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  1. Can I Start A Parchar YouTube Channel?

    "kaala jadu black magic" rofl , if there was any such thing Tony Blair, George Bush and lord knows how many others who have started wars in the middle east/near east would not be doing as well as they are these days. You come and go in this life at guru ji's discretion.
  2. Why some sardar men raising their young boys as monah ?

    Having kesh imho is only important if you are into sikhi and realise it's significance . If you don't then there is little point in keeping it. As for children when they get older they will get into sikhi if that's their destiny. If their parents don't think it's important hopefully the general environment and access to knowledge will bring them back to want to keep kesh. Also keeping kesh is a source of ego for many 'sardars' I know, but their behaviours are deemed to be not as important as their outward appearance.
  3. Don't hold your breath on the establishment being exposed. The only way to rumble the establishment these days is via things like wikileaks and 'anonymous' who work outside the establishment. Are you niave enough to expect those in parliament (who abide by an oath to the establishment ), backed up by the judiciary and other instruments of the establishment to release documents that would undermine it? Just look at grenfell , the whole incident has been brushed under the carpet with an enquiry established, likewise with the institutional abuse of children (which shone the spotlight on major political figures past and present ) has been swept under the carpet and repeatedly undermined. The moral of the story is don't expect the establishment to damage itself.
  4. Why some sardar men raising their young boys as monah ?

    What makes you think the parent keeps their kesh because they want to? From my experience the majority of those dad's would cut their hair (indeed many do and wear the dastaar when around family, but not at work or with non family social circles). They only wear a pug because of family pressure/appearances. Their children are free of such pressure so they let them be monah. It's not really an issue anyway because it's what is going on in the head that counts and not outward appearances.
  5. Sikhs giving Non-Sikh names

    Ah come on is this any different to the 'tonys' , 'nicks' , 'daves' in the west which allow the coconuts to be accepted by the goreh? Or the Coco's these days naming their kids with English trendy names ? In particular things like the English spellings of names like Hari and Aneel etc. It just reflects that those people are just further from sikhi. the closer you are to guru ji then you leave the name to guru ji to choose or at least to give you the first letter of a name
  6. Channel 4 Article On Punjab Drugs

    I've been to punjab plenty of times and i know relatives who are drug users (they disappear all day out with their friends and have that glazed look when you see them). One of the problems I have seen is that most of these 'users' are 'little maharajas'. They want to look like the latest Bollywood hero, they want to be cool , working in fields in beneath them (hence the families get in workers from Bihar etc) and they are still treated in cotton wool because they are 'males'. Through cultural socialisation you have a generation of 'selfish' blokes. They constitute most of the druggies. I been in the fields while in different villages where you have the local yoof sitting around while the Biharis do the work (oh and the punjabis treat the migrant workers like excrement). So many things are at play which make this a whole situation a problem , you have caste , gender, economic and cultural issues at play . PLus the fact that it is only happening because the government locally and nationally wants it to happen (If these young people were sitting around planning independence or avoiding taxes , do you think the government wouldn't act?). Large scale problems in societies happen because the government's want them to happen otherwise they use the full force of the state to stop them.
  7. Sandeep Kaur Samra radicalised by terrorists

    These groups only target certain communities because they are divided and weak. Do you see these grooming gangs targeting Jewish women? No because generally the Jews stick up for themselves. We've had our own holocausts but we remain divided. I know Jews who don't practice Judaism but they still identify themselves as Jewish (culturally). But our 'community' is too busy trying to appease and make money to care about identity . Likewise I know areas where there are lots of nepalese people in the UK and Muslims don't touch that community because they would go 'ape' if they were targeted. Same with many other communities that aren't targeted . As for the comments like Sikhi is a man-made religion. Ask any Muslim and I have from scholars downwards where is the original koran that was written by the 'illiterate' Muhammed ? Something like that would be held safely somewhere but it doesn't exist. It's one of the 'free miracles' given to Islamic scholars. There is no traceable record of the complete Koran back to Muhammed's time. For example the torah and old testament can be traced back (Jewish folk were pedantic in ensuring the integrity of their texts). Which is why the New testament isn't held highly by Christian and Jewish scholars as it was written a few generations after Jesus by the likes of Peter who had 'political' motivations behind what went in. Back to the Koran it was written by various scribes of Muhammed and then after Muhammed's death there were various versions that were brought together (based on written and memorised records). So if that doesn't make something man-made I dont know what is. Especially when you consider the people who oversaw this would have had 'political', 'economic' and 'power' motives behind what was in it (imagine the Saudi royal family being in charge 1400 years ago, and that type of person overseeing the compilation) . Part of protecting our community should be about educating our youth not just about our history but the history of other religions , so they can make their own informed decisions. You have to arm yourself with knowledge
  8. By taking a 'lordship' or any other 'title' you are basically giving your 'head' to the state and what it stands for. You make a pledge to that 'system'. So why would you expect Lord Singh to propagate sikhi, when he has given his pledge to another 'maharaj' (well technically maharani at the moment with ol' queenie Liz). "Sagal duaar kau chhaad kai, gahe’o tuhaaro duaar. Baa(n)he gahe kee laaj as Gobind daas tuhaar." "O Lord ! I have forsaken all other doors and chosen your door. O Govind, you have taken my arm; cared and protect your servant's honour.864" You can't serve or accept two can you? Or a good example of why the giving your head to the state is hypocrisy for anyone who isn't part of the establishment is in this article. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2003/nov/27/poetry.monarchy detailing Benjamin Zephaniah's response to being offered an OBE.
  9. We're all brides in the eyes of the guru aren't we? It's doesn't sit well when you say that women/men can't do things in Sikhi. When people talk of women give birth men don't ...well that's biology isn't it? Does biology affect your ability to join with the guru? This further extends to areas where women can't sit in darbar sahib etc. We point out the hypocracy in other religions when they say that people can't participate in the faith because of gender , class etc but we have some questionable 'practices' ourselves. We have many issues bigger than this in panthe but there are inconsistencies, which we shouldn't overlook. Those who say that 5 men stood up to guru Ji's call also need to think about the historical context of women at the time, as even Mai bhago had to challenge the status quo to fight alongside men, which is why she is so revered as an example to our women. The3ho Sikhs include women in the panj pyaare , but then they also have their inconsistencies. To summarise our form in this life is a shell (like a spacesuit) inside we are either moving towards the guru or not and that's the main thing isn't it? From experience I know of some people who have been one of 'panj pyaare' and they have questionable views / actions which are not consistent with guru's teachings. The outside form is deceptive in this life.
  10. Brand-new Sikh Political Party called The Panth Party

    It's better for jagmeet to stand on his own platform than be sucked into the games of the big political parties. If you've ever been involved in politics you would know what what the politicians say to the 'plebs' is very different to what they say and do elsewhere . The anology I like is imagine politics is a massive cocktail, if you put a small drop of honesty and integrity in if you wouldn't be able to taste it due to 99.99% of it being filled with other 'things'. If he went in as a Tory, labour or liberal he has to follow the party line first and foremost or risk losing his seat. Most of the people who 'give up themselves' for the power and position are weirdos, case in point being the likes of Paul uppal and sajid javid, two very perculiar folks who only like their 'brownness' when it can get them a vote.
  11. When I've spoken to people about this i put it down to 'house rules'. The anand karaj ceremony is in a par with our baptism , birth, and death 'ceremonies' (forgive me can't think of a better word). So they are events for 'sikhs' to participate in . Now clearly we can debate what is a Sikh, but on a simple level it's believing that what our guru ji says is the truth and accepting it as such. Next time you get some 'liberal' (hate using that term, but really mean wants to twist Sikhi to suit themselves and not the guru) questioning about the rules ask them if they would go to a 'work event ' dressed in inappropriate clothing,acting foolishly or openly brag about how good a 'competitor' is . They will say they wouldn't and you know why? They 'respect' and 'obey' the bosses who pay them , but they don't respect or obey the 'one' who gave them everything. Likewise if they were offered a knighthood, an obe or some other 'empire' suck up, they would follow the rules and codes of conduct at Buckingham palace as they perceive it as benefitting their world view.
  12. Wasting Time?

    Ok I'll keep this brief. Your brain / mind can be split into two 'realms' the human bit (compassion, appreciates birds singing, is reasonable , mulls over things based on evidence ...All that good stuff), then you have the older realm of the brain that has been with humans since they were fish, it's called the reptilian brain (deals with primitive urges, looks for danger, reproduction, self preservation etc). Now that part of the brain is about 5x stronger than your human side (but it's transitory/short term). So for example if a bus is coming towards you the reptilian brain kicks in and makes you move, adrenaline release , then the dopamine rush after to reward taking action. The human side of your brain likes to understand what's happening before taking an action, so it's a bit useless in such situations. In the modern world with kaam stimulus everywhere (triggers) you have a bit of a problem as this mechanism is kicking off a lot (kaam is needed for reproduction at an animalistic level). When you masterbate to stimulus you are getting a rush, then the dopamine hit, which is addictive and the more you do it the stronger those connections become in your mind (bit like when you see well worn paths in grass in the park). So over time you get stimulus the brain reacts in the same way. The guilt stuff you feel is from the 'human' side which makes you feel sad, and guess what your previous actions gave you a dopamine rush which made you feel good for a bit, so hey presto your guilt in a way veers you towards doing what you don't want to do again, as you want to feel good right? So how do you break this chain of events? Well realise a few things , if you are young then there are lots of hormones rushing around plus from a biological 'animal' point of view, your mind just wants to reproduce. When you feel the urge 'go easy' on yourself (this breaks the guilt cycle), if you indulge don't beat yourself up. When you feel the trigger or 'urge' you need to divert the mind. Would you continue to do what you were going to do if a bus was coming towards you? When kaam, krodh etc come to fore, notice how your mind goes into tunnel vision , so the thing to do is divert. From experience , a good comedy video or reading about acts of compassion divert the mind (and release those hormones such as dopamine ) in the brain. The key is not to guilt trip yourself and find a diversion that works for you. A good anology of this 'dance' is imagine yourself as a lightweight boxer (great endurance not much ko power) up against a heavyweight (not much endurance but maybe 5x stronger 😉). Would you go straight at them in round one and try and ko them, and then have a guilt trip over being punched hard and ko'd? Or would the clever boxer dance around the ring and aim to get the heavyweight tired so they give up in later rounds? You might get a few whacks but in the end you will win as long as you play to your strengths. Hope this helps , there are plenty of books out there about how the brain works , things like the chimp paradox and newer books on brain plasticity. The key is to break the 'guilt' feelings the action doesn't become a 'thing' which then makes it easier to overcome.
  13. Why Muslims should never be trusted

    Seriously you need to look past the label of 'muslim'. Islam is full of rules like have been outlined about using things like taqiyya, do you think your average (below average intelligence) person who labels themselves Muslim would know the nuances of its use? Whether you can trust a Muslim is down to you trusting a fellow soul. Likewise i know plenty of folks who labels themselves as 'sikh' who i wouldn't trust with anything. We have all come across them from dodgy lawyers , accountants, business folk to gurdwara committees. People are 'douches' under all 'labels'. Do you think guru Nanak Dev ji should have trusted Bhai Mardana in the early days? Even to infer that Muslims are one homogeneous group is also naive. The Shia and Sunni communities are divided so they can be ruled over, and lots of Arab 'muslims' look down on non-arab Muslims because they converted instead of dying for their beliefs (seeing them as lesser Muslims). The kind of person who uses taqiyya in the west is generally the type that gets caught drink driving or staging an accident and then suddenly uses religion to justify their 'ego' driven motives. Maybe I'm lucky but i do know some 'muslims' from different parts of the world who i would trust as their 'values' are inherent within them.
  14. It used to be a running joke that where there was a gurdwara there would be a pub nearby. Remember The pub (which is now a betting shop) on the corner of Havelock Road? Or Glassy Junction and it's kitchen on Park Avenue. Or how about the Pubs on Soho Road by the Gurdwaras? We need to sort out what goes on inside the Gurdwara's instead of getting excited by a potential meat shop by a Gurdwara.
  15. Scary demographics change of punjab

    Demographics has changed due to a variety of factors, some state led other led by 'punjabi' stupidity. I've been going regularly to Panjab since the early 80s and I've noticed the changes. For instance in the 80s i hardly saw any 'green' buildings or flags, now I see plenty in the villages and cities. This is from all the outside workers who come in and then set up home. The 'stupidity' angle comes from going around villages and seeing the 'little emperors' sitting around chilling or doing drugs with their mates while the farms and industry have to bring in labour to do work on farms, construction etc. Likewise the female infanticide has led to more men than women so they have to get wife's from other communities to get a bride (for generations women were instrumental in passing on sikhi from generation to generation). The general population is also now instilled with the 'me me' culture so it's about making as much for yourself than worrying about your neighbour. I've been to the court houses in jallandhar on a few occasions and 90 percent of the matters there are over land or other disputes relating to money/shafting someone else. It's not just their fault look at the NRIs who just build massive houses (inflating prices and flaming jealousy) which are empty most of the time when a small proportion of that money could be used for making Panjab better. Face it Panjab is a dump and the demographic changes make the likelihood of making it better through democratic means remote.