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  1. dogs reincarted sikhism

    As per my beliefs
  2. Dori on Kirpan?

    What is the purpose of the dori?
  3. How did Balbir Bazighar gain influence?

    Actually I think he's talking about the Tisarsome between...oh wait nevermind
  4. We don't know if that is the case. As I said, judge her for her political work. We finally have some representation in parliament in a fairly prominent position who is actually willing to speak up about our issues (unlike Paul uppal and lord Singh). Are we trying to push her away too?
  5. What does it matter? Judge her for what she is actively doing for us Sikhs. Judge her for her stance against india; her fight for Jagtar Singh Jaggi. She's a politician; judge her for her politics. Not her marriage/husband. Tfs it to you??
  6. Forced Marriage

    Nah... Big_Tera has a rash on his.
  7. Do you own the fort??
  8. Sikligar Sikh's charity

  9. Post pics of the miniature paintings you "found" in an old fort.
  10. A Karah Parshad dispenser perhaps?... http://dailysikhupdates.com/introducing-automatic-parshad-machine/
  11. Is this a white sikh

    @MrDoaba can you verify this?