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  1. Walking to Darbar Sahib

    Not bad, getting used to walking more
  2. Just slap her But in reality nobody cares of the sanctity of marriage now days
  3. Walking to Darbar Sahib

    I work in a firm that handles security businesses
  4. Walking to Darbar Sahib

  5. Walking to Darbar Sahib

    Thankfully the job i do right now involves a lot of walking, bur i know i still have to do more.
  6. Walking to Darbar Sahib

    Yes veer ji, i will memorize brahm kavach and do 40 day brahm kavach jaap before starting
  7. Walking to Darbar Sahib

    Yea i expect this to be a three day thing. Cause instead of walking slowly for 24 hours and killing myself i would walk 12 hours each day and then have a rest at a place. I was thinking of first going from ludhiana to either jalhandar or makhu. I have relative in makhu so i could stop there and that would take about 12 hours. Then i was thinking for the second day if i leave from jalahandar i would reach goindwal sahib in about 9 and a half hours, or if im going from makhu i would reach tarn taran which would take about the same. Then on the third day i would travel from either tarn taran or goindwal sahib to darbar sahib which would be again 10 hours. So i would have rest everyday and still be able to do it.
  8. Walking to Darbar Sahib

    This is what i was thinking of doing, first listen to bani snd then do simran
  9. Walking to Darbar Sahib

    Yea this is what i am preparing to do. Im gonna train for about a month before i leave.
  10. You are a racist piece of <banned word filter activated>.
  11. Love someone

    So true
  12. I took a hukamnama...

    It depends on what you did ardaas for
  13. Walking to Darbar Sahib

    Like what type of exercises should i do to prepare etc
  14. Walking to Darbar Sahib

    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki Fateh I would like to walk from ludhiana to darbar sahib which is roughly 142 kms and want to finish the yatra in a few days. How can i prepare for such a long walk? I still have a month to prepare as i am going in mid November. My route would be from ludhiana to jalhandar,jalhandar to amritsar. Trying to do this in two days. I could also do ludhiana to jalhandar,jalhandar to goindwal sahib, and goindwal sahib to anritsar. These could be my possible routes.