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  1. This bani is for high avasta gursikhs. If you have not got the naam simran behind you then you will just get stuck in the Kaam part of the bani. You cannot get past this as you do not have the naam grounding. This is high avasta bani, just get on with your naam simran.
  2. Looks like the fate of someone is being decided
  3. I usually recite : Shastar Naam Malla beginning. "Aas kirpan khado kharag tropack tabar are teer, saif sarohi sethi ye-hey hamaray pir" "teer tuhi, sehthi tuhi, tuhi tabar tarwar naam tumaro joe japay pway Sindh paw paar"
  4. Lighting jyote is true maryadha as is keeping jall, as is keeping narial when doing akand paath of Dasam Granth Ji. Light of jyote is just one reason. In the olden days ghee jyote were very expensive and lit when someone very special came to your house. Who is more special then Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Ji, so light the jyote for your Guru. Ghee jyote light is pavitar it attracts pavitar souls, who is more pavitar then Gurus bani?
  5. Bhaji/Benji, Make the wick with cotton wool but make a few of them. With fingers cover the wick with ghee so that is burns slowly when lit outside of the ghee jyote. Light the jyote in ghee. Whenever the jyote that is lit gets black and needs to be trimmed from the top then get another rolled wick and light this and hold in in one hand or hand it over to another person. Now trim the lit jyote with scissors , if it goes out then you have the second jyote lit so use this to relight the main jyote. Same with changing the jyote, light another jyote and keep to one side, now change the main jyote and relight with the secondary one.
  6. Why can't we follow the Gurus path.
  7. You went to a 10 day retreat to learn all this ? How we run around looking for this and that when all the time it is all right at home - Its all there in Guru Granth Sahib Ji
  8. Only Gurus gyaan works not ours,look to Guru Ji not to one’s own foolish mind because that will lead you astray every time. Above reply has said correct, Guru Ji is our Jagdhi Jyote, we get all our gyaan from our Guru, He leads us to the path of mukti then we will do His sewa from Maan and Tann. You are mistaken if you think Sikh is just within the confines of the Gurdwara, Gurbani says – Joe Brahnunday soi pinday. Everything you see (and don’t see) in the universe is right within us. Those fools only see symbols do not know the adh Shakti that is Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Those who have no gyaan, so avastha, no naam, no simran see rituals, those who have see their Guru. So you don’t keep your phone in AC, who told you to have Guru Granth Sahib Ji on your phone in the first place ? Guru Arjan Dev Ji used to sleep on the floor while Adh Granth Sahib Ji was always on a higher level, the Gurus led by example such a pity we cannot follow. The mind wonders in meditation just as it does when doing paath. Guru Je says, Saas saas simro Gobind . . . Repeat His name with every breath you take. Guru Ji says over and over again repeat His name repeat His name – Naam Simran paath never let one breath go without His name on it, meditating on nothingness will bring you nothing. 4 Then you have not understood your Guru. Who is in nature ? Who created nature? Who created these laws? One leaf cannot move in the wind without His say so. We are all on a journey, some have progressed (and will ask for Naam Simran, and everything else will follow automatically) others have a way to go (they ask for worldly things), it is the foolish who look upon them with disdain for they themselves have not progresses far but are in the clutches of Hunkaar. As we progress so we see that the only thing to ask for (and why shouldn’t we ask – Guru Ji says Tumai shaad koi avar naa dhyao, joe barr chau so tum tay pao – Benti Chaupau – I will not leave you for anyone else and any thing I need I will remember you) are Naam and bhagti. 5 Guru Ji created many sampardhama, 22 munjies where set up by Guru Amar Das Ji, Damadami Taksal was created by Guru Ji. Infact we now have Sikhi which is being eaten from the inside by a cancer by those who call themselves the new reformers, who question every aspect of Sikhi, they started with Dasam Granth Sahib Ji and are slowly making their way to Guru Granth Sahib Ji please be aware of them.
  9. Thanks for all your help, lots of info. Steroids and drugs will alleviate the symptoms but you get all the side effects and he doesn't want to go down that route. Absolutely this is karam circle so we eat what we sow but sometimes you don't know when and how Guru Ji will do kirpa. We will look into the info provided.
  10. Wonder if anyone can offer any assistance. We have a close friend who has a rash on his tongue, less a rash more like an wound, very red and sore on the surface of the tongue very difficult to eat, had it for a long time now. He has tried everything, hospital laser burn off. Chinese medicine and Ayurveda medicine both say he has high heat in him , he has taken Brahmi and ground coriander and cardamom amongst lots of other indian remedies to reduce the inner heat but condition (Lichen Planus) not gone away. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  11. Bhaji/Benji, You have to become zero, absolute zero. There is no room for any ego. Don’t even think you are going to be a Gurmukh because that is all ego, become lowest of the low. Remember that Guru Nanak Dev Ji was called a Gurmukh ( Gurmukh kall vitch paragat hoe-a ) so Gurmukh is a very high stage. See an old bag lady pushing all her worldly belonging in a supermarket trolley down the road? regard yourself even lower then her. See a tramp sitting on the pavement drunk and puke coating his dirty clothes, regard yourself lower them him. Gurmukh is not easily achieved. See Him in all, regard all on one level, not easy. Jaap His name. But is that enough? We all do it, Gurdwaray across the world are full of smagams and naam simran divans, people jaap His name but who has had darshan of Him? How many can say they have had darshan of Guru Nanak Dev Ji? Guru Amar Das Ji says: Goojaree, Third Mehla: Everyone chants the Lord's Name, Raam, Raam; but by such chanting, the Lord is not obtained. By Guru's Grace, the Lord comes to dwell in the mind, and then, the fruits are obtained. ||1|| It is not just a matter of japing His name we all do it to a greater or lesser extent. You need HIS grace – Gurparsadh. Without this you will not get anywhere. So how do you get gurparadh? By pleasing Him by following His Hukam. Not easy. But above all PREM. This is prem-dhi-khade. You need total prem.love of your Guru. Unconditional and total.
  12. Fighting the Five Evils - Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Hunkaar
  13. You keep a seed in a box and it will lay dormant and inactive for months or years. You take that seed and you throw it on the ground and it is watered and it will germinate and grow. An insignificant pip will now grow and grow and turn into a huge tree. If it is a tree of thorns it will throw out thorns if it is a fruit tree it will bear fruit. In the same way, we say something, good or bad, then that seed has been sewn. It may not germinate but on the other hand that karam that has come out of your mouth may take root. Over time it will grow and when it ripens you then have to eat it. Just think how many thoughts we have when we go out and about in our daily lives. You may see someone you don’t like the look of, you have no connection with that person but you have taken a dislike to him/her and you say something bad or you think something bad, that “beej” that seed, will take root. You see someone you like the look of, “Ooh she/he looks nice, wouldn’t mind marrying her/him” That thought unformed would stay dormant but now you have created that thought, you have said it out loud and it has come into Brahm, and what is Brahm? Brahm is that all pervading Akaal that is everywhere. This Brahm energy is referred to by the Chinese as CHI, we call it Brahm. Now your thought/action has come into Brahm and it will germinate, it will take root and over time it will bear fruit. This may happen in this lifetime or in future ones but when it ripens then you have to reap it. You had no “sanbandh”/connection with this person but you have made a connection/karam. In the next life you end up marrying her/him but you had no other karm with them so there is no compatibility so you row and argue, what we call kaal/kalais, then we experience Dukh and we cry out, “Why is God doing this to me?” but it is our own making. We made the karam now we must reap it. How many times do we hear people say “Why does God do this?” “Why is there so much pain and suffering in the world? Why does God let this happen?” but it is all our own making. If we take positive steps, someone is nasty to you, someone makes a snide remark towards you and within you you say “Guru bhalla karay” then that “beej” seed is sown, over time it will bear fruit of goodness and you experience Sukh. You go about your daily life and you repeat the name of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, you are sowing goodness for your soul and it will bear fruit. Above all do not do NINDHYA of anyone, especially a Sant/Mahapursh, just don’t do it. If you hear others doing it then move away from them, say this is not your subject, you are not interested in this and do not wish to comment, or make an excuse and move away, keep away from Nindhya as Guru Ji does not like it.