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  1. Gurpurbh Guru Gobind Singh Ji January 2017. Can you name all the raags sung ?
  2. Looks like the fate of someone is being decided
  3. I usually recite : Shastar Naam Malla beginning. "Aas kirpan khado kharag tropack tabar are teer, saif sarohi sethi ye-hey hamaray pir" "teer tuhi, sehthi tuhi, tuhi tabar tarwar naam tumaro joe japay pway Sindh paw paar"
  4. Lighting jyote is true maryadha as is keeping jall, as is keeping narial when doing akand paath of Dasam Granth Ji. Light of jyote is just one reason. In the olden days ghee jyote were very expensive and lit when someone very special came to your house. Who is more special then Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Ji, so light the jyote for your Guru. Ghee jyote light is pavitar it attracts pavitar souls, who is more pavitar then Gurus bani?
  5. Bhaji/Benji, Make the wick with cotton wool but make a few of them. With fingers cover the wick with ghee so that is burns slowly when lit outside of the ghee jyote. Light the jyote in ghee. Whenever the jyote that is lit gets black and needs to be trimmed from the top then get another rolled wick and light this and hold in in one hand or hand it over to another person. Now trim the lit jyote with scissors , if it goes out then you have the second jyote lit so use this to relight the main jyote. Same with changing the jyote, light another jyote and keep to one side, now change the main jyote and relight with the secondary one.