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  1. Used to travel to DEL before ATQ was up and running. Used to take around 8-9hours by car from Delhi to Jallandar with a couple tabha stops. I think nower days with better roads it takes around 7hours. Chandigarh airport no idea. Isn't there a flight from Canada to Chandigarh? I duno... Travel with Qatar quite often. Can not recommend them enough. Stops over at Doha.
  2. http://www.patshahi10.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=347:charitropakhyan-and-i-a-woman-by-sanjam-kaur&catid=34:english&Itemid=63
  3. Allow me to do a basic google search on your behalf. Sri hindu takht is a shiv sena affiliated organisation of which he was president. Ta da.
  4. I'm pretty sure they no longer have a $2 dollar bill...
  5. Please delete this post ADMIN. Turns out he wasn't a shiv senak
  6. http://m.hindustantimes.com/punjab/hindu-organisation-leader-shot-dead-in-ludhiana/story-PgPlMWE5zSjOvOKvZawQTK_amp.html
  7. President of RADICAL hindu group shot dead by 2 motorcycle borne men in Ludhiana. Where da party at?!
  8. President of RADICAL hindu group shot dead by 2 men in Ludhiana
  9. Chill out bro. He's a kid. He'll live and learn. Acting like uv never touched ur winky.
  10. I can second this one except my sarbloh kara does not have a sharp edge, it's completely blunt.
  11. Agree with what uv said but I'm not sure 'Sikh Talk' is trying to destroy sikhi or holds anti sikh sentiments...? please elaborate?
  12. Hmm I'd find it difficult to find you proof but it is fairly well known that communists did not support secessionist movements in india- a key Soviet ally in the region, the sovereignty and integrity of which was of paramount significance. This comrade surjeet fella, (though it's questionable whether he was a comrade of the Sikhs), was also heavy opposed to the Sikh movement. Fidel castro, great for his country, great for most of his people, stood up to the US blah blah, but no friend of the Sikhs.