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  1. Just heard this yesterday and sounded pretty cool
  2. Jawaddi taksal Ludhiana
  3. Damn son you just went crazy!!! A+ post
  4. The first outside of caste marriage was done in the 1800s by Kavi Santhohk Singh Ji.
  5. "Bina shastr kesang narang bhed jano. Gahe kaan tako kitey le sidhano. Ehe mor agiya suno le piare. Bina Tegh Kesang divo n didare." " Without weapons and Kesh - you are nothing but a sheep - who can be led anywhere by the ear Shastars are essential in sikhi
  6. Private message me
  7. Where in canada are you?
  8. For once an a+ post
  9. What about all the puratan pics of bibis who had no keski on their head? What about a lot of female sants who didnt cover head with keski? Im not saying dont wear a keski or not, personally my family does wear it(not as a kakaar) but im just trying to give you a different perspective so we can be open minded cause what puratan sikhs did were much different than today sikhs
  10. Keski is not a must
  11. Bidhi chand dal has their own factory of shastars and they are all reasonable prices
  12. Some might have maryada of kes as kakaar instead of akjs saying keski is kakaar etc
  13. You have to continually doing them.
  14. If you need more help you can personal message me. I also live in gta
  15. I think you have never read mukht marag granth ever or Bhai mani singh's sankat mochan granth.