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  1. Akhand Path & Money??

    £650 for akand path. How much would it cost it you did it at home ? Electricity on all night for three days, Gas for cooking all three days, what about langar for all the people you invite ? Tea and samosay? What about payment for the giani/pathi? Are they not allowed money to put food on the table for their families? It all adds up and probably more then £650.
  2. Singh Warrior Ii

    Justify your existence .
  3. Why is Death Hard to Accept?

    Maya .
  4. Singh Warrior Ii

    Naam is so precious, hold on to it tightly.
  5. Singh Warrior Ii

    In the picture the Khalsa is overlooking a farmer (representing the common man and the bullock representing Bharat) going about his business growing food to feed his family, he is free of harassment, free of invaders, free of oppression. This is how the Khalsa protected the people of Bharat, how sad that today the sacrifices of the Khalsa have been forgotten by the people of Bharat.
  6. Singh Warrior Ii

    How sad that those who were protected by the Khalsa should now forget their sacrifice.
  7. Time for paht

    Bhaji, Recite Japji sahib whenever you can. If you can do it throughout the day then so much the better, the more the better. Same with Chaupai Sahib, the more the better and whenever you can. Try Chaupai Sahib from Akal Ustat - Pranvoe adhe ekonkara . . . . . . . Only take a few minutes to recite and you can do dozens at a time , all day :-) Bani can be recited at any time, any breath that is exhaled without Waheguru on it is a waster breath. Rehras Sahib, Kirtan Sohila, Asa Di Vaar have set times and are normally recited at the proscribed times and most bani you can recite all the time. If you can do ten Japji Sahibs a day that would take your spirituality to another level.
  8. Singh Warrior Ii

    Will try
  9. Singh Warrior Ii

    Much appreciated Kira Ji.
  10. Singh Warrior Ii

    That's more or less it. On one side are your sins on the other that outweighs all your misdemeanours is a little naam. The rest is the journey on this world as time slowly ticks away.