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  1. Use this time to get to know who you are and what you like. Eventually you will fall into the right thing :respect: :respect: :respect:
  2. WJKK WJKF Im honestly not sure what to say, i dont know if you are in love with this individual but putting slips of paper next to each other will not give a good answer. Let Mahraj Ji deal with it, Time will takes its course, and if she is the one, Mahraj will gladly guide you to her, but up until then you need to find something else to do. Thinking and thinking will drive you crazy, i know that from experiance, You have to do something physical. Take one day at a time........If its meant to be, It Will Be.... :respect: :respect: :respect: :respect: :respect: :respect: :respect: :respect:
  3. saahib nitaani-aa kaa taan sireeraag mehlaa 5. Siree Raag, Fifth Mehl: jaa ka-o muskal at banai dho-ee ko-ay na day-ay. When you are confronted with terrible hardships, and no one offers you any support, laagoo ho-ay dusmanaa saak bhe bhaj khalay. when your friends turn into enemies, and even your relatives have deserted you, sabho bhajai aasraa chukai sabh asraa-o. and when all support has given way, and all hope has been lost chit aavai os paarbarahm lagai na tatee vaa-o. ||1|| -if you then come to remember the Supreme Lord God, even the hot wind shall not touch you. ||1|| saahib nitaani-aa kaa taan. Our Lord and Master is the Power of the powerless. aa-ay na jaa-ee thir sadaa gur sabdee sach jaan. ||1|| rahaa-o. He does not come or go; He is Eternal and Permanent. Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, He is known as True. ||1||Pause|| jay ko hovai dublaa nang bhukh kee peer. If you are weakened by the pains of hunger and poverty, damrhaa palai naa pavai naa ko dayvai Dheer. with no money in your pockets, and no one will give you any comfort, su-aarath su-aa-o na ko karay naa kichh hovai kaaj. and no one will satisfy your hopes and desires, and none of your works is accomplished chit aavai os paarbarahm taa nihchal hovai raaj. ||2|| -if you then come to remember the Supreme Lord God, you shall obtain the eternal kingdom. ||2|| jaa ka-o chintaa bahut bahut dayhee vi-aapai rog. When you are plagued by great and excessive anxiety, and diseases of the body; garisat kutamb palayti-aa kaday harakh kaday sog. when you are wrapped up in the attachments of household and family, sometimes feeling joy, and then other times sorrow; ga-on karay chahu kunt kaa gharhee na baisan so-ay. when you are wandering around in all four directions, and you cannot sit or sleep even for a moment chit aavai os paarbarahm tan man seetal ho-ay. ||3|| -if you come to remember the Supreme Lord God, then your body and mind shall be cooled and soothed. ||3|| kaam karoDh mohi vas kee-aa kirpan lobh pi-aar. When you are under the power of sexual desire, anger and worldly attachment, or a greedy miser in love with your wealth; chaaray kilvikh un agh kee-ay ho- aa asur sanghaar. if you have committed the four great sins and other mistakes; even if you are a murderous fiend pothee geet kavit kichh kaday na karan Dhari-aa. who has never taken the time to listen to sacred books, hymns and poetry chit aavai os paarbarahm taa nimakh simrat tari-aa. ||4|| -if you then come to remember the Supreme Lord God, and contemplate Him, even for a moment, you shall be saved. ||4|| saasat simrit bayd chaar mukhaagar bichray. People may recite by heart the Shaastras, the Simritees and the four Vedas; tapay tapeesar jogee-aa tirath gavan karay. they may be ascetics, great, self-disciplined Yogis; they may visit sacred shrines of pilgrimage khat karmaa tay dugunai poojaa kartaa naa-ay. and perform the six ceremonial rituals, over and over again, performing worship services and ritual bathings. rang na lagee paarbarahm taa sarpar narkay jaa-ay. ||5|| Even so, if they have not embraced love for the Supreme Lord God, then they shall surely go to hell. ||5|| raaj milak sikdaaree-aa ras bhogan bisthaar. You may possess empires, vast estates, authority over others, and the enjoyment of myriads of pleasures; baag suhaavay sohnay chalai hukam afaar. you may have delightful and beautiful gardens, and issue unquestioned commands; rang tamaasay baho biDhee chaa- ay lag rahi-aa. you may have enjoyments and entertainments of all sorts and kinds, and continue to enjoy exciting pleasures bahut Dhanaadh achaarvant sobhaa nirmal reet. You may possess vast riches, maintain virtuous conduct, have a spotless reputation and observe religious customs; maat pitaa sut bhaa-ee-aa saajan sang pareet. you may have the loving affections of mother, father, children, siblings and friends; laskar tarkasband band jee-o jee-o saglee keet. you may have armies well-equipped with weapons, and all may salute you with respect; chit na aa-i-o paarbarahm taa kharh rasaatal deet. ||7|| But still, if you do not come to remember the Supreme Lord God, then you shall be taken and consigned to the most hideous hell! ||7|| kaa-i-aa rog na chhidar kichh naa kichh kaarhaa sog. You may have a body free of disease and deformity, and have no worries or grief at all; mirat na aavee chit tis ahinis bhogai bhog. you may be unmindful of death, and night and day revel in pleasures; sabh kichh keeton aapnaa jee-ay na sank Dhari-aa. you may take everything as your own, and have no fear in your mind at all; chit na aa-i-o paarbarahm jamkankar vas pari-aa. ||8|| but still, if you do not come to remember the Supreme Lord God, you shall fall under the power of the Messenger of Death. ||8|| kirpaa karay jis paarbarahm hovai saaDhoo sang. The Supreme Lord showers His Mercy, and we find the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. ji-o ji-o oh vaDhaa-ee-ai ti-o ti-o har si-o rang. The more time we spend there, the more we come to love the Lord. duhaa siri-aa kaa khasam aap avar na doojaa thaa-o. The Lord is the Master of both worlds; there is no other place of rest. satgur tuthai paa-i-aa naanak sachaa naa-o. ||9||1||26|| When the True Guru is pleased and satisfied, O Nanak, the True Name is obtained. ||9||1||26|| Fatej Ji, I hope you find the light :respect: :respect: :respect: :respect:
  4. Dont Give Up :respect: :respect: :respect: :respect: :respect: :respect: :respect:
  5. My dear do not worry, i have had dreams about the devil, it will be beneficial if you relax before bed, sleep early, eat healthy, and listen to kirtan. Dont gfeel scared, I know what your feeling/ :respect: :respect: You can PM me if you like
  6. Panji Its a blessing in disguise.... You said yourself that this person was abusive towards you, Is that really how you want to be in a relationship? See this as a good thing, learn from what happened and know that there is something better coming in the future. I know thus seems like a very airy fairy answer but it is true. It seems like this person who broke up with you didnt seem to care, Poepl who are truly in love fight for their relationship. Now im not saying that what you had wasnt 'love' but i am saying that maybe you can put this 'love' into something else. You could be so much better and you can do som much more. Use your effort and strength and do something posistive. *Get involved in voluntary work, helping others maked you feel better about yourself. *Go to the gurdwara and do seva, ask for a hukamnama... All these little things will help you get out of your head. If you do feel that this isnt working then going to therapy would a be very beneficial. The only thing you can do now is to try and move forward, You cannot go back. Fateh Panji, I wish you all the best PM me if you want to talk. :respect: WJKK WJKF :respect:
  7. NEVER MARRY SOMEONE UNLESS YOU HAVE SEEN WHAT THEY ARE LIKE DRUNK :respect: :respect: :respect: :respect:
  8. I have a feeling this thread will be closed.................................. To Be Continued .......................
  9. Man... You clearly came here to rant and get some anger out..... Chill Bro... :respect: :respect: :respect:
  10. GO ON BRO!!!!!! :toohappy: :toohappy: :toohappy:
  11. Aw Dont worry Singh. You got us rooting for you to get better! It takes time honestly... i have been through stuff to and its a process and a learning curve Take Care :respect:
  12. Ill do Ardas for you ..... :respect: :respect: :respect: