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  1. Gurudwara committee

    Bhaji, Ask them to recite Japji Sahib. This is minimum. Ask them to recite Jaap Sahib, Amrit Sawaya, Benti Chaupai, and Anand Sahib. This will give you a good indication as to their avastha. Tell them that as part of their appointment they will also be expected to clean sangat shoes and toilet duties. This will give indication of nimarta. Bhaji I would refrain from calling it "My Gurdwara", it may be just a figure of speech but we need to have nimarta ourselves also. Even when something is yours always say it is not yours , it is Guru gifted, it is blessed by Guru Ji. Gurdwara is Gurus.
  2. Mata Ganga and Baba Buddha Ji

    Guru Arjan Dev Ji was Guru, Guru Ji could have blessed Mata Ji with a child, but instead told mata ji to seek the blessing of Baba Buddha Ji, but why ? The reason is that sant/mahapursh are Guru Ji's beloved. They are so close to the Guru that Guru Ji will bestow honour to them. In Punjabi we call it Vadhyai. Guru Ji bestows honour to them with things that they can quite easily do them selves. Like a father pushing forward the son and honouring him to do something rather than doing himself. Just like Guru Ji asked Mian Mir Ji to lay the first stone of Harmindar Sahib, they bestowed that honour to a sant/mahapursh. This is how close sant/Mahapursh/Bhagats are to Guru Ji and we should take a lesson from this sakhi, do utmost respect of these spiritual souls , Guru Ji is very happy with them and if we respect them Guru Ji will be happy with us.
  3. Hi All, I had a primary school get it touch with me regarding Roop Singh. His phone isn't working, his website isn't working, cannot find him on Facebook etc. Anyone any ideas on his whereabouts ? Thanks.
  4. Post Your Favorite Kirtan

    SaveCancel Sant Bhagwan Singh Ji Khalsa - Madhavay Tumm Na Toroe
  5. Are we allowed to Thank Waheguru?

    Say thank you / shukaraan to Waheguru Ji as many times as you can. Never stop saying it, does He ever stop giving us? Does He ever stop forgiving us ? Does He ever stop loving us ? So why would we not say Thanks You? Why is it duality ? He is your father, Gurbani says this time and time again so why wouldn't we thank our Father who gives us so much?
  6. Month of December

    As you will be aware December is quite a sombre time for us as with the shahidees of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji just last month, our Sahibzaday and Mata Gujri Ji. They sacrificed their lives for us, something we can never give back. But maybe in a little way we can show our support. On the night of the shahidee rather that sleeping on a nice comfy bed we could sleep on the floor just to show our respect and support for our ancestors. Do a small ardass and sleep on the floor maybe with a rajai/duvet on the floor and a blanket on top, it is a small gesture I know but well worth it as Guru Ji is always watching and they will bless those who in their own small way acknowledge the sacrifices made by His family.
  7. Gurudwara Changes!

    Removal of committees and replaced by Panj Piyaray. Youth rooms equipped with games, pool/snooker etc where our Sikh boys and girls can meet and interact with view to relationships and marriages. Removal of all chairs and sofas at the backs of Gurdwara darbars .
  8. Singh Warrior Ii

    We spend all our lives accumulating wealth, power and possession's but nothing will go with us not even a needle. Except Naam.
  9. Singh Warrior Ii

    The soul within
  10. Singh Warrior Ii

    Our never ending fight against maya.
  11. Walking to Darbar Sahib

    Climb lots of stairs. Maybe with a heavy backpack. Then when doing the walk it will feel easier.
  12. Post Your Favorite Kirtan

    Dr Gursharan Kaur - Har Kay Naam Ratta Bhairagi
  13. Akhand Path & Money??

    £650 for akand path. How much would it cost it you did it at home ? Electricity on all night for three days, Gas for cooking all three days, what about langar for all the people you invite ? Tea and samosay? What about payment for the giani/pathi? Are they not allowed money to put food on the table for their families? It all adds up and probably more then £650.