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  1. Near baba atal rai gurdwara there is a place you can stay, its called dera rumi langar near mata kaulan nivaas i think. Ask for lucky paaji and he will help you a lot.
  2. You guys are married and had s.e.x?? So what's the big deal! You guys are married so it's you did no paap. No need for peshi.
  3. Keeping your back straight and tightened for jung purposes just like how a weightlifting belt is used, also to carry your shastars.
  4. From other pics I seen she wore a proper bottom in the gurduwara and took it off later on
  5. PS: I'm a Canadian and I don't care for British elections. Just found this interesting.
  6. PLEASE SHARE AND ASK OTHERS TO SHARE 🙏🏻 Turiya does not get involved in politics per se. But ithihaas gives us gyaan with regards to showing support for those who have dharam at their core and are our friends. There are many examples in ithihaas, but one famous one is how Guru Gobind Singh Ji blessed and gave eternal respect/protection to Shere Muhammed Khan's family, due to Shere Muhammed acting as a true Muslim and speaking out against the fatwa to bury the chhote sahibzade alive given by the corrupt Muslim Quazi and accepted by the corrupt Muslim Nawaab and his corrupt court. To this day, the Muslims of Malerkotla are protected and treated with the utmost respect. Jeremy Corbyn was one of the only politicians in 1984, who spoke out against Operation Blue Star and the attack on the holiest of Sikh Gurdwarai. To this day he seeks to help and protect Sikh rights 'fully' including the right to wear a kirpaan. He has also genuinely been calling for and will continue to, an 'proper' investigation into the Tory parties (Thatchers) role in helping the Indian government plan the attack. In comparison, Thatcher the advisory butcher, is worshipped by David Cameron and Theresa May. We have a once in a lifetime chance to make a man with principles, honesty, compassion and courage... and who is a true friend to the Sikhs, the LEADER of our country. Please steer clear of all the billionaire funded media propaganda and 'look' at manifestos from unbiased sources. Listen to the candidates speak. Look at their history and their character. Look at what they are willing to do for our society AND world society and cohesion 🙏🏻
  7. Exactly lol
  8. Does anybody know of any kirtan ustaad in Toronto Canada? Thank you.
  9. Yes pesh is required and yes guru sahib will forgive you.
  10. Start from panth parkash, or rehitnama of bhai desa singh, suraj parkash, prem sumarag etc
  11. Never ever ever gonna happen
  12. Sikh awareness is the best
  13. Can i become a mod?
  14. What i mean is there are a lot of closet rascists in canada even though its not noticed, but in the 2019 election you will see them in force cause of the trump wave.