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  1. First question is who is transgender?? 1) There are many transgender men that are living as women but have male sexual organs, in that case if they don't shave their beard they can hardly look or live like a woman 2 Natural born transgender. These type of cases are 1 in Lakh .it is very rare 3 Indian Hijra or eunuch , the castrated males.Many Indian Hijra's are product of forced castration .Some do join Hijra groups and willingly castrate them , they have their own rituals guru etc .The question of Amrit only arises if someone leaves Hijra groups and want to become sikh. So it will depend on case by case
  2. I used to believe this until I started managing my brother's matrimony profile a year ago who received lots of interest from girls who are looking for non trimmer , vegetarian and religious. My brother being less religious created more problem for him in finding life partner. The main factors that people see in India for marriage is how much a guy earn , how much property his family own and what the status of his family.If by any chance .If by any chance your these factors are on weak side then even super gursikh families won't consider you as rishta
  3. Sikhism On Vegan ?

    Desi cows in India live by eating trash , nobody even give them proper food
  4. Sikhism On Vegan ?

    What are you talking? How can calves make their mom sick, As a child I was fond of going to Doodhwala's and calves love milk as much as they get especially desi calves. May be now foreign breeds like Jersey or Holstein have different requirements because they are artificially milked and western nations have turned them completely into just milk producing machines,. What I saw was that calf was given milk of 1 udder after 6-7 days for few months, if it survive good luck
  5. Can you name 1 pooran Gursikh international star in any sport? Is it any wonder that sikh kids have started that they believe that meeting sikhs who sit with ferguson is an achievement.
  6. Destroyed In Marriage

    To all of you guys who were cheated in marriage by Girl or her family please contact this lady https://www.facebook.com/deepika.bhardwaj?fref=nf&pnref=story She is fighting against biased laws against men where they were cheated by women , where fake cases of dowry , rape , molestation are filed against them, share your story
  7. Sikh Children Are The Tallest

    Well then read study of princeton edu, average height of Adult Punjab male is 168.6 cm , tallest in India , but quite similar Haryana 168.1, and Jammu Kashmir 168.3 https://www.princeton.edu/rpds/papers/Deaton_Height_health_and_inequality_the_distribution_of_adult_heights_in_India_AERPP.pdf So this makes average Punjabi male height at 5 feet 6 inches, Tallest in India but nowhere close to 5 feet 10 inches or 11 inches Europeans
  8. Sikh Children Are The Tallest

    I think this has much to do with Sikhs which are from taller region migrating to UK rather than anything.The average jatt sikh height is 5-7 The average Englishman is 5-10" , so either Sikhs don't maintain their height advantage to adult hood or truth lies in something else
  9. So now challenging theories whether protein is required or not ? The fact is a kid that has good genetics to be a good athlete require protein rich diet to be on the top. If his/her day to day requirements are not fulfilled then don't expect him to be a world leader. BTW have you read above article about Susheel kumar , he did not like to eat eggs for ethical reasons but have to repair his injured muscles on prescription of doctors.
  10. LOok I am not saying meat eating = more power , If a Vegetarian can supplement himself with very good diet then there is no difference .but most veggies in India don't do so 2) Susheel kumar used to drink 3-4 litre buffalo milk daily , How many common people in India do so 3) Susheel kumar is also not 100% vegetarian
  11. Even non vegetarians in India are protein deficent.Delhi has large number of Punjabi's haryanavi's and North Indians , they too lack protein in their diet
  12. This is for who take proper vegan diet. you think by eating bread pakora's samosa chholle bhatura will make a person Athlete , Just look at poor nutrition of Indian kids. recently Madhya pradesh chief minister banned eggs for mid day meal scheme and this led to massive uproar that already children in India are so nutrition deficient. A balanced vegan diet is nowhere close to Indian veg diet
  13. Why so many Sikhs outside India are joining Cricket team of their countries? Ravi Bopara, Monty Panesar for England , Gurinder sandhu For Aus , Ish Sodhi for NZ and here the new kid Jason Sanghahttp://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/content/player/959827.html This guy is 16 year old who has made debut for Aus under 19 Hardly any of them is born or raised in India
  14. Not true many Indian bowlers tried to bowl fast but ended up bowling medium. There was shocking statement from 2000s best indian fast bowler
  15. You think fast bowling non athletic?