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  1. and there is a lot of girls gold diń£ging,
  2. but what if it was true the wotrld is advancing so much no really knows
  3. Must read this article and discuss
  4. Can I ask a question how did learn to understand all of gurbani , and can u tell me whats the best way to understand Thanks
  5. thks thks
  6. Hello where can I get a pdf version of all guru sahibs Ji ithass , all the stories about each and every guru sahib , I cannot find it and also in written punjabi , if not punjabi then english , Please can u help me
  7. this is the age of kaljug , (satans rule) for us to rule the world first me must become Khalsa (pure) then the rule of the Khalsa Will Rule the world
  8. What job were u doing at the time , did u find a better job
  9. What type of job is this
  10. Can u guys tell me where do u guys put dasvand and where r good places to put dasvand pleasw
  11. thks bro
  12. How many hrs sleep do u get a day bro becayse i have problems waking amrit vela , from when i was youbg and to now i cant wake up , i usally get 10 hrs sleep ," how do u push urself to wake up that early ,
  13. What r u talking about bro it is a book of god , y disrepect , there r really good christians saints in mt atho search it up havr u seen the orthodox christians in mt athos, they known what they r talking about unlike some christians tiday
  14. here u go