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  1. Seeing as howi already suffer with both those thingsi wont bother getting married. Thanks for the headzup Singh
  2. Love is in the air.....
  3. Awww 7th grade crush... Thats cute! Hahaha
  4. That escalated pretty quickly! Lol!
  5. God i wish i knew my past life. If only there was a button i could press. Things would be sooo much easier! But i guess thats why they call it life!
  6. Personally as a young woman i always contribute to the household. It is a core value for me to contribute to the place youre living in... i dont think there is anything wrong with it my parents provided for me with much care and love so the fact that i pay towards the house is the least i could do for being born! :-) Wjkk wjkf
  7. I once read that when you meet the right person you're heart does not in fact beat fast or you do not get butterflies in your stomach. The body in fact remains calm. Maybe youre heart beating fast indicates it is something you want but not something you need Wjkk wjkf
  8. It it tought paji. But only you can find the lesson to be learned from this. Everyone has their first 'love' if not love then infatuationor 'crush' that they never forget even myself but life doesn't stop becuase someone has left you... it keeps going on and maybe it is an indicatiom that you too should move forward. There wil always be something that reminds you of her but maybe it is time to have new memories of you're own WJKK WJKF
  9. Try not to worry about what is not your Paji... We do not know what plan mahraj has for us, it may seem lile a loss now but see it as a lesson and that Waheguru Ji had a bigger plan in place... One that we cannot really fathom... WJKK WJKF
  10. I find wearing 3 quarter tops with flare trousers or formal jogger is quite good. Along with loose chinos maybe. The loose tops allow a better feeling in the summer they do not stick to the skin too much Hope this helps.