏🏻 Turiya does not get involved in politics per se. But ithihaas gives us gyaan with regards to showing support for those who have dharam at their core and are our friends. There are many examples in ithihaas, but one famous one is how Guru Gobind Singh Ji blessed and gave eternal respect/protection to Shere Muhammed Khan's family, due to Shere Muhammed acting as a true Muslim and speaking out against the fatwa to bury the chhote sahibzade alive given by the corrupt Muslim Quazi and accepted by the corrupt Muslim Nawaab and his corrupt court. To this day, the Muslims of Malerkotla are protected and treated with the utmost respect. Jeremy Corbyn was one of the only politicians in 1984, who spoke out against Operation Blue Star and the attack on the holiest of Sikh Gurdwarai. To this day he seeks to help and protect Sikh rights 'fully' including the right to wear a kirpaan. He has also genuinely been calling for and will continue to, an 'proper' investigation into the Tory parties (Thatchers) role in helping the Indian government plan the attack. In comparison, Thatcher the advisory butcher, is worshipped by David Cameron and Theresa May. We have a once in a lifetime chance to make a man with principles, honesty, compassion and courage... and who is a true friend to the Sikhs, the LEADER of our country. Please steer clear of all the billionaire funded media propaganda and 'look' at manifestos from unbiased sources. Listen to the candidates speak. Look at their history and their character. Look at what they are willing to do for our society AND world society and cohesion 🙏🏻
  22. Exactly lol