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  1. Guru Granth Sahib Beadbi sacrilege

    Isn't it about education ? If instead of sggs they had some esteemed 'baba' sitting in that hall then there would be no music playing or dancing. It's about respect and many folks just see a book instead of guru ji incarnate.
  2. Is there a wage cap on pacharaks? If they are based in London do they get a bonus in light of it being more expensive to live there? Also the mentality about dissing gay people is out of order. If people are gay (wired that way) they will have the same challenge as the rest of us to keep lust at bay. The worst thing is to encourage closet folks into marriage which destroys not just the spouse but also any resulting kids
  3. Sorry to break this to you but if you don't know Jagmeet personally how you can judge him? Afterall, all you know is the 'image' portrayed of him. For all politicians (and rising ones) this image is carefully nurtured by a political party machine. They get media training, coaching the whole shabang, so in effect they become like actors in a role. Would you vote for Jamie foxx because he played the US president in 'White house down'? What politcians say and don't say in public is governed by what their advisors tell them will appeal to voters they want. If Politicians could make a difference, how come after almost 100 years since universal suffrage in places like Canada, UK, US etc, they are still not amazing utopias, even though every politician who seeks office promises a better tomorrow, then 4-5 yrs later after winning power, the next person comes along and offers a better tomorrow, because society has got worse. There is a 'system' and the system continues despite the different faces on the puppets in office
  4. Shepherds Bush Gurdwara - this is not right!!

    Germany is looking into the main sponsor of this gurdwara refurb for vat fraud. Look into it. Im always weary of people who espouse their connections to politicians and raising their profile in times of need.
  5. If petitions did anything they would be 'banned'. Go ahead create a #, do some social media groups, share with friends etc..it won't do anything. Civil disobedience is the only thing that gets policy to change, hence why the authorities pander to certain communities that are known to kick off if they don't get what they want. If the Sikh community refused to pay it's tax until something was done, watch how quick juggi would be back in the UK . But our visible leaders with their MBE, obe's etc would rather suck up that rock the boat. Also realise that India has a lot of money invested in the UK (Tata etc, who own companies like Jag land rover and Tate and Lyle) so government won't rock the boat unless pushed to do so.
  6. Come on clearly the kid is a bit of a 'nutjob'. Its just that this nutjob had access to the internet and in his warped world thought that killing his parents with a bomb would allow him to continue his relationship with his gf. To put it into context there are 40m adults in the UK if 0.01% are absolutely crazy that would mean there 4000 of them walking on our streets (or 1 in 4000) now I tend to see more than that number on a daily basis.
  7. KA specialises in humanitarian crisis situations. What is happening to the rohinga is within that remit. If there was a crisis like an earthquake in Punjab I'm sure KA would mobilise if the need was there. We have plenty of groups working on 'sikh' issues but as usual they are split along various lines so don't generate the same oomph of say one organisation that tackles one area. Just an example is the various 'councils' of Sikhs that just act as vechiles for their boards to meet and connect with important people in behalf of 'sikhs', so they can further their own interests
  8. Christianity in UK

    Christianity in the UK since ww2 hasn't been 'in your face'. Just like most other religions, there are those who 'identify' themselves as Christians, but a smaller percentage of those who 'practice' Christianity. I've known quite a few younger Christians over the years and their devotion to their path shouldn't be questioned just because they don't 'shout about it'. British Christianity is very different to African or evangelical paths. Likewise its very different to the American Christians. Afterall in the West, the US Christians are the most powerful 'religious' block in the world. In 'elite' uni's and institutions you also get strong Christian groupings. So what I'm saying is that numbers are not that relevant. The Christian population is also changing radically in the UK (I remember a politician in the 1990s saying one of the reasons certain politicians were pushing for expansion of the EU was to 'inject' more younger Christians into the UK from places like Poland). We should also thank the Christians for things like the 'Alpha' course which as been used by folks in our community as an example of how to formalise/structure educating people about their faith. Oh and we've got a huge demographic bomb coming in our community in the next 20+ years. If you look at the gurdwareh we have, then you'll see that they are run by the older generation (grand parents / great grand parents) for their day to day running. Plus a fair number of recent 'migrants' from the panjab helping out. But the numbers of these people are becoming fewer, yet we have the same number of gurdwareh which will start to close over the next few decades.
  9. You do realise that no one reads the independent? It's dying a slow death and has even ceased print copies. What Tommy talks of is truth. Doesn't matter how he articulates it, he isn't lying is he? Do you want tommy to talk about things in the same way as the chattering classes? I wouldn't get worked up over what is said in newspapers or the media, people are wising up to how they form 'narratives' then get sources to back up that narrative. Another way they do this is when they mention the generic terms 'critics say xyz' or 'sources say xyz', to back up unfounded positions. All quite boring really
  10. Corruption Examples in Sikhism/Punjab?

    oh boy now it must be very hard to find examples. Of the top of my head, google 'Badal net worth' to see how that bunch who ran punjab till lately miraculously became a lot more wealthy. Prime examples of dodgyness include how the contracts for the Chandigarh airport were allocated. Then just follow the trail for the people smuggling from the punjab to the west (and east). That stuff only happens with plenty of brown paper envelopes. Then for the most twisted corruption look at how the 'drugs' end up in Punjab. By some miracle the drugs flow across one of the most contested and secure borders in the world (india / pak). How could could such a situation happen without 'greased palms'? where does all that money come from and go to?
  11. Can I Start A Parchar YouTube Channel?

    "kaala jadu black magic" rofl , if there was any such thing Tony Blair, George Bush and lord knows how many others who have started wars in the middle east/near east would not be doing as well as they are these days. You come and go in this life at guru ji's discretion.
  12. Why some sardar men raising their young boys as monah ?

    Having kesh imho is only important if you are into sikhi and realise it's significance . If you don't then there is little point in keeping it. As for children when they get older they will get into sikhi if that's their destiny. If their parents don't think it's important hopefully the general environment and access to knowledge will bring them back to want to keep kesh. Also keeping kesh is a source of ego for many 'sardars' I know, but their behaviours are deemed to be not as important as their outward appearance.
  13. Don't hold your breath on the establishment being exposed. The only way to rumble the establishment these days is via things like wikileaks and 'anonymous' who work outside the establishment. Are you niave enough to expect those in parliament (who abide by an oath to the establishment ), backed up by the judiciary and other instruments of the establishment to release documents that would undermine it? Just look at grenfell , the whole incident has been brushed under the carpet with an enquiry established, likewise with the institutional abuse of children (which shone the spotlight on major political figures past and present ) has been swept under the carpet and repeatedly undermined. The moral of the story is don't expect the establishment to damage itself.
  14. Why some sardar men raising their young boys as monah ?

    What makes you think the parent keeps their kesh because they want to? From my experience the majority of those dad's would cut their hair (indeed many do and wear the dastaar when around family, but not at work or with non family social circles). They only wear a pug because of family pressure/appearances. Their children are free of such pressure so they let them be monah. It's not really an issue anyway because it's what is going on in the head that counts and not outward appearances.
  15. Sikhs giving Non-Sikh names

    Ah come on is this any different to the 'tonys' , 'nicks' , 'daves' in the west which allow the coconuts to be accepted by the goreh? Or the Coco's these days naming their kids with English trendy names ? In particular things like the English spellings of names like Hari and Aneel etc. It just reflects that those people are just further from sikhi. the closer you are to guru ji then you leave the name to guru ji to choose or at least to give you the first letter of a name