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  1. Dealing with people who try to judge your rehat?

    Stick it to the man lol
  2. Bitting hair

    Jeez these are getting ridiculous
  3. Is this acceptable ?

    Nothing wrong with it
  4. Is India overated?

    Put all these things aside and go with an open mind. Why do gorey like india? Cause they go with an open mind. Us brown people are too picky
  5. Yes it was, no point in beating around the bush
  6. Do you want to become naamdhari? If not then what is it too you?
  7. Seriously shut the hell up, why dont you go down to hazur sahib and talk big there. Nah bro you are too damn scared to go there cause you know they would beat you a.s.s Stop being a s.h.i.t talker man
  8. Naamdharis are not gurus, end of
  9. Is India overated?

    Oops 🙊
  10. Is India overated?

    The thing is there is poverty, and other crap but its still an amazing place. Its the dharti of our gurus
  11. Is India overated?

    I love my India 🇮🇳 Hindustan Zindabaad! But seriously india is an amazing place
  12. They were still allowed to do kirtan inside darbar sahib before the sgpc
  13. This maryada was only started around the time of sgpc. Before that non amritdharis used to do kirtan as well.
  14. Any Gurdwaras around Sale, Manchester area?

    Ill tell you more about it later, i just did a 11 hour night shift and im gonna go to sleep now