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  1. Lmao I remember that one 😂
  2. Wt f?? How'd you even leap to these conclusions?? Cray cray!
  3. You haven't mentioned if you'd actually met this girl. If so, how did she come across in person? Did she seem interested then? Happy/smiling/shy or quiet/miserable. If it's all just been over the phone then it's hard to say if she likes you or not. I mean can you like someone you've only ever spoken to over the phone?? Infatuation maybe. If you haven't met her a few times, I'd back right out of that. 7 years is a huge age gap. I'm assuming she's the younger one. Be very considerate with your next move. This is someone's daughter, someone's sister. If you need to call it off, make sure you've tried your best to make it work first. Go meet her if you haven't already. See how you guys get on etc.
  4. Which is the correct rehras sahib???

    Just out of curiosity, how old are you? Where you from?
  5. Which is the correct rehras sahib???

    Am I allowed to comment?? Troll much??

    Our full faith should be in Guru Sahib alone, not in these babay/self proclaimed sants. We alone are guilty for putting these people on pedestals and then when they fall off them, we're hurt, we cry, our faith shakes. Also the recording could be anyone. Personally I wouldn't put it past any of these 'limelight' babay. Listen to their Katha, take what's good, leave what's bad. And ALWAYS REMEMBER, they're humans just like the rest of us. "bhulan andhar sab ko abhul guru kartar".
  7. Jeez louise this post nose dived. You guys just egg each other on. You all need to go back read each others responses and learn from them coz you've actually given each other some decent advice amongst all the bashing. We're all brothers guys. And sisters we're one big family. There's always gunna be disagreements... Learn to agree to disagree.
  8. Sordid...hmm... As are your racist rants. Perhaps you'll take a voluntary leave too? Leave the guy alone. He's apologising; seeking to make amends. You could learn a thing or two.
  9. It's regrettable that you're leaving the forum.
  10. That's a bit of a shame. Personally I'd rather you stay, learn and grow like the rest of us. We all have our shortcomings. We all have differing opinions on different matters and that's okay. That in itself is not an issue. Our differing standings can benefit us if we allow them to do so. However, it becomes an issue when we let our Haumai, our ego get in the way. Of course that's something that gets the better of us all; we're all guilty. So should we all leave this forum? Of course not. Brother, you're no different to the rest of us. Be at peace. Forgive me for my shortcomings. All the best with your journey. Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa Vaheguru ji ki Fateh!
  11. Sikhs in Dubai and the UAE

    Have you seen the purpose built Gurdwara in Dubai?
  12. Britian First

    Ruined a completely valid point with that ending. Please refrain from sharing such thoughts in future. Bare in mind that your sisters use this forum too.
  13. Britian First

    What is this "ect ect"? I always thought ECT was a type of psychiatric therapy which essentially uses electrocution to provide relief from mental disorders. It's a therapy I'd heavily recommend to "britain First" supporters. "indian community of Sikhs and hindus" ey? Thankfully, I'm not a part of that community so they can keep their respect to themselves.
  14. Britian First

    I think MisterrSingh has answered OP's question so well to the point where there is nothing any other member could possibly add. ADMIN JI, time to shut the post. 😂
  15. Challenge of a Hindu

    More trolls than members on this forum
  16. JAGTAR SINGH FreeJaggi

    Please create an account. Pm me please
  17. JAGTAR SINGH FreeJaggi

    Brushed under the carpet. Out of sight out of mind. Pity.
  18. ਧੰਨ ਗੁਰੂ ਧੰਨ ਗੁਰੂ ਪਿਆਰੇ I
  19. Oh these pesky pro-Khalistani fundamentalist sikhs
  20. Alcohol & Anxiety/Depression

    Why did you start drinking? You mentioned it's a recent thing having never really drunk before... So what started it off? Why do you drink? Create an account and feel free to send a personal message veer. It would help you to be open and discuss this issue in detail so we may help as best we can.
  21. Islam view of Hinduism

    There are both good and bad jinns. They have the ability to worship God too. Apparently. It's all very confusing and relies on a number of hadiths- the authenticity of which is questionable. Thankfully we don't need to worry about any of that! Even the Arab Jews of old were known to use the name Allah. I'm not sure if it was exclusive to the Quraysh. But I see your point. I'm sure they have an argument for it.lol This is exactly why we should consider ourselves so lucky that our Guru Maharaj took out the time and had the foresight to pen everything down themselves. We rely on nothing but our Guru. They rely on a book (Qur'an) which has only very recently been standardised (Cairo edition 1955), Hadiths- the authenticity of which are highly questionable, and the Sira i.e. Biographies of the prophet Mohammed. None of which were written or compiled during the time of the prophet himself. It's mind boggling really that he didn't have this foresight. Same applies to Jesus.
  22. Islam view of Hinduism

    Penji we shouldn't rely on arguments made by Christian apologists. Read Surah 53:19-22 for yourself and you'll realise the above argument is in clear contradiction. The moon god (also known as allah) is said to have 3 daughters al-lut al-uzza and manat. The pagans worshipped the moon god allah and his daughters. The Surah in question actually rebukes the pagans belief regarding the daughters. No where in the Qur'an does it actually tell anyone to worship anyone other than the one God, Allah. It also specially states that Allah has no daughters or sons or partners. Why is the moon God and his daughters mentioned but hindu Gods etc are not mentioned? I don't know. I'd assume it's because the Arab pagans called their moon god allah and so they were mentioned to distinguish between him and Allah the Islamic God. Whereas hindu beliefs are very much in contrast to Islam. I've not really looked into it tbh. My assumption is just an assumption and shouldn't be relied upon either.
  23. Islam view of Hinduism

    Hilarious. Typical preachy bakwaas. Without any historical evidence he's just another barking dog. With a terrible stutter... And a pent he long outgrew...
  24. Islam view of Hinduism

    We know that polytheists were present in Mecca at the time of Mohammed. Idols were worshipped around the Kaaba. Whether any of the polytheists were Hindus is unknown and since the idols were destroyed, we don't know if they were of Hindu deities. It's a possibility. The Qur'an + Hadiths do not mention Hindus by name. Pretty certain Mohammed would've come across them though. Aha I don't know about racist but he certainly despised the polytheists who had taken over the "house of God" i.e. Kaaba.