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  1. Ok. This is an online forum... incase you didn't realise that.
  2. Ooo big man here! Are you suggesting women are somehow inferior to men?! You should change your name to KeyboardFauj. You bark and bark and bark like a mad dog. Carry on old boy
  3. Hey Kuks, how you doing man?! Apparently I shouldn't engage with you. I'll DM you bro. Peace!
  4. I honestly didn't. Since when did you take up admin duties?
  5. Omdz either answer the guys question (for him and for anyone else seeking the answer), or don't bother responding! Resolve your lovers tiff by PM'ing each other yeah. The rest of us need not know what goes on in your prem kahani
  6. As the title suggests...
  7. Sure. We'll agree to disagree on this one.
  8. You and your family sound like utter douchebags. If she hasn't already declined the rishta after your mother said she'd be conducting checks on her/ her family, you should decline for her sake. Shallow af. They obviously had an issue in their family which they weren't very proud of obviously, maybe still emotionally hung up about it and there you are like "oh I fancy her, but her sister ran away, should I decline?! Sob." You don't sound like a Singh. And if you are, you need to fix the f**k up. Do you not have a sister at home? Imagine if some prick turns up to your house to check out your sister and then his thick as s*it mother tells you she's gunna do some checks on your sister. I would slap her silly. You ain't ready to get married mate. You don't even know how to respect someones daughter. WT F is it with these men in our kaum these days?! Do you all not have sisters and mothers?!?!
  9. Though I agree that marijuana can and should be used for medicinal purposes, this family clearly weren't doing that. If they were growing and harvesting it and then providing it for free or at a minimal cost to people with ailments, I'd totally agree with you. That really wasn't the case.
  10. The fact that I havent responded to you should be sufficient to indicate my complete lack of interest in dialogue with yourself regarding the topic. Stop quoting me, engage with someone else. Cheerio!
  11. I wouldn't piss on the old fart if she was ablaze.
  12. Proud of the Queen?!?! Lmfao
  13. Who was the first Sikh in history? 😂
  14. Who's Mr Sangha ?!?! For the second time... the first Sikh in history was Bibi Nanaki Ji. NOT Bhai Mardana Ji. You obviously have an issue with Islam, the Qur'an and the Prophet Mohammad. I'll leave you to it mate. 👍