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  1. Bhaji, Recite Japji sahib whenever you can. If you can do it throughout the day then so much the better, the more the better. Same with Chaupai Sahib, the more the better and whenever you can. Try Chaupai Sahib from Akal Ustat - Pranvoe adhe ekonkara . . . . . . . Only take a few minutes to recite and you can do dozens at a time , all day :-) Bani can be recited at any time, any breath that is exhaled without Waheguru on it is a waster breath. Rehras Sahib, Kirtan Sohila, Asa Di Vaar have set times and are normally recited at the proscribed times and most bani you can recite all the time. If you can do ten Japji Sahibs a day that would take your spirituality to another level.
  2. Will try
  3. Much appreciated Kira Ji.
  4. That's more or less it. On one side are your sins on the other that outweighs all your misdemeanours is a little naam. The rest is the journey on this world as time slowly ticks away.
  5. Nice way to talk about your Guru
  6. Gurbani criticizes them, Guru Ji criticizes them. What avasta, what tapasia, what naam simran do we have that we feel we can criticize them? Please go ahead, bad mouth them to your hearts content. You think your Guru will be pleased with you? He tells you to see Him in all, and these were His avatars , sent by Him.
  7. Guru Nanak Dev Ji presides over Kaal Yug. Bhagwan Krishan Ji presided over Dwapar Yug. Siri Raam Chandra Ji presided over Tratar Yug. Bhavan Avatar presided over Sat Yug. Those with little knowledge will spew disrespect from their mouths under the guise that they are, O' such true gursikhs, but will regret their actions for many many lifetimes.